How to choose a circle for corner grind. Disk selection tips

Cutting circles for corner grinders: competent choice for safe work

Almost all construction electric tools are multifunctional, and they are obliged to these special nozzles, each of which has its own properties, technical characteristics, purpose. For example, numerous drills of drills, oorators, as well as different types of cutting circles for an angular grinding machine (corner grinder) or “corner grinding”, as users also call it.

This name appeared in the seventies of the last century, when the first samples of such a tool were released in Bulgaria. Equipped with a powerful engine, such a machine naturally performs not only a grinding function, it cuts and processes solid materials. metal and stone.

Among my readers, for sure, there are people who are preparing for the purchase of a corner grinder, as well as those who have already acquired an instrument and are trying to deal with nozzles. I want to help everyone right away, simplify the task and tell about numerous circles, as the most popular nozzles of this machine, which, quite possibly, you will have to buy additionally.

To do this, you need to find out exactly which work is performed with the participation of corner grinders, and the types of nozzles used for them. than 70% of all actions performed by a corner grinder is cutting work. It cuts, practically, any materials: from metal to wood, but, when choosing, be sure to read the instructions, since there are tools of tools and cutting circles that do not perform certain functions, for example, cutting stone.

Cutting discs are divided into abrasive and diamond. Most often used abrasive cutting circles for metal and stone. How to find among them a suitable option for you?

Having picked up a circle, you will find rather extensive information on its front side. Firstly, you will see a specific specialization of circles, since they are intended not only for steel, but also of other materials, including non-ferrous metals, as well as for cast iron, stone, porcelain tiles. There are also universal options.

Here you will also see data on operational maximum speeds, the expiration date of the cutting circle, size, and also a specification.

On the label of the circle, the external diameter and internal (landing) diameter are indicated, which is often 22.2 millimeters. The external diameter should be selected in accordance with the class of corner grinding, for example: 115, 125, 150, 180 or 230 mm. Never install a cut.out circle of more than expected on an angular grinder, this is fraught with a danger.

The thickness of the disk greatly affects the choice, since its application depends on it for a certain type of work. Standard thickness 2.3. 2.5 millimeters with a diameter of 125 millimeters. Carefully, quickly and easily work with thin circles (1-1.2 mm), while the material heats less. However, thin discs are intensively grinding. So that the abrasive is less erased, select the thickness of the disk in accordance with the thickness of the cut metal, then the work will be more productive and longer in time.

(Thin disk of the meadow for metal)

When working with thin circles, follow the rules carefully. Although the abrasive material of the cutting circle for metal is strengthened by a reinforced net using a special technology, nevertheless, never remove the protective casing from the corner grinder, put on special clothes, do not crush force on the circle. Observing all the norms, you can safely cut leaf metal, pipes, profile of various configurations, corners, and armature.

How to determine the expiration date of the detachment circle?

Let’s figure out what such an inscription on the label means: v 04/2016. Usually it is knocked out on a metal ring around the landing hole. This designation indicates the quarter and the year to which you can use the disk. Everything is clear on the year, and the quarter is indicated by its first month: v 01 (January). 1 quarter, v 04 (April). 2 quarter and so on. Do not buy expired goods for security purposes, do not leave to lie at home idle, purchase them by the time of work.

Marking of cutting circles

You can talk about the specification and labeling of detachment circles for a long time, but some manufacturers tried to describe everything in detail on their sites, giving information for certain types of circles. Therefore, we will look at one example of how to decipher the four.digit code indicated on the label.

The four.digit code “A 30 S Bf” means: a. electrocorundum (material of abrasive grains). If there is an AS designation, then this is a white electrocorundum, cleaned of chlorine, sulfur and iron, which is important for cutting stainless steel. Designation C. silicon carbide. grains for cutting circles on stone. Number 30 (sometimes 24). large grains for steel cutting, for non.ferrous metals. 40 or 60.

The next symbol, in this case, s indicates the hardness of the ligament. It is the stronger, the higher the serial number of the symbol in the alphabet. One point is important here: you need to choose the perfect ratio of the hardness of the ligament and the strength of the cut metal, since they have a reverse dependence.

During the cutting of the grain that swept away, should disappear, crumble, giving way to the entire cutting particles of abrasive. But if the ligament is overly hard, then the circle, as experts are expressed, is “hardened”, begins to cut poorly, overheat the workpiece. If the ligament is too soft, then the disk will grow quickly.

And the last designation of code. BF. this is bakelite. the material of the ligament of the grains of abrasive.

With such a task as cutting and processing of concrete, porcelain, stone, asphalt, cutting diamond and abrasive discs for corner grinders cope with. It is well known that the diamond leads on the hardness scale, so the ends of cutting steel discs for dense materials are covered with diamond crumbs mixed with metal particles.

Diamond discs for different hardness of materials are sectional. for slate, brick, tiles, marble, as well as unusual. for granite, concrete, stone. When choosing them, decide on which material you are going to work. The thickness of the diamond discs is 1.3. 2.2 mm.

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Abrasive cutting circles are universal, they cut not only metal, but also a stone. They are made by crimping the abrasive mass of several layers of fiberglass mesh with subsequent baking in the furnace. There are also cut circles without a reinforced mesh, but they are not used to work with manual corner grinder. It is the grid that reduces the danger of rupture of the disk at high rotation speed.

Varieties of disks for corner grinders: the most suitable wood circles

The range of nozzles for this tool is quite wide. Products are classified for its intended purpose, depending on what you can distinguish 3 main groups of circles for angular grinder:

Corner grinder disks are divided into three categories: abrasive, saw and diamond spraying

Saw. Have similarly with standard saws, but are produced from other materials. The most common option is the tungsten carbide wheels. They are not suitable for working with wood.

With diamond spraying. This group of circles for corner grinders is the most extensive. The high popularity of nozzles with diamond spraying is determined by a wide operational spectrum. Using such circles, you can process metal parts, as well as elements of stone and concrete. For wood, such discs are not used.

note! The use of corner grinding lifmash requires compliance with some rules. One of them claims that it is impossible to use circles of larger diameter than indicated in the device passport.

For wood processing, abrasive discs are best suited

Abrasive. They are distinguished by high versatility. Abrasive discs are used not only for cutting, but also for grinding, as well as polishing surfaces. Products from this group are also used for wood processing.

These products are differentiated by one more basis. dimensions. The modern market provides a wide selection of products, the dimensions of which vary in the range from 115 to 230 mm. A wood.grinder wood disk is 115 mm in the most compact and is used for quick and accurate cutting of the material. It is worth noting that the largest discs are not suitable for working with wooden surfaces.

Types of wood disks for angular grinder: design options

Many experts do not recommend using a corner grinder for cutting and processing wood. This is due to the principle of operation of the device and the characteristics of the material itself. However, the variety of disks for angular grinding grinding is growing every year. They can be divided by the features of work into several types.

Circular saws. Such woods for corner grinder are used, as a rule, for more technological equipment, but many install them on an angular grinder. They are divided into two types: large diameter with attacks and more compact, without attacks.

Segment discs are made of carbit pholphrama, which is characterized by high strength

Chain. Ideal for working with wooden materials. Many people are interested in the question of whether it is possible to saw a corner grinding tree tree. There is no unequivocal answer to it, but chain products are maximally adapted for this purpose. The edge of the circle in this case is equipped with a chain on which the teeth are located. A similar design has many advantages. This nozzle is most often used to perform a flat cutting of the board. With the help of it, you can process other materials: wood-cutting plate, wood-fiber slab, plywood.

choose, circle, corner, grind, disk, selection

Small dental saws. This variety of circles was invented specifically in order to ensure maximum security of a person when working with wood. Compact products related to this group have 3 teeth, and more overall. 4. This group also includes cutting wheels for corner grinding grounds 125 mm. Such products do a great job of their functions. They can be used to cut wood along and across the fibers. In addition to standard functions, such discs are used to organize grooves in the workpieces.

Segmented (material-carbide-wolfram). Such products appeared relatively recently, but have already gained immense popularity. A distinctive feature of such products is the absence of teeth. The edge of the disk consists of segments that are characterized by high strength.

Wood wheels are divided into chain, circular, segment and nozzles with a small number of teeth

Helpful information! With the help of a segment nozzle, you can work with wood of any strength and viscosity. It is characterized by high safety and is able to withstand even metal inclusions present in some blanks (self.tapping screws, nails, etc. P.).

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of the disks for the angular grinder include:

  • Wide selection of varieties and sizes.
  • Accessibility, low cost of most models.
  • High performance.
  • Design reliability, nozzles strength.
  • Ability to work at high speeds.
  • Resistance to mechanical loads, the ability to withstand nonsense or pressure during operation.

The disadvantages of the disks for the angular grinder should be considered:

  • Relatively rapid wear of the working edges or surfaces.
  • When cutting metals, sparks are formed that can ruin the surrounding objects.

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choose, circle, corner, grind, disk, selection
  • The smell of burning material of cutting nozzles is unpleasant and requires ventilation.
  • Inexpensive discs are not strong enough, sometimes they fall apart during work, which is dangerous for the master and others.

The opinion of the experts of Vasily Stepanovich Certificate lack of cord.shafts is the ability to fly away individual delays, which at a high speed plunge into the surrounding objects. When entering a person, serious injuries are possible, so it should not be neglected by security requirements.

A variety of discs for processing wood to a corner grinder allows the owner of this tool to significantly expand the list of works performed using angular grinder, do not buy and do not rent special equipment for milling, polishing, polishing and sawing wood.

Although the profile highly specialized tool is an angular grinder with an assortment of nozzles and will not replace it, but it will help to significantly save permissible processing areas.

Characterization of grinding disks for corner grinders

Grinding circles are used to process the surface of the product. The working part of the disk can be made of carbide of boron and silicon, quartz, spherubin or spherocorunts. The grinding nozzle has the shape of a bowl or circle with protruding plates, on the surface of which special material is applied.

This can be diamond crumb for rough cleaning, sandpaper with varying degrees of preliminary processing, nylon threads with a special coating, which are used together with special pastes for more thoroughly grinding. On a grinding nozzle, you can fix the fabric, felt, felt or foam rubber, so it is used to polish the surface.

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The working part of the grinding disk can be made of quartz, boron and silicon carbide, spherubin and sphercorunds

Helpful advice! For processing a large area, the grinding of logs or rounded areas, an attachment in the form of a cone is used.

There are two types of disks for a corner grinder for grinding: abrasive and petal. The first option is designed for rough processing. It grows solid irregularities that appeared as a result of melting welds, large burrs formed during cutting or cutting metal blanks. Abrasive grinding circle can be used to tighten the tool. The petal type of grinding disk is used for thinner processing. It acts softly, grinding the relief surfaces.

Helpful advice! For rough processing of natural wood, you can use a chain disk for an angular grinder, which provides high performance.

When choosing a grinding disk, the main role is played by the granularity of the nozzle. The higher it is, the thinner the surface grinding will be carried out. Circles with a value of 40-80 are designed to perform preliminary processing. For aligning the surface, nozzles are used with granularity 100-120. Finish grinding is carried out using circles 180-240.

Grinding metal disks with a value of 40-80 are designed for preliminary processing

Diamond polishing discs can have a granularity of 50, 100, 200, 400, 600, 800, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000.

Features of the grinding disk for a corner grinder

For the finish processing of natural wood products, various types of nozzles are used, which are represented by cordens, pendant, sandpaper, end and petal circles.

To remove the upper layer from whole wood, paint or paint and varnishes from the surface, pendric disks for corner grinding are used, which also contribute to the leveling of the surface of the boards. Products are equipped with special spikes located on a flat surface of the disk, or crumb.

For gross processing of wood, a cordchit is used, which in a matter of seconds removes all the irregularities from the surface, preparing it for finish grinding. The abrasive nozzle is represented by a disk with a metal bristle in the form of a wire, which is located along the perimeter of the circle or perpendicular to its surface. The second option has the type of brush.

For processing wood, use pendric, sandpaper, end and petal discs

Important! For wood processing, you should choose circles with thin wire, which is not able to damage the workpiece itself.

To align the edges of the wooden workpiece, which is required for its oblique cuts, a end circle is used, which provides a result comparable to the surface processing of the file with a file.

Liberal grinding disk for an angular grinder of 125 mm and other diameter is characterized by the widest range of use. The nozzle consists of trapezoidal petals made of sandpaper of varying degrees of grainness, which are overlapping, blocking each other. Such a disk is characterized by a slow degree of wear.

Helpful advice! If a wooden surface is processed with a complex relief, it is advisable to use a petal nozzle, in which abrasive elements are located radially.

The petal grinding disk is used for a very wide range of work

The nozzle can have different surface abrasiveness, as a result of which a different degree of grinding is carried out. A gradual transition from a coarse.grained nozzle to finely dispersed allows you to achieve the effect of polishing the workpiece.

Circles for soft grinding with the polishing effect are presented in the form of interchangeable vulgarous products with varying degrees of granularity, which are characterized by high functionality. Such nozzles are made of fabric, felt, foam rubber or felt.

The last option is the most common. It provides the most even, smooth surface without the formation of roughness, which can be compared with a mirror. Such a nozzle is made of compressed material of thin.haired, semi.migrated or rough.haired origin.

Binder and reinforcement of the circle

In their properties, volcanic and bakelite are not much different except that the last material is more tolerant of alternating dynamic loads. In general, the strength characteristics of the disk depend not so much on the main binder as on additives, additives and the process of production.

The highest resource has circles with a dense and uniform, but fragile structure. In this case, the thinnest layer on the surface of the edge is evenly crumbling, exposing a fresh set of abrasive particles. The nature of the streaming on the granularity does not depend, since the crumbling particles of the binder are usually several times larger than the particles of abrasive.

Circles without reinforcement. as a rule, low.size discs with a diameter of 115 or 125 mm, where compensation for the destructive effect of centrifugal force is not required. The same discs have the smallest thickness. about 1–1.25 mm. The thicker the disk, the more layers of the grid in it can be.

The most obvious way to evaluate the structure of the cutting circle is to break the worn balance in half. If a chatter weave is observed through the line. a low.quality disc. If the circle of normal hardness and density simply crumbles into the sand, easily exposing the reinforcing grid on the fracture line. this is also a sign of low.grade products. It is optimal if the disk gives a clear fishing line for a trimmer on a break, while large scales and strata are not formed on the edges, and only small dark sand is spilled out of the crack.

Rating of vertebral circles for angular grinder of the average price segment

The neoper device is purchased for use with grinders in order to process metal structures. Users note high performance and reliability, as well as the ratio of price and quality. Refers to a grinding type. The form is concave. Universal installation. on the flange. Each circle has individual packaging. Sold at any specialized outlet. Is very popular among domestic builders.

  • German quality;
  • practicality;
  • functionality;
  • long service life;
  • security;
  • Ease of installation and operation.

The German brand is available on Chinese production facilities. Reviews about the product are only positive. The manufacturer controls the quality of the products at all stages. In the manufacture, exclusively high.quality materials are used. Purchased to clean up metal structures. Belongs to the grinding class. Concave form. Own weight. 190 grams.

The German brand is available on the territory of the Middle Kingdom. Product parameters. 115622.2 mm. Designed for manipulations with metal. Grinding type. Direct form is available. It is installed on the flange. Weighs only 115 grams. Differs in reliability and practicality. It is very popular among amateurs and professionals. Often bought for domestic use. Indispensable assistant during small repair.

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Metal disk from the Russian manufacturer is very popular among domestic builders due to a good ratio of price and quality. Bought to put in order metal structures. Installed on a flange of manual grinding machines. It has a direct shape. He will quickly and efficiently cope with pollution on various steel surfaces, remove the shortcomings received when welding the seams. Disk diameter. 180 mm, thickness. 6 mm, landing diameter. 22.2 mm. The manufacturer provides for personal packaging of each unit of production. There are no problems with the acquisition. The goods can be found at any specialized outlet or ordering online in the online store.

Sunners are asked for consumables 138.

  • reliability;
  • practicality;
  • strength;
  • security;
  • performance;
  • positive result from work.

The product is purchased in cases where the need arose using a manual grinding machine to put in order metal products, freeing them from rust, paintwork or other composition. Will help quickly and efficiently clean the base before welding. A distinctive feature of the circle is strength and wear resistance. The perfect combination of price and quality. Refers to a grinding group. Parameters. 125622.2 mm. The surface is concave. It is attached to the flange. Complaints during operation does not cause. In a matter of minutes it will make any surface clean and smooth, ready for further manipulations. Own weight. 170 grams. Sold in separate packaging.

  • wear resistance;
  • performance;
  • reliability;
  • long operational period;
  • simplicity of use;
  • In the manufacture, innovative technologies are used.

Rating of products of medium price segment

The cut.out circle is produced by the Polish manufacturer, which is responsible for the quality and reliability of the manufactured products. It is considered a specialized device. The blanks of aluminum and alloys based on it will quickly and efficiently cut. It is favorably different from cutting circles for working with ferrous metals. It is made from aluminum oxide. impurities in a minimum number. Purchased for installation on any corner grinder of a modern type. If there is a need to use an old tool, then you can install nozzles on rings. adapters. External diameter. 230 millimeters, seat. 22.2 millimeters. The maximum set rotation speed is 6650 revolutions per minute. It is not worth exceeding it. The circle belongs to the category of abrasive. Direct form is available. Is very popular among domestic builders.

  • performance;
  • functionality;
  • ease of use;
  • reliability;
  • durability;
  • security;
  • makes a clean and even cut;
  • easily and simply copes with viscous surfaces, while remaining valuable and intact.

Metal nozzle is made at a Polish enterprise. Belongs to the category of detachment. Sold in individual packaging. Can be purchased both in specialized stores, and place an order online on the Internet. Thickness. 0.25 cm, external diameter. 23 cm. Purchased for cutting metal products and stainless steel. Will cope with the task quickly and efficiently. Distinctive feature. high performance. It is advisable to use the maximum permissible speed. 6650 revolutions per minute. The abrasive is based on electrocorundum and bakelite ligament. The shape of the nozzle is direct.

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  • value for money;
  • universality;
  • reliability;
  • practicality;
  • functionality;
  • ease of storage and transportation;
  • long service life;
  • security.

A special cutting consumable for angular grinder is produced on the territory of the Middle Kingdom. Designed for cutting stone. Differs in quality and a long service life. Suitable for all standard Bulgarians. It is purchased for dry cutting of natural stone, granite, ceramic tiles and other hard surfaces. Standard landing hole. 22.2 millimeters. Nozzle with a diameter of 12.5 cm, develops speed up to 12250 revolutions per minute. Product shape. straight. There is a segment cutting edge. The thickness of the cutting layer. 1 cm.

In the manufacture of a cutting surface, a strong silicon carbide is used. A significant height of the contact surface makes it possible to operate the equipment for a long time, in compliance with certain recommendations from the manufacturer. The product belongs to the abrasive type. Implemented in any specialized store. Marriage on sale is not found. Packaging. durable, individual.

  • quickly and efficiently cope with reinforced concrete and stone;
  • pure cut;
  • practicality;
  • functionality;
  • the quality of the materials used;
  • high speed of rotation;
  • reliability;
  • durability.

Direct abrasive cutting disk is available on Chinese production facilities. Designed for metal cutting. There were no complaints about the strength and quality of the cut. Is in great demand among domestic masters. Showed its effectiveness and performance. With proper operation, it will last a long time, professionally completing the tasks. The product can be found at any specialized outlet or ordering online in the online store.

The company has long been in the market and has established itself on the positive side. The manufactured products cost a lot of money, but also quality at a height. Marriage on store shelves is not found. Serves faithfully for many years with active operation. The produced cutting discs are very popular and are very popular. Purchased by masters for locksmithing, installation, construction and repair work. It is often bought in cases where it is necessary to carry out abrasive cutting of metal parts or cope with stainless steel or other strong alloys.

Installed on corner grinding machines in which the shaft speed does not exceed the mark of 6650 revolutions per minute. Nozzle with a diameter of 23 cm, 2.5 mm thick. Diameter of the seat. 22.2 mm. Products from the domestic manufacturer. The reviews are only positive.

Sunners are asking for products 194 rubles.

  • direct shape;
  • Ease of use;
  • Strongness;
  • strength;
  • quality of the material used;
  • long operational period;
  • defective products do not come across;
  • reliability;
  • functionality.


Traditional discs identical to the grinding machines. The key difference from abrasive detachment analogues in thickness and the ability to process parts by the side. Section of at least 5 mm. In addition to sharpening tools, can be used to remove welds and other types of coarse grinding of metal.

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