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If you got to the moment of switching the modes in the pedorator, this means that you:

  • You have an idea of ​​the peorators
  • They just bought a peorator, but for some reason did not read the instructions, and look for the answer that should be in the case with the penetrator.
  • The instruction contains text in all languages ​​that you do not understand (English, German, Chinese, Japanese and many others). By the way, the peorator in English sounds approximately the same as in Russian small Accent.
  • As an option, you do not know how to read the text from the book, but read well from the screen of the monitor or tablet.
  • You have lost the instructions, and now with the help of Yandex (“There is everything”) or Google look for how much your vast apartment is located, but you got to this site.
  • And the last option. You had an instruction in Russian with a detailed description, but her beloved dog ate it, the lightning struck, the Great Flood washed away, or you took it with you to the country and used it as a read by the newspaper.

If none of the options are suitable, write to the e.mail from the “Contacts” section. Your most cultural options will be made public.

And so, we move on to the main essence of the topic. Below will be told and shown how to switch the operating modes of the penetrator, and why.

An example of the display is a professional class, a full.time lease, Bosch GBH 4 DFE.

Please note that with each switching mode of the penetrator, you need to press the red button.

And one more thing: do not switch the modes during the operation of the penetrator.

Possible tool malfunctions. we carry out repairs ourselves

If your tool has become worse, or completely stopped performing its direct duties, it is time to diagnose the malfunctions and try to cope with them. First, check the wire for damage and the voltage in the outlet, for which you can include any other device. TV or kettle.

If you inspect the devices operating from the battery, they need to be checked when using a tester. in this case, the voltage indicated on the case must have a similar value with the battery voltage.

If the voltage is smaller, you will have to change the batteries to new. If the battery works normally, power supply is normal, look for problems in the hardware. The most common breakdowns are considered:

Knowing how the electric drill button is connected, you can quickly solve the malfunction. In addition, the problem with the work of the drill can occur due to the dustiness of the tool, because the drill “takes” the tree, and brick, and other materials. So, you should take care of cleaning the device after each use. the only way to reduce the risk of failures in work due to the contamination of the tool. That is why after you carried out repairs in the apartment, immediately clean the drill.

Damage test

This simple.looking device during use gives signals to the user, purely soon he will need repairs, but not everyone understands them. When the drill begins to work with temporary interruptions, or the button requires more than a strong press than before, these are the first symptoms of incorrect work of this part.

You can use the battery drill, then the first thing you need to measure the battery voltage by the tester. if less nominal, then it is subject to charging.

In this case, we are separately interested in the condition and functional abilities of the buttons of turning on/off the factory. We will analyze the key to check the key on the example of a classic shock drill. In (the avoidance of removing the casing will be needed by a cross and flat screwdrivers, and for direct diagnosis. a template tester (multimeter).

connect, perforator, button

Be sure to pull out the power cord from the outlet before disassembling the tool.

Most often, the reverse is attached to hold ordinary clips: slightly bend them and pull out the element. If the lover out of order, then with a replacement of problems it is not required to be. The reverse block for the drill is sold in almost every specialized store.

The multimeter will need to check the drill button

Electric motor verification: causes of breakdowns and repair

There are several reasons for the breakdowns of an armature or stator drill. First of all, it is illiterate operation of the device. For example, many users simply overload the tool, working without a break. This leads to the fact that the drill engine does not have time to “relax”. The second reason lies in a bad motor wire, which are often found in cheap models. That is why the breakdowns of cheap tools are much more common. Repair in this case must be carried out using a specialized tool. And it will be better if you entrust this work to professional specialists.

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But the drill may not work due to banal malfunctions-for example, due to brushes inside the engine. So, you can’t do without repairing brushes here, while this work is quite simple. you do not even need to have special knowledge and tools. To do this, analyze the device, remove the brush holders from it and change the details that are broken. By the way, there are models whose body can not be disassembled. you just need to remove special plugs through the installation window, after which we change the brushes.

You can purchase these details in any construction store, there are also some models that are sold together with a set of additional brushes. It is important that you do not wait for the complete wear of the brushes. check them from time to time. And all due to the fact that the risk of the formation of a gap between the bristles and the collector arises. As a result, this detail will begin to overheat and disappears over time. it means that you will have to change the whole anchor, which will be much more expensive and more complicated, and not the fact that you can independently solve this issue.

As you can see, there are a variety of breakdowns, many of which will be subject to you, others will be feasible only to specialists in service centers. And to reduce the risk of such breakdowns, you need to take care of your tool, clean it after work, check the condition of parts and brushes in order to replace them with new. However, if you see that you yourself will not be able to cope. bring the device to the workshop.

For drilling holes in various materials, breaking walls, drilling of rocks and roads, a peorator is intended. The tool is used for large loads and over time it has malfunctions. You can replace the failed peorator with an inexpensive Chinese model. But if you have a branded tool, then it’s a pity to throw it out. In order not to give half the cost of the penetrator for eliminating malfunctions, you can do it yourself. No repair is complete without studying the device of the tool and the procedure for disassembling it.

In modern electric manual droplets, the launch button is responsible not only for switching power supply according to the principle of “vkl-swing” and “forward-forth”, but also provides smooth power adjustment (rotation speed of the cartridge) depending on the pressure on the button. If the instrument at the tool suddenly disappeared, and the drill began to work only at full speed, then there are two solutions: replace the entire button with a new one, or open the burned button and try to repair it.

A little theory.

In the design of the button lies the principle of adjusting the power by cutting some part of the sinusoid of alternating voltage voltage, supplied to the drill electric motor. The deeper the button sinks, the more the sinusoid graph looks fully looks like. And vice versa, with a minimum click on the button, the engine receives the power most fragmented. In the simplified version, the circuit of the electrodern button looks as follows.

The power regulatory element is the thyristor VS1, tearing the load power circuit. The dinistor VD1 is sequentially included in the circuit of the control electrode of the thyristor, which has the ability to pass the current only with a certain range of potential difference between its electrodes. The capacitor C1, loaded through the variable resistor R1, will provide this potential difference the faster, the more the engine of the A variable resistor is the to the left and, therefore, the more long the thyristor will open, and the greater power will be led to the load in this half.period of the voltage.

The dependence of the voltage on the load on time. A. full power (no regulation, inclusion without a regulator). B. capacity of about 25%. B. power less than 25%. One half.period (lower on schedule) sinusoids, when the current passes through the thyristor, is completely cut off. So that this does not happen, the thyristor needs to turn on the diode in a parallel to the thyristor.

Search and elimination of faults.

The opening of the EN61058 button is not difficult, it is necessary to push the plastic latches with the tip of the knife and get the contact group from the inside with the electronic board. Next, it is necessary to separate the fee, weave it from the contact group. Instead of a variable resistor, the button applies a more reliable option. a step resistor, which is a multi.position switch, where the resistance of each position corresponds to its permanent resistor. In addition to many SMD resistors, the board contains a capacitor, diode and tuning resistor. Installation of the Tyn612 thyristor and DB3 dinistor is performed in a hinged way.

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The most likely reason for the fault of the button, when it does not control the speed (power) of the drill. the fault of the thyristor. If there is no way to check the thyristor on a specialized tester, then the thyristor just needs to be replaced with obviously working. The same applies to the dinistor. Everything else: resistors, diode and capacitor. can be checked directly on the board with a conventional multimeter (after the thyristor is dropped). If the multimeter does not have the function of measuring the capacity, then check the capacitor is not particularly necessary, since the probability of its failure is extremely small.

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Checking the electric motor

A breakdown of a stator or anchor of a drill can happen for various reasons. Most likely, this led to non.compliance with the rules of operation of the device. For example, in many cases, the tool is simply overloaded, working without interruptions. In this case, the engine wears out much faster.

The second reason usually lies in the low quality of the winding wire, which are often used in budget products. Cheap drills break much more often more expensive. Repair is carried out in this case using special tools.

As you can see, the repair of the drill in the presence of the exact diagram of the device can be performed with your own hands. Such work will not take much time if you do it carefully.

We move on to the action. equip reverses

Two halves of the winding of the electric motor are located on the stature. One wire from them go to brushes. We cut these wires. It should be noted that during operation the brushes vibrate, so wires with increased flexibility were used to connect them. If you cut the wires close to the brushes, then the flexible part will be short, and it can be broken from vibration. To prevent this from happening, we cut the wires closer to the winding windings. We solder the wires going to mobile contacts of the switch S1.

The electric drill is an indispensable assistant in all types of home repairs: with its help you can perform a number of tasks from mixing paints, glue for wallpaper to the main purpose. drilling various holes. A quick wear button for turning on the product, which has to be repaired quite often or change to a new. To carry out this rather simple operation, the user needs a connection scheme for the drill button and knowledge of the most common malfunctions of this important part.

connect, perforator, button

Damage of the mechanical part of the tool

If the electricians are difficult to identify, then it is much easier to cope with mechanical breakdowns, and cheaper. You can identify mechanical defects even without the need to disassemble the tool. If the drill cracks or does not rotate the cartridge, but the characteristic sound of the engine operation is heard, then the breakdown in the gearbox. Когда в дрели не держится насадка, значит неисправность в зажимных кулачках. Bearings that are not subject to repair may also be out of order, and require a comprehensive replacement.

Consider each type of malfunction, and the features of their identification with the subsequent elimination.

  • The bearings came out of the system.Typically, bearings have been serving for a long time, and the main reason for their rapid failure is the lack of lubrication or its production. There are two types of breakdowns in bearings. complete destruction of balls or wear. With complete destruction, the part should be replaced. When replacing bearings, there are no difficulties, so be sure to check their serviceability
  • Jamming the gearbox. here breakdowns are associated with the licking of the led or the lead gear.Even in the process, the tooth can be broken down, which will eventually lead to not only a decrease in performance, but also the occurrence of complete jamming of the gear ratio. In case of malfunction of the gearbox, it is necessary to replace the gear. It should be borne in mind that on household tools the gearbox can be represented from plastic gears. They must be changed to similar ones, otherwise the installation of metal gears will lead to accelerated engine wear
  • Repair of the drill shock mechanism. unlike the pea, on the drill, this mechanism has a primitive design.The design of two parts resembling a friction clutch consists. Blows are created due to the movement of the gear with Zazubins. Zapubs on the rotating gear enter into a hook with a similar design of teeth on the case, and as if jumping, clicks are created-they are blows. The drill strike mechanism malfunctions are the following. the licking of the zazubin, which ultimately leads to a decrease in performance. often, the pickups are licked on a moving gear, which must be replaced. There can still be a breakdown when the shock mode of the limiter does not turn off. The reason is the wear of the metal ball, which, when moving the switch, goes into the end of the shaft, thereby limiting the possibility of contacting the zabin gear with protrusions on the case. To eliminate the malfunction, replace the ball in the design of the shock mechanism
  • Failure of executive element. cartridge.Drinks use key.type cartridges that are characterized by increased reliability and efficiency. The clamping sponge, which should be replaced, can be out of order. Detailed instructions on how to remove, repair and replace the cartridge with a drill

Bearings and cartridges belong to small mechanical malfunctions, and failure requires an appropriate approach. Even if the diagnosis has shown that the gearbox does not need to be repaired and replaced by parts, then it must be dismantled, washed in gasoline and add new grease. Such manipulations must be performed regularly depending on the frequency of using the power tool. A detailed description of how to repair a drill shock mechanism is described in the video report.

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Engine connection diagram with direct current

DC engines are somewhat more difficult to connect than electric machines of a variable network. The difficulty is that the designs of such devices can be different, and more precisely different, the method of excitation of the winding is different. The engines are distinguished by this basis:

Regarding the first type of device, then the anchor is not connected with the stator winding, they eat each from their source. This achieve huge capacities of engines used in production.

In machine tools and fans, parallel excitation motors are used, where the source energy is one for all windings. Electric vehicles are built on the basis of consistent excitation of windings. Mixed excitement is less common.

In all the described types of engines described, it is possible to launch a rotor in the opposite direction from the main move, that is, as a reverse:

  • With a sequential scheme of excitation, the role does not play, where to change the direction of the current in the anchor or stature. in both cases the engine will work stably.
  • In other options for excitation of machines, it is recommended to use only the anchor winding in order to reversing. This is due to the danger of a cliff in the stature, a jump in the electric motor (EMF) and, as a result, damage to isolation. repair

When analyzing the node, carefully inspect the details for the presence of cracks and chips.

Replacing the power button

Before replacing, mark the wiring and contacts of the button so as not to confuse the connection order.

  • To replace the button, just unscrew the contact screw screws. But buttons can meet without cogs. There are holes next to the contacts in which the needle or thin awl is inserted. Pack into the hole, press and pull out the wiring. Do not pull the wire, you can damage the button.
  • The wires must be cleaned and tuned.
  • Take the old button and buy a similar.
  • On the new button, insert the awl into the hole, slightly press and insert the wire. It will automatically light up contacts.

Replacing brushes

Brushes must be periodically checked. With a wear of one by 40%, change both. Also, clean the brush holders.

Replacing and connecting the stator

  • Eliminate the stator from the electrician body. Put a new one in his place.
  • Screw the fasteners.
  • Install air intake.
  • Start connecting windings. Connect the two ends of different windings with each other and connect to the nearest brush. Connect the other two connected ends to the start button. The wire from the second brush also connect to the button.

Replacing bearings

There are several bearings in the ashorator. They will need a shooter to dismantle them. In some cases, it is necessary to remove the locking ring. If there is no shooter, hang a shaft with a bearing and knocked out a piece of wood. Plant the bearing with the help of an infusion from a polypropylene tube tapping it with a hammer.

Replacement of the cartridge

Cartridges in the penetrators change very simple. Remove a rubber boot, a locking ring, a plastic boot, a washer, clutching balls, fixing plates, a spring. In different models, the number of rings and plates differs. Put a new set in their place.

Repair of a drunk bearing

Prepare a flat screwdriver, clean rags and lubricant for the gearbox, recommended in the instructions.

connect, perforator, button

Seriously Simple Essentials: How to Clean and Cut a Leek

  • The bearing is kept due to the bracket. Disconnect it with a flat screwdriver.
  • Remove the drunk bearing from the aluminum gearbox body.
  • Remove the needle bearing.
  • Get the gear and spring.
  • Remove plastic centering from the spring.
  • Replace the worthless spare parts.
  • Take the aluminum body of the gearbox and carefully clean it with a dry rag. Clean all spare parts too.
  • Lubricate the bearing from the inside. Insert a needle bearing into it and also grease.
  • Insert the gear, grease from the inside and insert the spring into it. Put on the centering.
  • Lubricate the intermediate shaft and put the switching bracket on it. Install the shaft in a drunk bearing.

Repair of a raster sleeve and shock bolt

To disassemble the ragged sleeve, you need to squeeze the spring, remove the locking ring and gear.

Rodbar’s sleeve assembled and without a gear

Rodbar’s sleeve assembled and without a gear

The shock bolt is repaired by replacing parts or changes completely if it falls apart.

    There are holes in the raster sleeve on both sides, in which the locking ring is clearly visible. Small a small flat screwdriver and move the ring on both sides.

Replacing the sleeve

The sleeve wears out less often a raster sleeve, but with a frequent overheating of the tool, it also fails. From the aluminum body of the gearbox, remove the sore sleeve and sleeve. Put a new one in its place.

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