How to choose a carburetor for brushcutters

The device carburetor gasoline trimmer for grass

In addition to electric motors, trimmers are equipped with gasoline internal combustion engines.

This mechanism requires special attention to itself, because if it is not properly adjusted, it will either refuse to work, or will work with interruptions and loss of power.

Basically, the adjustment of the engine is to adjust the fuel supply, and this is done with the trimmer carburetor for grass.

You bought a new gasoline trimmer for the grass and it immediately became difficult. The carburetor has a very bad start. If you mow a bit and then turn it off, starting it “hot” is even more of a problem than “cold. What to do with it, I do not know how to start correctly?

Instructions for starting the brushcutter sounds like this:

Pump fuel with a silicon button (primer) on the bottom of the carburetor. You need to do as much (or a little more) than written in the manual, usually about 8-10.

Hold the throttle lever with the stop button at high revs.

Yank the starter handle 2-3 times. The engine must “grab”.

If the engine “seized” and stalls, then you need to move the air damper to 1/2 position and try to start again. If the engine starts, let go the gas and put the choke in the “open” position. Let’s start the work.

Performing manipulations on the pumping of fuel, do not be afraid of his overflow. If this happens and, as they say, “poured the plug”, then it is not necessary to unscrew it, it is enough to move the choke to the “open” position and, holding full throttle, simultaneously scroll the engine with the starter 2-4 times. After that you can start the engine and get to work.

How to pick up a carburetor on brushcutter (gasoline trimmer for grass)

What kind of carburetors and repair kits for Chinese and Russian brushcutters? Read more on our website: pila.prom.Let’s be friends at : Our profile on : com/profile.php?ID=100011669098124fref=ts Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

And the most important thing in the rem kit is not, this valve, with a rubber band inside, which is very unreliable.These repair kits are useless.Because of the valve you need to buy a new carburetor.

Good day ! Help me choose a carburetor for my Atlant A brushcutter. 437.Measurements do not know.Yakuyu.

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How to pick up a carburetor on a Chinese grass trimmer if the model is unknown

Thanks, helpful, but I want to note that if the third “type” of repair kits only “pear” primer, then maybe you should add a fourth type. idle screw? There is a feature on these carburetors, if you tighten the screw too much (believe me, there are inexperienced people, there is just an oversight), so, if you tighten the screw too much then the screw itself in the seat sags, of course damaged and the seat (place under the screw). Why don’t you sell the idle screw, why don’t you sell the part that is with the primer, but only the spacers and the primer liners? And where in the cream kit is the elbow, the spring, the mesh (gasoline filter)?

Roman, what can you recommend the carburetor on the Chinese brushcutter 42,7 (43) cc.see? Thanks in advance for the reply!

How to pick up a carburetor on brushcutter (gasoline trimmer for grass)

Types of carburetors and repair kits for Chinese and Russian brushcutters. Learn more on our site: Let’s be friends at: profile on : com/profile.php?ID=100011669098124fref=ts Subscribe to our YouTube channel!

A most important thing in the rem kit is not, this valve, with a rubber band inside, which is very unreliable.These repair kits are useless.You need to buy a new carburetor because of that valve.

Good day ! Help select a carburetor for your Atlas brushcutter. 437.Measurements do not know.Yakuyu.

How to pick up a carburetor on the Chinese grass trimmer if the model is unknown

Thanks, helpful, but I want to point out that if the third “type” of repair kit is only a “pear” primer, then maybe a fourth type should be added as well. idle speed screw? There is a feature on these carburetors, if you tighten the screw too much (believe me, there are inexperienced people, there is just an oversight), well, if you tighten the screw too much, the screw itself in the seat bends, of course the seat (place under the screw) gets damaged. Why don’t you sell the idle speed screw, why don’t you sell the part that is with the primer, but only the gaskets and liners on the primer? And where in the cream kit is the pin, the spring, the mesh (gasoline filter)?

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Roman, what would you recommend the carburetor on a Chinese brush cutter 42.7 (43) cc.see? Thanks in advance for the reply!

Carburetor on the Planet, or how to tell a fake.

Hi all! After a long time I had a good opportunity to tell you about the carburetor K68, namely today I want to discuss carburetor K68I, installed on motorcycles Planet 5 and Jupiter 5. There are many myths and rumors about what a diffuser should be, how an original K68 should look like, how to distinguish it from a fake by narrow-eyed friends from abroad, etc.д. The first thing I would like to note is that compared to any Japanese counterpart, and they turn out to be available, it is quite primitive and terrible to configure. How much headache and nightmares he brought me before going to sleep about how to configure it and why it does not go Closer to the subject The other day after reading the clever articles on the forums, I found a good article on how to distinguish the carburetor K68I from the Chinese counterfeit. For general information carburetors (Russia) are now considered one of the best deals on the market for motorcycles IZh Planet 5, as well as IZh Jupiter 5. So, the carburetor was I ordered and delivered to me the valiant Russian Post in 5 days, where ordered can tell me on the LS. The carburetor came in this form

On the box of the product, as well as on the product itself, is an inscription “Made in Russia” plus or minus you decide, but compared to my Chinese K68I, it is still a plus. Also on the box is an instruction how to check the product for authenticity, I checked the carburetor original. Also in the box in addition to the carburetor lay a gasket and an instruction manual with very useful information about everything related to the product itself. Tuning, performance, etc.п.

choose, carburetor, brushcutters

But most importantly, the purchase was approved by my cat Kuzma, I think this is important =)

Why so many pictures? You will understand later. And so, begin in the replacement, removal and installation I have not removed, it is not difficult, and information on the Internet are almost all forums, and the article is not about that, but continue. And so here are the photos of my Chinese “Kashka” and the original. (In the first photo the original from below)

Caption. At the original, it is clear, not blurred as a fake, as well as the size of the font on the original it is more, the language of the inscription in ENGLISH.

Casting quality. It is also different, made with great care to counterfeit.

The color of the float chamber gasket, it must be BLACK.

The new “Pekarovsky” carburetor have transport cables, which are removed after installation, the Chinese fake do not have them.

Diffuser. The original is 32 mm on my Chinese 30.5 mm, and this, by the way, a big difference, affecting, primarily on the power.

The diameter of the mixing chamber, the original has exactly 31.5 mm.

choose, carburetor, brushcutters

Seems to have indicated everything, if something is forgotten, I will add it. Also I would like to mention that even this original carburetor made me a little bit finalize it, for the place of attachment with the intake manifold was a “bump”, which is clearly visible in the photo above, I cleaned it with sandpaper. These shoals are not very frequent, but still occur. I’d like to wish everyone to be more vigilant when buying these products on the market a lot, I repeat, a lot of Chinese crap that do not allow your steel friends to work normally, I’m not talking about good characteristics, at least normal. To all good luck, full tanks and smooth roads, take care!

Grass trimmer carburetor: design and adjustment with your own hands

The carburetor is one of the most important parts of the lawnmower, whose function is to prepare the fuel mixture.

Brush Cutter Starting Problems || How To Repair Brush Cutter || Sparta 44 Engine

In case of careless handling of the tool, the carburetor can break down, making further work with a brushcutter impossible.

To repair the tool with your own hands, you should study in detail the design, the principle of operation and features of tuning the carburetor of gasoline grass mower with your own hands.

What’s the carburetor on a lawnmower??

The carburetor design is almost the same for both well-known German and Swedish brushcutters, as well as for Chinese-made tools. This unit consists of such parts:

  • Diaphragm fuel pump;
  • Adjustment system with an atmospheric diaphragm;
  • Idle speed system;
  • Primer for priming, which makes it easier to start the engine of the brushcutter;
  • The elastic plate with two valves;
  • Needle valve;
  • Dosing system with a rotating rotor;
  • throttle valve.
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Modern brushcutter carburetors work according to a certain principle. The diagram below shows the movement of air and fuel mixture in a carburetor.

First the air passes through the throttle valve and then to the nozzle, a narrowing point in the tube where the airflow becomes particularly heavy. from the diffuser enters the float chamber, where it mixes with the fuel mixture. The air-enriched fuel is then drawn through a piping system and into the engine cylinder.

Grass trimmer carburetor adjustment. how to adjust correctly?

Before adjusting the carburetor for your brushcutter, you need to clean all the air and fuel filters in the tool. Further adjustment of the carburetor is made with the help of three screws:

The correct procedure for adjusting the carburetor is as follows:

  • First you need to find a stable low mower motor speed. To do this turn the “L” screw slowly clockwise and anti-clockwise. Once you have found the optimal low RPM for the engine, turn the “L” screw ¼ turn counterclockwise;
  • Then you need to find the most stable operation of the engine at idle speed. To do this, engage the “T” screw. Turn it clockwise to increase RPM and counterclockwise to decrease RPM.
  • The last step is to adjust the high engine speed of the lawnmower. This will require you to press and hold the throttle trigger, and at the same time move the throttle lever to its highest position;
  • Then turn the “H” screw clockwise until you hear the motor run as quietly as possible;
  • Then turn the same screw in the opposite direction until you hear the motor running unevenly;
  • Again turn the screw “H” clockwise until you hear the stable operation of the motor.

After performing the above actions, you need to check the engine of the lawnmower. Pay particular attention to idling performance.

If you have adjusted the carburetor correctly, you will notice that the cold engine runs steadily and the trimmer head has a long range.

In this case, the hot engine does not show excessive revolutions and works steadily when you pull the trigger.

Adjusting the lawn trimmer carburetor with your own hands

Regardless of the garden tool model, adjusting the grass trimmer carburetor requires careful preliminary preparation. The owner of a brushcutter will need to check the spark plug, air filter and the carburetor itself. If there is soiling, all elements must be cleaned or, if necessary, replaced.

The grass trimmer comes standard with 3 adjustment screws. The first one is marked with the letter L and is used for adjusting the engine when it works at low revolutions. The second bolt is marked with the letter H, and is required for adjustment of ICE at its operation at maximum rpm. the third bolt can be marked with the letters T or LA. with its help the operator can adjust the engine work at idle revolutions.

The process of adjusting the brushcutter carburetor is as follows:

  • First you need to perform a series of actions with the adjusting bolt L. To do this, turn it clockwise as far as it will go. After that the L bolt should be rotated by half a turn in the opposite direction. This will give the opportunity to adjust the optimal enrichment of the fuel mixture with oxygen when the motor works at low revolutions;
  • Then you need to adjust the engine in idle mode. To do this, turn the bolt T alternately in different directions until the mowing head or blade stops rotating;
  • At the end you will need to adjust the level of oxygen enrichment of the fuel during the work of the motor at maximum speed. To do this, the bolt H will need to turn clockwise to the stop, then return it to 1/2 turn in the opposite direction.

At the end of the operator must turn off the grass trimmer motor and restart it. If the node has been adjusted correctly, the engine of the brushcutter will steadily gain speed when the trigger is pressed, and quickly reset them when the trigger is released.

How to Choose the correct Carb for your ATV or Pit Bike

Adjusting the trimmer carburetor for grass trimmer with his hands

Gasoline mowers, like all gasoline tools for mowing the grass, are not considered difficult to service technique. They can and should be adjusted, repair their own hands. So, for example, in five minutes of your spare time you can adjust the carburetor grass trimmer.

Often you need to adjust the gasoline supply to tune the engine, and this is done by the carburetor of the gasoline mower. Such a device requires special attention. If used incorrectly it can refuse to work or will fail to perform its functions with errors and high power consumption.

Today we will break down the main causes of failure and step by step adjustment of the part with their own hands.

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How a chainsaw carburetor works?

What is a carburetor? This is a complex part in the system of work of the mechanical device. In any model, air is mixed with gasoline for future supply to the functioning cylinders.

Important! The most high-quality and recommended petrol mowers can be safely called devices of such brands: Husqvarna, Hyundai, STIHL, Zama, Walbro.

At the heart of the lawnmower engine is an aluminum base, which has a diffuser (notch with internal restrictions). It is through this notch that the air currents are heated. The flow rate of oxygen depends directly on the diffuser passageway.

The fuel paths are adjacent to the diffuser. They draw gasoline through them with the help of air flow. And here on the outside of the engine are installed such parts:

Important! The density of air in the carburetor depends on the volume of the open flap. The more open the flap system, the more the unit consumes gasoline and the higher its power. That is, the adjustment of the carburetor on the trimmer is to create an optimal flow of fuel through the correct air flow.

When you need to adjust the carburetor in the trimmer?

It is necessary to adjust the unit in such cases:

  • The new engine used 5 liters of fuel in one run.
  • The weather changed (sharp drop in atmospheric pressure).
  • You have bought a different brand of oil or gasoline.
  • During long periods of storage.
  • After vibration, the screws have unscrewed on their own.
  • Gasoline consumption has increased, the carburetor began to overflow fuel.
  • Appearance of fouling on the electrodes of the internal spark plugs of the device.
  • In the cylinders stopped receiving gasoline.
  • The engine frequently stalls or does not gain enough speed.

What are the damages and how to recognize them??

One of the problems of grass trimmer engine failure may be the mesh filter. Only two breakdowns can be attributed to this element:

To identify the exact cause, you need to do a number of the following steps:

  • Unscrew the fuel air lock cover to remove the strainer. If you find dirt on the part, you should rinse it in fuel or blow it thoroughly. If you see serious damage to the body of the strainer, without hesitation you need to install a new one.
  • If the fuel pipe of the compressor is broken, it should be checked. It most often needs to be replaced from time to time because of its low durability.
  • Use acetone or gasoline to clean the carburetor‘s starting part from clogs. You can also blow out the components with compressed air, which is the easiest and most convenient way to repair the machine.

Important! Throttle base, inlet and outlet valves, connection points of all carburetor parts can be checked by a simple action. lubricate the problem area with soap foam.

Adjusting the Trimmer with your Trimmer Carburetor

We recommend that you do the following before adjusting your petrol mower:

  • Clean and flush the engine.
  • Check the spark plugs for suitability.
  • Remove dust and dirt from the air filter or replace it with a new one.
  • Put in the trimmer roller a cord of suitable diameter or install well sharpened blades.

After installing cutting parts and starting the engine, the carburetor needs to warm up for 10 minutes. If the cutting attachment rotates while the engine is idling, reduce the engine speed.

Adjusting the carburetor on a trimmer is not a simple and time-consuming job. To set it up properly you only need information from our informative article. And in order to do everything properly, use the video, which clearly shows the whole process.

Output data

It is not difficult to adjust the carburetor on your chainsaw independently and without proper experience. Just follow the algorithm above.

It is important to set the dust for a while working conditions. If there are deviations, correct them according to the same instructions. After the troubleshooting, the setup procedure can be considered completed.

If you use a TM Foresta tool, the employees of the company service center will adhere to free and professional adjust the carburetor of your chainsaw without risk of damaging the tool.

Suburban construction and repair is not without the use of chainsaws, as well as the care of the garden. Due to the malfunction of the tool, all work can stop, so it is important to be able to disassemble it yourself, find the problems and fix them. With enough experience and dexterity, you can even adjust the carburetor of a chainsaw. The procedure is complicated, more precisely. Precise. How to carry out corrective procedures, we suggest you divorce today.

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