How to configure the ignition on a walk -behind tractor. There is no spark

Electronic ignition system based on Magneto ml-10-2s

This part of the article is for those who have a condition that Magneto is configured and gives out a good spark on the candle. For the test and settings of Magneto, read Part 1 of Article 1.

What will be about? About the improvement of Magneto. Very often, Magneto breaks the coil (short.circuited turns appear on the secondary winding). And this makes the device unusable. I propose to replace the high.voltage winding of your magneto with a car bobbin! Note: For the extraction of light from Magneto, this procedure can be missed. This article on the improvement of Magneto.

Setting and checking the ignition for the Neva walk.behind tractor

To correctly and quickly check the coil of the Neva motoblocks, you need:

BCS Professional 850 Walk Behind Tractor WON’T START. First Look. Fumble Through Diagnostics

  • A4 format sheet add 4 times.
  • Loosen the fasteners.
  • Put the paper under the pillow.
  • Crush it and keep it until the bolts are spinning.
  • Turn the flywheel and see the presence of a spark.

Magneto adjustment and adjustment is quite simple. Most often, the cause of a malfunction of the coil of a walk.behind tractor is a candle. Therefore, in a suitcase with the instruments of each owner of the motor.cultivator, there should be sets of spare candles.

The most popular candles from famous manufacturers are Bosch and Subaru.

Checking candles is carried out so. In order to check the serviceability of the coils of the motor block MB and MB 1, you need to follow the following instructions:

  • Turn out a candle. Wipe the electrodes.
  • If there is a car, clean it.
  • Set the distance between the electrodes.
  • Put a tip with a high.voltage wire on a candle.
  • Press the cylinder. Electrodes should look in one direction under a candle.
  • Scroll the crankshaft, watch the formation of a spark. If it is not, then the malfunction in the candle.

He who owns motor cultivators, he must remember that if the spark is formed, then you need to look at its brightness. If the color is intense, then the setting and adjustment of the magneto was successful

For good work, it is important to monitor the clearance between the flywheel and the stator. The distance should be from 0.1 to 0.15 mm

If the indicators do not correspond to the required, then it will not be difficult to configure them.

To install the optimal gap, you need to remove the fan cover, loosen the stator bolts and insert the probe. Then you need to set the required indicators and tighten the nut.

Ignition repair for motor blocks will also not be difficult. Most often, the breakdown of the magneto occurs due to a malfunction of the candle.

For verification, you need to carefully unscrew the candle and inspect it.

If the candle is dry, then this means that the fuel does not enter the engine system. If the candle is wet, then this means that the candle is constantly poured with engine oil.

For repair in the first case, you need to wipe the candle, dry the engine cylinder during late repair, driving it off at idle.

The ignition is a mechanism responsible for the formation of an electric pulse required by a walk.behind tractor to ignite the refueling fuel. The first launch and subsequent operation of the agricultural load engine depends on the serviceability of the ignition system. Like the rest, this mechanism needs regular maintenance and timely repair. this will become the key to stable operation of the internal combustion engine under any weather and operational conditions.

Why there is no spark at the motor block cascade

If there is no spark, then the entire circuit of the electronic ignition of the motor block cascade should be checked. The same tractor itself belongs to those options for techniques that need to set the ignition.

Why there is no spark on the walk.behind tractor, it may depend on various factors. For this reason, you will need to inge the entire ignition system.

It is required to configure the ignition system when it fails

configure, ignition, walk, tractor, there

How to set the ignition

Before setting the ignition on the walk.behind tractor, you will need to check the serviceability of all other systems. There are various options among motor cultivators, but the ignition itself is adjusted on the walk.behind tractor according to the standard plan.

You can adjust the system in stages on the walk.behind tractor:

  • The work of the flywheel is checked in the period before the contact opening, which is produced in the inside of the magneto;
  • The distance distance between the details, which are called the anvil and the hammer;
  • The flywheel turns to a piston compression;
  • At the top point, the flywheel again turns until the clip of the overtaking type is triggered. A disposable knock, similar to a click, will report the operation;
  • The flywheel is turning counterclockwise until two marks. One of them is located on the case;
  • the distance between the contact details is regulated. The minimum for the cascade is regulated in the form of a gap of 0.25 mm, and the maximum of 0.35 mm;
  • The fist is fixed with a special screw located above.
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Ignition of motoblocks, magneto. device, adjustment

The ignition is a mechanism responsible for the formation of an electric pulse required by a walk.behind tractor to ignite the refueling fuel. The first launch and subsequent operation of the agricultural load engine depends on the serviceability of the ignition system. Like the rest, this mechanism needs regular maintenance and timely repair. this will become the key to stable operation of the internal combustion engine under any weather and operational conditions.

The ignition device of the walk.behind tractor

The ignition system refers to the list of the most important nodes of both corporate and home.made walk.behind tract. Its main function is to generate a spark, which is needed to ignite and gradual combustion of fuel in the chrome ICE cylinder.

The simplicity of the factory device of the assembly allows you to perform your own ignition of a motor block, which, most often, consists in setting a gap between its elements. However, to do this correctly, you need to study the design of the node.

The ignition device of any household agricultural load includes a coil, which is originally connected to the electrical power supply of the system, as well as magneto and candles.

During the launch of the power unit, the voltage is supplied, as a result of which a pronounced spark is formed between the magnetic “shoe” and the standard candle.

It is necessary for instant ignition of fuel, which at this moment is in the combustion chamber of the motor. In more detail about the structure of the ignition system of the used motorblock will tell the photo.

The electronic ignition system of the walk.behind tractor is also often equipped with interruptions that work in automatic mode when any of the malfunctions of the node appears. This leads to an emergency shutdown of electric power in the network.

How to set ignition on a walk.behind tractor?

The following signs will tell you about the need for urgent adjustment of the gap in the ignition system:

  • the need for frequent unsuccessful stretching of the starter cord;
  • a belated reaction of the engine of the walk.behind tractor to manipulation with the starter;
  • The complete absence of launching the internal combustion engine agricultural load.
configure, ignition, walk, tractor, there

Each of these malfunctions suggests that the operator should be installed by the ignition of a motor block used in the farm. The correct procedure for this can be found in the operating instructions for existing equipment. However, the leadership is far from always at hand at the operator. In this case, the gap between the ignition module and the flywheel can be set in the following sequence:

  • First, the operator must close the candle with a special square;
  • Then its case will need to be pressed to the head of the standard ICE cylinder;
  • Next, the candle must be crank up in the direction opposite from the hole provided in the end of the chrome cylinder;
  • After that, it is necessary to gently turn the crankshaft of the ICE of the walk.behind tractor. for this, it is enough to pull the cord of the starting mechanism;
  • As a result of the actions performed between the built-in electrodes, a bright blue spark should slip. If this does not happen, then it is necessary to check the distance between Magneto and the starter of the walk.behind tractor. it should be from 0.1 to 0.15 mm. In case of inconsistency of these requirements, the gap between the elements will need to be configured.

The ignition of the economic walk.behind tract is adjusted by many experienced users by ear. For this, both contact and contactless magneto are suitable for this. To independently configure the system, you need:

  • Start the engine and slightly loosen the standard trimbler;
  • Slowly turn the breaker in each of the possible sides;
  • Achieve maximum revolutions of the factory engine and quickly fix the structure;
  • Listen and find the moment at which a spark instantly appears;
  • Turning the breaker, wait for a clear clicking sound;
  • Fix the standard fastener of the trambler.

In some cases, the strobe will help to adjust the existing gap correctly.

  • Heat the power unit of the walk.behind tractor;
  • Connect the device to the electric power supply network of agricultural loads;
  • Install the sound sensor on a high.voltage wire connected to one of the cylinders of the standard ICE;
  • Gently remove the vacuum tube and drown it out by any improvised tool;
  • To see where the light from the strobe will be directed. it must “look” towards the standard pulley;
  • Run the engine and leave it to work at idle;
  • Scroll the trambler;
  • As soon as the tags on the pulley coincide with a mark located on the cover of the device used, to turn the nut of the factory interrupt to the end.

Each of these methods is suitable for adjusting both gasoline and diesel walk.behind tract. The main thing in the process of independent setting is not to remove the coil and other elements of the ignition system. this can lead to a violation of the entire unit.

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How to check the ignition coil on a walk.behind tract?

Most often, a check of this important ignition element of the walk.behind tract is carried out using a knowingly working test model. If in the testing process it turned out that with the installation of the sample everything began to work as it should, then the standard ignition coil of the walk.behind tract is faulty.

However, the test sample is far from all over at hand. If it is not, then you need to try to check the coil in other ways. Before this, you need to exclude any breakdowns that may appear in the start button and high.voltage wiring. In addition, the user must carefully study the electrical circuits in which the location of the elements of the ignition system is indicated.

Further verification methods include:

  • measuring the resistance of the ignition coil. It is worth noting that it is not always used by agricultural machinery users. Firstly, the operator should know the exact parameters of the resistance created by the standard reel. Secondly, in addition to the inductance coil in the design of the ignition system, semiconductor components are provided, required to generate the desired electric pulse. Problems with all these elements can only be identified when they are heated. To correctly check the ignition coil, you need to turn off the cap and the standard armored vehicle from it. Knowing the exact parameters of the resistance of the element, the operator will be able to understand which part of the system is faulty;
  • verification of the spark created using a special device. it must be connected to the place of rupture of the electric circuit between the high.voltage wires of the standard coil and a candle;
  • Testing the coil using a candle built into the design. for this you need to turn out the candle and carefully attach it to the case to the cylinder. Then you need to pull the starter handle and pay attention to the spark that forms between the factory contacts of the candle. It should be noted that this method of checking the existing coil is approximate-the candle in this case is not under load, which is why the ICE cylinder does not have compression. As a result, the full.time flywheel of the motor will rotate faster.

Motobobok ignition system

The ignition system is one of the most important nodes of the motor block mechanism, its purpose is to create a spark that is necessary for combustion of fuel. The simplicity of the design of this system enables users to successfully try to repair or adjust it on their own.

Typically, the ignition system consists of a coil connected to a power supply network, candles and magneto. When the voltage is supplied between the candle and the magnetic shoe, a spark forms, which ignites the fuel in the combustion chamber of the motor.

Electronic systems are also equipped with automatic interruptions that work to turn off the power in case of any malfunction.

Motoboga ignition setting

The ignition system is a very important design that ensures the formation of a spark in the internal combustion chamber for ignition of the air fuel mixture. In order not to encounter breakdowns and not call the master, you need to know how to properly set the ignition on a walk.behind tract. This can be done in different ways.

  • Thanks to the spark. Do the following actions:
  • Turn the crankshaft so that the pulley label and label located at the base of the gas distribution mechanism coincide. In this case, the interruption-distributing runner should indicate a high-voltage wire of one of the cylinders;
  • Weaken the nut, which is the position of the body of the mechanism that determines the moment of the creation of high.voltage impulses;
  • from the cover of the system, which determines the moment of creating high.voltage pulses, you need to extract a high.voltage wire located in the center, and place its contact at a distance of 5 millimeters from the “mass” of the walk.behind tractor;
  • Now turn on the ignition;
  • The case of the mechanism of the determining moment of the creation of the aforementioned pulses, you need to turn the watch arrow to the mark 200;
  • Now slowly turn the body in the opposite direction;
  • The position of the mechanism should not change, but at the same time between the contact located in the center and “mass” you will see a spark;
  • Tighten the interruption nut.
  • With your hearing:
  • make the engine;
  • the nut that holds the trumped base is slightly promoted;
  • The interruption case must be slowly turned on two sides;
  • The state of the mechanism, which determines the appearance of high.voltage pulses, must be fixed in the position when the engine power is the steel itself, and the revolutions will be the largest. Listen carefully;
  • The body of the interrupter turn the clockwise direction;
  • Now firmly secure the trimbler fixing element;
  • With the help of a strobe:
  • Heat the engine of the walk.behind tractor to a state optimal for work;
  • attach the strobe.ribs to the network of your unit;
  • The sensor, which is designed for a triggering sound, must be placed on a high.voltage electric wire of one of the cylinders;
  • Dismantle the vacuum-correctional hose and drown it out;
  • The light from the strobe should be directed towards the pulley;
  • Get the engine. He must work at idle;
  • Scroll through the trambler body;
  • Create the mount when the pulley label is directed on the label on the lid of the device;
  • Twist the fixing nut.
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Useful video materials

Different branded motoblocks produced by well.known brands differ from each other by the design of the ignition system. To know how to properly adjust this important element, we offer a video that contains the correct procedure for setting up the ignition system on the most common motoblock models.

For motor blocks of the Neva brand:

For agricultural agricultural production of the Brand Urals;

For motor blocks of the salute brand:

For farm agricultural Honda:

For the model range of the company Cascade:

Lawnmower Coil Sparking System. How it Actually Works. Basic Principles! by Craig Kirkman

For MTZ brand motoblocks:

Installation of ignition

Any technique with the ignition system requires special attention and periodic adjustment of the electronic unit. Otherwise, the motor cultivator faces a premature failure. If the ignition system is not exhibited, it can be adjusted on your own. To do this, carefully familiarize yourself with the design diagram of the node.

The ignition adjustment in the Mole motor cultivator is considered to be performed correctly if the system creates a spark at a certain time and place. The upper lid of Magneto is responsible for the formation of a spark, and the lower part is responsible for the interruption.


This setting method includes the following actions:

  • Warm up the engine.
  • Connect the strobe to the motoblic device.
  • A sound sensor is connected on the high voltage wire of the high voltage of the cylinder.
  • Now remove the vacuum hose and drown out it.
  • The light emitted by the strobe.competing is directed towards the pulley.
  • Turn on the engine at idle.
  • Rotate the trambler and monitor the pulmonary mark.
  • When the labels coincide on the lid of the walk.behind tractor and the pulley, the trambler is fixed.
  • Twist the torn nut.

Using a lamp

  • Adjustment begins with the rotation of the crankshaft. The mark on the pulley should be equal to the risk of the timing. The runner should look at the high.voltage cylinder wire.
  • Next, you should release the tenter mount nut.
  • Take a light bulb and connect it with one wire to the “mass”, and others to the coil to create an electric field.
  • Turn on the ignition.
  • The breaker is scrolling in the direction of the course of the time stroke until the moment the bulb stops glow.
  • After that, the mechanism is rotated in the opposite direction.
  • With a certain moment, the lamp should be light up again.
  • At this time, the tenter nut is tightly delayed.

Do not forget about safety measures when installing the ignition on a single tractor

With sparks

It all starts in the same sequence as in the method with the lamp:

  • Turn the crankshaft, comparing the marks of the gas mechanism and pulley. The runner should be turned towards the high.voltage cylinder wire.
  • A little weaken the nut of the breeder-distributor.
  • They take out the high voltage wire from under the system cover and place it at a distance of 0.5 centimeters from the walk-behind tractor.
  • Turn on the ignition and rotate the trambler to the mark 200.
  • Then carefully unfold the mechanism in the opposite direction.
  • Between the wire and the “mass” of the motor unit should arise a spark.
  • Now quickly delay the nut of the interrupter mount to avoid possible ignition.

What to do if there is no spark on the walk.behind tractor?

If after the tests conducted it turned out that the spark was gone. then the reason for this breakdown should be sought in the main elements of the ignition system of the agricultural load.

  • Inspect the candle. it must be turned out using a special key for this;
  • The sparkling candle can be completely dry. this indicates a fuel non.fall into the engine cylinder, that is, the clogging of the fuel tubes or a carburetor malfunction;
  • In some cases, the part is wet from gasoline and engine oil. The reasons for this are an overabundance of lubrication, which is contained in the fuel, or about its seeping from the engine’s oil crankcase directly into the cylinder. In this case, the operator must remove the candle and thoroughly dry it. After that, you need to dry the cylinder, several times intensively pull the starter cable on the engine with a twisted candle;
  • less likely, due to the lack of proper and timely maintenance of agricultural machinery, a thick continuous layer of soil and dried tarry deposits forms on a mobile block candle. To restore the candle, you need to carefully heat it with a lighter and rinse the resin residues with clean gasoline. After that, the part will need to dry and screw into place. If this does not help, then the candle needs to be replaced.

During the removal, cleaning and re.installation of a candle, it is important to act extremely neatly. Any careless movement can damage the electrodes of the part, which is why it will no longer be able to generate a spark.

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