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Top 10 best hedge trimmers

In gardens and cottages, it is necessary to regularly trim shrubs, tree branches. If you want your lawn to always look neat and tidy, you need to take constant care of it. To perform these works use a special tool. To decide on the choice will help familiarize with the rating of the best shrub shears 2019-2020. A large amount of work requires professional quality tools.

Place Model
1. Bosch AHS 50-20 Li 50 cm Prices Overview
2. Makita DUH523Z without battery and charger 52 cm Prices Review
3. Hammer KST250 61.5 cm Prices Review
4. Bosch EasyHedgeCut 45 (0600847A05) 45 cm Prices Review
5. BLACKDECKER BEHTS301 50 cm Prices Review
6. Bosch AHS 60-16 60 cm Prices Review
7. GARDENA EasyCut 450/50 9831 50 cm Prices Review
8. Hammer KST700E 41 cm Prices Overview
9. Bosch AHS 55-20 Li 55 cm Prices Overview
10. Greenworks GHT5056 56 cm Prices Review

Rating of the best shrub shears

Category Location Name Rating
Top of the line electric brushcutters 1 Makita UH5580 9.7 / 10
2 Greenworks GHT5056 9.3 / 10
3 Bosch AHS 50-16 8.8 / 10
The best cordless brushcutters 1 DeWALT DCM563P1 9.7 / 10
2 Greenworks G24HT57 9.5 / 10
3 Bosch AHS 50-20 Li 9.1 / 10
4 GARDENA ComfortCut Li-18/60 9.0 / 10
The best gasoline shrub shears 1 Makita EH5000W 9.8 / 10
2 Husqvarna 122HD60 9.5 / 10
3 Champion HT726R 9.2 / 10

Makita UH5580

Makita UH5580 opens our rating of the best hedge trimmers. The Makita inspires respect both for its price and its outer appearance: a 4.3-kg shrub shear with a 55 cm blade is able to “master” a cutting thickness of up to 21 mm with a 670 W motor. Design allows to work comfortably in either direction (double-sided sharpening), with horizontal or vertical position of blade when gripping ring-shaped handle with elastomeric pads. They also reduce vibration and make the grip more “tenacious.

The manufacturer also did not forget about safety: the transparent shield over the blade is good for eye protection (but let’s not forget about the glasses, anyway)!), while not interfering with the control of the cutting stroke. the main thing is to wipe it down from time to time. Electric motor brake, activated as soon as any handle is released. The switches are built into the handles themselves (they are hidden under the same moldings), which means that no additional action is needed to start or stop the brushcutter: just squeeze both hands together. If you intercept or simply loosen any of the brush straps, the hedge trimmer will immediately stop: it’s hard to think of a more convenient and simple protection mechanism, and that’s why it is used in almost all electric hedgetrimmers.

In general, the shrub shear is designed and made at a really high, professional level. However, even despite the Chinese assembling it costs quite decently. and we couldn’t help but attribute this to the disadvantages, comparing it with no less famous competitors.

  • Makita UH7580. blade length 75 cm
  • Makita UH6580. blade length 65 cm
  • Makita UH4570. blade length 45 cm, power 550 W
  • and others.

Greenworks GHT5056

For the convenience of working at different angles Greenworks uses its own approach: here you do not need to intercept, it is enough to press the latch button and turn the rear handle at the desired angle. Accordingly, the switch button on the front handle is U-shaped: It can be easily operated with either hand. This brushcutter is especially handy for “shape work”: When you cut a curve with a blade, you can simply hold the rear handle lock and it can move as you please while cutting.

This model has a 56 cm blade with double-sided “laser” sharpening (let’s leave this term to the conscience of the marketers). The maximum branch thickness is 18 mm. The 500 watt motor handles this task quite confidently. Thin twigs are swept away by the hedge trimmer: with a maximum speed of 3200 strokes per minute, it is enough to take care of the trash, which is about to fly in all directions.

Altogether, the hedge trimmer is quite successful, especially when it comes to fine work in complex paths: here, ergonomics is important, and Greenworks is up to the task.

Bosch AHS 50-16

Bosch, without cunning, under the guise of a whole line of brushcutters sells actually the same: different models with a maximum cutting thickness of 16 mm differ only in blade (for example, in AHS 60-16 it is 60-cm, in 45-16. 45 cm, and so on). They have the same body and drive and the same 450-watt electric motor. We took the 50 cm variant as an optimal one. on the one hand, both the blade is long enough and the motor is not overloaded if you start to work with it “at full speed”. “Foolproof” is done traditionally, with two switches in the handles that must be held simultaneously. But there is no brake: for a short time after releasing one of the handles the knives continue moving. over, the front handle is designed strictly for one grip, there is no way to move the hand to the side for more convenience when working vertically.

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This version of the hedge trimmer weighs a little. 2,7 kg, it is convenient to work with it, according to the weight distribution. But in terms of ergonomics it is inferior to twice as expensive “Makita” and to a comparable “Greenworks”. For example, there is no possibility to intercept it by 90 degrees or to rotate the back handle. Due to high rotational speeds thinner branches are cut like butter, allowing to pass quickly the blade in the desired line, but with the thicker branches it is straining noticeably. And it is not worth overstressing it regularly: after all, this is an amateur “green” series.

For my garden it is enough: plugged in the extension cord and work. Quality blade, does not blunt quickly.

Cordless brushcutters

They are gradually gaining popularity, replacing the petrol hedge trimmers. High mobility, quiet operation, low weight. However, battery-powered brushcutters are much more expensive than chain saws, and have a low capacity and power compared to electric and gasoline models. Below you will find the best models of battery-powered hedge trimmers, according to buyers.

Makita DUH523Z without battery and charger 52 cm

All-purpose cordless brushcutters from the world’s leading powertool manufacturer. Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Working length of the tool. 52 cm, the type of blades. double-sided. The battery provides 18 volts of power, with a capacity of 4A.ч. Maximum thickness for cutting vegetation. 15 mm. The motor has protection against overload, overheating, jamming. Comes with blade guard.

  • good build quality;
  • body made of impact-resistant plastic;
  • low weight as for a cordless tool;
  • Holds a long charge during active use;
  • handy in operation.
choose, electric, shrub, shear

Owners do not identify major disadvantages in the operation of the hedge trimmer.

Bosch AHS 50-20 Li 50 cm

One of the best cordless brushcutters on the market today. Powered by a lithium-ion battery, battery voltage. 18 volts, capacity. 4 a.ч. Maximum cutting thickness of the vegetation layer is 20 mm. The type of the working part of the tool. reversible. The electric motor has additional protection against overheating and power surges. There is a safety button to prevent the tool from accidental start-up. Included universal battery from the same manufacturer, battery charger.

  • build quality;
  • high performance, as for a cordless tool;
  • the kit comes with a quality battery;
  • runs very quietly;
  • has a small mass;
  • holds a charge for a long time;
  • affordable price for its performance.

Serious disadvantages in the operation of the hedge trimmer owners do not allocate.

How to choose a good cordless hedge trimmer?

By design, cordless garden shears. the same hair clipper, in fact: both there, the rotation of the motor turns into a transverse movement of the blade relative to a second, stationary. The wider the knife, the greater the width of the strip can be cut at a time, but more and mechanical losses: accordingly, you need a more powerful motor and a high-capacity battery.

But it is not customary to indicate the power of the motor in a cordless tool. What to start with then? The simplest. from the working voltage of the battery: the fact that any lithium-ion battery has a maximum continuous load current, and from here goes straight to the maximum load power: collecting two “banks” in series, you can power from them the motor twice as much power than from a single the same bank. Therefore, if it will be a question of long and hard work (especially with a shrub cutting attachment, if it is included or bought separately), it makes sense to look in the direction of models with batteries of 10.8 V (3 lithium-ion “banks” in series) or even 18 V (5 “banks”). 3.6-volt models are worth taking only for grass trimming and occasional work with shrub cutting head (and that if it is included at once. there is not much sense to buy it for low-power shears).

The battery is certainly better to have a removable one. it can be easily replaced with a spare one, if necessary. Built-in the same unequivocally will require putting off the tool for charging, besides without a soldering iron it can be replaced only by the “original”, overpaying for a pair of wires with a pad in fact. But with a soldering iron it will be much cheaper to solder the standard “banks”.

For long-term work, it is worth choosing shears with a wheeled platform and a telescopic handle. when the working area is low, the uncomfortable posture will not allow working “from hand” for a long time, but on wheels it will be possible to roll the shears in front of you as a mini lawnmower. However, it is more difficult to control the shears. so for the thinnest jobs, you’ll have to unhook the handle.

nuances of hedge trimmer choice

To choose the right model for dacha, you need to proceed from the needs of pruning. A few bushes and a couple of trees can be handled with a pruner, or better with a hand-held shrub shear. An electric model is preferable for high volume pruning, or if budget allows, a gasoline counterpart. When selecting a hand-held tool, you need to pay attention to

Pruning Shears Explained: Choose the Best Pruners For Your Garden

  • on the strength and sharpness of the blades;
  • availability of protective coating against sticking;
  • Handle comfort;
  • whether or not there is a gearing which allows you to increase/distribute the power of the mechanical effort;
  • weight.
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Determining the choice of an electric model, you need to find out:

  • The power consumption of the device, the frequency of movement of the blades. the performance depends on these criteria;
  • the type of movement of the blades;
  • the convenience of the handle;
  • quality of material and sharpening of the cutting part, its length, the capabilities of the device depend on them (the maximum thickness of cut branches);
  • availability of special coating against sticking;
  • the material of the body;
  • level of security;
  • the length of the cord for the network model;
  • battery capacity for an unplugged tool;
  • weight.

To select a gasoline model, it is important to determine:

choose, electric, shrub, shear
  • power;
  • the presence of an anti-vibration system;
  • type of ignition system;
  • fuel tank capacity;
  • the presence of a quality filter;
  • length of the cutting part, type of blades and sharpening;
  • frequency of the blades stroke;
  • availability of additional accessories for convenient operation (bar, rotary handle);
  • weight;
  • warranty period.

Rating of cordless brushcutters

Cordless models, although they need to be recharged regularly, they are mobile. When working do not restrict the movement of the owner. When choosing, in addition to the price, it is worth paying attention to the characteristics of the tool. The cost depends largely on the mechanics of the blades. On a limited budget, it is better to buy a hedge trimmer that has a single moving blade. But you have to remember that it vibrates a lot when you work, so it increases the load on your hands. Machines with two moving knives do not have this. Tools in which the cutting blade has one working side, are more suitable for straight cutting. Double-sided hedge trimmers work smoothly and can cut plants in a wave-like fashion. Quality of work depends on the blades, which need to be sharp and durable.

Electric hedge trimmers are notable for their mobility

Ergonomics is considered important. Before you buy a shrub shearer, it is recommended to hold it in your hand, the handle should lie well in it, providing a good grip. For comfortable work, the tool must be balanced. Some heavy models are equipped with shoulder straps.

It is worth paying attention to the engine stopping speed. Safer hedge trimmer model that has an instant stop mode, as well as an option. accidental start protection. Some manufacturers equip their products with a grass mowing head. Many people opt for small shrub shears, but it must be remembered that these do not have much power. They can only trim thinner, smaller branches, but will not cut tall growth.

When choosing the best cordless hedge trimmer, it is necessary to pay attention to the bandwidth. This parameter refers to the area of green vegetation mowed by the tool in one pass. In general, this strip does not exceed 15 cm. This depends on the length of the blade, the shorter it is, the less you can mow in one stroke.

Large hedge trimmer models that look powerful are better suited for big jobs. They are equipped with powerful batteries with high capacity. Although it increases the battery life, but this factor for cordless devices is considered by many to be a disadvantage.

Tooth pitch influences the thickness of cut branches. But a small value is not a bad thing. It all depends on what the tool is made for.

The small tooth pitch technique is used for straightening hedges and green spaces, while the large tooth pitch technique is used for rough trimming.

Manufacturers try to equip even inexpensive modern hedgetrimmers with additional options, this has a positive effect on energy consumption and safety of use. One of the useful functions is the anti-blocking function. It enables you to avoid the cutting elements jamming when cutting very thick branches. Many tools have a battery charge indicator and power-saving mode. With these options, all features can be calculated correctly. The result is a technique that lasts a long time if used continuously.

Such option as anti-vibration system is necessary for powerful models. It increases the accuracy of pruning and reduces operator fatigue.

Gardeners with considerable experience advise buying cordless shrub shears equipped with a telescopic handle. It can be used to trim both short and tall trees. Some expensive models have a water level. which allows shrubs to be perfectly trimmed.

When selecting battery equipment for garden care, you need to properly determine the best type of battery, although it has little or no effect on performance. But the battery depends on the duration of operation in independent mode.

Battery hedge trimmer manufacturers use more advanced Li-Ion batteries or rechargeable NiCad batteries in their equipment. The first type allows you to recharge the battery even before it is completely discharged. However, there is a toxic substance inside the battery. If the body is accidentally damaged, there will be a danger to human health.

Nickel-cadmium battery requires a full discharge during operation. Otherwise, the wrong power replenishment mode will cause the battery to fail very quickly. But the nickel cadmium battery has its advantages. No risk of overheating. It is also not afraid of long continuous operation.

Batteries are used Li-Ion or nickel-cadmium

In order not to buy a low-quality tool, experts recommend choosing products from well-known brands. Below is a rating of cordless hedge trimmers from leading manufacturers.

Top 8 best electric brushcutters by price and quality

It’s hard to decide on a specific model choice. The most trustworthy are hedge trimmers from popular manufacturers, the top includes companies Bosh, PATRIOT, BlackDecker and others, which stand out for their reliability and quality of performance. These companies have been manufacturing garden tools for many years. Among them there are expensive tools, as well as inexpensive.

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Bosch AHS 50-16 50 cm

Hedge trimmer has a blade with a length of 0.5 м. Model is equipped with a wire stopper. that prevents the extension cord from detaching.

The maximum cutting thickness is 16 mm;

Power. 450W;

weight 2.7 kg.

Champion HTE610R 61 cm

The blade length of this tool is 61 cm. Double-edged blade. Swivel handle. Set includes: fixing screw, protective shield.

maximum cutting thickness. 15 mm;

power. 750W;

weight. 3.8 kg.

Bosch EasyHedgeCut 45 (0600847A05) 45 cm

Electric brush cutter with 45 cm long blade and single-edged blade.

Maximum cutting thickness 16 mm;

power. 420 W;

weight.2.6 kg.

PATRIOT PT 7251 51 cm

Model is equipped with a double-sided blade. The blade has a length of 51 cm. Laser cutter sharpening.

maximum cutting thickness. 20 mm;

Power. 720 W;

weight. 3.6 kg.


Tool blade length. 0.5 м. Blade type. double-sided. Set: saw blade, blade cover.

maximum cutting thickness. 35 mm;

power. 500 W;

weight. 2.47 kg.

Bosch AHS 60-16 60 cm

Electric brush cutter with 60 cm long blade and double-sided blade. Set: blade cap.

Maximum cutting thickness. 16 mm;

power. 450 W;

weight. 2.8 kg.

Greenworks GHT5056 56 cm

The machine has a double-sided blade. For safe work with the cut-guard and safety button to prevent accidental start-up. Engine overload protection in case of a jammed blade.

maximum cutting thickness. 18 mm;

power. 500 W;

weight. 2.5 kg.

GARDENA EasyCut 450/50 9831 50 cm

Length of blade for this model. 0.5 м. Blade type. double-sided.

maximum cutting thickness. 18 mm;

power. 450 W;

weight. 2.76 kg.

choose, electric, shrub, shear

the best shrub shears not equipped with a battery

Cordless brushcutters are often not equipped with a battery and charger. Parts must be purchased separately. But many models are compatible with other products in the line. So when you buy the battery and the rechargeable battery once, you don’t need to overpay for other battery-powered tools next time.

Greenworks G24HT54

Cordless shrub shear Greenworks. a reliable tool for shrubs, trees and hedges. Lightweight model with comfortable rubberized grip lets you work with ease without fatigue. To work safely, the tool is equipped with an accidental-pressure safety device. There is a hand guard.

Shrub trimmer is compatible with batteries from other products in the range. Double-sided blades 47 cm long. Self-contained operation for up to 1 hour. Battery and charger not included.

Hand protection shield.

Safety button.

Low weight.


The hedge trimmer is used in the care of small and large hedges. Maximum cut-off distance of 2.2 cm. Device has a pivoting handle for comfortable trimming. The blade guard prevents branches from shooting out at the user. Blades are made with laser cutting technology. Battery operated, not included.

Selecting an Electric Hedge Trimmer

Rotary handle.

Compatible with other hedgetrimmers in the complete family.

Two handles.

No harmful exhaust emissions.

Worx WG261E.9

Cordless tool is a well-balanced solution for garden maintenance. Double-sided blades are 44 cm long and diamond-coated for an even cut of up to 1.6 cm. The low weight of the model allows for long hours of work with minimal strain on the hands.

Ergonomic handle for a secure grip. The blade guard ensures user safety. Suitable for all-purpose battery packs. No battery charger or lithium-ion batteries included.

Blade cover.

Low weight.

Double-sided blades.

Makita DUH502Z

Professional hedge trimmer. Li-Ion battery operated. RPM adjustment is available. Rubber-coated handles make for a comfortable and secure grip. The device has a brushless motor that does not require additional maintenance.

Lock-on safety.

Light display in case of overload.

Vibration reduction system.

Ergonomic handle.


The shrub shear is excellent for cutting both low and high hedges. Telescopic boom lets you work in hard-to-reach areas with ease. Cutting head tilt adjustable. Gardena features a lithium-ion battery pack and enables uninterrupted operation for up to 75 minutes. Charge level indicator.

Operating instructions

When using an electric hedge trimmer to trim vegetation in the garden, the following rules should be followed:

choose, electric, shrub, shear
    Do not use the hedge trimmer if the body, handle, cable or blade is damaged or if the motor is damaged.

  • Do not operate the hedge trimmer with the blades pointing toward the operator.
  • If the tool jams in the material and vibrations increase, switch off and disconnect the power supply, then carefully remove the branch from the blades.
  • Take a short break after each 15 or 20 minutes of use to avoid overloading the hedge trimmer and to extend his life.
  • The cutting attachment must not come into contact with walls, foundations or the ground. There are models on sale with special protection against such contacts.
  • After you have finished pruning, clean the tool thoroughly from the remains of vegetation, lubricate it with oil (if this is required by the instructions of the device).
  • Do not rinse cutting blades with water.
  • Do not use the hedge trimmer during and after rain or on days with high humidity.
  • Cord must be behind the operator during cutting, do not hang it on bushes or fence.
  • You should not store carries with the cable on the street, it is better to remove them in the shade after work.

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