How to choose an angle grinder for your home

best grinders (angle grinder) according to user reviews. rating, comparison and review of models

Angle grinders (angle grinder). universal tool for cutting and grinding various materials. The choice of angle grinder depends on the type of work performed and the planned intensity of use of the tool.

In order to determine which angle grinder is better, you need to analyze such parameters as: disc diameter. from 115 to 230 mm, the larger this value, the deeper will be the maximum possible cut; power. from 500 to 2000 W, affects the processing speed and allowable material thickness, speed. from 6600 to 12000.

choose, angle, grinder, your, home

Additional functions that should be considered. soft start, dust protection, speed regulation, “Start” button fixation. To make it easier for you to choose the right model, we have compiled a rating of grinders, based on user reviews and taking into account the technical and operational characteristics of the tool.

Overview of popular manufacturers of angle grinder

The modern market is flooded with all kinds of construction equipment of very popular and unknown brands of domestic and foreign production. The choice is truly wide, and sometimes it is better to determine whether a decent machine is offered for a good price or to look for something more profitable. The best angle grinder for home and professional work, as a rule, produce well-known companies. Consider the most popular brands among users.

Bosch. a well-known German brand of electrical equipment, distinguished by a productive motor and high quality parts. Angle grinder line includes universal and professional options.

Makita. Japanese brand of quality equipment, one of the leaders in the global construction market. All tools are designed for intensive use, including the angle grinder.

DeWALT is one of the leading manufacturers of specialist construction equipment. Only professional tools in the product range.

Metabo. German brand of professional electrical equipment for home and work.

Fiolent. domestic brand, produces equipment of decent quality, angle grinder is suitable for home works of medium intensity.

Interskol. Russian brand of affordable household and professional equipment. A good option for home repair work.

When choosing an angle grinder, pay attention to the country of manufacture, because the same brand can be produced in factories in different countries.

Angle grinders design, components

The design of the angle grinder is characterized by a relatively simple and technologically advanced design, which allowed their production in many enterprises.

The angle grinder consists of the following parts:

  • The housing, which is made of reinforced polymers. These materials are highly durable, resistant to wear and environmental influences. On the outer surface there is a button to turn on the tool with a lock. Some models have windows, closed with hatches, to replace the drive brushes.
  • an electric motor, which is powered from a household network or batteries. The angle grinder uses drives that are capable of high shaft speeds. In order to cool the windings and other parts, a fan is mounted on the front of the axle.
  • Single-stage bevel gear in a separate housing made mostly of magnesium or aluminum alloys. Consists of bevel gears with shafts mounted on ball bearings or plain bearings. The interaction of the parts in the gearbox is ensured by a housing that is filled with grease.
  • A spindle consisting of a shaft with metric thread, a thick-walled washer and a nut for securing a cutting disc or other attachments. There is usually a button on the gearbox housing on the opposite side that locks the shaft in place. This is necessary for removing and installing new accessories.
  • The detachable handle is threaded and can be screwed into the gear housing in one of the chosen positions. It is made for easy holding of the power tool during different types of work.
  • the blade guard, covers part of the cutting disc and prevents a shower of sparks from escaping in all directions during operation. The attachment protects the worker and surrounding objects from wear products of the tool and fragments of material formed during the machining process.

The angle grinder is delivered to the user complete with user manual and a special tooling key. The latter is a steel strip with two pins, which are exactly aligned with the holes of the fixing nut. In some cases, the manufacturer adds spare carbon brushes to the delivery set.

Operating principle of the angle grinder

the angle grinder is driven by an electric motor, which is activated by pressing a locking button or a switch. Powered from the mains, as well as from a built-in or removable battery. The tool is primarily fitted with commutator motors, whose stator windings have a high inductive resistance. This circumstance allows you to significantly reduce the operating currents.

Turning the motor shaft rotates the pinion gear, which drives a sub-axis gear and thus transmits the power to the spindle. The gear case is made of magnesium or aluminum alloys to improve heat dissipation. There are two types of gearing: spur and helical (tapered Glisson system). The second option is preferable because it provides greater reliability and reduces noise.

expensive and complex models have an uncoupling clutch between motor and gearbox. The main function of this design is to prevent kickback in the event of a sudden stop of the blade due to jamming. This protects the operator from possible injury and protects the angle grinder units from breakage. On these angle grinders, the spindle lock button can be pressed until it comes to a complete stop.

The choice of the design scheme, when the plane of rotation of the cutting disc or brush is parallel to the axis of the tool is simple enough. When working angle grinder there is a significant torque, which tends to pull the tool to the side. The operator can easily compensate for this effort by keeping his hands optimally aligned along and perpendicular to the axis.

choose, angle, grinder, your, home

The main characteristics of the angle grinder

It is recommended to get acquainted with the basic parameters of the angle grinder, before choosing an angle grinder. This will help you pick the model for the planned amount of work and functionality. For example, if you need it only for grinding, then fit a low-power device with a small radius of the circle. There are small angle grinders that do not have a handle and are used in tight places. Large models have a handle and a place to hold, located at the base.


To know how to choose an angle grinder for your home, you should also find out the RPM (rpm).). This characteristic indicates how many revolutions the spindle makes in 1 minute. If it spins too fast, the disc may break or the spinning mechanism may break, and if it spins slowly, the disc will wear out faster. Some manufacturers leave a memo on the body of the product about the allowable number of rpm. They are determined by the size of the blade and the power of the device.

The limit can be from 2.8 thousand. up to 11 thousand. RPM and vary with a special mechanism on the gearbox. The optimal speed per minute. depends on the material to be sanded, e.g. 2,800 RPM is sufficient for sanding marble., and for metal cutting about 6 thousand.

Power of the angle grinder

Motor power most often ranges from 0.5 to 2.6 kW and increases in proportion to the size of the blade. For example, a drive of 750 W is required for a web size of 125 mm to function correctly. If you do not plan to use heavy equipment, the power of the angle grinder can be limited to 1 kW.

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You should also pay attention to the fact that the tool with a large circle radius may have low power, on which the torque depends. This parameter indicates whether the disc, while rotating, can overcome the frictional force of the cutting or grinding process and not stop. All the constituent characteristics vary according to the quality of the product chosen by the manufacturer.


At the beginning, the optimum tool diameter must be chosen. It is important to understand that the protection limits the maximum allowable size for the wheel. But with sufficient power of the angle grinder, you can install a disc of large size, if you remove the protective detail before you start work. Doing this is strictly forbidden by the rules of operation and safety, because the breakage of the disk, at the time of use, can cause injury.

choose, angle, grinder, your, home

The depth of the hole the blade can cut depends on the size of the wheel. This parameter is important if it is necessary to cut walls or large parts. For such purposes, you should choose an angle grinder 230 mm with a protective clutch, as its cutting depth is up to 70 mm. For a 125 mm wheel, it is most often up to 34 mm. Angle grinder with a small blade is not recommended for cutting metal, and the large should not grind surfaces.

Rating of the best angle grinders

Ratings of angle grinders determined by the diameter of the disc used. Each type has its own nominee.

The best angle grinder under the drive diameter of 115 mm

  • Hitachi G12SR4. compact, inexpensive tool with a weight of 1.8 kg without a wheel. 730-watt motor allows manipulation of cutting, scraping, sanding surfaces without overloading.
  • STANLEY STGS7115 is a budget model with a 710-watt motor and 11,000 rpm. The main problem of the machine in the uncomfortable location of the handle, with a wrong grip can accidentally overlap the cooling vents. The hardware does not overheat, but the noise level is high.

The best angle grinders with a maximum disc diameter of 125 mm

  • Bosch GWS 850 CE. household machine with maximum performance. Speed range varies between 2.8-11 thousand rpm.
  • Sparky M 750 E. the product of the Bulgarian manufacturer is in second place in the ranking of 125 mm angle grinder. Self-starting safety device and quick disk change. The disadvantages include large dimensions for domestic use.
  • Makita 9565CVK. third place in the top 125 millimeter bolsters. Features a small size, a set of secondary options: a soft start, adjustable speed range of 2.8-12 thousand revolutions per minute. Considered one of the best angle grinder 125.

The best angle grinder for disc diameter up to 150 mm

  • Metabo WEF 15-150 QUICK. can be used in domestic and commercial applications. RPM range of 2.8-9.6. Many functions are built into the system, including protection of the motor against abrasive particles and dust. The only disadvantage is a fairly high cost.
  • Hitachi G15VA. equipment with adjustable speeds of 2.3-9 thousand. Can be used for grinding and cutting materials of different structures. Electronics provides a constant rotation and smooth start of the tool.

Best angle grinder with a maximum disc diameter of 180 mm

When choosing an angle grinder with these parameters pay attention:

  • Metabo WEPBA 19-180 Quick RT. with a weight of 2.9 kg, anti-vibration system and handle, autobalancing. Metabo equipment is equipped with a mechanical brake, smooth start, support for uniform rotation. The disadvantages of the tool include inconvenient power button, to the pluses. safety and the motor of 1900 watts.
  • On the Makita GA7040SF01. the machine can operate for prolonged loads due to protection against overheating. Comfortable operation with anti-vibration system, soft start and side handle. The advantages of the tool include a reinforced gearbox, a swiveling main handle, power. Disadvantages are represented by a short cable, lack of stabilization of the wheel rotation under load.

The best angle grinders for disc diameters up to 230 mm

When choosing an angle grinder specialists pay attention:

  • On Bosch GWS 26-230 LVI. expensive professional tool with a powerful motor, soft start and support for number of rotations under load. Features of construction allow economical consumption of discs and bowls, to work with products of great thickness. In the Bosch apparatus provides protection of the operator: by automatic splitting clutch, overheat prevention and accidental start function, closed handle. Handles with rubber pads, can be repositioned as needed, vibration damping system and quick tool change with SDS nut. The disadvantages of the product include the lack of auto-balancing of the wheel, otherwise its reliability is beyond doubt.
  • Makita GA9020SF. the equipment easily withstands long periods of power on and intensive use. The machine is equipped with a soft start, reinforced gear reducer, automatic motor shutdown. No disc balancing, vibration damping, vibration handle. The short cable causes a lot of criticism from users.

Attention! Before buying the right tool, you should pay attention not only to how the new angle grinder looks, but also to the main characteristics.

The user should examine the power rating, safety level, availability of secondary functions. The device is selected according to the purpose and future volume of work, the financial capabilities of the master, certain criteria.

Only the future owner can choose the tool for themselves. too much weight will affect the duration of procedures, and the lack of protective mechanisms can cause injury in areas remote from the hospital: in the countryside or in the village, etc. When buying, it is worth paying attention to the year of manufacture of the equipment and the marking, so as not to buy an outdated model.

Additional systems to support operation of the tool

Angle grinders are widely used because of their convenience, versatility and reliability. The power tool is designed with a series of systems that are designed to ensure high performance and safety. The functionality of each model is determined by the manufacturer at the design stage, the list of additional options affects the cost.

That’s why we will now take a look at the optional features that make the angle grinder functional and determine how important they are for efficient and safe use of the tool.

Starting current limiting system

When you turn on the electric motor there is a jump-like increase of load on the motor winding by 6-8 times, which can cause damage to it or activation of protection. It also induces shock torque which is transmitted via the shaft to the gearbox and the spindle. The inrush current limiting system is an electronic circuit that enables a smooth increase in speed.

The principle of this system is to gradually increase the winding voltage over a specified time. It makes for safe use of the angle grinder and increases the life of the motor and gearbox.

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No shock on start-up, results in higher cutting accuracy and prevents burrs on grinding.

System for keeping the speed of the disc constant

When the cutting disc comes into contact with the work surface, friction is generated which increases the load on the motor and reduces the speed. Constant blade speed control compensates for the resistance and ensures that the cutting speed remains constant. Stabilization of spindle speed is achieved by the use of a constant electronic circuit.

There are two ways of maintaining speed in angle grinders operating under load: by current or by spindle speed. In the first case, the current absorption sensor is used, which fixes the value of current consumption, and as the circuit increases, the voltage increases on the windings.

Speed control involves the use of a total station sensor, which controls the speed of the angle grinder. If this value decreases, the electronic circuit increases the voltage and as a consequence, provides optimum speed of the tool. The choice of method of maintaining constant speed occurs at the design stage, taking into account the advantages and disadvantages of each method.

Not all models are equipped with such system, we can say that its presence is desirable, but not obligatory.

System of restart locking

During construction work it is possible that the power supply can be interrupted for a variety of reasons. The angle grinder’s reconnection lock system prevents the angle grinder from starting up unintentionally. When an angle grinder comes to a sudden stop, the operator most often sets the tool aside without checking the switch position.

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A sudden reconnection of the power supply in such a case poses the risk of injury to the operator or damage to valuable property. For lathes with this system, only after the starter has been released and depressed again can the machine be switched on again. The user has to hold the tool in his hands, which means that his actions are meaningful and controllable.

Such a system is very important and necessary.

Automatic disc balancing system

When using an angle grinder, especially with large-diameter tools, the discs or brushes don’t wear evenly. It causes imbalances that appear in the form of vibration, and is not ideal for precision work. Runout negatively affects the bearings and reduces the life of the electric motor.

Automated blade balancing system compensates for uneven weight distribution of the rotating tool. Different technical solutions are used for the stabilisation of the tool, mainly special bearing constructions with fewer balls. This system is more expensive and is generally used on professional models with large-diameter blades.

If you choose a tool that you would use on a construction site intensively, you would be better off choosing a model that has this system.

Motor overload protection system

In the process of using the angle grinder, the load on the electric drive is not constant, and in some periods can greatly exceed the calculated. To protect the motor from overloads, “angle grinders” are equipped with special systems that forcibly cut off the current supply. In this case the tool simply stops working and must be switched off and on again before it can be used again.

There are two ways to protect angle grinders against overheating: by current or by temperature. In the first variant the cut-off occurs when the limit parameters are exceeded, which are fixed by the electronic module. In the other design, a temperature sensor is installed on the motor, which interrupts the power supply circuit when the parameter exceeds a certain value.

This system gives the longest tool life, but does not affect the quality and safety of the work.

Dust protection system

In the process of grinding surfaces or cutting materials with an angle grinder generates a significant amount of dust. The most affected are the bearings, the brush unit, and the outer surfaces of the rotor and stator. Metal particles generated by cutting can cause a short circuit between the coils of the winding.

The protection system of the angle grinder provides for the use of the following design and technological solutions:

  • Installation of nets on the vents, and on expensive professional models and filtering elements.
  • Armoring of stator windings and use of cord ties on the rotor.
  • Use of closed bearings.
  • The gear case is made as hermetically sealed as possible.
  • Filling the windings with epoxy resins.

How to choose a good angle grinder 125 mm?

Before you buy a power tool, it’s important to understand the differences between the models and the benefits of each option. We will pay attention not only to the technical characteristics of the equipment, but also to the functions that should be equipped with the best 125 mm angle grinder.

  • Motor power. The parameter is a key for many aspects of the power tool: it affects the size and weight, power consumption, speed of rotation, resistance to overheating. It is worth bearing in mind that it is relevant only for cordless machines; its counterpart for cordless models is the battery voltage. angle grinder with low power will cope with cutting wood and plastic, grinding; more productive will be able to use the cutting wheel on concrete or metal. A good power rating for a 125 mm blade diameter is between 600 and 1,550 watts.
  • Battery capacity. Characteristic that is important for cordless models. It is a good decision to pay attention to this parameter if you want to get the most out of a cordless tool away from power sources. The higher the capacity, the longer you can use the angle grinder. At the same time, the weight of the equipment also increases. it becomes noticeably less comfortable to work with.
  • Number of revolutions per minute. Each work piece of equipment is designed for a certain speed range. The compact 125 mm discs are designed for high RPMs, where their bigger counterparts spin much slower. The best range of rotation speed, according to the rating. 8500-11500 revolutions per minute. The slowest angle grinders in our ranking are battery-powered.
  • Electronic speed control. The regulator is a good feature if you plan to work with all kinds of accessories and materials of different density. Note that metal and brick are sawn at high RPM, while wood and ceramic are sawn at low RPM, otherwise there is a chance of damaging the workpiece. We recognize the importance of the speed control, and therefore we have singled it out as a separate criterion in the angle grinder rating.
  • Electrodynamic wheel brake for angle grinders. The function contributes to the immediate stop of the grinding wheel after releasing the start key. Helps you control your work more accurately, avoiding inappropriate handling and damaging your workpieces.
  • Quick disc change angle grinder. This feature is useful if you frequently have to switch work accessories, for example, between grinding and cutting wheels, brushes, etc.д. Thanks to the quick-clamping nut, you will not need to use additional tools to change the disc.
  • Soft start function. An essential criterion for choosing a professional power tool. Firstly, it protects the motor from power surges when you press the start button; secondly, the function helps you to avoid jerking, which improves processing quality and safety. As shown by our rating of inexpensive 125 mm bolsters, the feature is not found in the budget price segment. For your convenience, the aspect is placed in a separate column of the rating comparison table.
  • The handle position of the angle grinder can be changed. All models in the ranking have a side handle. It is necessary for a secure hold, allows you to grind and cut with high precision. Some angle grinders have several threads for the handle: on the left, right and on top of the base. This allows you to work comfortably in different positions.
  • Angle grinder overheating prevention. Holes are created in the body of the angle grinder, through which hot air is exhausted from the motor. This natural cooling system prevents machine breakage due to overuse. Also look for rated models equipped with electronic overheat protection. They automatically shut off the power if the temperature exceeds the allowable limit. Overheating is rarely a problem with the 125 mm angle grinder. it is much more common for larger angle grinders.
  • The seat diameter of the angle grinder disc. To determine the compatibility of the disc with the tool it is important to consider not only the outer diameter, but also the dimensions of the hole in the center. In most models of our rating they are 22.2 mm. most tools are designed for this size.
  • Possibility of locking the start button. When selecting which 125 mm angle grinder to choose for continuous continuous operation, pay attention to this criterion: instead of constantly holding the start button, it allows you to put it in the active position once and start grinding.
choose, angle, grinder, your, home
  • Dust protection for the angle grinder motor. The working environment of the angle grinder is filled with dust, shavings, concrete chips and other fine particles. These impurities can cause damage to internal components if they get blocked in the air outlet. To avoid this, the models included in the rating of bolgarkov 125 in terms of reliability and price, are equipped with a labyrinth design: it protects the motor from clogging.
  • Brushless motor angle grinder. Most of the angle grinder in the rating refers to the brush: this ensures their cheapness and ease of maintenance, but leads to the need for regular replacement of carbon brushes. Professional power tools are increasingly equipped with brushless motors, characterized by improved performance and price, resistance to overheating.
  • Disc seizure protection. If the disc jams in the material, motion is no longer transmitted from the motor to the shaft. The result is the user will prevent breakage of the power tool and save themselves from injury.
  • Protection from vibration. Prolonged use of vibration equipment leads to health problems. Good professional grade tools are equipped with vibration damping systems to minimize harm from working with an angle grinder.
  • Comfortable holding the angle grinder. Choosing in a retail store, which angle grinder 125 to buy for home, hold it in your hands. Make sure the handles are comfortable to the touch and the thickness is optimal for your palms.
  • Automatic shutdown of brushes angle grinder. The function ensures that in the event of a sudden power outage during operation, the drive will stop and will not resume rotation until you restart the device.
  • Steady speed hold. When you are working hard, the RPM is often unstable. the RPM will drop below the expected value, affecting the quality of your finished product. Speed stabilizer reduces speed in hard cutting conditions, but maintains speed at the same level at all times. In the rating of professional models there are several models with hold steady speed.
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What 180 mm angle grinder to buy?

180 mm grinders are powerful devices that are used for cutting thick layers of metal. For this reason, models from this category are presented in the professional segment. But we also managed to find one model for household tasks!

Bosch GWS 2200

German professional class tool is designed to work with large metal products: for example, it will be a good choice for sawing pipes.

  • The gear housing provides timely cooling, so it can handle intense work conditions.
  • The side handle can be installed in three positions: on the left, on the right and on the top of the cutting element.
  • This model is good with high power, allowing to work on metal and concrete constructions.

The Makita GA 7020SF

The best angle grinder in the ranking stands out with a powerful motor and high quality of assembly (the model is made in Romania). This device is actively used in industrial and construction activities, which says a lot about its quality.

  • This model of electric equipment was included in our rating of angle grinder thanks to the spindle lock, which facilitates the replacement of the cutting base.
  • The grinder is good with a powerful motor for 2,200 watts.
  • The disc diameter of the power tool is 180 mm, and the seat size is 22.2 mm.
  • Large mass of the sander (5.7 kilograms).
  • No brake when the motor is switched off.
  • Uncomfortable shape of the main handle.

Zubr angle grinder 180-1800 PMZ

Domestic angle grinder price to 3000 (if you can snatch at a discount)!) will be the best choice if you need a tool for occasional work in a garage or at a cottage. For commercial activities is better to find a more expensive analogue.

  • The grinder is good value, because of which the tool is affordable to almost anyone.
  • The model deserves a place in the ranking thanks to the soft start function, which extends the life of the motor.
  • Dust-proof on/off switch.

Top 3 Secrets of the Conventional Angle Grinder.

VICHR angle grinder-125/800

VICHR angle grinder-125/800 is equipped with a brush motor with 800 watts, the efforts of which performs up to 11000 revolutions per minute. The maximum disc diameter is limited to 125 mm, the type of mounting is standard. The good quality angle grinder has a locking mechanism that can be fixed in the power-on position, so that you don’t have to hold the button all the time while you are working. Thanks to the modest weight of 2 kg, your hand is less tired from constant use.

Easy to use with the dual range handle, so you can work even in hard-to-reach areas. The double insulation of the housing prevents dust from getting into the inner workings, which has a positive effect on their service life. Together with the VICHR angle grinder-125/800 you get a flange key, a side handle with pleasant ergonomics and a tight storage/carrying case. It uses a sturdy 2-meter long power cord for plugging in and the noise level is less than 85 dB at maximum load.

  • It’s lightweight, which makes it less fatiguing;
  • Compact size;
  • Convenient switch with a possibility of fixation;
  • It will last a long time if not overloaded;
  • Price;
  • Smooth start.


When choosing a budget angle grinder angle grinder look at the inexpensive, but good ELITECH MSHU 0912, which is ideal for dry cutting, grinding and deburring stone, and various metal parts. Cutting is performed by means of the disc with a diameter of 125 mm, which is selected according to the type of work to be performed and the material to be processed. You can use brushes, flap discs, fibrous discs and other consumables as you see fit.

The model is based on a powerful motor for 900 watts, the efforts of which performs up to 11,000 revolutions per minute. The device can be used for all types of work, because it is reliably protected against abrasion (for this purpose, we added a bandage on the rotor and the casting of the stator). The side handle can be set in three positions, selecting the most convenient in the current situation. Body is slim and weighs only 1 kg.9 kg, due to which it is less tired from prolonged use. Connection to the network is a long 2-meter mains cable.

  • Ease of use;
  • Small, lightweight, yet powerful;
  • Build quality;
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of attachments;
  • Good-looking;
  • 3 side handle positions;
  • Rubberized coating prevents it from slipping out of your hand.

Bort BWS-1000-R

The best inexpensive angle grinder with adjustable speed according to the reviews of owners offers a brand Bort, whose products have always been famous for high quality and reliability. Despite the modest weight of 2 kg angle grinder has a high power of 900 W and can develop a speed within 11000 rpm. And they can be adjusted, for which the manufacturer has provided six speeds and the ability to smoothly switch between them. Safe operation contributes to the availability of protection against unintentional start.

You don’t have to hold the trigger all the time for cutting and sanding, because it can be secured. The two-range side handle with rubber coating, provides a comfortable hand grip and reduces fatigue when performing works. Construction tool designed for cutting tile, stone and metal. It can also be used for grinding materials, deburring wood and cleaning metal surfaces from rust. The 2-meter power cord with a durable braid is used for the mains connection.

  • 6 speeds with soft switching;
  • Comfortable to hold in your hand;
  • Has a lock on the power button;
  • Compartment for quick access to the brushes;
  • A long power cord;
  • Low weight and compact size;
  • Quick-release shroud.

VICHR angle grinder-125/1100A

The best Russian angle grinder of the year from the inexpensive will please you with its compact size and small weight of 2 kg. It looks and lasts for a long time, thanks to the gear unit’s metal housing that efficiently dissipates heat. This makes the 125/1100A angle grinder an excellent choice for grinding, cutting and surface treatment of various materials.

Quick clamping of the saw blade with 125 mm diameter makes it easy to change the saw blade. High power level of the tool. 1100 Watt, which allows up to 11,000 rpm. But there is no speed control, unlike the model described above. Includes protective shroud, wrench, nut, flange handle and documentation.

Removable handle can be locked in three positions, which combined with the extended body offers a comfortable hand grip. There are ventilation holes around the perimeter of the case that do not allow overheating of the main parts and mechanisms. The guard on the saw blade protects the user from sparks and small particles. Power cord reaches up to 1.5 m in length.

  • Inexpensive but good;
  • Sufficient power for all purposes;
  • RPM;
  • There is a lock on the power button;
  • Effective cooling system;
  • Minimum vibration at work;
  • Popular wheel diameter.

Bort BWS-905-R

The comparison goes to a quality and reliable angle grinder, which is clad in a slim and lightweight housing with a weight of 1.8 kg. That reduces hand fatigue when cutting and sanding wood, metal and ceramic. Speed regulation is smooth and without jerks, a total of 6 speeds are available. Up to 11,000 rpm, thanks to the powerful 900 W motor.

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