How to choose an electric screwdriver by power

Top 10 most powerful screwdrivers

Electric and cordless screwdrivers differ not only by power supply. Cost, functionality. it is clear. But there are parameters that divide them into household and professional. We will tell you what the most powerful electric screwdriver should be and how to determine the power of an electric screwdriver in a particular type of tool.

Location Model
1. VICHR SSh-550/1, 550 W Prices Overview
2. Makita FS4000, 570 W Prices overview
3. RESANTA SS-550-1, 550 W Prices Overview
4. 520 W Phiolent ShV2-6-PE Prices Overview
5. Zubr ZSSh-550, 550 W Prices Overview
6. WHIRLWIND DA-24L-2K Prices Overview
7. Bort BAB-24UX2LI-FDK Li-Ion 2.0 A 24 V x2 bag Prices Review
8. RESANTA DA-24-2-2LC Prices Overview
9. Sturm! CD3224L Prices Overview
10. WHIRLWIND DA-24L-2K/B Prices Review

Screwdriver selection criteria

Before you select and then buy a mains or cordless electric screwdriver, you need to familiarize yourself with the basic parameters of the tools.

Speed and torque

The screwdrivers for home use have a rotation speed of 300 to 500 rpm. This is also sufficient for tightening screws and self-tapping screws. Professional units come with an indicator from 1300 to 1700 rpm. Here you can perform roofing work and drilling in various materials, including metal.

The minimum torque of an electric screwdriver is 7-9 Nm. This type includes a number of electric screwdrivers. Household machines have a higher torque, up to 20-28 Nm. Semi-professional and professional screwdrivers have the torque value from 45 to 130 Nm.

There are models with torques up to 200 Nm. Such screwdrivers are used in specialized workshops or tire repair shops.

Choosing the battery type

All screwdriver batteries are divided into 3 types:

  • Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd). They operate in various climatic zones, are immune to low temperatures. Gradually become a thing of the past due to high toxicity, high weight and pronounced “memory effect”.
  • Lithium-ion (Li-Ion). Gaining popularity among users. Completely free of harmful substances, low weight and long life. No memory effect and affordable price. Significant advantage of these batteries is the ability to work at low temperatures.
  • Nickel-metal hydride (Ni-Mh). Already rare batteries. Cannot be used in cold weather, “memory effect” is weak, but exists. Low weight and environmentally friendly are considered an advantage.

Chuck type

Screwdriver chucks come in several types :

  • Quick-clamping. Simple design, allowing tool changes without keys.
  • Self-clamping. Also does not require the presence of wrenches. For use with regular tooling changes. Some models of these chucks come with one or two swivel sockets.
  • Bit chuck. Only used for screwdriving jobs (screws, bolts, nuts). A variation is the angle chuck, which is used in hard-to-reach places.

There are highly specialized chucks with hexagonal shank. Suitable for engraving, jewelry making and craftsmanship. There are also. Used in mini-drills and assembly work for electronic boards.

Lithium-ion batteries are considered ideal for an electric screwdriver

Bit availability and types

Screwdriver bits are available in a wide range, but you should pay attention to 2 types. Some are used more often, others are used less frequently and are less well known.

  • Slotted;
  • Hexagonal Hex, but with a hole in the center;
  • Square prism type (Robertson);
  • The fork (SP);
  • Tri-Wing;
  • four-blade bit (Torg Set).

No bits are included for budget screwdrivers. In some cases, the tool may have a bit holder on the handle. Professional units are equipped with different bits, depending on the model of an electric screwdriver.

Extra features and functions

To facilitate the work of the user, most screwdrivers are equipped with additional devices. Some of them are indispensable for use at heights or in hard-to-reach places :

You should not always be guided by the cost of an electric screwdriver. You can pick up inexpensive models, where the power and functionality are quite suitable for the planned work. And it’s not uncommon for big-name manufacturers to exceed customer expectations.

Here are a few companies that have long been recognized by home handymen and professionals.


Bosch construction tools sell in large quantities. The German brand monitors the quality of its products and increases the level of service. The company’s service centers are located throughout Europe. The screwdrivers from Bosch are reliable, durable and performant. If you have the question how to choose a good electric screwdriver, the Bosch is the perfect solution.


Japanese company Makita has been on the market of professional electrical and gasoline tools for over 100 years. Production sites are located in the U.S., UK and China. Makita electric screwdrivers are used for professional and domestic use. You can also choose from the inexpensive.


Metabo cordless and cordless tools can be found all over the world. The company produces tools for repair, construction and home use. All products are thoroughly tested and assembled with quality components.

A corded device is convenient to work with indoors

Screwdriver types

Depending on tasks and parameters all screwdrivers are divided into professional and home models.


A domestic electric screwdriver has relatively low power and a short motor life. They are excellent for working in soft materials (wood, drywall, fiberboard, particle board, etc.). But they can not be used for a long time. Such models are chosen to solve various one-time household tasks. assembling furniture, installing locks, blinds, shelves and other elements of the home interior.


The distinctive feature of professional models is the long working period, in comparison with household models. They can perform their functions for 5. 8 hours a day every day without losing performance. Also, in addition to standard screwing out and screwing in screws, they are equipped with the function of drilling metal, concrete and wood. Professional tools are fitted with a hammer mechanism for drilling in concrete.

Batteries in screwdrivers

If you decide to buy a battery-powered tool, you need to know some details.

There are three kinds of batteries:

    Lithium-ion, or Li-Ion batteries. Powerful and reliable batteries that are suitable for frequent use of the tool. They weigh less, charge quickly, store their stored charge well and have a few thousand charge cycles. They do not like sub-zero temperatures, but modern developments cope with this drawback as well.

Another advantage is the absence of “memory effect”, which consists in the following: if the battery is not fully discharged and then recharged, the total capacity is slightly reduced. And so until the battery can’t hold a charge at all. This is especially true for nickel cadmium batteries. Lithium-ion batteries can be left half charged.

At the moment, manufacturers of screwdrivers are increasingly giving up on nickel-cadmium batteries because they are not environmentally friendly and cadmium is not good for health and the environment. Batteries containing nickel have already been banned from the market worldwide. Currently, they are only allowed for sale in the CIS countries.

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Professional screwdrivers come with a battery charger with increased power to charge the batteries more quickly.

Here it is necessary to consider the capabilities of two components: the electric motor and the gearbox. Let’s start with the first one.

Today, some manufacturers still install drives with collectors and brushes in power tools. It’s cheaper. Reliable design, but not without its disadvantages. The main disadvantage is the friction between the brushes and the collector. And friction is the release of thermal energy. That is why such devices heat up quickly. It is not uncommon for such a motor to start sparking if work is carried out in wet areas.

Brushless motors with electronic control have now replaced the old model. First, the absence of friction has increased the power of an electric screwdriver, and therefore the performance. Secondly, it is now possible not to use the body of the actuator. That is, the parts are simply installed into the tool body itself. And this reduces weight, plus ease of operation.

As for the gearbox, it is necessary to specify, when choosing, what materials it is made of. This is because the gearbox is highly stressed. And if it is made of low quality materials, its lifespan is greatly reduced. For example, plastic gears will fail faster than metal gears.

And other characteristics that answer the question of which screwdriver is better:

  • The speed of rotation of the working body, more precisely, the spindle. There is no point in going too high because 500 rpm is sufficient for screwing fasteners. If the electric screwdriver will also be used for drilling, then 1500 rpm is also considered sufficient.
  • The rotation speed usually changes when the trigger is pulled. The deeper, the faster the speed. There are models where there is a separate switch located on top of the housing. This option is more convenient.
  • Torque. Measurement unit Nm. An important characteristic that influences the screwing-in power of the fastener. For small fasteners, for example, 10 Nm is sufficient. For large fasteners 25 Nm. It depends on what you expect from the tool.

Bosch DIY Cordless Screwdriver: IXO 5

Note that the ring located near the spindle is used to change the torque. It has a scale on it. The numbers are simply a number to increase the torque, not the diameter of the fastener.

Probably all screwdrivers have a function for switching the direction of the spindle. Without it, the tool becomes meaningless.

Spindle stop function. That is, as soon as you take your finger off the trigger, the tool should stop turning. All modern models have this function. But if you come across a tool of an older design, it is better to give it up.

Battery or mains?

How to choose a good electric screwdriver or a drill-electric screwdriver by type of power? They are divided into:

choose, electric, screwdriver, power

Bosch IXO Cordless Lithium-Ion Screwdriver

The first are powered from the mains, the second from a battery, and the third can work both ways.

H-brand electric screwdriver with a battery voltage of 16 volts. Photo taken from: My Gadget channel. Link to video:

Power tools charge from a wall outlet. Compared to cordless, they have higher power and lighter weight. But corded tools also have a significant disadvantage. dependence on an outlet. If it’s far away, the wires get tangled up under the workers’ feet. For some builders it’s not a hindrance.

Opinion of the expert Andrey Savin, foreman, g. Voronezh

When choosing between a cordless or corded tool for working on a roof, I prefer the corded tool. Even if it slips out of your hands, it won’t fly away and will remain hanging on the wire. And a cordless electric screwdriver will go down and can be damaged in this situation. That is the reason, in my opinion, why it is not convenient to use a cordless drill/driver on a roof. The choice between a cordless or cordless power tool depends on the habits of the individual builder. to drill holes in metal, it is better to choose a drill with an electric screwdriver, where the speed is adjustable and it is possible to change the nozzle. When working with furniture, you can use a regular electric screwdriver. The same tool with speed control and a ratchet is good for working with drywall and concrete. Once again, it is important to have a speed control and a ratchet, because if you make the rotational speed a little bit higher, you can squeeze and damage the material.

Cordless screwdrivers and drills are battery powered, so they do not depend on the presence or absence of electricity on site. They are used at any time of the year when working at height (not all professionals are afraid of tool dropping) and in the street. The disadvantages of battery-powered tools include dependence on charging, so experienced builders take a spare battery for such cases. The battery-powered amateur electric screwdriver loses in power to its mains counterpart. But professional cordless screwdrivers, as a rule, differ in their power for the better.

Drill-driver electric screwdriver brand to the letter “D” with a battery voltage of 18 volts. Photo taken from: https://www.YouTube.My Gadget Channel Link to the video:

Sergey Pochtarev, expert opinion, master, Nizhny Novgorod. Nizhny Novgorod

In summer, when working on the roof, it is better to use a drill-electric screwdriver on batteries. In terms of functionality, this is a more versatile tool than a standard electric screwdriver. For me personally, it is easy to use. But if you don’t have a power drill, you can also get by with an ordinary cordless electric screwdriver. In cold weather, on the other hand, the battery is flat, so it makes more sense to work with a corded tool.

Cordless drills are used for tightening and unscrewing screws, bolts, screws and self-tapping screws. They are used to drill wood, drywall and plastic panels, as well as not very thick metal. Many screwdrivers are designed with three speeds. On the first this tool is used as an electric screwdriver with high torque, on the third. as a drill. It has a wide range of uses.

Top 10 rating according to KP

DeWALT DCD771D2 (medium )

An electric screwdriver from a well-known American manufacturer of repair tools in the company’s yellow color. Although the price is considerable, but this device can be considered almost a benchmark. It has a quick-action chuck suitable for bits or drills up to 13 mm in diameter. The electric motor of the device produces 1500 rpm, which allows the screwdriver to develop a maximum torque of 42 Nm. Engine brake stops instantly once the trigger is released.

choose, electric, screwdriver, power

By the way, it comes with two batteries, which dramatically increases the autonomy of one of the best screwdrivers for the home. However, there are some remarks to the model. For example, the body for some reason does not provide even an elementary additional attachment for bits, and the built-in LED, which should highlight the place of work, does not do a good job with this.

Pros and cons

Excellent workmanship, extra (and not cheap separately) battery included, a motor brake

Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014 Basic 2.0Ah (medium )

An extremely popular model from the German company Metabo. This popular love has its roots in the fact that the creators managed to maintain a balance of performance, quality and cost, which is difficult for competitors to beat. The electric screwdriver is very compact and weighs only 800 g. For a small size, of course, you have to pay somehow. But not in this case. the electric motor allows the wrench to develop the torque of 34 Nm.

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If this “kid” too much load, then triggered electronic protection, which will not allow the device to break. Not only that, the chuck is removable and the hex bits can be used with or without an electric screwdriver. Finally, it comes with two batteries that charge relatively quickly. The only thing that bewilders is the huge case, in which it is easy to lose a small electric screwdriver.

Pros and cons

Great value for money, weighs only 800g, hexagonal bits can be used without a chuck

Makita DF333DWAE (medium )

Well-known model from Japanese company Makita, loved by Russians. The reputation of a relatively fresh screwdriver has been made by numerous predecessors, but it is not a failure itself. Weighing 1.1 kg, the electric motor delivers 30 Nm of torque at 1,700 rpm. Quick-action chuck can work with bits or drills up to 10 mm in diameter. The ergonomics of the electric screwdriver itself is almost perfect, and the storage case is well designed. It comes with two batteries. By the way, they are assembled from batteries format 18650, which gives “hobbyists” a huge scope for improvement with their own hands. The model has practically no disadvantages. The only complaint is the absence of holder for additional bits, and not too handy backlight.

Pros and cons

Lightweight and comfortable to work with, two batteries of batteries 18650, the reputation of a reliable tool

Bosch GSR 120-LI (medium)

What kind of rating of the best screwdrivers for a house without products of the German firm Bosch? This model belongs to the “blue” professional line, and therefore must be able to do many things. With the weight of 800 grams the electric motor of the tool can work with the torque of 30 Nm, which is good. Batteries are inserted into the handle and do not protrude beyond the handle, which is also good. As is the fact that there are two of them in the set.

Here is used a fairly advanced electronic overload protection, but its work can be annoying. it does not allow to work the screwdriver to its limits. Of course, this also affects the work in drill mode. you can’t drill metal or concrete with all your heart. the GSR 120-LI. There are also issues with the quality of the tool. Someone has encountered the fact that the quick-action chuck tends to unscrew itself. And someone also complains about the burnt out electric motor after three months of work. However, the problems are of an isolated nature.

Zubr DSHL-121 (medium )

The Russian electric screwdriver made in China immediately captivates by its 2021 we get a full-fledged cordless tool. Speaking of batteries. It comes with only one lithium-ion battery. But it charges relatively quickly. in 45 minutes. The electric screwdriver is quite robust and not afraid of hard work, despite the torque of 25 Nm. In general, it is not a bad budget variant, which is not too shabby to use at the limit of possibilities.

Hanskonner HCD1838R (medium)

A powerful electric screwdriver from a brand with a very confusing origin. The official website speaks of the experience of Russian craftsmen and German engineers, which does not add clarity. In fact, the pretentious name hides a Chinese manufacturer. an electric screwdriver is not cheap, but it pretends to be a professional tool. The chuck diameter of up to 13 mm, maximum torque of 55 Nm and the two speeds are talking about it. The weight is not small. the complete electric screwdriver weighs 1.7 kg.

Two batteries are included, each with a capacity of 2.4 Ah. By the way, the battery has an indicator of the remaining charge, which is not found in every “screwdriver. Interestingly, the HCD1838R is popular with winter fishing enthusiasts who use the electric screwdriver as a drill for holes in the ice.

Hitachi DS10DAL (medium duty)

Another electric screwdriver from the “Land of the Rising Sun. Compact model with 36 Nm electric motor. The single-socket quick-action chuck has an excellent centering that comes in handy when drilling. Key feature is quick battery charging. The latter, of which there are two, are made in Japan, which guarantees the quality. Perhaps the only thing that can upset you is the noise and the not-so-tuned ergonomics of the housing. But the handle has a hook on the belt, which is very useful during construction work.

Criteria for choosing a network electric screwdriver

Before you buy an electric mains screwdriver, the user must decide for what specific purposes he will use it. A proper assessment of the following main technical characteristics makes it possible to realize this:

Key performance indicator. So, the higher its value, the longer the screws can be screwed. For example, 300-watt models give the possibility to screw in metal fasteners up to 70 mm, even through a thin sheet of metal, and to drill through wood 10-15 cm thick.

1.5-2 times more powerful analogues are capable not only of screwing in hardware of maximum length, but also of drilling relatively thick metal plates. However, with an increase in motor power the weight of the device inevitably increases, as well as its operating comfort. In addition, the power consumption increases.

The correct choice of an electric mains electric screwdriver for the home also allows you to take into account the torque. This is the second most important characteristic, which affects the overall performance of the device. Set by 3 factors. drive power, gearbox type and spindle speed.

The higher the value, the longer the item can be screwed in with the gun. For example, to install a 60-70 mm screw it is enough to use a model at 30 Nm, and for 100 mm metalware you will need a device at 40-50 Nm. Some wrenches have a special regulator for setting the right torque. if you need to work with screws of different lengths.

The reverse function allows you to switch the rotation of the clamping head from forward to reverse direction, and vice versa. This is often necessary when dismantling constructions and removing screws that have been screwed in for a long time.

Otherwise the user has to use a screwdriver, which is long, laborious and unproductive. The reverse mechanism also makes it easier to reposition the bits.

In addition to the absolute rate of rotation of the tool, for the choice of a network electric screwdriver is not of the last importance the possibility of increasing and decreasing. This will enable you to select the optimum speed for the work under specific conditions. For example, the minimum RPM is required for tightening screws of small lengths, the medium RPM for large screws, and the maximum RPM for drilling materials.

If the gun does not require changing the speed, then for a particular type of operation should be selected the model with the necessary value of the parameter. For example, fasteners with rotation speed of 1000-1300 rpm would be good for tightening metal screws., and for drilling. 2000-3000 rpm.

The geometry and dimensions must be adapted to the use and application of the electric screwdriver. So, to work in hard-to-reach conditions. on the ceiling, roof, etc A light, compact device would do, even if it loses in some parameters to more equipped models. On the contrary, for work in the workshop in the same position can be used larger and heavier counterparts, but with more functionality.

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In order to determine which electric electric screwdriver is best suited for a particular application, you need to consider the following varieties of this part of it:

  • Key. The change of accessories is made with a special wrench. This significantly increases the strength and retention of the bit or drill bit, and makes it possible to work in harsher conditions, but is time and energy consuming.
  • Quick-clamping. Fixing the tool is performed in a single operation, which greatly facilitates the operation of the device. However, this type of device can be used only for light-duty work.
  • For bits. With this type, only bits can be fitted, not drills. The fastener is reliable, but limited in application.

At home, the first two variants are equally effective.

A modern electric screwdriver can be used for much more than just screwing screws. In addition, it can function as a drill as well as a torch. Some units are additionally equipped with a battery for autonomous use.

An electric screwdriver must have the right set of features for the intended operation Source

Comparison of mains- and battery-powered models

In comparison with cordless models, the cordless screwdrivers offer the following advantages

  • Power stability. The mains-powered model shows stable performance. By contrast, they gradually decrease with battery models as the batteries are depleted.
  • the ability to tighten long pieces of hardware. Most cordless models are designed to work with self-tapping screws of no more than 70 mm. At the same time, the best mains powered screwdrivers are able to cope with bolts of maximal length, provided that the torque value is 40 Nm and more.
  • Working in sub-zero temperatures. The network-powered models have only general limitations for operation in freezing temperatures, and their lithium-ion battery-based counterparts have no such limitations at all.
  • Operating time. Mains-powered models are able to work as long as their technical lifetime allows. Batteries are quickly discharged and show optimal performance not longer than 1-1.5 hours.
  • Weight and dimensions. The cordless torch is as light and compact as possible, the cordless unit is even heavier and more cumbersome because of the battery module.
  • Work outdoors. The 220 V electric screwdriver can be used outdoors at any time of the year provided that the supply cable is long enough. Battery models have this option only in warm weather.
  • Cost. The average price of the cordless models is lower than that of cordless models.

the battery-powered screwdriver is characterized by mobility and independence of energy, while the mains-powered one is characterized by lightness, compactness, more power, less cost and the possibility of working in the cold.

Recommendation! For household use, the screwdriver with a key chuck mechanism would be better suited, and for professional or private workshop use. with a quick-action chuck.

What is the best cordless electric screwdriver for you to buy?

The following is a rating of the best cordless screwdrivers, based on reviews and user feedback.

Metabo PowerMaxx BS 2014, 10.8 В, 2.0Ah x2, case

Compact and ergonomic tool. Drilling mode, using bits without chuck. Reverse, spindle lock, carrying case.

Type of the tool. drill-driver;

Number of speeds. 2;

max. idle speed. 1400 rpm;

Maximum torque 34 Nm;

max. drilling diameter (wood). 22mm;

max. drilling diameter (metal). 10 mm

battery type. Li-Ion.

DEKO GCD12DU3 Li-Ion 1.5 Ah 12 V x1 box

Cordless drill/driver. Compact, lightweight, high torque. 2 speed, 12v power supply, price. rubber-coated handle, high build quality, comfortable torque. Spot light bulb, power button lock, variable speed control.

Makita 12V max CXT cordless drill/driver;

Number of speeds. 2;

max. idle speed. 1500 rpm;

maximum torque of 32 Nm;

max. drilling diameter (wood). 25 mm;

max. drilling diameter (metal). 10 mm;

battery type. Li-Ion.

Makita DF333DWYE4, 12 V, 1.5 Ah x2, case, bit set

Topped as the best cordless electric screwdriver of 2020. Ergonomic, stable and smooth operation. Makita 12V max CXT cordless system, spot light bulb, battery charger, case.

type of tool. drill, electric screwdriver;

number of operating speeds. 2;

max. idle speed. 1700 rpm;

The maximum torque is 30 Nm;

max. drilling diameter (wood). 21 mm;

max. drilling diameter (metal). 10 mm

battery type. Li-Ion.


Powerful and high-quality electric screwdriver with drill function. Brushless motor, backlight, metal socket. DeWALT 20V MAX cordless system, pulse charger. Spotlight, power button lock. Two batteries, battery charger, case.

type of tool. drill-driver;

number of speeds. 2;

battery power;

max. idle speed. 2000 rpm;

The maximum torque is 70 Nm;

max. drilling diameter (wood). 40 mm

max. drilling diameter (metal). 13 mm

additional modes of operation. drilling;

battery type. Li-Ion.

choose, electric, screwdriver, power

Bosch GSR 120-LI, 12 V, 2.0Ah x2, carrying case

Cordless electric screwdriver up to 7000 thousand. Light weight, low noise, holds power for a long time. Handy in handling, quality material. Electronic overload protection, reverse, 2 GBA 12V 2 batteries.0Ah. GAL 1210 CV Professional battery charger, case.

Type of the tool. drill-driver;

Number of operating speeds. 2;

battery power

max. No-load speed. 1500 rpm;

Maximum torque 30 Nm

max. drilling diameter (wood). 20 mm

max. drilling diameter (metal). 10 mm;

additional operating modes. drilling;

battery system. Bosch PRO-MIX 12 V.

Hitachi DS10DAL

Cordless model, good value for money. High torque, single-shaft, quick-action chuck, quick charger. Reversing, spindle lock, electronic speed adjustment. Two batteries, battery charger, bit, carrying case.

Drill type electric screwdriver;

the number of operating speeds is 2;

power. from the battery;

max. idle speed. 1300 rpm;

maximum torque 36 Nm

max. drilling diameter (wood) is 29 mm;

max. drilling diameter (metal). 10 mm

additional operating modes. drilling;

battery type. Li-Ion.

Interskol DA-12ER-02 595 Li-Ion 1.5 Ah 12 V x2 case

Battery-powered cordless drill/driver. Small tool with shortened version and keyless chuck. Works with all sizes of bits, lightweight and ergonomic. LED illumination, reverse, electronic speed adjustment. Impulse charger, power button lock.

type of the tool. drill/driver;

Number of operating speeds. 2;

battery powered;

max. rpm idle speed. 1400 rpm

maximum torque. 28 N-m;

max. Drilling diameter (wood) is 20 mm;

max. drilling diameter (metal). 10 mm;

battery type. Li-Ion;

additional operation modes. drilling.

Bort BAB-10.8-P

Cordless type electric drill/driver. Keeps a charge for a long time, powerful, compact. There is speed regulation, reverse. work area lighting, quick-action chuck, motor brake. Power button lock, one battery, battery charger.

The type of tool. drill, electric screwdriver;

Number of operation speeds. 2;

power. from battery;

max. idle speed. 550 rpm;

maximum torque of 15 N-m;

max. drilling diameter (wood). 20 mm;

max. Drilling diameter (metal). 8 mm;

additional modes. drilling;

battery type. Li-Ion.

VORTEX DA-18L-2K 2015

Powerful, reliable, easy in the hand. Battery has a backlight, 2 accumulators, battery charger with charge indicator. The ideal price-quality ratio. Two batteries, battery charger, carrying case, bit set, instruction manual.

tool type. electric screwdriver drill;

Number of speeds. 2;

battery power;

max. idle speed. 1350 rpm

maximum torque. 33 Nm;

max. drilling diameter (wood). 30 mm;

max. drilling diameter (metal). 12 mm;

additional modes. drilling;

battery type. Li-Ion.


Low price, compact, powerful tool. Quality assembly, a great home option. Nickel-cadmium battery, spotlight, power button lock.

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