How to choose a good jigsaw

Top 10 best jigsaws for home and professional work, rating popular by quality, price and reliability

A jigsaw is not a luxury. It is an indispensable tool for every craftsman. It is compact, easy to use, and most importantly. it can cope with the tasks that are beyond the capabilities of another tool. Especially when it comes to carving shapes in wood, sawing round holes, cutting sheet material quickly. We have prepared for you an honest ranking of the best inexpensive electric jigsaws for the home based on Yandex analytics.Market and reviews of real buyers.


As usual, the quality leaders are such global manufacturers as Makita, Bosch and Metabo. But their price is high, sometimes 2-2,5 times higher than cheaper and lesser-known counterparts.

The most popular tools for home use are still those of the key players in the market, such as DeWALT, Zubr, Interskol, Kolner, BLACKDECKER, PATRIOT, Bort.

Not bad proved themselves household jigsaws firm Fiolent. They are known for their smooth cut, good performance and affordable price. Of disadvantages. the quality of components. A lot of defects.

What to pay attention to when choosing a jigsaw

Capabilities of the jigsaw directly depend on the capacity of his motor. The power of jigsaws ranges from 350 to 1000 watts. The tool of average power of 500-600 W can, for example, saw a wooden workpiece with thickness of 80-85 mm, and is quite able to cope with 8-millimeter steel sheet.

Maximum stroke frequency

TOP 5 Best Jigsaw 2021 [Buying Guide]

Sawing speed of the jigsaw is evaluated by such parameter as the stroke frequency of the rod. the more often the saw blade moves, the faster the cut is made. The most popular models have the maximum stroke frequency of 2700-3100 strokes/minute. For cutting materials of different hardness, there is a frequency adjustment.

This determines the maximum thickness of the workpieces that can be sawn with the jigsaw. This parameter is connected with the power of the device. Jigsaws designed for domestic use have a cutting depth of 50 to 120 mm in wood and 5 to 10 mm in soft metal. Professional units can saw similar material up to 150-160 mm and 30-35 mm respectively.

Of the auxiliary, but no less important functions of jigsaws, it is worth paying attention to:

  • pendulum stroke;
  • angle of inclination of the base plate;
  • smooth running;
  • the function of supporting the rotation speed under load;
  • chip blowing;
  • backlight;
  • laser pointer.

Let’s review jigsaws of each class and make a rating of the best models according to user reviews.


Today the consumer is offered a wide range of this power tool. To make the right choice, you need to be familiar with their features and classes.


These are the lightest models in terms of weight, with a relatively low-powered motor. Low price is an advantage. The disadvantage is a shorter, in comparison with more serious products, service life. Motor power from 350 to 500 W. Weight. up to 1.5 kg. Average kerf thickness. up to 65 mm in wood and 6 mm in metal.

Tip Domestic jigsaws are not designed for daily prolonged work, in this mode they quickly fail. Therefore, when choosing a tool for daily work, focus on professional models. Examples of specific models are at the end of the article.

Suitable for home and household, auxiliary works in small carpentry workshops with low load.


This is the more powerful and expensive category. All components and materials are designed for the longest possible life. Power 500 to 900 W. Weight up to 3 kg. Capable of sawing lumber with a section of 100-120 mm and soft metal up to 30 mm thick.

It should be noted that there is no clear distinction between the groups “household” and “professional”. A jigsaw with a powerful motor, dimensions and weight does not automatically put it in the professional category, although the manufacturer might call it so.

In order for a tool to really comply with this class, it should have a long service life without breakage. As a rule, these are the models of famous brands that value their reputation. Their distinction:

  • Comfortable layout, excellent ergonomics. The tool sits well in the hand, and is agile and obedient to every movement.
  • All metal parts are all-metal, stamped or cast, without the use of powder metallurgy (casting of metal powder and glue under pressure).
  • No “economy of scale”, power cord not less than 1″.5-2 м.

The main difference between professional and domestic tools becomes apparent only after the tool has been in use for a long time. Must be able to endure 4 to 6 hours of work every day for several years.

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Used in carpenter shops, construction, finishing and other permanent jobs.


These are no longer manual, but stationary machines. Have a frame, a working table, a motor with enough power reserve.

Capable of working nonstop for a whole shift, service life of 5 to 10 years or more. Provide high speed and accuracy of cut. Similar. band and circular saws.

The cutting unit of an industrial jigsaw is a reciprocating saw, so these machines are in the class of jigsaws. Brands that produce industrial equipment for plants, factories and large workshops have a good reputation in this niche.

Stationary domestic and professional

These machines are of the same type as the industrial ones, but of low power and dimensions that are quite affordable. Are fundamentally different from hand-operated jigsaws in terms of design and capabilities. If it is possible to cut a long sheet of plywood with a mobile hand jigsaw, it is difficult to drag such a sheet through the narrow bed of a stationary jigsaw. This is not required from the stationary variant, it is designed to perform their special tasks.

  • Cut spikes into small workpieces, rectangular or complex shapes.
  • Cut patterns and ornaments on sheet material.
  • Produce small curved details, functional and decorative: overlays, vignettes, handles.

Due to the use of different saws it is possible to saw different materials. The spectrum of applications is therefore not limited to small carpentry.

Stationary jigsaws have small motors, from 50 to 150 watts. But it is enough to cut any intended workpieces that are within the height of the working field of the machine.

Low-friction saws are used, sawing generates little friction and resistance and does not require a powerful engine.

Unlike hand-held models, stationary jigsaws always give a more precise cut. The jigsaws cannot move away because they are mounted on two ends, on top in the drive and on the bottom. This allows precision work to be done with jewel-like precision. when the workpiece is fed without excessive force, the cut will be made exactly where the workpiece is pointing.


Basically, they are the same tools as the small and medium-powered networked ones. Power is limited by the capacity of the battery, so there are no high-powered cordless jigsaws.

Tip In the characteristics of cordless jigsaws there is no data on the power in watts, as with mainsheet jigsaws. When choosing, power is evaluated by the maximum cutting depth indicated in the characteristics and the battery voltage (from 12 to 18 V). the more often the cutting depth is required, the higher the voltage of the battery should be. Example, for 2 mm plywood 12 V is enough, but for 50 mm board 18 V would be better.

plus: no power lead makes it easier to work, especially with long sheets of plywood, fiberboard and other materials. Until the battery runs out, you can work anywhere, regardless of whether there is a power outlet nearby.

Cons: higher cost, lower power, the need for regular recharging.

Characteristics and selection criteria

Electric jigsaws can be divided into three categories: household, professional and industrial. Most often choose from the first two options, with the main criterion for choosing between these categories is the frequency of use, which is absolutely true. Now let’s talk about the main characteristics that are worth considering regardless of the choice of professional or home electric jigsaw.


The power of an electric jigsaw indicates its performance. The higher the value, the faster it will handle the same job. Also higher power allows you to work with thick or especially tough materials like metal. Low-power models can do it, but the speed will be much lower. Of course, there is a direct correlation to price. The more powerful the jigsaw, the more expensive it will be.

But power has a downside: the more powerful the jigsaw, the heavier it will be. In addition, it is not a fact that you will need a high power at all, it depends on the types of materials with which you have to work. You can nominally distinguish three groups:

Up to 400 watts. work with wood thickness up to 60-70 mm and with metal sheets (steel) up to 2 mm;

From 400 to 600 W. metal up to 5 mm, cope well with chipboard, fiberboard, etc.д.;

Above 600W can cut wood up to 80-90mm and metal up to 8mm.

Please note that this does not mean that the 350 watt jigsaw is not able to cut a 4 mm thick sheet of steel, but that it is slower. Also manufacturers have to indicate the maximum amount of kerf cut. But these are very informative notations, for example the 400 and 600 Watt models can have the same cut. Different companies simply have different considerations regarding optimum cutting performance.

Also do not forget that it also depends on the type of wood (if we are talking about wood), the type of saw blade, whether there is a pendulum stroke and other parameters. That means that these values are merely indicative. They are to be taken as a guide, but do not forget that they are not exact. Note that manufacturers often simply over-insure. Why do they do this?? It’s simple. If you try to saw thick wood with a low-powered jigsaw, it will mean a high load, which will lead to overheating and possible motor failure.

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They often use the following formulas: power/10 = maximum thickness of wood, power/100 = maximum thickness of metal. But given the above, this is also very tentative.

Saw’s stroke

The stroke length (also sometimes said “stroke amplitude”) of the saw also has a significant impact on performance. To put it simply, the more this characteristic, the faster the jigsaw will work. But it is important not to forget about the correspondence between stroke length and power, if the latter is not enough, there will be no performance gain. However, manufacturers try to keep normal proportions. Three groups can be distinguished:

Stroke of 15 to 17 millimeters at low-performance household tools. Below 15 this indicator happens, but problems with increased wear of the saw blade start.

15-20 millimeters. universal models.

19-26. provide the highest productivity, used in production.

The stroke of the saw blade of an electric jigsaw should not always be as big as it may seem. The smaller the stroke, the lower the productivity and the higher the wear, yes, but the higher the accuracy and precision of the cut. Which in certain cases is very important. This is also something to keep in mind when selecting a jigsaw.

Frequency of jigsaw strokes

Can also be designated as “number of strokes. The index is important because less resistant materials require a higher frequency of movements (for an efficient cut), while stronger materials require a lower frequency of movements. For example, for metal usually choose the range from 600 to 800, for hard wood from 1600 to 2000, well, for soft wood, the more the better, you can use 3000 motions per minute.

Fortunately, this indicator was relevant in the old days, and modern models have adjustable speed, which allows you to choose the best mode of operation. Therefore, it is worth looking at this characteristic only in the context of the maximum value. 2800-3100 is a good indicator.

Pendulum stroke

Almost all models of modern electric jigsaws have this function, if it is not present, it is better to refuse to buy. Although, you may not need it, only you decide. The meaning of the pendulum stroke is to reduce saw blade wear, reduce the load on the motor, and increase productivity. The disadvantage is the reduced quality of cutting, so the pendulum stroke is useful when there is a large amount of work, but the accuracy and precision are not important.

By the way, many beginners, who first pick up an electric jigsaw, often make this simple mistake: turn on the pendulum stroke and wonder why the cut turns out not very clean. This can be found in product reviews, but in the end it turns out that people simply do not understand how to use this function.

Type of power supply

There are mains and cordless. What is the main difference we dealt with in this article, where we compared cordless and corded power tools. Here the choice must be made on the basis of what is important to you. If autonomy is needed, the choice will be a cordless tool, in all other cases usually choose corded.

Additional parameters and functions

Electric jigsaws also have a number of additional parameters, some of which can be very important in certain cases, and some are not of fundamental importance, just slightly increase the convenience of work.

Soft Start. Almost all modern power tools have this function, but its absence is found even in expensive models. It is needed for two things: to reduce the load on the engine when starting, as well as to reduce the load on the power grid. This is especially true for

The ability to adjust the inclination of the soleplate is needed for cutting at an angle. But take into account that a certain skill is required when tilting, because if you make too much effort, the angle of cut will be broken. In addition, an even feed of the jigsaw is required, especially when turning.

choose, good, jigsaw

Additional functions and which ones are really necessary

When buying a jigsaw, consultants often offer a more expensive option, arguing that such devices have a rich functionality, but is it really so necessary? What jigsaws are available??

Pendulum motion

This function transmits additional vibrations to the saw blade. Protects the device from quick wear and tear and shortens the working time. We recommend to switch off the pendulum function when making fine cuts. For working with hardwood, metal, it is also better not to use.

Please note! This way of cutting dramatically reduces the quality of the cut.

Edge angle

This feature allows you to cut materials at the desired angle: 45, 30 and 15. Everything depends on the device class.

Soft start

Allows the device to increase power smoothly, reducing the load on the network, to make a precise cut.

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RPM retention under load

Makes it possible to maintain speed and quality of cut and protects the engine from overload.

Chip blowing

Can be connected to a dust bag or vacuum cleaner. Auto-blowing sawdust allows you to see the line for the trimmer marking.


Choice of jigsaw for your home in 2021 includes a backlight. This feature will help the owner even in a poorly lit room to make a neat cut.

Laser pointer

This feature is required if you do not mark before sawing. Laser acts as guide line. You can do without it.

The German Bosch PST 700 E, which can be safely attributed to the class of universal solutions, opens the top 10 of jigsaws. The fact that the jigsaw has a good cutting capacity with a cutting depth of 70 millimeters. Great for fitting boards, panels.

Can be used as a household helper to create decorative accessories, toys. All in all, the scope is vast. The only problem is that the developers didn’t pay enough attention to working with metals. At best it cuts aluminum up to 4 millimeters thick.

If you want to buy a jigsaw with an ergonomic shape and comfortable handle, and you do not plan to overpay. Bort BPS-650. We are talking about the most handy jigsaw in its range.

Rubberized handle, durable motor and improved grip are just a small list of advantages of the model, which attracts a lower level of vibration and extended service life. The machine can handle jobs up to 6 m wide.5 centimeters.

A quick-action chuck for tile fixation is installed. It’s worth adding that the manufacturers have paid due attention to almost all the details: from the clamps to the fixation of the spigot. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not see fit to work on the spring-loaded screws. Model starts to make noise, according to customer reviews, 3 months after purchase.

We are talking about a good Russian jigsaw with a power of 710 W. This is quite enough for smooth, stable operation of the machine when interacting with different materials.

Best suited for woodworking (cutting depth of 8 cm). For steel, cutting depth is 1 cm. There is a protective shield, simple frequency adjustment. Based on customer feedback, the product is equipped with good blades and simple operation.

All parts are made of quality materials. However, this product is designed to perform simple tasks. not suitable for professional use!

It is probably the best budget Russian jigsaw, which has a powerful motor. The developers also took care to install a good swivel mechanism. Can cut wood, metal, plastic at an angle of 45 degrees.

choose, good, jigsaw

Universal clamp for various blades is installed. A nice addition is the rubberized handle, which is pleasant to hold in your hand. In addition, has a protective visor to protect the rods.

Despite its low price, additional protection in the form of a dust adapter. Among the variety of reviews, reasonable Комментарии и мнения владельцев, which we pointed out the obvious disadvantages of the model, no.

The best budget jigsaw is the model Bort BPS-500-P, created for home use. Despite its low cost, it is suitable for a wide range of materials, including ceramics, metal, plastic. Compact power tool is equipped with a sturdy motor with 400 watts of power.

Secure grip thanks to elastic grip plate and ergonomic shape of the product. Suitable not only for cuts, but also for cutting wooden plates. It is worth saying that the developers have taken care of the presence of a good “start” lock.

No need to keep your finger on the button. Cutting angle is adjustable from 0 to 45 degrees. For such a price no disadvantages are detected!

Another model in the “German quality” class completes the jigsaw ranking. It is a reliable product of Bosch PST 900 PEL series, which is characterized by low vibration and noise level.

The developers have equipped the device with good saws, a reliable engine and an anti splintering insert. For obvious reasons, it is very easy to achieve a smooth surface with this jigsaw. But, as you know, a lot depends on the skill of the user and the convenience of using the device.

Here too, not everything is perfect. Already begins to drift away after a few uses.

A powerful model designed for accurate wood and plastic processing. Metal is less productive because the depth of cut is only 1 centimeter. Based on customer feedback, the power is equal to 720 watts. At the same time, the maximum stroke value. 2.6 centimetres.

The professional jigsaw weighs only 2 cm.4 kg. That’s not much for a product with this kind of motor. In addition, the developers have equipped the unit with a molded support base, which allows you to make quality oblique cuts without worrying about damaging the tool.

It is worth adding that the manufacturer’s declared characteristics are fully consistent with reality!

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