How to choose a gasoline grass trimmer for mowing

Interskol KB-25/43V

The ninth place represents the device of the popular Russian brand Interskol KB-25/43B. The official name of the model is gasoline-powered brushcutters, designed for mowing grass, brushwood, for lawn care and making hay.

The model is equipped with a two-stroke engine, more powerful than previous nominees, 2.3 liter.с. From the advantages of the engine it is possible to note semiprofessional class of the cylinder (farmer, with strengthening coating), an electronic ignition system. Fuel tank capacity is 0.7 l.

Includes a sturdy metal blade and a semi-automatic head with a 3 mm fishing line. Mowing width knife 25,5 cm, capturing the line of 45 cm. The brushcutter weighs 8 kg and is equipped with a belt harness to reduce operating stress. Handle type: bicycle handle with control buttons on the right side. The manufacturer emphasizes the non-dismountable bar, more reliable in operation.

According to users, the KB-25/43B model is reliable, compact, with effective power. Mows fresh and dry grass, bushes and shrubs easily. Convenient in operation, thanks to design of handle and straps. Easy to assemble. Remarks on the quality of the protective cover.

  • Cost/performance.
  • Power of 2.3 liters.с., electronic ignition.
  • Semi-professional cylinder.
  • The blade and head with the fishing line are included.
  • Belt and handle design.
  • Easy to assemble and easy to work.

All about choosing electric trimmer

Trimmer is a motorized grass trimmer designed to cut the grass. Unlike its manual counterparts, the design is maneuverable and highly efficient. It can be used to quickly and easily remove unwanted growth in hard-to-reach places. The design of the device is very simple. Engine torque is transferred to the cutting head. It is covered with a protective element and is located on a long boom. Running motor rotates the cutting unit, which mows the weeds.

Mechanical grass mowers, also called grass trimmers, are becoming more and more popular. They can run on a gasoline engine or electricity. Gardeners and dacha owners choose the latter option more often. This is due to the advantages of electric models.

Pros of electric tools

  • Compact and lightweight because there is no roomy fuel tank.
  • No toxic exhaust fumes produced during operation.
  • Low noise level. It makes it possible to mow in the morning and evening hours.
  • Long period between regular maintenance.

The main disadvantage of electric equipment is dependence on electricity. It does not work without it. It often loses out to petrol power. But you should know that the dacha site, where you are not supposed to mow high and dense grass or small branches and bushes quite enough electric trimmer.

The Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 S

Grass trimmer on a straight boom. Equipped with a 1 liter two-stroke engine.с. Weight just over 5.5 kg. Fuel tank capacity 750 ml. The cutting line is supplied as standard.

  • Easy assembly ensures fast working preparation. Lawn mower comes with a set of tools required for its assembly and adjustment.
  • Superior design for direct operation. This grass trimmer easily cuts grass even in hard-to-reach places, such as along fences.
  • Vibration-free operation makes mowing easier. Working with this brushcutter is fatigue-free, thereby increasing output, i.e. the amount of grass mowed in one interval.
  • Compact design for easy storage and transport.
  • Low noise level makes the grass trimmer comfortable to use.
  • Relatively high weight. Of course, this parameter is perceived by each owner individually, but in general you can specify this characteristic as a disadvantage, since the market presents models with the same characteristics, but with a weight of about 1.5 times lower.
  • Not very comfortable handle. This disadvantage often becomes apparent, if you work for a long time. The hand gradually becomes slack and the motions are imprecise.
  • Faulty maintainability. This is the reason for the high repair costs. Although the manufacturer claims that his products work flawlessly, but in practice they sometimes break. Repair of this trimmer for grass is connected with the difficulties of dismantling some nodes, which complicates the recovery process.
  • No grass catcher bag.

Conclusion. This model is suitable for mowing lawns planted on fairly clean soil and for working rolled turf on sports and other fields. Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 S grass trimmer is preferably used for short work.

Model Echo SRM-2305SI

Standard top mounted grass trimmer with D-handle. 0.8 l two-stroke engine.с. Weight 5.8 kg. Gasoline consumption 0.5 l/h. Equipped with i-Start easy-start system.

  • Easy start-up. The motor starts easily, which reduces the load on the starter and indirectly prolongs the life of the device.
  • Easy putting fuel in the grass brush and low fuel consumption.
  • The rather high noise level limits the use of the grass trimmer in some facilities, such as hospitals, schools, etc.д.
  • Not very clearly written instruction makes it difficult to prepare the equipment for first time use.
  • Difficulty in locating and obtaining spare parts worsens maintainability.
  • Fewer rotational speeds reduce mowing speed and overall efficiency.
  • Design of the hose reel is not optimal: it occasionally clogs with grass and has to be cleaned by hand.
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Output. The model performs well in intensive use. The Echo SRM-2305SI Grass Trimmer is suitable for low grass lawns. Not recommended for stony soils.

Hitachi CG22EAS

Inexpensive Japanese-made grass trimmer, equipped with a 0.85 liter two-stroke motor.с. Weighs 4.7 kg. Has a comfortable handle on the handlebar bracket in the shape of a bicycle handlebar.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy change of cutting head.
  • Height-adjustable handle makes it easy to use and gets the user used to the brushcutter in no time. You can literally customize the machine to suit you and experience true ease of mowing.
  • A heavy-duty line easily mows any kind of grass, even lint with thick stems. Steel disc included for tough grass and young brushcutting.
  • Low weight enables easy handling of the trimmer when working on the lawn. The lightweight design of the compact grass trimmer enables a wider swath and more grass to be mowed in one go.
  • The fuel filler cap is not pressed on tightly, which causes more fuel loss through evaporation.
  • Quick deterioration of the fuel hose during operation.
  • The spark arresting screen on the muffler needs to be cleaned regularly. Not doing so reduces power output significantly.
  • High cost of spare parts and components worsens the serviceability.
  • This grass trimmer is ineffective for large plots of land (more than 15 acres).

Conclusion. Ideal for small areas. Low weight allows people of all physical abilities to do landscaping work. Even teenagers can work with Hitachi CG22EAS trimmer. Low gasoline consumption allows you to mow for a long time without refueling.

What to look for when choosing the equipment

Before choosing a lawnmower, it is desirable to get acquainted with the basics of its design. It will give you the opportunity to understand the purpose of the main nodes and orientate yourself in their characteristics.

So, the engine determines the operating potential of the device. The higher its power, the more time the machine can withstand and the larger the growth it can handle. True, along with power increases the size and weight of the trimmer for grass. Today there are two options for a lawn mower motor.


Lightweight and compact engine of simple design, which greatly simplifies its maintenance and possible repairs. Easy to operate. Two-stroke motor is high-speed, it greatly increases its productivity. The price is not high, low-cost varieties of gasoline trimmers are equipped with two-stroke motors. There are some notable disadvantages. The machine makes a lot of noise during operation, produces a large amount of exhaust fumes, and does not consume fuel economically. It needs a mixture of gasoline and oil, which must be diluted by itself before filling it into the fuel tank. It is not very convenient, but the two-stroke units are more in demand. This is due to their lower price, ease of operation and maintenance.


Powerful motor with long service life. Runs smoothly and quietly, sparingly consumes fuel. Exhaust emissions are much lower than with a two-stroke. It is equipped with two tanks, one of which is filled with gasoline and the other with oil. No need to pre-mix the engine.

choose, gasoline, grass, trimmer

The disadvantages of four-strokes are considered significant weight and size. Considering that the user has to carry the engine on him, this is a significant disadvantage. The design is more complicated, so service and possible repairs will cost more. And the price for a four-stroke motor is higher. That’s why they are still behind two-stroke models in terms of demand. Although in the rating of the best brushcutters for professionals there are always powerful four-stroke engines.

Grass trimmer power: what it depends on?

If the power of the engine will not be enough, its rotation speed under load will fall, while the quality of cooling will decrease dramatically (it is usually air) and overheating will occur. In the best case it will trigger a lock, and the device will turn off. But the powerful motors will work without problems at the same rpm, so they can easily cope with dense brushwood.

There is another important point. Low-power models, first of all, will only work with fishing lines, with knives will not be able to. But there will be restrictions with fishing lines: thick ones won’t do, because, again, they will create additional load on the engine.

What to buy a gasoline trimmer? Choosing the right model

What gasoline trimmer is better to buy. the most important question at the beginning of the dacha season. With this machine, you can mow large areas without being tied to a power outlet and tackle overgrown shrubs in your garden. Grass trimmers are also actively used for quick and easy haymaking and weed control in seedbeds, as an additional tool to the lawnmower to cut grass in inaccessible places, such as around trees, along a wall or fence. Powerful models can even cut thin branches off trees and shrubs. Depending on the type of vegetation on your property, you can choose the right equipment for your grass trimmer or select a model with power that suits the nature of the work on the site.

String Trimmer Basics: How To Choose a Gas String Trimmer

The advantage of the gasoline engine is good power and mobility of the unit, you are not tied to the mains and can cut the grass even at a considerable distance from home. this is a constant plus if you have a large area.

If you have decided that you need a lawn mower with a gasoline engine, then the following information, which will be presented in this article. for you. Benzotrimmer what is the best price quality reviews of users. all questions are answered in our article about the main aspects when choosing equipment and rating the best models of benzotrimmer presented in the Russian market.

How to Choose the Right Fuel for Your Mower

Key parameters for the choice of benzotrimmer

Modern benzotrimmer better, which one to choose for dacha or garden? How to determine the features you need? The main parameters in a gasoline trimmer are power and performance. These values should correspond to the amount of future work on the site and their intensity. For processing a small area once in 30 days it is better to buy a unit with low power, which will be able to fight the grown grass and weeds, dry vegetation. Such a lawnmower will serve for several seasons, the cost is low and the brand is not particularly important when you will use it not in intensive mode. from time to time. For constant operation of the grass trimmer (for 7 hours a day) you will need a model with good power and quality parts. Under these characteristics fit the products of brands Husqvarna, Echo, Makita, STIHL, they have a long service life and reliability of the system, which justifies their high cost.

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Depending on who will mow the grass (a strong man or a woman, a teenager), the gasoline trimmer is selected by weight. Working with heavy equipment for a long time is difficult, so you need to pick up lightweight models.

Boom type affects the performance and reliability of the lawnmower as a whole. grass trimmers with a curved boom are not designed for heavy loads, as they have a steel cable that transmits the rotation of the cutting equipment. But they are good for cutting grass, especially in hard-to-reach places (along fences, around trees). And models with a straight boom have a metal shaft inside, which can withstand high power and dense vegetation.

The type of cutting equipment affects the ability to use the mower for different jobs. Mowing head with a fishing line is used for grass and small weeds, the metal or plastic blade can cut dead wood and thin shrubs. The saw blade can also cope with thin branches in trees.

A shoulder strap or backpack suspension provide comfort during trimmer operation. For prolonged use, a soft backpack system is used to take the strain off your hands, while a textile soft strap belt is good for short mowing.

choose, gasoline, grass, trimmer

Popular Petrol Trimmer Brands

To date, the market for garden equipment offers a large number of brands of benzotrimmer: both domestic and well-known world. Popular brands offer both professional and budget class products for a wide range of buyers.

  • Husqvarna is the oldest brand of construction, repair and garden equipment. Combination of years of experience, new Japanese technology and modern materials.
  • Makita is another Japanese brand with professional equipment. One of the most reliable and technologically advanced by the reviews of users, including Russian.
  • Echo. quality Japanese products at competitive prices.
  • STIHL is a German brand of high quality products, recognized around the world.
  • Patriot. American brand of construction and garden special equipment, budget line is not inferior in quality to the professional.

Rating of the best gasoline trimmers

The undisputed sales leaders are Husqvarna, STIHL and Echo brands. Popular brands, representing a consistently high quality tools and equipment for the garden, have a lot of positive feedback from users. The question of which gasoline trimmer is better to buy Hitachi or Makita, Husqvarna or ECHO is difficult to answer, because these brands provide the market with the same quality Japanese product with a reliable design and economical fuel consumption. The scope of use. a professional.

But in addition to well-known and promoted brands-giants, there are other brands that are not inferior in quality, but cheaper. Let’s take a closer look at gasoline trimmers: what is the best, price, quality, scope of application.

Echo GT-22GES gasoline trimmer

A great option for country houses. lightweight household trimmer for grass with gasoline engine. Popular model, the power of the unit 670 W is enough for processing small and medium-sized areas: mowing the grass on the lawn and weeds with thin stems. On the question of which gasoline trimmer is better to buy for countryside reviews on the model Echo GT-22GES mostly positive. Comfortable, lightweight and productive equipment for infrequent work in the garden.

  • Light weight 4.5 kg.
  • Low fuel consumption (0,62 l/hour).
  • Easy start function.
  • Curved shaft (effective work on sites with difficult terrain).
  • Anti-vibration system (a rarity for domestic models).

PATRIOT PT 3355 gasoline grass trimmer

Lightweight but powerful (1300 W or 1.8 L). с.) a cottage version. Tough terrain (bumps, holes, ravines) work just as effectively as on level ground. Universal gasoline trimmer copes with mixed vegetation: dense grass, dead wood, plants with thick stems. Handle and boom length comfortably adjustable for body height. Padded shoulder strap made of textile protects hands from fatigue. A good option for occasional use.

How to Select the Right Trimmer or Brushcutter

Husqvarna 323R Gasoline Grass Trimmer

Lightweight but powerful lawn and garden trimmer with good performance on medium-sized plots. The unit is suitable for mowing soft and dense vegetation and thick stems. Belt type tooling on 2 shoulders ensures comfortable work and reduces the load on your hands.

  • Lightweight (4.5 kg).
  • Variety of accessories (saw blade and blade head).
  • Handy bike handle.
  • Fuel priming pump.

Husqvarna 143RII gasoline grass trimmer

Powerful and powerful gasoline trimmer for heavy duty operation. Able to withstand heavy loads and work intensively without interruptions. Able to cope with rough grass, dense shrubs, young growth. Equipped with an engine protection and a large gas tank capacity of 950 ml. Accessories: 4-blade blade and blade head. Such units are chosen for gardening farms, used for beautification of streets, city parks, squares and lawns.

Gasoline grass trimmer Echo SRM-4605

Most powerful and productive model in its class. Used on large and very large areas with mixed vegetation: dense grass, weeds, dried weeds, bushes and even young trees. The internal cylinder and piston system has a special low-temperature electrolyte coating that prevents premature wear and tear.

  • High power 1800 watts.
  • Large fuel tank (950 ml).
  • Easy access to air filter.
  • Low fuel consumption (1.4 kg per hour). for powerful trimmers.
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STIHL FS 38 petrol grass trimmer

Household-grade 650 watt compact assembly for grass and soft vegetation. Curved boom for difficult terrain (bumps and pits) and for cutting grass around objects (benches, trees, flowerbeds). Ideal for private garden and hobby garden use or as accessory to a lawn mower (grass cuts in hard to reach places).

  • Low weight (4.1 kg).
  • Compact round handle.
  • Hand fuel pump (avoids jerky starting).
  • Automatic line length adjustment.
  • Safety goggles included.

Petrol trimmer PATRIOT T 545 Pro

Perfect for large areas and difficult terrain. Included trimmer head with a fishing line and a three-blade metal blade to cope with dense grass, dry stems, bushes, weeds. A bicycle handle makes it easier to control when cutting tough vegetation. Convenient plug-changing system without additional tools.

What to look for when choosing a gasoline grass trimmer

The best gasoline grass trimmer for grass is the one that mows unnecessary vegetation well. When choosing the optimal mower brand, you need to pay attention to the main technical parameters.


One of the main selection criteria is power. Most often gasoline mowers are equipped with lightweight, compact and inexpensive two-stroke engines. Their work requires preparing a fuel mixture of gasoline and special oil. Most professional models have four-stroke engines. They have separate containers for gasoline and oil. The blending takes place in the machine itself. Grass trimmers with this motor are more environmentally friendly, quieter, less vibrating.

grass trimmers with an engine capacity of not more than 1.5 л. с. Mowing soft vegetation in areas smaller than 6 hectares. Higher-capacity starters are used for mowing tall and tough grass, bushes, weeds over large areas.

Fuel tank capacity

Operating time and machine weight depend on this parameter. The tank volume varies from 0.5 to 1.5 л. Higher capacity makes the weed trimmer heavier, but it doesn’t need to stop and refill frequently. You can advise when choosing a trimmer for the grass on this parameter, be guided by the size of the mowed area and its forces. It is worth to take a technique with a translucent plastic tank. Very convenient to keep track of the amount of fuel.

Starter type

Gasoline brushcutters have a manual starter. It includes a pulley placed on the ratchet. A rope is wound on the pulley in its original position, which is used to spin the engine crankshaft to revolutions sufficient to produce a spark. Some models of modern trimmers from popular manufacturers are equipped with the Flash Starter easy-start system, which makes the engine easier to start.

Functional features

Worth getting a model that has additional safety features: overheat protection and accidental start lock.

Other features make operation easy, too:


There are two options for mounting the motor: at the bottom or at the top of the unit. Medium and high horsepower motors are often mounted on top. Lower-mounted trimmers are more difficult to operate.

  • Drives (boom and shaft). This is the element that transmits the rotation from the motor to the bottom gearbox and the nozzle.
  • Booms. They can be straight, curved, collapsible.
  • Gearbox. Outputs rotation from the shaft to the nozzle.
  • Handles with a control lever.
  • Nozzle (blade or coil).
  • Protective housing.
  • Starters.
  • spark plug.
  • Gas tank with neck.
  • Belt mount bracket.
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The first thing to note is the high power of the petrol brushcutters. They can mow quite large areas or professionally treat extensive lawns. Gasoline grass trimmers are mobile. you can work without being tied to a power outlet. Limited only by fuel in tank and supply.

The gasoline-powered machine can be repaired by yourself. In the case of an electric trimmer you need to use the services of an electrician. Lawn mower repair is not complicated. In some cases, to replace parts, parts from a chainsaw may be suitable.

Rating of the best gasoline trimmers in 2020

Gasoline grass trimmer is often purchased for mowing grass on sites with an area of more than 10 acres and in cases where there is no possibility to connect the tool to the mains. Trimmers with a combustion engine usually have a fairly powerful engine and high performance. That is, they can mow faster than electric ones. In addition, models with a gasoline motor do not tend to overheat quickly and cope better with large amounts of work.

Advantages of gasoline trimmers

Good for working on plots of 10 to 20 acres

Mows weeds, perennial grass with thick stems, and even bushes effectively

Able to work for a long time without interruption

choice of models than in the case of electric trimmers

The disadvantages of petrol trimmers also have. They are more expensive, weigh more, noisy, need careful handling and maintenance. However, if you often need to mow thick grass or work long hours away from home, the technique with an internal combustion engine is the best choice.

Gasoline models from leading manufacturers are equipped with motors with power from 600 to 2500 watts. powerful engines are sometimes equipped with inexpensive equipment from companies that export their products from China. The productivity bonus of such devices is not great, and the vibration level increases significantly. Cutting width of different models is from 37 to 45 cm, if working with a knife. 25-26 cm.

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