How to choose a quality perforator for the house

What is a peorator and what is it used for?

Peorator is a tool designed for destroying hard, nonmetallic surfaces, drilling holes in structural elements, and grooving in walls. According to the purpose of the peorator can be industrial and for home use. The difference in this case is determined by its power and equipment. The common drive of this tool is an electric motor, but there are professional models with hydraulic and pneumatic drives.

What is different from an impact drill

Impact drill. a tool for drilling holes in various materials. In order to facilitate the processing of hard surfaces, it has a mechanism that pushes the drill in the axial direction. For all its advantages, the impact drill is not designed for destroying concrete and is inferior to the perforator in terms of impact force. It is impossible to make a groove or a deep hole in a solid wall with a drill.

Drill or hammers: what to choose for the repair of the apartment

Impact drill or percussion drill. what to choose?? For home use is quite enough to have a powerful impact drill. But when carrying out major repairs to a dwelling or business premises with the replacement of heating, electrical or plumbing communications, without peoratora not do. For example, here are a number of home works, the performance of which will facilitate and accelerate the peorator:

  • dismantling of building structures (walls, foundation elements, concrete screed, windows, doors);
  • Drilling holes for fixing pipe clamps, brackets, anchor bolts;
  • drilling large diameter holes (100-200 mm, etc.).) in brick and concrete walls.
choose, quality, perforator, house


Among all existing manufacturers, the leaders are such brands as Makita and Bosch. Their products are used everywhere. They are purchased by construction companies and homeowners. It often tops the rating of peorators for home and professional use. Therefore, experts recommend that you take a closer look at these models.

However, other manufacturers also produce reliable electric torches. These include, for example, AEG brand, Hitachi, DeWALT, Interskol, Zubr, Patriot. Today devices from domestic, European and Chinese manufacturers are available. The variety of products allows you to select the best option for performing the required amount of work.

How to choose a peorator

If you try to follow the principle “you want to do well. do it yourself” and do not only minor household chores on your own, but also do repairs, then you probably need a tool for drilling holes. The drill does not always allow you to cope with hard materials, of which the load-bearing walls and ceilings are made. for this it is better to use a regular peorator or even a professional peorator. In addition to higher horsepower, the unit has special modes to give you more power and increased performance. Read our article about how to choose the right torch for your home and which of its characteristics is the most important.

Criteria for choosing the right torch

The general criteria for a successful purchase are very similar to the rules for purchasing machinery in general. When you are deciding which brand and service center you should choose for your task, it is worth paying attention to. The choice of spare parts for Chinese-made models is relatively wide, but components for professional devices is practically unmatched. Even if your machine is built for the long run, you still need a service center, because the carbon brushes wear out over time and the gearbox needs periodic lubrication. Also keep in mind that not every tool can be maintained independently because of the complex design.

There is an opinion that the equipment of professional class is a priori better than household, but this is a big misconception. Models for amateurs have a lower resource, inferior in terms of functionality and electronics, but they can perform all types of work. Professional rotary tools are designed for continuous, intensive use in various conditions, which can be expressed in increased protection against dust, availability of controlling and monitoring electronics, high technical indicators. When it comes to small amounts of work, the difference between professional and amateur equipment will not be noticeable.

The tool class is an important criterion. The user must correctly assess the upcoming volume and type of work, this will help determine a number of suitable models. If your own experience is not enough, you can refer to the knowledge of masters, they will advise you how to choose a good peorator and not to spend too much money.

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General classification of torches and their purpose

  • Simple tools with a mechanical impact will be useful for drilling wood and metal, for example, for drilling logs with screw drills. Concrete and brick work should be limited to infrequent use.
  • Lightweight with “pneumatic”. models with horizontal motor and power not more than 700 W. Such torches are suitable for apartment repairs and laying utilities because they easily drill in concrete, brick, metal and wood.
  • Medium. The most powerful horizontal models with high impact force and all “vertical” rotary tools with SDS-Plus chuck can be put in this category. Tools of this class are suitable for intensive use, including drilling and chiselling of supporting walls, where concrete is very strong.
  • Heavy. This type of peorator is superior to all other models in its parameters. They differ in increased productivity and are used primarily for chiselling, such as creating or enlarging door or window openings, or for demolition of old foundations. Technical features of this class are high power and impact force parameters, heavy weight, SDS-Max chuck type.

If you are deciding which one to choose for concrete or brick, choose the model with a pneumatic impact. It is impossible to visually detect the type of mechanism, and not every seller will give you complete advice. It is easy to understand the question: the models with a mechanical impact at idle rpm feel vibration, and the pneumatic model creates a blow only under load, directly when drilling.

Top 10 ranking by KP

Wert ERH 0724HRE (from 3279)

A basic model of peorator, which is enough for infrequent works in home conditions. You can drill a hole for a dowel in a panel house without any problems, but you can’t easily crush a concrete wall with it. 750 W motor is powered by electricity. The manufacturer has included an additional handle, drilling depth limiter and carrying case.


Practical and inexpensive torch suitable for home use. Despite the fact that the power of the motor is limited to 700 W, impact energy of the hammer is 3 Joules. You can control the power of the motor with the starter button. The tool operates from the mains, and the cable length is only two meters Somebody may think that this is not enough and will need to buy an additional extension cord. No carrying case included.


Compact torch for people who will use it only at home. Weighing only 2 kg, tool has 450 W motor and 1 impact force.2 Joules. Yes, it is not enough for the “shock” mode, but it simply is not present in this model. Comes with a handy carrying and storage case. Powered by AC mains. It’s useless to compare it with powerful competitors, but for non-private household chores it’s a great option.


Lightweight and durable tool from a renowned manufacturer, which took fourth place in our list of the best torches for the home 2022. The German company has thought of a comfortable grip of this “pea”, so it will be convenient to work with it even for a long time. The tool weighs only 2.2 kg, but it hides a 550 “honest” Watt motor. The tool is network-powered, and the popular chuck model allows the use of a wide variety of accessories for work. Comes with storage case.


A powerful torch that you can buy for renovations in a large house or a private home. Impact energy is 5 J, which is more than enough for drilling for wiring and demolition of not the thickest brick walls. For comfortable work the model is equipped with an anti-vibration system, which is exactly useful to the productive motor of 950 W. The tool can be stored in a convenient carrying case. First model on the list of the best home heating gears with vertical engine.


Builders and installers all over the world know the maker of this torch. The cordless torch is more portable than its competitors and can be used even in places without electricity. Engineers paid the price in terms of weight and power. Only one battery is included but you can buy more if you want.

The features

One of the best value for money home repairer 2022. It has what you might need in a serious home repair three modes of operation, a powerful motor (880 watts and 3.2 Joules) and anti-vibration system. It is also praised for its long, soft four-meter cord that won’t break even with frequent ducking. Included with the torch is an extra SDS-plus chuck and carrying case.


An advanced model for home or professional use. Comfortable working thanks to the anti-vibration system. An 800-watt motor produces a maximum impact energy of 2.9 Joules. Engine output is determined by the amount of pressure on the starter button. This is a corded motor that runs from the mains but has a relatively long cord.

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Expensive, but premium quality torch from the German manufacturer. Proven to be a peorator that has almost no impact on the user’s hands. In spite of this, the 900 Watt motor still produces a maximum impact force of 4 MHz.This is a tough actuator to beat with 2 Joules, a performance not everyone can match. tool comes with a special case, drilling depth limiter and lubricant.


Curious model of the powerful cordless torch. Despite its independence from the mains, the powerful tool produces up to 2.1 J of maximum impact energy. The user will not feel a strong recoil due to the thought-out anti-vibration system and ergonomic handle. The Best Compact Peorator for Home 2022 comes with two batteries and a battery charger. It is noteworthy that batteries from tools of this manufacturer are interchangeable and suitable for different types of devices.

Characteristics of home and professional gator models

Special, hardened, reinforced plastic is used in the production of tools for professional use. The housing material in household devices is simpler. Professional models use bolts and nuts to attach the body, while household models are assembled with screws

Which one is better than a Makita or Bosch torch? We will try to answer this question and help you decide among the modern variety of brands from the most budgetary to expensive on several indicators. Among the variety of manufacturers, the most popular brands are Makita and Bosch.

Comparative table

Model Power, W max. Beat rate, beats per minute Max. Impact energy, J Max. No-load speed, rpm Weight, kg Average price,
Kolner KRH 680H 680 5800 2.2 1050 2.8 3 050
Kalibr EP-800 800 5500 2.8 1300 3.7 3 330
Interskol P-18/450ER 450 7500 1.2 1650 1.82 3 670
Bort BHD-900 900 4700 3.5 900 3.2 5 115
Zubr ZP-26-800 K 800 4800 3 1200 3.3 5 880
Hammer PRT 800 CE PREMIUM 4000 900 3 6 399
Hitachi DH24PH 730 3950 2.7 1050 2.7 6 521
Makita HR2470 780 4500 1100 2.9 7 601
Bosch GBH 240 790 4200 930 2.8 7 790
DeWALT D25134K 800 5540 3 1500 3 10 969
KRUGER KBH-1400 1400 4000 3.4 900 3.1 5 700

Metabo UHE 2850 Multi

German Metabo has a weight of 3.4 kg, justifies its name “Multi” with four operation modes and two cartridges. You can drill, selecting the maximum speed up to 945 or up to 2480, drill with impact or make a chisel.

The tool has the following features:

  • 50 mm chuck diameter and 1.5 to 13 mm quick-release chucks
  • Maximum drill diameters up to 28 mm in concrete and wood, 13 mm in metal;
  • single blow energy up to 2.8 Joules;
  • Performance up to 4400 rpm;
  • Speed under load up to 2250 rpm.

The force of the push button controls the drilling speed within the set range; the start is very smooth, the speed is gradual. For continuous operation, there is an option to lock the pressure switch. Choice of drilling direction (left/right) with rocker switch on the tool body. Use of supplied hole depth stop is recommended.

For quick troubleshooting, the designers have equipped the tool with an electronic warning light: it will warn you when the restart protection is on (in case of a power failure) or when the carbon brushes are worn out. High level of machine protection and measures to safeguard employees. Metal parts can heat up quickly, but also cool down quickly. In practice, the tool has proven to be a reliable, durable helper, easy to use and comfortable to use. Supplied in a sturdy industrial box.

Kress 800 PSE

Electronically controlled 3-mode German starts up slowly and with a gradual increase in rpm up to 1000 rpm. The tool is started by pushing the on/off switch and can be locked for continuous operation. If the tool jams, the slip clutch interrupts the connection to the spindle.

The product can be used in three modes:

  • at low RPM, drilling with conventional twist drills and drills in wood/metal over 8 mm in diameter and stirring mode;
  • At high RPM: making holes with regular twist drills up to ;
  • non-rotating: light chiselling work with a chisel.

On the housing there is a directional control: for making holes and screwing screws right rotation should be selected, and left rotation should be used for loosening and unscrewing screws and nuts. Clamping chuck QuiXS with diameter of clamping flange 3 and designed for tools with shank “SDS Plus”, their change without using a special key. Additional accessory available with quick-action keyless chuck with up to 13 mm diameter.

Power rating of 800 W allows for up to 4,900 blows per minute with a power of 2.8 J. Possible hole sizes: in wood up to 40 mm, in concrete up to 26, in steel up to 13. Weighing 2.9 kg the product is very ergonomic and does not tire during long hours of work. Large carrying case allows not only the machine itself but also consumables to be stored neatly.

Milwaukee PLH 20

The tool has a light weight of 1.9 kg, which enables one-handed operation. In this case, the impact energy reaches 2 Joules. Not the cheapest option for a domestic unit, but the price is justified by good performance and competently implemented technologies. The design is so air-cooled that even when drilling upwards, no dust will reach the operator. Safety clutch prevents the auger from jamming.

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The modern anti-vibration system ensures the comfort of the user. The housing is not unnecessarily hot, even in continuous, intensive use. Comes with chuck 3, an additional adapter is available for the drill function. Reach speeds of up to 2700 RPM under load, rotation is well balanced. Recommended hole diameter of 5-12 mm is optimal for most domestic applications. Standard power cord is 4 m long. Comes with carrying case, makes a great gift for men. Owners are satisfied with the compact, lightweight and easy-to-use machine combined with optimum performance.

choose, quality, perforator, house

Interskol P-48/1300EV-2

Domestic 7,5 kg device is capable to give out energy up to 12 J and the number of shocks up to 3000, the drill speed is up to 500 rotations. In concrete, the drilling diameter can be up to 48 mm. The manufacturer provides a 3 year product warranty. Compression-vacuum mechanism reduces vibration and kickback during operation. Torque limiting clutch to prevent damage to the motor if the tool jams in the hole.

SDS-max bit mounting system is installed. Drilling efficiency limit value is set with the help of speed regulator. Light indicators: green LED lights up when plugged in, red light turns on when carbon brushes need replacing. Possible functions: chiselling, chiselling with drilling. Auxiliary handle, case, depth gauge, lubricant for auger are included.

Zubr ZPM-52-1500 EC

Powerful 15-kilogram sample has the following parameters:

  • Power. 1500 Watt;
  • drilling speed. 120-280 rotations;
  • capacity. 1100-2250 strokes per minute;
  • Impact energy. up to 18 Joules;
  • operating modes. percussive and percussive with drilling;
  • maximum drilling diameter. 52 mm.

Drill bits are installed in a chuck of SDS-Max type. Among the useful functions are the presence of a clutch against jamming and electronic speed control. Craftsmen note the high impact force and advise against overheating of the motor.

Test perforator. Kneading mortar

choose, quality, perforator, house


The most affordable Russian device is equipped with vibration protection, which will be useful at quite strong impact energy. up to 11 Joules. It consumes 1200 watts, produces up to 3,750 jolts per minute, in power drilling mode the spindle speed is up to 742 rpm. Several drills with SDS-Max shank type are included. The weight of the device is not small. 8.3 kg, when working is necessary to use an additional handle (in the kit) and safety precautions. For long life it is recommended to protect the device from overheating.

Manufactured in China. Build quality and fixing fixtures are pretty good, the device is ideal for domestic construction works.

Soyuz PES-25101

Another inexpensive model that will not cost more than 5 thousand rubles. rubles. The PES-25101 can drill, bore and chisel with standard tools, since its chuck is designed for SDS Plus standard.

The model weighs a little more than its competitor in the “Best Homemade Drill Bits” category. 4.9 kg. However, the device from “Union” carries a powerful (1000 W) electric motor, which can withstand even intensive drilling for a long time. Working on difficult surfaces is a bit easier because of 4 Joules power, more than enough for home repairs.

At a low price, the manufacturer supplies a rich set of bonuses together with the device. It has a carrying case, two drills, augers and depth gauge. There is also an additional handle for the second hand, to maximize the fixation of the device when working. Cons? Perhaps only a two-meter cord, which is not enough to work in apartments with high ceilings.

Bort BHD-800N-K

One of the cheapest models in our top range. starting from 3 thousand. rubles. The BDH-800N-K is also very lightweight especially compared to professional devices. Weighing in at 2.85 kg, the device has three operating modes: chiselling, drilling and impact drilling.

With such dimensions, a 3 Joule shock force does not seem unimportant. This power is more than enough for home repairs. When working with concrete or brick, you should be careful, because the drill can get stuck in the material. However, the motor rotates the drill in both directions and a stuck tool can easily be removed.

Together with the peorator the manufacturer put in a box a plastic case, a second handle and the drilling depth limiter. In addition, the case already contains three concrete drills and two bits of different shapes.

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