How to clean an injector on a Zubr power tiller

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How to make adjustments

Since the carburetor is constantly in operation, it is the carburetor that fails more often than other components of the snowthrower.

There are several typical symptoms of a fuel system malfunction. Namely:

  • the engine under load during operation as if sobbing or making other extraneous sounds;
  • When starting a cold motor there is increased vibration;
  • The engine may spontaneously shut down in just a few seconds after starting;
  • The volume of exhaust gases increases;
  • Fuel consumption increases markedly.

Faced with one of the symptoms discussed above, you should adjust the carburetor on your snowblower. Otherwise, the technique will stop working at all, or there will be even more serious malfunctions.

There is nothing fundamentally complicated about adjusting the knot. Usually adjustment of the knocked down carburetor, which was installed to the snowthrower, is carried out with a regular screwdriver. Only the tool should choose a long and strong. This is due to the fact that many models and brands of snow blowers adjustment screw is located at the bottom, so get up to it a short screwdriver will not work.

Remember that adjustment is meaningless if at least one carburetor assembly is defective. That is, adjustment is carried out on the condition that the snowblower is functional, there are no breakages and only the settings are knocked down. And for this purpose, first check the motor itself, the clutch and the ignition system.

Also before adjusting, you need to check the condition of the air and foam fuel filter, if necessary, clean them or replace. Otherwise it is not possible to get correct information about the setting.

The adjustment of the snowplow carburetor itself is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • Start the engine of the snow blower. Let it run for about 10 minutes. Do not put any load on it.
  • Now turn off the motor. Carefully remove the tube, which is responsible for the crankcase ventilation. If the system is serviceable, there will be no vacuum in the tube. Otherwise it would interfere with suction and air circulation.
  • Then find where are the adjustment screws needed to adjust the mixture. Start the engine. Remove each screw in turn. Turn until the engine becomes unstable.
  • When the engine reaches maximum rpm, stop turning the screws immediately. If you don’t stop in time, the engine will stop and you have to start all over again.
  • Now unscrew the adjustment screws a full turn.
  • A hallmark of proper adjustment is stable, smooth, quiet engine operation.

When the adjustment is complete, start the engine again and let it run without load for 10 minutes. If you do not notice any uncharacteristic sounds and changes in the normal behavior of the engine, the adjustment has been successfully completed.

clean, injector, zubr, power, tiller

But when noise occurs at idle or low engine speeds, then the setting has to be repeated. The algorithm is the same.

It happens so that the readjustment does not give any result. The reason is most likely that some component or element on the engine or in the carburettor itself is defective. You will have to run the diagnostics again. In an extreme case, you can take the snow blower to a service center for professional diagnosis and adjustment.

To replace the bearings, the first thing to do is to remove the retaining plates that fix them. After that, the replacement of this part will not be difficult.

Repair of power tillers Zubr with his hands requires only knowledge of the model and the availability of necessary details, as well as. tools. When there are no problems with it, the work itself is done without special skills. Most of the components of this machine have a simple device, and components are purchased at a low price.

Everyone who has a garden or a vegetable garden knows how difficult it is to work the soil. And it needs constant care, so that the harvest will finally be a joy to behold. Not long ago, our grandparents did without outside help, coped with all the work on their own. We live in times of technological progress, so a lot of equipment has been invented to facilitate our work.

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Motorized grader is one of those that can make our life easier and more comfortable. It is versatile and multifunctional equipment to work on your plot. With the help of various devices, which are easy to attach to the machine, you can weed the ground, get rid of weeds, cultivate beds, remove any debris from the plot. As you can see, there are quite a few functions. You will save your health as a result.

clean, injector, zubr, power, tiller

However, any equipment, including a single-axle tractor Zubr, requires careful maintenance and timely repair. If your machine can’t start, you need to start troubleshooting immediately. Otherwise the situation can get considerably worse.

There are many reasons why the Zubr single axle tractor running on diesel does not start. Let’s try to understand each of them. And our tips will help you not only to find a breakdown, but also to get rid of it easily.

Servicing the air filter for a power tiller: what you need to know?

To keep your single axle tractor running smoothly and properly for many years you need to have its main parts and mechanisms inspected in time. During maintenance, it is important not to forget to service the air filter of the motor block. The part that cleans the air needed for the carburettor to create the air-fuel mixture. When the pores are heavily clogged with dust, the mixture becomes incomplete, which is detrimental to the operation of the power unit.

Why the engine is smoking black and how to fix it?

Afternoon. The topic of today’s article. why the engine is smoking black smoke? The article discusses the main causes of black smoke in carburetor, injector and diesel engines, and provides a troubleshooting technique.

Causes of black smoke.

To illustrate, think of a Russian stove. If you close the ash-pan before the wood has burned through, there are large black embers in the oven. If the stove burns through with the ash door open, there is only gray ash in the stove. Russian heater’s blower regulates the air-fuel ratio. If there is too little air, there will be a lot of soot and embers in the stove, but if there is enough air, the wood will burn to ashes and the chimney will be clean.

The internal combustion engine is exactly the same. It has an optimal fuel-air mixture. If there is more fuel in the mixture than necessary, some of it will inevitably not burn all the way through and fly out the exhaust in the form of black smoke. Not only will the engine smoke, but the soot will clog the catalytic converter and contaminate the spark plugs! In any case, the black smoke from the exhaust pipe is bad and its cause is always the rich fuel-air mixture.

In this article we look at the reasons why warmed up engines emit smoke. On our site we have a separate article about black smoke when cold.

Reasons why a carburetor engine smokes black?

The main problem in cars equipped with a carburetor power system. the impossibility of carburetor preparation of an optimum combustible mix in transient modes and at high loads, but it is possible to fix them on the knee at the expense of simplicity of design.

For those not in the know, a little video on how the carburetor works:

The carburetor prepares the fuel mixture for the engine.

Optimal fuel mixture. 1 liter of fuel per 15 liters of air. rich, enriched, normal, and lean mixes are used, depending on operating conditions. For example:

The lean and optimum mixtures are burned with practically no smoke! The enriched mixture burns with visible black smoke, the rich mixture smokes like this:

It is obvious that when the mixture is enriched, the carburetor is defective or the air filter is catastrophically clogged.

A little bit of theory about the carburetor structure:

Motor cultivator. Gain clean fuel tillers IZ-105. Diesel 178F.

The modern carburetor is a fairly complex mechanical device that combines several systems:

The idle speed system. which prepares a rich mixture at a low vacuum behind the throttle. Operation of this system is provided by 2 jets. air and fuel, in fact, the idle speed system is a separate simple carburetor.

Transitional system. provides engine operation during the transition from idle to part-load mode, before the main metering system starts working.

Main metering system. provides preparation of the mixture in all engine operation modes, except idle and transitional mode. Gas pedal pump also belongs to the main metering system.

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How to clear which system of carburetor malfunctions?

  • If black smoke is observed at idle and at revolutions, most likely the air filter is clogged or the fuel level in the float chamber is above the recommended level.
  • If black smoke is observed only at idle, either the air nozzles are clogged or the adjustments are out of order.
  • If black smoke is observed in motion at medium speeds, you need to check the main air and fuel nozzles
  • If black smoke is observed when the throttle is fully open, the economizer system is malfunctioning.

Any carburetor malfunction (other than idle breathing) requires disassembly and preventive maintenance.

We check the air filter and if it is okay we repair the carburetor.

Reasons why injector engine smokes black?

The injector is nothing more than an electronic carburetor. If in the carburetor the composition of the fuel mixture changes at the expense of mechanics and pressure variations, then in the injector it is the electronics.

Our main helper in diagnosing an injector engine is the “check engine” light on the dashboard. If the light is on and there is black smoke coming out of the exhaust, you are going straight to the diagnostics After diagnosis you will know the failed sensors and quickly restore the engine.

Everything becomes very complicated when the diagnostic lamp does not show any malfunction and the engine is smoking like a steam engine. In this case, the mechanical part has failed, and computer diagnostics will not give anything, you will have to work with your hands.

How does the injector dose the fuel??

An important part of the injector is the fuel ramp with nozzles. Constant gasoline pressure is maintained in the ramp (for most cars 3.0 bar). Nozzles are open? The system delivers a precise gasoline dose by electrical impulse for a pre-set time.

Why does not start a single axle tractor “Zubr“?

Everyone who has their own garden plots or vegetable gardens knows how difficult it is to work with the soil. And the care must be constant, so that the harvest will finally rejoice in its size. recently, our grandparents did without outside help, cope with all the work independently. We live in times of technological progress, so a lot of equipment has been invented to facilitate our work.

Motorized grader is just one of those that can make our lives easier and more comfortable. This versatile and multifunctional equipment to work on your plot. With the help of various devices that are easy to attach to the machine, you can weed, get rid of weeds, cultivate beds, remove any debris from the plot. As you can see, there are many functions. You save your health as a result.

However, any equipment, including single axle tractor “Zubr”, requires careful maintenance and timely repair. If your machine can not start in any way, you need to immediately start troubleshooting. Otherwise, the situation can get much worse.

There are many reasons why the single-axle tractor “Zubr“, working on diesel, does not start. Let’s try to understand each of them. Our tips will help you not only to find a breakdown, but also to get rid of it easily.

Repair mechanisms

Starting a diesel already after purchase can be difficult. The problem is that air enters the fuel system. If the long cranking (starter) does not start, it is necessary to release the airlocks. To do this, open the supply tap and unscrew the connections along the course of the ducts. The final point of purging are the nozzles.

In order for the internal combustion engine to start, several conditions should be implemented. Let’s list them in order:

Fulfillment of the mentioned conditions ensures start of any engine.

Frequent causes of ignition system failure

Not infrequently the Mole motocultivator fails to start because of a number of other malfunctions, All of them are related to the ignition system of the unit. Breakdowns include:

  • No spark. this indicates a faulty spark plug and the need for urgent replacement. Often the cause of this malfunction is a violation of the gap between the ignition coil and the magnetic wire;
  • Another frequent breakdown. a violation of the connection gasoline hose. You will need to carefully inspect this element and check its attachment to other nodes of the cultivator;
  • The next fault is in the contact between the magneto wire and the flywheel plates. You will be required to achieve a gap between these elements.

Disassembly and assembly of the nozzle of the power tiller

With a spanner no old or new, just bought, nozzle can be disassembled. Okay, the old threaded connection could be deformed, priiked, but the new one for some reason does not untwist. Drag it back to the store or are there any secrets? I would be grateful for an answer.

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Samilbek Ulukbaev

Hi, Jura, I have a Chinese single-axle tractor, P180, in the Kyrgyz Republic, I can not find the nozzle sprayer

Strelec 50

Yura, do you know what nozzle may come to the injector engine R180.they say from Ford! If you answer, thank you very much!!

Wily Baton

Good evening Yura. Tell me about the single axle tractor and then it does not start for about 6 minutes, you have to use your hand and starter. It may be from the wrong injector settings?

Dave Tenny

Yura, can I ask where the spark comes from to ignite the diesel? you have a clip of it.Thank you for your hard work, I watch your channel a lot. I’m trying to learn. thanks.

Srg111 L.

Hello.Do you know what size thread, nozzle connector.Which one screws on the pressure line nut.

Maxim Perepelytsya

Today I cleaned and put the same as before and did not want to change it for the new one, but I did not check the regulator. Why the trip, the power tiller is not a year old and when the machine started losing power and throwing a buzzing smoke, I saw your video and Ruslan K and decided to look at it, the saw blade was three times with a black mark, remembered to clean it, it returned and started working, tomorrow I will try under load because today is still dirty, thank you for the video

Igor That’s Me

Yuri need your advice. what can be the reason that the nozzle does not make a characteristic noise when starting the engine.disassembled the nozzle atomizer needle goes a little tight can this be the reason.RPMs on the walking tractor are fluctuating and emits white smoke.what to do to replace the atomizer?

vova vova

Thank you very much I did the same thing with oil, I refined the nozzle with oil as I saw you had a rod in the nozzle and put it in place and the work has changed without jamming and no white smoke

Alexander Tolstoy

Hello Yuri! Tell me can it cause a single-axle tractor and water at low revs, in processing, too, a lot of diesel.Motooblok 2 years what you advise ?I will wait for your answer.

bodyk kasap

if the engine starts and emits white smoke when cold, it’s the splitter.

Vitaliy Kochmaruk

And what is the diameter of the old and new deflector? There was a difference in dispensing with thinner needle.

Vitaly Kochmaruk

Yuri tell me please.I have a single-axle tractor 10 hp Zubr with a 6 mm needle, and bought a new sprayer on the packaging says R190 and the needle is 5mm.I would like to ask the thickness of the needle in the nozzle what affects and why in native 6mm and bought there 5mm

Repair of a power tiller “Zubr

power tillers are almost irreplaceable help for farmers. With a wide range of attachments, you can do almost any job: plow the land, make seedbeds, plant, tend plants, dig up crops, control weeds. And also to take care of the garden plot, namely to sweep it, remove snow, carry garbage, and much more.

Zubr power tillers are very popular in our country. They combine high quality, power and low cost. This technique is made in China, but it can compete even with European manufacturers. Many people have the opinion that all Chinese goods are of low quality. But nowadays it is far from reality. In fact, many plants though located in China, but components are purchased in other countries. At the same time the quality is very high, and the price is still low.

As with any technique, power tillers “Zubr” may break or because of the long service life they have spoiled parts, and they just need to be replaced. It should be noted at once that the repair of motorblock “Zubr” is quite a simple job, in addition, you can easily buy any spare parts. So you can entrust the repair to a technician, or you can repair it yourself. Also carefully read the repair manual and instructions, where you can find answers to many questions.

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