How to choose a jigsaw for home use

Bosch PST 18 LI 0

In the category of best cordless jigsaws for the home also wins Bosch. In this jigsaw pleased with ergonomics took it in his hands, you want to immediately test it in practice. It is only a pity that it does not have an air blowing saw for sawdust removal, but there is only a vacuum cleaner connection, but there is lighting.

In terms of power it is rather a medium one: for steel, for example, the maximum cutting thickness of 5 mm is declared. This is quite a reasonable compromise between power and battery consumption.

The mechanism of the drive mechanism makes to remember a hackneyed phrase about the real German quality: accurate regulation of the pendulum stroke, microscopic backlashes, which do not influence the accuracy of cutting. Operating noise and vibrations are quite moderate.

All in all almost an “A”, the sawdust suction is still missing.

Einhell TE-JS 18 Li 0

At a very affordable price, not stamped, but cast soleplate? Yes, the Einhell, standing in the showcase, pleasantly surprises, but when you look at the delivery set everything falls into place, of course, the battery and battery charger are not included. And separately the original charger and the simplest 18-volt battery Einhell Power X-Change for 2 ampere-hours will cost one more price of a bare jigsaw. But if you already have a cordless tool of this brand, the jigsaw gets a plus 10 to the probability of purchase: in fact, this is why manufacturers of power tools and produce so carefully incompatible with equipment other brands of batteries.

Weight of the jigsaw without battery 1.6 kg. Thus it can handle wood with thickness up to 80 mm, has a 25 mm stroke and allows to tilt the sole plate in both sides up to 47 degrees. And without the need for fiddling with the hexagon: the inclination is adjusted without tools, there is a fixation at angles of 15, 30 and 45 degrees.

The pendulum mechanism has three settings from minimum amplitude for hard materials to work with a swing. While buying it is naturally worth checking the mechanics of the saw blade drive for backlashes: here it is typical for a budgetary tool. as luck would have it, the jigsaw may delight with its tight fit and upset with backlashes, everything is as usual.


Ryobi is no worse than Einhell in terms of comfort and grip, but it loses immediately because of the simple stamped soleplate that we will definitely refer to the disadvantages. At the same time the batteries and the charger are not included, and for the minimum set of the battery for 2 ampere-hours (which we do not advise: a powerful motor jigsaw battery is better to fit a more powerful) and charger again, you have to pay more money than when buying Einhell. And finally, to this jigsaw you can not connect a vacuum cleaner at all from the word at all, the spigot is not provided even as an option!

Then what is this jigsaw doing in our rating? In fact it is quite popular due to its power that allows it to work with a depth of cut of 101 mm in wood. It is not uncommon to take a home tool with extra capacity, and here Ryobi looks, undoubtedly, attractive. Adjusting the pendulum mechanism and the frequency of strokes is convenient, but varying the frequency by pressing a button is not very. As with other jigsaws without constant electronics, the jigsaw deflates under load when you reduce the frequency, and when you increase the pressure force can jump the engine speed instead of smoothly increasing it.

But problems with the quick-action chuck, the saw blade soleplate and the saw blade drive are typical for this level of tool: watch out when you inspect it.

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Domestic electric jigsaws are designed for small jobs of short duration. Although they have low power and a relatively limited resource, they can help you make a smooth or curved cut at home. Household electric jigsaws can easily handle cutting of wood up to 70 mm thick and 4-mm thick steel sheets. Low, in comparison with professional tools, price, simplicity and ease of use. the best solution for the home workshop.

Interskol MP-55/500E

Budget electric jigsaw of Russian brand Interskol MP-55/500E, despite the modest (in the range of 2000) price, is equipped with a fairly reliable 500 W motor, stamped sole, pumping and nozzle to work with a vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the rich set-up and low price for a tool of this class, it deserves positive Комментарии и мнения владельцев from the owners. From the user reviews, we can conclude that the Interskol MP-55/500E is the best of the inexpensive jigsaws for home and cottage, which is reliable in its work you will definitely enjoy.

  • pendulum mechanism;
  • good power reserve;
  • Versatility of fasteners;
  • smart dust extraction system;
  • excellent equipment.

Bort BPS-710U-QL

In the second position of the best cheap electric jigsaws is placed household jigsaw Bort BPS-710U-QL having good power reserve of 710 W and considerable weight of 2 watts.4 kg. Model has adjustable frequency, laser pointer, quick-clamping saw clamping mechanism and 4-step oscillating stroke. Power motor sufficient for cutting wood up to 80 mm deep and steel up to 10 mm. Convenient controls and a squeak-free housing make this good jigsaw an ideal option for your money.

DeFort DJS-625N-Q

The cheapest jigsaw from the DeFort DJS-625N-Q we examine in this segment, power 570 W, equipped with a pendulum four-step stroke, a quick-clamp saw mount, an adapter for a vacuum cleaner and a protective shield. Cutting depth of wood: 65 mm, steel sheet: 8 mm. The power tool without special gimmicks, but copes with its direct duties well, after the purchase you will not regret that you bought it.

Accessories and appliances

All jigsaws are equipped with additional attachments for easy operation, including accessories:

  • pencil grease for the blade, fixture and bits;
  • LEDs for lighting the cutting line;
  • Parallel fence with actuator;
  • splinterguard;
  • guide rail;
  • motorized ruler;
  • accessories for electric jigsaws;
  • multifunctional jigsaw;
  • adapter;
  • diamond wire and other accessories.

They all make the tool work, help to make a shaped cut, and the replaceable saw helps to make it more professional. Some models have clamps that hold the blade instead of bolts. They are much more convenient to use, but have their own specifics.

These days, the price range for electric jigsaws is enormous. For example, the cheapest representative of this class (Kolner KJS 450), you will be sold for 900, and the most expensive (Festool Trion PSB 300) will cost 23 thousand. Cordless models, can have quite obscene price tag, reaching up to 60 thousand.

With all the variety of prices, both cheap and expensive copies, can cope with the sawing of several meters of board, plywood or chipboard. And if you answer the question “How much does an electric wood jigsaw cost,” you can definitely say “859 to 63,800.”. The information is certainly specific, but practically useless for those who do not have certain requirements to the acquired tool.

The price is only a subjective figure given by the manufacturer and seller. In order to make the best choice, you need to answer what you expect from the tool: years and flawless work, fast and one-time use or something in between. After reading this article, you will have answered this question yourself and built clear requirements for your future jigsaw.

Power and “batteries

The power supply determines how convenient and how long you can work with the jigsaw at one time. Power is either cordless or corded.

Power jigsaws are lighter due to the lack of a battery, but they require constant access to a 220 watt power supply to work.

Cordless jigsaws are battery-powered with 10.8-28 V. They are mobile and allow you to work in environments where access to power is difficult. Batteries may come with the jigsaw, but often you have to find them yourself. To make your search easier we will tell you briefly what they are.

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Nickel-cadmium, which are designated as Ni-Cd, and can withstand up to 1000 cycles (1 cycle includes a full charge and discharge). These batteries operate smoothly at low temperatures down to.20 ° C and quickly recharge. But it is worth remembering that cadmium is a heavy metal of increased toxicity. Also these “batteries” have a “memory effect”. the property of remembering the level of the last charge. If the “battery” is charged incorrectly for the first time, it will be ruined, which will negatively affect the working time of the jigsaw.

Nickel-metal hydride, or Ni-MH for short, are more environmentally friendly than cadmium batteries. At the same time also work well at low temperatures. The “memory effect” in this type of battery is also present, but to a lesser extent. Their capacity is higher, but it decreases after 200-300 cycles.

Lithium-ion, or Li-Ion for short, though the most expensive, but preferable to the previously described. They have a high capacity and almost no “memory effect”. These batteries recharge quickly, weigh very little, but do not work long at temperatures below 0 ° C.

How to choose a jigsaw?

If you have decided to add such a useful tool as an electric jigsaw to your home handyman kit, this article is for you.

choose, jigsaw, home

Electric jigsaw is indispensable for repair work, it is used for sawing many materials: soft and rough wood, plywood, laminate, plastic, drywall, sandwich panels, thin sheet metal, aluminum and others.

In fact, an electric jigsaw is a universal saw for sheet material, the main thing is to choose the right saw blade. The principle of operation of the unit is simple: the cutting blade in the movement leads the pendulum mechanism and the electric motor on special jaws or supporting rollers is reciprocating motion. To prevent the blade from shifting, the jigsaw is equipped with a support base or plate then and the edge of the cut is neat and straight.

In this video, the basic questions for selecting an jigsaw are clearly discussed:

Top 5 for the home

The rating of jigsaws for the home workshop includes the model Fiolent PM 3-600E. It is said to be the best in terms of price/quality. Aluminum design makes the total weight of the tool light enough to work comfortably with one hand. It also has a guide roller for the pendulum mechanism, friction lining, the ability to change the position of the platform. But there is a slight backlash and noisy operation.

Bosch PST 900 PEL. this model is close to professional. Here you can adjust the stroke frequency, the sole position, there is a backlight, forced dust extraction, an insert to prevent chips. No vibration or loud noise in operation. But users note the lack of ergonomics of the jigsaw, the weak collection of sawdust with a vacuum cleaner. Craftsmen have doubts about the speed regulator because of its location on the starter button. the risk of breakage is high.

The Makita 4329 K in a case. lightweight, compact, high quality at an affordable price. The tool is in demand for its accurate cutting, long-lasting operation without overheating, low noise level. This has a frequency regulator for pendulum operation, filing blow. But the saws change with a wrench, it is necessary to buy a separate cover on the sole for the prevention of scratches, it is difficult to adjust the position of the platform.

AEG PST 500 X 428260 cuts any material with the same precision. The tool stands out for its ergonomics and functionality. Backlight, sawdust outlet, molded sole plate with plastic jacket, quick-action saw blade. The characteristic plus is the access to the brushes, which you can change by yourself. Masters note a few inconvenient moments: the start is located at the top, the on / off button is often broken, the power is weak. Also, there is no stroke frequency control, the cooling system does not provide long-term work without overheating.

DeWALT DW349. There are three pendulum modes, you can change the position of the platform without a key. There is a cover for the soleplate, the body is made of metal, and a separate button. The pluses include low vibration and noise level, 4 modes of pendulum stroke, quick-clamping mechanism, automatic adjustment of stroke speed. The main disadvantage. no soft start.

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What is it?

Stationary bench electric jigsaw is a device that performs shape, cross, slope and angle sawing of wood and other materials of small thickness. It is a construction with a rectangular base (platform) that has a working surface (worktable) with a solid metal frame. The jigsaw platform is directed upwards, there is no handle, as it is fixed on the table or workbench.

choose, jigsaw, home

The saw blade (saw) is secured at both ends by means of devices on the levers (upper and lower) and vertically directed. In the base of the platform there is an electric motor that drives the saw in reciprocating motion, as a result. the saw cuts the material.

The principle of operation of the jigsaw is similar to that of the sewing machine upon which it was designed. Kaufman, who put a blade in it instead of a needle. This versatile device, with its wide functionality, is indispensable for processing and making cuts of any configuration and is very easy to use. The fixed and stable position of the stationary jigsaw guarantees high precision and quality of sawing.

The jigsaw is convenient in that it is installed and secured in the table, which allows you to free your hands to perform the necessary actions.

What electric jigsaw: criteria for choosing a tool

There are a number of features and characteristics that you should pay attention to when choosing:

  • type of powering the tool (battery or mains);
  • power and motor type (open or closed);
  • method of attachment of the blade (screws or clamping device);
  • the device class (professional, consumer, industrial);
  • ease of use;
  • availability of additional functions;
  • the firm-manufacturer;
  • tool price.

The rate of material sawing is affected by the number of strokes per minute

How To Choose and Use A Jig Saw. Ace Hardware

The main parameter to pay attention to when choosing is the number of strokes per minute. It directly affects the speed of cutting the material and its neatness. Usually this figure ranges from 0 to 3100 strokes per minute, but some especially powerful models can reach up to 3200 strokes per minute.

Useful tip! If you are going to work with different materials, you need a jigsaw with the ability to adjust the number of strokes per minute, as some materials can be demanding on this parameter.

For sawing different materials different saws are used, which come with the jigsaw or are purchased separately

choose, jigsaw, home

Another important point is the system of saws replacement in the tool. Fastening can take place with a clamping device or screws. The first way is easier, faster and does not require the use of auxiliary tools. And the presence in the set of various saws and oils for their lubrication is a pleasant, but not obligatory bonus. By the way, it is better to be concerned about the purchase of spare parts for the electric jigsaw right away when buying the tool, otherwise at the most important moment you may not have the right part on hand. And it entails stopping the work for an indefinite period of time.

Of course, every customer may have his own special requirements for a tool. It all depends on the planned scope of work, the type of materials to be worked with, and other factors. For some people the price is most important when buying, while others prefer models exclusively with screwed blade mounting or an open motor. Next we will look at the best jigsaws according to the professionals.

Circular sawing of plywood with an electric jigsaw

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