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How and with what you should cut the laminate boards

Laminate has been loved by many buyers, who are impressed by the beauty, practicality, durability and affordability of this floor covering. The main problem that people encounter in the process of independent installation of laminate flooring, is the correct cutting of boards. Cutting laminate panels during installation is a constant, at least at the end of each row.

This material discusses the basic tools and methods of accurate sawing laminate. Of course, if you plan to self-laying, it is preferable to choose a high quality lock product, such as laminate flooring from the Norwegian manufacturer Alloc.

Tools for installing laminate flooring

Electric jigsaw

This tool is a must, it is the most important in this work and is used for the accurate sawing of the last boards of the row. The cost of such a tool depends on its power, functions and popularity. For an apartment where the amount of work is small, it is enough to buy an electric jigsaw with a small power. 400-500 watts (it costs in the range of 2000-3000rub). You do not need to buy cheaper tools, because they do not withstand long loads and fail quickly. It is necessary to acquire and a set of saws.


When installing laminate flooring, it is used to undercut the panels to eliminate gaps between them. A hammer or a wooden mallet weighing 0.5 kg is suitable for this purpose.

No less important tool when installing laminate flooring. The metal corner 30-35 centimeters long will do.

Construction tape measure

Needed at the initial stage, when you make measurements of the area of the room. Its length is determined by the size of the room. Usually 5 m is enough. Trimmers prefer to use a tapping block.

Punching block.

It is used to prop up the panels. It’s better to use a special plastic block that comes with the installation kit. Its special shape allows you to compensate the impact, preventing damage to the lock of the laminate boards and their surface. The edge of the capping block used must be perfectly even to avoid damaging the panel. That’s why it is unacceptable to use an ordinary piece of board instead of a special joist.

Wedges or spacers

They are installed between the wall and slats in order to maintain the technological gap. If you don’t do this, the laminate flooring will expand if the humidity in the room is high, and if it hits the wall it can swell.

Metal brackets

The last panel in the row is nailed to the end. One side of it clings to the edge of the lamella, and the other side is hammered in. It is not recommended to use a hacksaw instead of a staple. you can damage the edge of the board, and if the wall is plasterboard, it will be spoiled too.

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A metal bracket, distance spacers and a chisel bar all make up the installation kit for installing laminate flooring, which costs about 600 euros.


The door is usually installed after the laminate flooring has been laid. But if it has already been installed, it will need to be filed in order to fit the panels under the door frame. For this purpose, a hacksaw with fine teeth and a wide blade is used.

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Experts recommend using a weak professional peorator, used for concrete walls, rather than an amateur impact drill in the work (to install baseboards).

Chisel (angle cutter)

If the corners of wooden (or fiberboard) skirting boards are standard (90º), you can make a file, having only a plane and hacksaw. And in cases where the value of the corners of walls more or less than 90 °, without the angle cutter can not do. Plastic skirting boards are installed with the help of connecting parts.

electric screwdriver

Considerably facilitates the work when laying plywood on wooden flooring, installing interior thresholds and screwing baseboards. If there is no electric screwdriver, fit and reverse screwdriver, but if such is not available, installation of the skirting board can be performed and a simple (Phillips) screwdriver.


It is necessary for opening packages of a laminate, and also for cutting a carpet pad. You can do with an ordinary kitchen knife, but it is better to have an assembly knife.

When installing laminate flooring will also need such tools and materials:

So, for a laminate flooring independently have the following tools: a tape measure, an electric jigsaw, a hammer or a mallet, an angle grinder, a pencil, a hacksaw, a plane saw, a standard installation kit, an electric screwdriver or a screwdriver. This entire toolkit costs around 5,000.

How laminate flooring works

It is virtually impossible to lay the laminate flooring in one piece only. Laminate lamellae are most often made in a rectangular shape. On the surface of the boards there is a thin film of resin, which protects the laminate from various influences and damages. Underneath the tread layer is a layer of tint, where the pattern is formed, which looks like different kinds of wood.

Tips for Choosing a Laminate Floor with Shane at Kellys, Warrenpoint

Next comes the chipboard layer, which increases the rigidity. Last is a layer of melamine, thanks to which the laminate is resistant to moisture. As a result, the thickness of such a coating will be about six to twelve centimeters. If sawing such products, it is very important to make the edges accurately. Otherwise warped chips can form, which will need to be compensated for by valuable centimeters of coverage. It may also be necessary to produce a replacement of defective elements with new ones.

In order not to throw away valuable pieces of coating, which is quite expensive, it is better to prepare in advance tools that will allow you to make even cuts. This way you can protect yourself and lay immediately without wasting additional resources.

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It is important to make only straight cuts. otherwise you can severely damage the coating, which will affect the cost

A complete list of available tools

Today it is not difficult to buy laminate of any strength class. Differences in material may be in thickness, quality and strength of the protective and decorative coatings. There is also a difference in the main board that provides rigidity.

Produced as a laminate according to the classical scheme, of wood-fiber board, covered with several layers using lamination technology, and all-structure vinyl finishing material, which has only one outer protective layer.

A complete list of what to cut the board of the right size for laying the flooring, looks like this:

  • hacksaw for metal;
  • wood saw;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • Building or office knife;
  • a knife on plastic;
  • angle grinder, also known as an angle grinder
  • circular saw;
  • A special guillotine for laminate flooring;
  • blade cutter.

Each of the devices is distinguished by both affordability and convenience and speed of operation. The decision, what is better to cut the laminate, is taken on the basis of the requirements for the amount of work, the quality of the resulting cut, as well. the accuracy of processing. If we are talking about a small repair and want to know what to cut the laminate at home. the list will be significantly reduced.

Steel brackets for installing laminate flooring

It is also available in a laminate installation kit. An iron staple or poker is needed when the panels fit together more tightly, if there isn’t enough room to use a padded bar. These are places near wall partitions, under the radiator.

Especially its requirement is manifested in the arrangement of the last row. It is not difficult to use, but you should be careful not to break the edge of the hard iron bend. And under the base at the heel is better to put a piece of mat or cardboard.

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You can insert the panel as follows. The broad side of the poker is lowered into the gap between the edge of the laminate and the wall. You press the staple of the cut part of the panel and hammer blows on the heel of the iron bend in its side, pulling the panel to each other.

Instead of the steel staple, it is possible to use other devices. It is possible to use the chisel as a lever. Insert the chisel vertically or askew between the board and the partition and pull it towards you. Some types of laminate locks are easy to assemble and you can pull the laminate in this way.

A combination of chisel and wedge from the kit can be tried.

T101B laminate floor saw

My partner and I personally use this type of saw blade T101B and I’ll explain why. The teeth of this type of blade look upward. Modern jigsaws have a pendulum motion system. The saw’s return to the tool’s soleplate and the material to be sawn off goes forward and upward at the same time. The T101B in HCS grade metal holds the board against the bottom of the jigsaw and the workpiece doesn’t strike the worktable. Here is an article about the necessary tool for installing laminate flooring.

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Sawing laminate with this type of blade is fast, as much as possible without splintering, but the marking lines of the cut should be made on the back side of the laminate slat. What for the novice craftsman can cause difficulties. This type of blade is relatively inexpensive, but dulls quickly enough. It is better to set the jigsaw speed for sawing laminate as high as possible. this will prevent chipping.

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Since the material consists of sawdust, it is quite easy to saw by hand. Use a wood or metal saw. It is important that the hacksaw has fine, sharp teeth. This allows you to cut panels without chipping or scoring. If the edges are slightly damaged, the ends will be covered by the skirting board.

Before you start cutting the laminate flooring you should mark it. Before sawing the laminate, measure the required length on the panel and apply a trimmer trimmer line. For a better edge finish, the bottom layer must be notched on the back side

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Cutter for laminate

One more tool to use when cutting laminate. It is an aluminum frame and a sharp knife that works on the principle of a guillotine, in fact, does not cut, and chops the laminate.

However, it is designed only for cutting laminate, and only crosswise. It is not possible to cut a long panel. Do not forget to monitor the sharpness of the blade. it sits pretty quickly.

Manual jigsaw: nuances of work, safety precautions

If the work front is small. one or two rooms. and there are no electric cutting tools, a hand hacksaw is quite suitable. The hand saw blade should have very fine and frequent teeth.

Best suit a hacksaw for metal, as laminate. a solid, very durable, compressed material, and it is difficult to saw with conventional tools with large and rare teeth.

Laminate board is sawn from the front side, and to avoid nicks and chips, you need to glue a masking tape along the line of sawing. On top of the tape spend a fine line for the trimmer under a ruler or angle, on which the material will be sawed.

It will greatly facilitate and accelerate the process electric hacksaw, and the quality of the cut will be better. You can also use an electric or metal hacksaw to make corner cuts in laminate, but for rounded cuts (e.g. under a pipe or column arch) these tools are not suitable.

To cut the board must be placed on the work table so that the line for the trimmer saw was from the edge of the table at a distance of at least 20 mm.

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