How to choose a saw chain. Choose a chain for a chainsaw (electric saws)

Accessory for real men: choosing a chain for a chainsaw

In a chainsaw, all elements are equally important. Only in case of high.quality performance, a comfortable productive work is possible, the result of which can satisfy the user. Good cutting tools of the tool can be nullified by an unexplored carburetor or incorrectly prepared gasoline-oil mixture. However, there is a node without which even a motor as a clock does not allow to make it correctly, even and quick cut. This is a chain for a chainsaw.

With an incorrectly selected or strongly worn chain, even small volumes of work become torment. Well, professionals need to keep a saw set in perfect condition at all. after all, the speed of work mainly depends on it.

How to choose the right chain?

The chain along with the engine is the most important functional part, therefore, with active use, it is often subject to repair, sharpening or complete replacement. It is better to replace the old, worn chain, and for this you need to know some of the choice of choice:

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  • When replacing any spare part (stars, tires or circuits), you need to remember the compatibility of electropol elements, that is, to purchase parts of the manufacturer only: for example, Makita electric saws require Makita production chain.
  • Select the chain depending on the targets. If you need great power, it is more profitable to purchase a product with a step of 3/8 inches, with low loads 0.325 inch enough. The volume of the cylinder in this case does not play the role.
  • Pay attention to the angle of sharpening. this is useful for further care, repair or restoration. For greater performance, choose an angle of 30º. it perceives large loads easier. However, with complex wood processing (if it is raw or frozen), it will better stop at 10º.
  • The length of the chain must necessarily correspond to the size of the tire. In the process, it can stretch out, sag, but the question is solved by a simple removal of 1-2 links.

Of course, it is necessary to take into account the method and material of the cut. For example, for a longitudinal cut, it is better to choose a chain with a small angle of sharpening. Productivity will be less, but the service life will increase significantly.

choose, chain, chainsaw, electric

One of the chain selection indicators is the step that is usually measured in inches. This is an interval between rivets, divided into two. Now there is a single designation system and generally accepted standards. 3/8, 0.325 and 0.404 inches

Properties of wear.resistant chains of general and special purposes

The types of chains of household and professional class intended for working with wood are distinguished by the quality of the material lasting the resource and the cost. The diamond chain unique in terms of wear resistance is intended for concrete.

One of the options for choice may be a wear.resistant carbide chain. The overhaul resource of such a product is an order of magnitude higher, but for its sharpening it needs special equipment that allows you to sharpen the cutting links at different angles, respectively for the standard transverse and for longitudinal sawing.

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The carbide chain is designed for productive sawing of solid wood and light building blocks. It should be borne in mind that when working on aerated concrete or foam concrete, the resource of the saw set, even the most prestigious brand decreases by 2-3 times.

The thickness of the shank

It is she who determines the width of the cut. Where it is necessary to create minimal cutting resistance, for example, in battery saws, use a chain with a thickness of a shank 1.1 mm (Husqvarna X-Cut SP21G circuit). In chain saws, for private users and semi-professional models, the thickness of the tail of 1.3 mm (Husqvarna X-Cut S93g and SP33G circuits) is used, and in professional saws-the thickness of the shank 1.5 mm (Husqvarna X-Cut C85 circuit).

It directly affects the performance of sawing. The teeth of the chains of powerful professional saws have a form of type “chisel” (Chisel) and look in the projection as the number “7”. They are ideal, for example, for industrial rolls of trees (in the photo below-the Husqvarna X-Cut C85 chain).

choose, chain, chainsaw, electric

Chainsaw Chain Types Explained

Teeth in the form of “chisel” (chisel)

For pruning branches and using saws by private users, we recommend more rounded forms of cutting teeth such as “Semi Chisel”, such as the Husqvarna X-Cut SP21G, S93G, SP33G chains.

They cut the teeth of the Husqvarna X-Cut P33G chain less aggressively, but more safe and not so demanding on the purity of wood.

Cutting links sequence of chain links

If you look at any standard saw chain, then we will always have two tails (two leading links) at one cutting link). This is the standard and all manufacturers of chains for chainsaws adhere to it. However, there are chains on the market, where the cutting links are smaller, these are the so.called chains with semi.perpetual and passes. In the first case, another additional connecting link is inserted into each second pair of cutting teeth. In the second case, the additional link was installed between each cutting tooth. As a result, the standard circuit for 64 leading links (tail) should have 32 cutting teeth, that is, 50%. But in the case of the clinic, we will receive already 40% of the working teeth, and with a pass. 37.5%. Who needs such chains? Only cutting teeth are valued in the chain, they are made using special technology, have spraying and they are much more expensive than connecting links. If you do not work shorter, then letting the cutting elements can significantly reduce the reduction of the chain itself.

As a result, you can sell it cheaper and at the same time make money on this. But only negative from such a chain, it makes the saw more aggressive, reduces its performance and even increases wear, both the entire saw and the chainsaw itself. Buying such a chain is not recommended, its cheapness does not justify further repairs and efficiency of work. In addition, not a single factory does such chains, everything folds at home from the factory chains (at best), therefore it is clear that the assembly quality and durability of the chain itself are reduced several times. And buying a chain in the market, we carefully study the alternity of links, so as not to accidentally ditch your new apparatus in such a popular way.

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Choose a chain in the depth of the cut

Headsets with the same step and thickness of the links can saw a tree at different speeds. The reason for this is a different profile height, which determines how deep it turns out for 1 passage. And when choosing it, again, it is necessary to take into account the technical characteristics of your saw, as well as the specifics of the upcoming work.

All widespread saw chains are divided into 2 groups:

The greater the height of the profile, the more actively the teeth are bitten into the tree. respectively, labor productivity is growing. However, if you need to make cuts to a certain depth and get the maximum even possible cut, then you will be inconvenient to work with a high.profile chain.

Chain Saw Buying Guide | Consumer Reports

At the same time, the models of the prof-class are far from always equipped with high profile chains. The fact is that, providing maximum performance, such equipment simultaneously creates a tangible vibration that does not allow to work for a long time and continuously. As a result, this significantly levels the increase in performance due to a greater protrusion of the cutting edge.

To solve this problem, manufacturers combine various steps and height values:

As a result, it is possible to almost completely get rid of the negative effects of vibration, beating, etc. D., and sawing becomes less aggressive and quite productive.

In general, choosing the height of the profile, you need to focus, first of all, on working conditions and features of wood. its viscosity, hardness, humidity, etc. D.

Step and its size

A step is an intermediate distance between the three rivets that are located nearby. For the correct calculation of the chain step, the distance between the axes of the three rivets placed near each other should be measured. In the form of a formula, this looks as follows:

Where, l is the size of the step length, which in a chainsaw characterizes the degree of remoteness of two teeth in relation to each other;

S is the value of the gap between the two extreme rivets of three.

The step value can also be equal to the length of the distance between the two neighboring tailings.

Pattern: the larger the distance between the cutting teeth, the deeper they will be included in the sawing material

By increasing the size of the chain step, it becomes possible to increase the performance of the chainsaw. However, in this case, the degree of effort is changed to the rotation of the drive asterisk. And the higher the chain step, the greater the power of the engines should be and more physical forces are spent for its extension when sawing materials.

Features of the operation of chains with winning attacks

All owners of gasoline units know that it is very difficult and for a long time to work with:

  • Frozen wood (ice crystals make fibers very hard).
  • Polluted trees. stumps and trunks (particles of soil and sand act on the chain like an abrasive, against which ordinary steel is powerless).
  • With hard inclusions in the wood array (these can be nails and screws hidden in the thickness of old boards).
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Winner surfaces on cutting links allow you to successfully saw these materials almost without losing speed and engine overload. Thanks to firmness, the teeth of the canvas easily penetrate the firm massif, cutting it. Thanks to the properties, the carbide chains are used in addition to saws in gas tanks that serve to cut off materials such as stone and concrete.

Due to the high qualities of the cut, teeth with winning attacks do not need to sharpen so often. If a regular circuit can dull through two or three tanks of gasoline, then there is enough carbide for a period, more five or six times. However, there is also the reverse side of the coin: in the event of a blunt, cutting plates cannot be sharpened with a regular file. This is done either with a diamond file, or a special circle on the wandering apparatus. By the way, the diamond disk is very not cheap.

Due to the inconvenience of sharpening, the distribution of the winning chain is not so wide. The user pays attention to the cost factor. In addition, it must be remembered that the chain with surfaces, despite the fortress, is still not designed for sawing nails and screws in the wood array. Although she will help to overcome more old metizes, sooner or later she will become dull, but the problematic sharpening has already been said above.

The acquisition of a chain with winning attacks is justified if specific work is often performed by a chainsaw: cut of frozen firewood, file rolls of solid wood. With active use, the presence of a special tool is necessary: ​​a diamond file or an appropriate sharpening circle for the machine.

If you need to buy a new chain. what to look for

To choose a chain for your chainsaw, you need to find out the step, thickness of the shank, length, depth of cutting, type of links, as well as the type of sawing, material and sequence of location. All these criteria were discussed above. In order not to trust sellers, you need to deal with each criterion, and choose the necessary values ​​for yourself.

You can find out how to choose the right headset about how to choose the right saw. At the same time, it is not necessary to look for them, since the material has a video that tells in detail about the correct choice of chain selection. The choice also affects the price that directly characterizes the quality. The higher the price, the better the quality, but it does not always make sense to purchase expensive devices. The saw set is produced by various manufacturers, both branded (Stihl, Makita, Husqvarna), and little.known, including Chinese.

If you want to buy a good device that will serve you at least 3 seasons, it is better to buy expensive models. Cheap models are only to use them only on household units. After buying a new headset, you need to pull the chain on the saw.

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