How to choose a single-axle tractor for a vegetable garden

How to choose an inexpensive and reliable single axle tractor for dacha

To choose a single-axle tractor for dacha, you need to understand the main features of this type of equipment and take into account the specifics of its use in a particular situation. Choose a model for your needs, no need to spend extra money and buy machines with attachments that you will not use. The manufacturer is also important, t. к. reliability depends on the quality of components and design.

Motor blocks belong to the class of small agricultural equipment and are divided into several categories. First of all, the total weight of the model is taken into account, this largely determines the performance characteristics. There are three basic classes:

  • Light motor blocks weigh from 30 to 80 kg, are most often equipped with air-cooled gasoline engines of up to 6 hp. с. Less common are diesel versions. The technique is simple to operate, but has a limited functionality and is suitable only for cultivation, you can not use a plow because of the small mass. Such variants are chosen for plots of several hundred square meters, where it is necessary to loosen the soil and perform simple agricultural work.
  • The middle class is represented by models weighing from 90 to 170 kg, which use both gasoline and diesel engines with a capacity of up to 9 (rarely up to 12) l. с. air-cooled. This is a more powerful and productive machine, able to perform a wide range of works, it is also suitable for plowing. Models typically have two forward speeds (work and transport) and one reverse. There are variants with differential and PTO if you plan to use any attached implements.
  • Heavy duty models weigh between 200 and 350 kg and are the most productive. Most commonly equipped with a water-cooled, four-stroke diesel engine that provides high torque. Power ranges from 15 liters. с. and more, the models are almost always equipped with a starter for easy starting. A differential makes it easy to steer and the PTO permits the use of any implement. Suitable for homesteads and small farms.


The more powerful the single-axle tractor, the easier it is to operate and the less it is loaded when doing heavy work. If you need to plow large areas, you should only pay attention to heavy models.

You can also distinguish two varieties depending on the type of fuel used. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages:

  • Gasoline blocks are cheaper, but they are less demanding of fuel quality and easier to start manually, especially in cold weather. But the weight of such models is small, which makes the technique less effective even with high engine power. It also provides high power at higher rpm only, which is not always handy.
  • The diesel versions have an excellent torque and high power, even at low rpm. Their fuel consumption is much lower, but the requirements for fuel quality are higher. Starting a diesel by hand is not very convenient because of the high compression. But for hard work, it is better than a gasoline engine.

Often there are questions about the difference between a single-axle tractor and a cultivator, and which is better for dacha. The difference lies primarily in the power and the range of work. a cultivator only loosens the ground, while a single-axle tractor can use additional attachments due to the PTO.

How was the rating of the best power tillers

First of all, let us note that we do not pursue advertising purposes. All units offered for your consideration were selected impartially, on a “as for yourself” basis. Selection Criteria:

  • The opinion of the owners of the machines was taken into account in the first place. We felt that this was the surest way to get the answer to the question, “What’s a good single axle tractor, and which one is better to pass by in the store?”. The practitioners are more reliable than the sellers and advertisers. But there is another side to the coin. according to the reviews of the owners in the rating of the best had a chance to get only fairly common and popular gasoline and diesel power tillers, and quality novelties could remain unnoticed. How we did? See. next point.
  • The study of technical characteristics allowed us to identify monoblocks that are already available on the agrarian equipment market in Russia, but which are still little used by citizens. In such cases, we monitored similar products of the company, for which there are already reviews and extrapolated the result to the described model. Т.е., practically evaluated the renown that the company earned itself earlier. In addition we analyzed reviews on foreign sites.
  • Functionality and price. the evaluation of this duet parameters has allowed excluding from the top motor blocks that “do not fit” the modern Russian realities, namely, models with a cost comparable to the price of a new car, but with a quite usual functional set.
  • Affordability. there’s no point in describing a single-axle tractor, which is impossible to buy in our country. There are foreign catalogs for such products.

For ease of classification, power tillers can be divided into the following groups:

  • Light motor blocks have motors with a capacity of no more than 4-5 horsepower, most often the motor transmission and at the same time their clutch is a V-belt transmission. The main purpose. to work with milling machines, an additional attachment is connected by the second belt, if the drive pulley has several grooves. Even with weights, they won’t withstand a heavy load like a plough, and will overheat on a heavy soil. Such a single-axle tractor. a good choice for a small farm, where you need equipment more serious than a cultivator, but heavy work in large volumes is not expected.
  • Medium power tillers are both more powerful and heavier. In this class you can find not only models with multistage transmission and reverse, but also diesel models, which are more expensive, but more profitable in terms of fuel consumption. The motor transmission is more often direct. and this makes it possible to connect an active linkage to the PTO.
  • Heavy power tillers fully justify its name. their mass is more than 150 kg (or even more than 3 centners, as with Profi PR 1040E and its peers), so they are without additional weighting can pull a plow, carry a loaded wagon. and engines capacity of 10-13 liter.с. can perfectly cope with this load. Given the size and weight of these machines, the transmission appears differential. to turn such equipment on one wheel, as lightweight motor blocks, you can not. You can often find a reduced gear in the gearbox.
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The best (according to expert and customer reviews) models of 2022 power tillers. in our rating.

Gasoline, electric or battery-powered?

What engine should be the best cultivators? It all depends on the task at hand.

Electric devices are cheaper to buy and maintain, do not emit emissions, are less noisy and do not need regular refills of fuel and lubricants. But their power is relatively low, and it is rare to find 3-kilowatt models. Also the radius of their work is limited by the extension cord, which is always in the way under your feet (by the way, the extension cord will also need to buy immediately). This option is suitable for those, whose garden is not more than a few acres, and large-scale planting is not planned.

Gasoline models are designed for large areas. They do not need a power grid and are not “tied” to the length of the transfer. they can work even in a clean field. they are more powerful than electric ones and can even plow through virgin land. Most of them have an additional reverse gear, the so-called reverse drive. That is why they are included in our rating of the best cultivators for dacha. But they’re noisier, produce more emissions and are generally more expensive to run than electric machines.

The battery-powered models. The weakest in power and designed for the treatment of small areas. Their power usually does not exceed 1 kW. Their main advantage is that they have no exhaust emissions and can work in places where there is no power grid. But because of their low power, and, accordingly, the width and depth of plowing, battery-powered cultivators are not popular. If you want an environmentally friendly, mobile power tool, then the Greenworks G-MAX with its 6 Ah 40-volt battery is the right choice for you.

How to choose a single axle tractor for the garden: what to look for when choosing a machine?

Cultivators and power tillers are very popular among the garden equipment, designed to ease the hard work of dacha owners. They are the kind of machine that can take on the toughest jobs in agriculture. But if cultivators are highly specialized assistants that work exclusively on the cultivation of the land, power tillers are more functional. They can work in combination with a huge number of attachments: plow, harrow, rotary tiller, hoe, snowplow, cargo trailer, etc.д. Almost all gardening equipment on a farm can be replaced by a single single axle tractor! But, having decided to buy such a miracle, you will inevitably face the problem of choice. the models of different power tillers on the market abound. The average buyer simply does not know how to choose a single-axle tractor, which attachments to use, what manufacturer to choose. Let us try to answer these questions and help you make the right choice.

Aimed at power and weight: division by classes.

The main characteristic of a power tiller is power. The larger it is, the larger the area of the plot and the heavier the soil will be able to process the selected technique. Depending on power and weight, all power tillers are divided into 3 categories.

choose, single-axle, tractor, vegetable

These are units with a capacity of up to 5.5 liters.с., weight. up to 50-70 kg. Their functionality is very small, the number of attachments used is small. Most often only the tiller is used. On this basis, manufacturers often refer these motor blocks to the group of power tillers. This technique is suitable for loosening the top layers of soil on a small area. up to 20 acres. Deep plowing and cultivation of virgin soils the single-axle tractor of this group will not pull.

Variant #2. middle class

These power tillers have a horsepower of 6-10 l.с. and weighing 80-100 kg. This is a real power tillers, which fit most of the attachments: plows, ridgers, skid steers, potato shovels, brushes, etc.п. The great weight enables these machines to confidently plow heavy soils to a depth of 15-20 cm. Power is enough for trouble-free plot cultivation up to 50 acres.

choose, single-axle, tractor, vegetable

Option #3. heavy class

choose, single-axle, tractor, vegetable

Heavy units. these are already professional motor blocks with power from 6 to 12 liters.с. Their weight sometimes reaches 300 kg. these are real mini-tractors! They can be used to till virgin land, make lawns, clean snow, and carry loads. If the area of your vegetable garden is 1-3 hectares, then choose a single-axle tractor among professional models. These are the ones used by farmers and utilities, so the number of attachments for this group is the most diverse.

Engine: gasoline or diesel?

When deciding which single axle tractor to choose, pay attention to the type of engine. It can be petrol or diesel. If there is a difference between the two? Let’s deal.

Diesel motor blocks are more reliable and durable: some models have a service life of up to 3000 hours! They are distinguished by economical fuel consumption, low wear and tear of parts during operation. The disadvantages of the diesel engines are their bulkiness, large size, and some contraindications when working “at idle speed. And lastly, diesel engines have a high cost, which affects the cost of the motoblock itself.

Gasoline engine, with the same power as the diesel counterpart, often has a smaller size. It’s easy to work with, no special skills are needed. The disadvantage of gasoline engines is a smaller stock of motor-hours and productivity, but it is compensated by their relatively low price.

Starter system: Electric or handbrake?

The engine can be started with an electric starter or manual start. The electric starter makes it easier to start the machine, especially in winter when the fuel has negative temperatures. However, the electric start requires a battery, which needs to be recharged periodically. There are models of power tillers, which batteries are powered from the built-in generator. Otherwise you will have to recharge it with additional equipment.

Some, particularly advanced models of power tillers, have both manual and electric starter. This is the most convenient, but expensive option.

The kitting of the machine and additional functions

Choosing a single-axle tractor, ask the seller about the basic equipment of the chosen model. This will significantly affect the price. Most often the kit includes wheels and tillers, less often a plow and other attachments. All additional attachments can be bought separately.

plow. for plowing the soil, especially uncultivated and heavy soil; rotary haymower. for mowing grass, making hay; dipper. for hilling crops, making preplanting furrows; potato digger. indispensable for digging root crops; Aerator. makes holes in the soil, allowing the plant roots to better oxygenate, “breathe”; rotary brush. will quickly sweep debris from the sidewalk, walkways; blade blade. will help remove snow from the site; Trailer. used for transportation of goods, usually equipped with a dump body and brakes.

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A single-axle tractor is a heavy vehicle, so it is very important that the manufacturer of a particular model has provided in the design of the elements to ensure the safety and convenience of operation.

The optimal list of such elements:

A handlebar adjustment. used to set the handlebar in a comfortable position for the operator. Allows you to raise and lower the steering wheel, adjusting it to the height of the operator, and turn left and right; differential release lever. allows you to temporarily release the differential and easily turn the single axle tractor, for example, at the end of the row; covers over cutters. protect the operator from branches, rocks, debris, dust flying out from under the cutters; Suspension of control rods. reduces vibration impact of engine on operator; Emergency engine shutdown. automatically shuts off power tiller in potentially dangerous situations, e.g. when oil level drops drastically.

What is a single-axle tractor? Different types of machines according to the type of drive

First of all. what is meant by the term “single-axle tractor”.

single-axle tractor. it is a self-propelled agricultural machine on a single-axle chassis equipped with a mechanical drive that generates traction and working force. On a walking tractor the equipment is of a passive (working only from movement) or active (implying rotation of the working mechanism) type with different functionality. The number of possible technological features depends on the class of the walking tractor and its degree of equipment.

for popular power tillers

In a word, it can be with a certain degree of conditionality considered a mini-tractor, which allows you to perform agricultural work in those conditions. When the use of large equipment is unprofitable, unproductive or even impossible.

A quality single-axle tractor with a good set of mounted and trailed equipment significantly simplifies labor-intensive agricultural and even general farm work

The working or tractive force is created on the walking tractor by the installed engine.

Tilling and Drawing Rows in the garden. April 2014

They are not particularly widespread, but are still available on the market as power tillers. It would be more accurate to call them cultivators, as their functionality is small, limited to surface tillage and weed control. However, for small areas. located in the immediate vicinity of the house, they are quite suitable. All the more reason to do without it those who are engaged in hothouse farming. Using a single-axle tractor with a combustion engine indoors, that is, with the exhaust of fuel combustion products, is still not the most sensible option.

Electric cultivator DAEWOO DAT2500E will be a good assistant for work, for example, in hothouse industry

Naturally, in order to work with such equipment must be provided for the presence of an electrical connection. The power cord following the machine causes a lot of inconvenience to the worker, especially since it is “next” to the sharp rotating cutters. This defect is eliminated in the electric cultivator models with battery-powered motor.

Cordless electric cultivator “GreenWorks G40TL 27087”. high maneuverability, increased operational safety, but a pronounced limitation on the duration of work on a single charge

No words. very convenient. However, functionality is low, limited to shallow tillage in a very small area. And the operating time on a single charge is very limited. usually less than an hour. That is, in the role of a serious agricultural machine to consider such units still should not be.

Chief editor of Stroyday Engineer.

The most common and popular among consumers are power tillers with gasoline engines.

In light equipment of such purpose two-stroke engines are often installed that require special fuel preparation (mixing it in a certain proportion with engine oil).

Lightweight cultivator with compact two-stroke gasoline engine

The advantages of two-stroke engines can be considered their compactness, simplicity of the device, unpretentiousness. But they are not designed for continuous heavy loads. This explains the limitations of the features of power tillers with such a drive.

Four-stroke engines are used in medium and heavy power tillers that allow use of power take-off attachments. complicated design, separate lubrication system and considerably higher cost. But it also provides the opportunity to develop considerable effort and a variety of permissible durations and operations.

a single-axle tractor with a four-stroke gasoline engine is usually a powerful multifunctional machine

Exactly motor blocks with gasoline four-stroke engine can be called the most popular among the owners of land plots.

the general advantages of all gasoline engines are that they can work unpretentiously in all weather conditions, including sub-zero temperatures.

Chief editor of the Stroyday Engineer.

The most powerful and at the same time most economic in operation are power tillers with diesel engines.

Diesel motobloks. excellent performance indicators, high motor life. But this is against the background of the complexity of maintenance and not everyone affordable price

This technique is distinguished by very impressive rates of motor life. No other single-axle tractor can compare with a diesel tractor in terms of fuel economy, that is, the work done per unit of energy carrier.

The main parameters for the choice of power tillers


Although power is given in watts for most electric and gasoline equipment, given that for power tillers the manufacturer most often specifies horsepower, we in this article will also specify l.с. to power tillers.

The power of a device directly affects its weight, size, and ability to work with attachments of a certain size. Given this, it is worth selecting a unit depending on the intended work. The most popular selection criterion regarding the power of the device, is the area to be treated. Here are the averaged indicators of the dependence of power of a power tiller on the area of the cultivated plot:

Hotshot vs Single Axle Semi vs Tandem Axle Semi My thoughts on my setup and some Questions Answered

Of course, there are more powerful devices, but they are quite expensive and designed for large areas, which is absolutely unnecessary for the home.

Working width and depth

The wider the tiller, the faster the plot will be processed.But it is worth considering that the larger the dimensions, the greater the weight of the unit. There’s no sense at all to pull a single-axle tractor with a very wide power tiller on small plots. That’s why the width of the tiller is set according to the job in hand (ie: milling headers, tillage tools, etc.). е. depending on the size of the plot). From personal experience, we say that for a plot size of 50 acres (which is the vast majority of suburban areas) is quite suitable width of the mill at 75. 100 cm. Of course, if you have a larger plot, then you can look at the units with a width of cutter 110. 170 cm.

The depth of plowing depends on what crop you are going to plant. For potatoes, it is enough to plow the ground to a depth of 10 cm. The minimum indicator of the depth of plowing for a power tiller is 15 cm, so even the most “weak” single-axle tractor will easily plow the ground for potatoes. For example, you can take an inexpensive single-axle tractor Zubr MTP-300 power of 7 liters.с. For other crops it is worth choosing the device individually.

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To quickly buy a quality single axle tractor, we recommend referring to the list of trusted manufacturers:

But they can perform so different tasks that it is worth reading the rating of the best power tillers from these firms to see their purpose and features. If you want to understand everything yourself and choose each parameter separately, then the material below is just for that.

Domestic manufacturers are distinguished by a wide range of active attachments, installation of quality and reliability of engines, gearboxes and other components. In addition, for the most part, domestic companies develop power tillers with account of their usability. Often more expensive than their Chinese analogues.

The list of the best companies includes the following: KADVI, Mobil K, KO-Neva, AGAT, Patriot, Caiman, Champion.

  • “KADVI (Kaluga). motor blocks “Avangard”, “OKA”, “Ugra”;
  • “Mobil K” (Gagarin). motor blocks “Mobil K MKM-3” and “MKM-4”;
  • “KO-Neva” (St. Petersburg). motor blocks “Neva Compact”, “MB-1”, “MB-2” and “MB-23”;
  • JSC GMZ “AGAT” (Gavrilov Yam). power tillers “AGAT”.
  • Patriot. Good American, producing reliable gardening aggregates and devices: power tillers, brush cutters, chainsaws, etc.д. Users note its durability and build quality. The market has a large number of spare parts. Production lines are located in China.
  • Caiman. a good European with quality transmission, gearbox and engine units.
  • Champion is a Russian brand that is positioned in the affordable price segment, but has rather high quality standards, both at the level of components and finished products. Champion Manufacturer Country: China

How to choose a good gasoline cultivator

Cultivator or single axle tractor 4 main differences

The main difference between a power tiller and a power tiller is its purpose. With the help of the rotating sectional cutter the cultivator loosens the soil and prepares it for planting. Motorized grader does not only work the ground. They are more versatile device with a wide range of tasks, which, in addition to digging, plowing, includes: cleaning and clearing areas, mowing grass, transportation of cargo through the active attachments. The equipment is connected to the universal joint shaft, which a cultivator does not have, while a power tiller does.

Another difference is that simple cultivators have only one front speed, while a single axle tractor must be equipped with at least two front and one rear speed to work efficiently with attached implements. Some models of heavy-duty mulchers also have three speeds.

There are also differences in the design of the gearbox. A single-axle tractor is exposed to high loads, so all elements of its transmission must be particularly reliable and robust, and the bearing locations must be widely spaced to allow the machine to easily withstand radial loads. There are no such rigid requirements for simple cultivators.

Another important difference is the ability to use active attachments. According to this parameter, most models of power tillers are not able to compete with power tillers. However, for some heavy class machines differences are not so obvious. by functionality and performance they are close to power tillers.

If you need a versatile device that can solve almost any agricultural tasks, it is better to choose a single-axle tractor. If you only need to buy equipment for plowing or loosening pre-prepared soil, you can save money and buy an inexpensive motor cultivator of light or middle class.

Classes of power tillers

Light. Cultivators weighing up to 25-30 kg and capacity up to 3.5 liters belong to this class.с. (2,5 kW). Small in size, easy to operate and lightweight, they offer good mobility and a relatively low price. Suitable for use in allotments, summer houses, greenhouses for loosening soil, for cultivating near trees. Good in hard-to-reach places, limited spaces. Cutters are capable of working down 10-20 cm. No great physical strength is needed for operation. Often these machines are collapsible, which makes them easy to transport and store.

Medium-sized. Machines weighing up to 50 kg, power up to 6 l.с., with a tiller depth of up to 30 cm. The heaviest models are additionally equipped with wheels for easy transportation. Equipped with semi-professional motors and chain or gear reduction gears. Often come with a reversible gearbox for reverse speed. Heavy implements can be used: plow, dipper, digger. However, it is not recommended to use them, because the excessive load on the machine leads to a significant reduction in motor life. Cope with the processing of areas up to 12 acres.

Heavy. These devices weigh more than 55 kg and have more than 6 liters of power.с. Can work up to 45 cm into the ground. Equipped with strong professional-grade motors and durable gearboxes. Has reverse and at least two forward speeds. Designed to work with equipment such as a two-row hoe, plow, potato plow. Due to their increased power, reliable motor and durable gearbox these cultivator models are suitable for heavy soils and can be equipped up to full-fledged power tillers. Well suited for processing large plots of 20 acres and more, used in small farms.

A little truth about Chinese engines in comparison with Japanese and European ones

Japanese and European manufacturers’ motors are notable for high quality, long service life and good performance characteristics. Their main drawback is the high price. In addition, the market presents a good and relatively cheap motors from Chinese firms: Lifan, Zongchen, Loncin.

Loncin engines are of high quality, their performance characteristics are inferior to the Honda engines and take one of the leading places in the overall rating of engines. They are stable, without extraneous noise, easy to start, no loss of rpm at idle. Loncin have developed and applied an improved balancer shaft, designed for increased power.

Zongchen produces the cheapest engines on the market. They are distinguished by the smooth, stable operation, the speed is set without excessive vibrations and extraneous noises. The company produces the “Winter” modification, which is adapted to work in the cold season.

Lifan offers more engine models than other companies. Design features: improved fuel system, better choke lever, modified fuel tank lids. increased sealing, no leaks.

Engines from Chinese manufacturers are the best in terms of price-quality ratio. But there are unsuccessful models among them, so when choosing an engine one should thoroughly study the reviews, as well as read the experts’ opinions.

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