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Today, at their summer cottages and country plots, many people plant lawns, rather than occupy all the space with seedbeds. But the grass should be watched, because everyone wants to see a flat and beautiful lawn, not a mess of grass, which can live anything. So, in this article, we’re going to talk about lawn mowers.

Immediately say that we will consider them in terms of use in the home, on small plots, where there is no need to cut the grass on a huge area, for which buy professional models, which are very expensive. By the way, in this material we told about the difference between the mower and trimmer, if you have not decided on the choice, we recommend reading it. There we’ve laid out all their pros and cons, which will help you make a decision specifically in your situation.

How to Choose an Electric Lawn Mower for Dacha

Lawn mower. is a garden equipment, which is used to shorten the soft grass. Models differ in size, power, build quality, working principle. Each machine meets its own needs, so in preparing the rating, we have divided lawn mowers into categories.

Before we start the top of electric lawn mowers, we will consider the main technical characteristics of this garden equipment. Next, in detail, let’s consider what models there are, what are the strengths and weaknesses of each, what is worth considering when choosing.

Type of movement

To make it easier for you to understand what electric lawnmower to buy, let’s list the varieties of garden equipment on the method of movement:

  • Non-motorized lawnmowers. To move these devices on the lawn, you will have to push them manually.
  • Self-propelled lawnmowers. Equipped with a drive that receives energy from an electric motor. Due to it move independently, the operator is only required to control the direction of movement and speed of the equipment.

Before we understand what electric lawn mower without a drive to buy, consider the strengths and weaknesses of non-self-propelled models.

Advantages of non-drive lawnmowers Disadvantages of lawnmowers without drive
Lower cost Not suitable for the care of large areas
Lower power consumption Non-self-propelled devices are physically more difficult to control
Lower weight Often with low-powered motors
Easier to maintain
Easier to work hard to reach areas and difficult terrain

Self-propelled models are divided into four subspecies depending on features: The way in which the drive is positioned.

  • Front. Optimal choice for straight terrain without hills and holes. Easy operation, high maneuverability. Front-wheel-drive models are more responsive.
  • Rear. Can mow on hilly terrain better than their front counterparts. Less swerving.
  • Full. They combine the strong points of the first two categories. Are characterized by a high price.

Separate out lawnmowers with the characteristic of a variator. The best (and most expensive) self-propelled electric lawnmower models have the ability to switch between mowing speeds while mowing. This allows the mowing intensity to be instantly adapted to immediate needs.

Advantages of a self-propelled lawnmower Disadvantages of lawn mowers
Suitable for large areas expensive than non-self-propelled mowers
They have a high power output Noisy motor
The operator tires less after long mowing sessions Higher power consumption
They often have a wider range of functions (for example, they can be equipped with several operating modes) Large weight

By power source

Electric lawn mowers (also known as chain mowers) are connected to a 220 V household socket via an extension cord. Are a good choice for lawn care in a homestead where there is a stable power source.

Any. even a good electric lawnmower. has the following characteristics.

Advantages of mains lawnmowers Disadvantages of cordless mowers
Working time is not restricted by battery pack capacity An extension cord is required for operation
Affordable price The cable reduces mobility considerably and can be damaged by a knife if operated carelessly
No exhaust emissions Exclusively in areas with access to a stable power grid
Virtually no noise emission Not suitable for wet mowing

Rechargeable lawnmowers are devices for users who value self-sufficiency. Operate with a pre-charged battery pack. Mowing time is limited by intensity of use and battery capacity. Areas of application: areas without electricity, but where there is a need for simple, short-duration work.

How to Choose the Right Lawn Mower

Advantages of battery lawnmowers Disadvantages of battery-powered lawnmowers
Independent of mains power: as long as it has a charge, it can work wherever it needs to Less power than a corded lawnmower
Handling is easier since the cable does not hinder driving Operating time is limited by battery capacity
No need to buy an extension cable Cost higher than networked models
Motor does not produce toxic exhaust fumes Weight is greater: you always carry the power source with you
Low noise Can be damaged if mowed after rain or dew


The characteristic is responsible for the driving speed (if the mower is self-propelled), the weight of the equipment, as well as the resistance to intensive and prolonged work. Measured in watts (W). There are three categories for choosing an electric lawn mower by power:

choose, lawn, mower
  • Up to 1500 watts. Budget models with compact size and weight. Easy to handle, easy to store and transport, ideal for small lawns (up to 400 m 2 ) without undulations in the landscape.
  • 1500-2000 watts. Weigh significantly more, making them more difficult to control. Capable of working on hilly lawns up to 600 m 2. The power helps to mow relatively thick grass. Some models have a mulching unit.
  • 2000 watts and more. Semi-professional and professional models, most with self-propelled. Used on large plots of more than 600 m 2. The high power motor guarantees stability even with long and intensive work, but needs a quality and reliable power supply.
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What the choice depends on?

This is a key decision, since it influences the mower’s functions and features.

In order not to make the wrong choice, consider the advantages and disadvantages of each mowing machine, because what is a disadvantage in one environment is transformed into a factor that has no impact in others.

For example, the gasoline lawnmower makes a loud noise when working, which disturbs those who live nearby, but if there are no inhabited houses within a few hundred meters, there will be no harm from the noise.

Therefore, choose a gasoline mower for the following tasks:

  • Regular mowing of areas larger than 10 hectares (one hectare is 100 m2);
  • Mowing meadows and glades overgrown with small herbs;
  • irregular mowing of areas 25 meters or more away from the house;
  • irregular mowing of areas overgrown with wild or cultivated grass;
  • mowing grass where engine noise, exhaust fumes, and the need to fill the machine with gasoline and oil are not a problem.
  • maintained areas no more than 50 m away (if the mower capacity is less than one kW, then up to 100 m);
  • not heavily overgrown areas no more than 25 m away from the house;
  • very overgrown areas (2-5 weeks without mowing) lying 1-10 m away from the house.

Battery-powered devices choose for regular mowing of groomed areas of 1-10 acres (depends on the voltage and capacity of the battery, as well as the number of spare power sources).

Non-propelled machines are preferred in the following cases:

  • you like physical labor and outdoor activities;
  • You don’t want to overpay for self-propelled mowing, even if it means you have to push the mower yourself.
choose, lawn, mower

Self-propelled models are preferred if:

  • it is difficult for you to push the mower the necessary distance to mow the entire area;
  • you do not like to strain;
  • You do not have to pay too much for self-propelled machines.
  • it is difficult for you to push the mower the whole distance you need to mow; even following the mower’s full trajectory around your plot is a problem;
  • you need to mow a big lawn as quickly as possible;
  • The total area that needs to be mowed regularly is tens or hundreds of acres;
  • you love comfort and are willing to overpay heavily for it.

Discussion on forums

Users of various Internet forums actively discuss issues related to the choice of a self-propelled gasoline lawnmower, so reading such forums can bring a lot of benefit.

There are people exchanging opinions, who have different, often opposing requirements to such devices, so their experience will help to more accurately select a mower for a particular situation.

choose, lawn, mower

We have prepared links to the most authoritative and popular of such forums, and not everywhere users discuss the choice of gasoline self-propelled models, but even their comparison with non-self-propelled or electric counterparts will be of much use:

How TALL should you MOW your LAWN? Perfect Height?

What power is enough??

The more powerful the mower, the wider the cutting width and the faster it will get the job done.

  • Machines with an engine output of around 5-8 hp.с. Can leave a swath of lawn behind that is more than 50 cm wide. That is, to process a flat area of 100 m2 will require only 5-6 minutes.
  • With an engine capacity of 3 to 5 hp.с. The mowing width is only slightly different, up to 46 cm, but the total working time is almost twice as long.

However, such examples do not mean that in absolutely all situations you should choose the most powerful and wide device. For example, in a small garden or a small lawn with plenty of decorative elements, this type of lawn mower is less maneuverable.

Lawn mower types

Lawn mowers on the market can be divided into five basic types:

To decide which lawnmower to choose for the country house, or for professional lawn mowing, first read about the characteristic advantages and disadvantages of each type:

Mostly used on relatively small plots. The reason is obvious. the range of an electric lawnmower is limited by the length of the power cord. It is not very pleasant to drag a long tail, and still make sure that the mower blades do not damage it. Nevertheless, electric mowers are convenient to work in the yard, where there is always the possibility of connection

The advantages of electric mowers:

  • Quiet. We cannot say that electric mower is noiseless, but compared to petrol mower, it certainly will not be in favour of the latter. The maximum fixed noise level of an electric lawnmower is barely 50 dB, while gasoline mowers produce 90.
  • Economy. No fuel, no engine oil, no spark plugs. Electricity is much cheaper than gasoline.
  • Eco-friendliness. Totally free of harmful emissions.
  • Price. The most expensive electric mower will cost you about 5 times less than a similar petrol mower.
  • Low weight. This makes the machines much easier to transport.
  • Unpretentiousness. Electric mowers require minimal maintenance. No piston system inspections and repairs. And if you have to rewind a burnt-out motor, it will cost much less than repairing the internal combustion engine.

Disadvantages of electric lawnmowers:

  • Dependence on the mains. As already mentioned, you won’t get farther away from the outlet than the wire length allows. Or you will be forced to use extension cords, which also does not add convenience to the process of work. But it’s not just the length of the power cord that limits the working area.
  • Low power. The electric motors installed on these mowers are much weaker than internal combustion engines. The approximate operating power range of these motors is 900-2000 watts. They tend to overheat, so you have to stop regularly to let the engine cool down. Prolonged overheating can lead to serious malfunctions. However, most modern models are equipped with a special temperature sensor, which will not allow you to bring the motor to the dangerous degree of overheating.
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Perhaps the most popular type of lawn mower. Almost all professional mowers belong to this group. Gasoline mowers are usually used on plots of more than three acres, but they are also used on smaller areas, if there is no opportunity to connect to the electricity. If you are wondering how to choose a gasoline lawnmower, familiarize yourself with the disadvantages and advantages inherent in this type:

  • Autonomy. Independence from external power sources.
  • Power. Gasoline models cope with much more demanding areas than electric ones.
  • Working session duration. The engine does not need to be stopped to cool down. The duration of the work session is limited only by the volume of the fuel tank.
  • Maneuverability. Due to the lack of power cord, gasoline mowers are widely used on landscapes with complex design (alpine hills, trees, bushes).
  • Low eco-friendliness. The most obvious and significant disadvantage. Exhaust fumes, which are part and parcel of the internal combustion engine, can be a nuisance.
  • Noisiness. Again, a petrol engine is noisy at over 90 dB.
  • fastidiousness in service. The internal combustion engine requires regular maintenance, you will have to spend money on petrol, lubricants and periodically change spark plugs.
  • Mass, making these lawnmowers inconvenient to transport.

When choosing a gasoline lawnmower, pay attention to the engine power.

For household models use engines with power of 2.3-5 л. с. With an approximate volume of 110-190 cm³. These models are typically used for plots of no more than 8 acres. Such an engine usually has a rated life of about 700 hours. This means that after seven hundred hours of work it must undergo scheduled repair.

Semi-professional mowers are equipped with 5-7 liters engines. с. with a working volume of 160-200 cm³. Such unit will allow you to process the area from 5 to 20 hectares. It has a service life of up to 1200 hours.

And finally, professional lawn mowers are equipped with an engine with power from 7 hp. The engine displacement is usually more than 200 cm³, and the engine life reaches 2500 hours and more. Such machines are used not only by public utilities, but also by private persons wishing to buy a lawn mower with a good reserve of reliability. In addition to the powerful engine, these models are characterized by expanded functionality. Most often they carry on board additional trimmers for grass, mulching devices, etc. п.

Among gasoline lawnmowers are the so-called riders.

In short, the rider is a lawnmower, which is equipped with a saddle, steering wheel and pedals. So, you don’t have to push it, you don’t even have to walk behind it. The rider drives itself, mowing the grass at the same time.

In addition to mowing grass, the rider can perform a variety of functions. Some models allow you to attach a snow plow attachment to the front instead of the mowing deck. In addition, in the back, there is an attachment to which you can also connect additional devices (planter, plow, small cargo trailer, etc.). п.).

It should be noted that riders come not only gasoline. There are some battery-powered riders, but they are still pretty rare and not very popular.

Who is suitable for an electric lawn mower??

This machine is best suited for owners of country houses or summer cottages, which have lawns or well-groomed landscaped areas of small (several hundred square meters) area.

In addition, an important condition for the use of such a mower is a network of 220 volts, so these devices are suitable only for the owners of electrified houses.

Another factor that determines the efficiency of use of lawn mowers is the distance between the nearest outlet and the green area. the more it is, the higher the energy loss for heating the wire, and therefore, the higher the load on the internal house network.

In self-propelled machines the engine is not only responsible for the rotation of the blade, but also for movement, so they are somewhat easier to maneuver, and to work on large areas is not so tedious. This is a more popular variety of equipment, and therefore the number of participants in our rating is much more.

Caiman Ferro 47CV

Caiman Ferro 47CV is an improved version of the Ferro 47CP. According to the basic characteristics they are almost identical, which also allows you to advise this model to buy, but the list of improvements only one wheel drive is not limited to. Variator speed control is much more convenient than a gearbox with fixed gears. Rear drive wheels. so it’s easier to maneuver by slightly lifting the front axle, and when you set the grass the grip on the ground will only increase. Another new feature is the 4-in-1 mowing system: in the grass catcher box, rear discharge, side discharge, mulching. Assembling, as well as in Ferro 47CP, Russian, up to 5 years warranty.

Al-Ko Comfort 46.0 SP-B

Not only Kaiman and Husqvarna have excellent mowers, but also, for example, in the catalog of the German brand Al-Ko. The Comfort 46 specifically.0 SP-B is a semi-professional model, based on the American engine Briggs Stratton, which already can be considered a significant advantage. Engine power. 4 liters.с. Rear drive here as well, but there is no speed control. This model differs from already reviewed models by design of grass catcher box and deck. Instead of a soft bag, it uses a plastic box with a lid, which is much easier to clean and wash, but a little harder to store. Deck in steel housing has a special shape to ensure that grass cuttings are collected better and the basket is filled to capacity, whereas on most other machines the grass catcher box has to be emptied already when it is 70% full. The housing itself is asymmetrical. It is designed to mow close to curbs and other obstacles on the left side. It also has a 4-in-1 mowing system and wheel bearings.

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Stiga Combi 53 SVQ H

The semi-professional Stiga gasoline-powered ride-on mower not only has bright yellow accents on its body, it also has a number of technical features that make it stand out from the competition. The most important. Japanese Honda GCVx 170 engine with an automatic air damper for confident and easy starting and the maximum power of 5.5 liters.с. Combined with a working width of 51 cm, it is enough to cultivate a lawn of 18-20 acres. For more comfortable and pleasant mowing, here is a variator, which not only allows fine speed adjustment (between 2.7 and 3.7 km/h), but also provides a smooth start from the ground. 4-in-1 mowing system. For the convenience of cleaning the deck has a nozzle for a garden hose, well, of course, the wheels rotate on bearings. The last thing worth mentioning is the combined grass catcher box (soft bag with plastic lid) of 60 liters with a fill indicator.

Al-Ko Premium 520 SP-B Plus

If you don’t find the performance of the Al-Ko mower shown above to be enough, we recommend the Premium 520 SP-B Plus. It also uses the BS-650 EXi engine, which offers a whole series of advantages. For example, it is the top location of the valves, no need to change the oil, the possibility of vertical storage mower, electronic ignition, an effective muffler and proprietary “guarantee start”. the car is guaranteed to start with no more than 2 jerks of the starter. As for the lawnmower itself, it boasts 4 types of mowing, steel body, 70-liter plastic grass catcher box and excellent Austrian assembly. And 4 years warranty as proof of high quality.

Husqvarna LC 356VP

“Husqvarna” not only produces non-self-propelled mowers, but also more common machines with rear-wheel drive. LC 356VP is a semi-professional model that is not inferior to other participants of our rating. Here and the pressed steel body, and bearings of wheels, and 3 types of mowing, and the variator, and the lever of central adjustment of mowing height, and a pipe for washing the deck. It also has a very roomy 75-litre grass catcher box and offers a working width of 56 cm.

In general, it is clear from the outset that the mower is designed for large areas and work with a minimum of stops. But the highlight here is something else, namely the Japanese Honda engine. Despite the fact that the mower has only been produced since 2020, it uses a proven engine. In fact, this model has been in production for several years and is available here in a redesigned and improved version with higher efficiency and lower fuel consumption. It not only has a high torque, important when mowing dense grass, but also a high speed. up to 4.5 km/h.

MTD Advance 53 SPKV HW

Another semi-professional mower in our rating is a model from the American company MTD. In the U.S. lawn care is standard practice, and it is not surprising that excellent machines for this purpose are produced there. However, it is difficult to call this model “truly American”. It is based on a Japanese engine (this time Kawasaki) and assembled in Hungary. The engine installed here is a record-holder in terms of power among our selection. 6 liters.с., so the machine is confident on any terrain. Not only is it easy to operate thanks to the variator, but also due to the ergonomic, curved shape of the handle and the placement of the controls. they are literally at hand. And the last plus: 4 types of mowing as standard, including a mulching head.

The following will be considered gasoline lawnmowers without self-propelled mechanism. Despite the considerably lower price, these models are characterized by high reliability, so they will last you more than one season.

Gasoline mower Husqvarna LC 140 9676367-01

Relatively inexpensive Swedish mower for smaller private lawns. The technique is compact, easy to operate and productive.

Technical Data

  • Grass catcher box capacity is 50 liters.
  • The cutting height can be adjusted from 25 to 75 mm. There are 10 settings to find the best position.
  • Mowing width of 40 cm.
choose, lawn, mower


  • Large rear wheel diameter for excellent cross-country mobility on difficult terrain.
  • Combination grass catcher box that combines durability and light weight.
  • Cutting deck is steel, which prevents breakage when hitting hard obstacles.
  • Easy engine start.
  • BriggsStratton motor for high power.
  • Low noise level.


  • Missing hose nozzle.
  • The grass catcher box gets clogged in no time when mowing high vegetation.
  • Uncomfortable to fold.

Makita PLM 4626N gasoline lawnmower

When you need a lawn mower to choose, sturdy enough, easy to handle and inexpensive, we recommend Makita. It’s reasonably priced and has no extra features. what more do you need to work in the countryside?

Technical Specifications

  • 7 levels of cutting height adjustment.
  • Combined grass catcher box accommodates up to 60 liters of grass.
  • Cutting width of 46 cm.
  • Mowing height adjustable from 25 to 75 mm.


  • Low noise.
  • Low weight.
  • The body is made of steel, ensuring reliability and durability.
  • Low harmful emissions.
  • Easy to get parts for repairs.
  • Many Makita service centers.

Technical features

  • Mowing width of 46 cm.
  • Designed for areas up to 1,100 m2.
  • Grass container capacity. 65 liters.


  • Grass container has a window on it, allowing the worker to monitor the level of filling.
  • Bearing wheels for better maneuverability.
  • Folding main arm has a positive impact on mower mobility.
  • Low price.

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