How to choose a battery trimmer for grass.

TOP-15 best battery trimmers: rating 2021-2022 models for giving

Battery trimmers for grass are an excellent solution for tonsure grass on uneven landscapes. To simplify the search for the desired device, we analyzed the models presented in online stores, studied their functionality and features, got acquainted with the technical characteristics and reviews of the owners. Below is a rating of the best, high-quality and reliable trimmers for giving at 2021-2022, grouped in the most popular categories of requests.

Place name price rating
The best battery trimmers for grass in price/quality for 2021-2022
one Get-36-3LI HUTER Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Bosch Universalgrasscut 18-260 (0.600.8C1.D00) Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 BlackDecker STC1820CM Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best battery trimmers for grass with fishing line
one GreenWorks 2101507UA G40LT30K2 Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Husqvarna 115il (967 09 88-01) Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 BlackDecker ST1823 Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best battery trimmers for grass with a knife
one Einhell PXC GE-CT 18 Li-Solo 3411172 Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Gardena Easycut Li-18/23 Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 DEKO DKTR21 Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best battery trimmers for grass with fishing line and knife
one GreenWorks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Ryobi OBC 1820b Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 DEWALT DCM571N-XJ Find out the price 4.7 /5
The best inexpensive batteries for grass
one Ryobi OLT 1825M Find out the price 4.9 /5
2 Huter Get-18-2LI Find out the price 4.8 /5
3 Zubble Ta-185 Find out the price 4.7 /5

TOP-10 best battery trimmers

Maximum power of the country: Germany (produced in China) Average rating (2022): 4.3

The most controversial tool in our ranking. This is a powerful system, in theory, able to cope with thick herbal stems. It has a powerful motor located from below, and the thickness of the fishing line is 2.3 millimeters. A trimmer for grass from a battery with a capacity of 18 volts works and rotates at a speed of 9 thousand revolutions per minute. In fact, the best indicators that can be found. In addition, the German brand, albeit produced in China, which already speaks of its reliability. And with all this, he has the best market price.

Such a trimmer for grass could easily take first place in the ranking, if not for the design features and some negative reviews from real users. The tool is practically not adjustable. He does not have a mobile bar extending along the length. The engine, although it is on the hinge, is shifted only a few centimeters. If your growth and physique correspond to the design, then the tool will be perfect for you, but for other people it will seem very difficult. There are complaints about durability and. As users write, the motor is relatively weak and at high loads, which, in theory, this battery trimmer for grass is calculated, it quickly fails.

Makita DUR181RF

Quite powerful. Compact, maneuverable. The battery holds for 20 minutes and charges the same amount. Stop shaving and relaxing. I thought to take an additional battery, but I probably won’t. And this is enough. It is clear this is a trimmer for the grass not for the areas, but for careful work: between the beds, bushes. Peel the paths. Most.

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer, 2 mm
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • Hand-shaped shape: D-shaped
  • Wheel: no wheels
  • Speasing width 26 cm
  • Weight 2.6 kg

the best battery trimmers

Due to its convenience, trimmers for grass have long replaced an ordinary braid. They are available in several modifications. network, gasoline and battery. The former are easy to lightly, but because of a constantly connected cable they are not too mobile. Gasoline solutions, in turn, can be used anywhere almost unlimited time (if only there was enough fuel), but they are too difficult. For this reason, we decided to choose the best battery trimmers for grass for grass. Yes, the working hours on such a technique are very dependent on the battery capacity and power. over, the latter is usually not too high. But to maintain order in a small summer cottage, this is enough, and thanks to moderate weight with such models, even fragile girls will cope.

The choice of a suitable trimmer for grass is a difficult task. You need to take into account many characteristics:

choose, battery, trimmer, grass

When choosing certain trimmers, we tried to focus on a wide range of users. Reviews of real buyers were also taken into account, which made it possible to make a rating in which everyone can find a suitable option for the price and opportunities.

Patriot tr 230m

One of the best trimmers according to customer reviews begins the review. Patriot tr 230m. The advantages of this model immediately should be attributed to low price from 4500. If your budget is limited, then it is worth choosing this particular model, because its closest competitor will cost almost one and a half times more expensive. Cool trimmer for grass from Patriot works with a fishing line with a diameter of 1.6 mm. It can capture up to 30 cm width over the bevel, so it is very convenient to care for the average areas using TR 230M. The maximum engine speed here is 8,000 rpm, which creates noise in 91 dB.

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How To Choose A Line Trimmer. DIY At Bunnings

  • mowing mode (installing a wheeled on a casing);
  • captures a large strip of grass in one pass;
  • engine rotation speed and autonomy;
  • reliability and practicality;
  • easy to purchase consumables;
  • very attractive cost of the device.

Makita DUR181RF

Another inexpensive battery trimmer for grass is offered by the Makita brand. A trimmer fishing line for the DUR181RF model should have a diameter of 2 mm, which allows you to spend more economically on thicker grass. The device is equipped with a mobile D-shaped handle, a 3 A/h battery and a voltage of 18 V.

DUR181RF is equipped with an adjustable head with a maximum angle of 90 degrees.

The bevel diameter in Makita DUR181RF is slightly smaller and is 26 cm. Trammer’s rod for grass telescopic, which allows you to adjust its height to the growth of the user. Otherwise, we have a classic model that delights the quality plastic of the case, as well as a small weight of 2.6 kilograms.

Bosch Art 26-18 Li (0.600.8A5.E05)

If you want to buy a good battery trimmer for grass for a summer residence and at home, capable of serving for many years without a single breakdown? We recommend Bosch products. A company from Germany can do high.quality equipment for the home, so it was difficult for us to choose the only device for viewing. However, in the end, it was decided that Art 26-18 was the best that is in the assortment of the manufacturer in terms of value and quality ratio. Only knives can be used in this model, and there are two of them in the kit at once. The diameter of the cut in the observed device is 26 cm. The capacity and voltage of the battery coming in the kit is 2.5 a/h and 18 volts, respectively.

  • A pair of Durablade knives included;
  • quickly charges in just an hour;
  • one of the best in reliability in the market;
  • economical electricity consumption thanks to Syneon Chip technology;
  • Available cost, as for brand.


The top three of the best is opened by the popular German brand Stihl with its FSA 45 model. It is one of the best batteries for grass, standing out among competitors perfect assembly and reliability. This lawn mower boasts the lowest weight among all the units included in our top (only 2.3 kg).

Up to 100 percent battery motor charges in 3.5 hours. By connecting it to the outlet for 145 minutes, the user will be able to get 80% of the charge.

STIHL FSA 45 can work with fishing line and knife, and everything you need is complete with a trimmer. Due to the desire to make the device a compact and easy, the manufacturer was forced to sacrifice autonomy. The battery of the battery is enough for about 20 minutes of work. However, for regular care for a summer cottage, this may be enough.

  • the smallest weight in the review;
  • relatively good autonomy;
  • simplicity of fishing line;
  • quiet work;
  • simplicity of reinstalling the cutting parts;
  • ergonomic handle;
  • a vertical pruning of the edges is possible;
  • The ability to configure the working head.

GreenWorks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC

Choosing good trimmers for grass, we met an interesting model from Greenworks. This device differs in the speed of rotation of the engine to 6500 rpm, a folding handle and the ability to install a bitchcore/bush cutter.

If you are looking for a trimmer for grass with a large bevel diameter, then this model is perfect for you. The device captures a width of 35 cm, which is the most models in our review (with a fishing line; using a knife reduces the width to 25.4 cm).

Having decided to buy a battery trimmer for GreenWorks grass, keep in mind that it comes with a fishing line only (2 mm thick), a knife and a shoulder belt. The battery and the memory will have to be purchased separately, and they cost quite a lot.

Which parameter is better and more important for you when choosing a gasoline trimmer for grass?

Makita EBH341U

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • ICE power: 1.4 l.with.
  • Engine type: four.stroke gasoline
  • Engine revolutions: 10,000 about./min
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.65 l
  • Weight: 7.1 kg
  • Knife rotation speed: up to 6850 about./min
  • Working volume: 33 cubic
  • Engine brake: there is
  • Additionally: shoulder belt, the ability to install a bush cutter/brush
choose, battery, trimmer, grass

Short review

Makita EBH341U is one of the best gasoline trimmers in terms of price and quality ratio. He will leave behind only a beautiful and well.groomed space. This result will be the merit of a four.stroke gasoline engine with a capacity of 1070 watts. It works on ordinary automobile gasoline at the rate of 200. 300 grams per 10 acres. Based on this, it will be easy to calculate that the volume of about half-liter will be enough to clear the large site without refueling. Manufacturers tried to dispel the opinion that gasoline engines pollute the atmosphere, so they significantly reduced the noise level and made a convenient bicycle handle. It is easy to adjust it. On the handle there is a lever control of various tools. A portable trimmer for grass has a speed of rotation of a knife up to 6850 revolutions per minute. Such an unit from is the possibility of installing a bush.cutter or brush. The weight of the equipment is 7100 grams, which is quite acceptable for back with such power. The fuel tank has a volume of 650 grams, and the shoulder belt allows you to comfortably hold the gasoline trimmer for the grass for a long period of work. For a more convenient grip of the manufacturer, we also took care of the rubberized handle, the point, this completely eliminates the slippage of the tool and make the work even more comfortable.

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  • excellent quality
  • Four.stroke engine
  • High power
  • Relatively quiet
  • Convenient belt
  • Good solid design. In places aluminum (for lightness), but the nodes are thick and look reliable.
  • Quality assembly
  • Economical consumption
  • Refueling with clean gasoline should not be mixed with butter
  • Minimum exhaust (not felt at all)
  • Oil with a measured bottle in the kit.
  • High.quality knife (Made in japan).
  • All.metal drive shaft


Husqvarna 325r

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a fishing line for trimmer 2.40 mm
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • ICE power: 1.13 l.with
  • Engine type: two.stroke engine
  • Engine speed: 7200 about./min
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.34 l
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Noise level: 110 dB
  • Working volume: 28 cubic
  • Hand-shaped shape: T-shaped (bicycle)
  • Additionally: shoulder belt, handle with adjustable height

Short review

The Husqvarna 325R gasoline trimmer is just an excellent device that will satisfy the needs of even the most avid gardeners and farmers. All.metal drive shaft is designed efficiently and reliably. This tool is started with half a turn, thanks to the Smart Start system. Almost intuitive management, understandable integration, high.quality heads and knives for grass, all this will be available to happy users. Now, in order to cope with grass and shrubs, only one tool is enough. The gasoline trimmer for the grass is equipped with a throttle flap and a primer located in a light access. Convenient belts are fixed on two shoulders, for comfortable use and load reduction. The fuel tank is completely transparent, so you can easily control the level of gasoline and observe fuel consumption. The handle has a convenient cycling adjustment. This does not need additional tools and some devices. The technique is also equipped with an optimized gearbox for mowing grass.


  • Good quality
  • Light weight
  • Convenient grip
  • The fishing line for the trimmer is comfortable and simple enough
  • Minimum vibration
  • Does not overheat
  • Warranty 2 years
  • All.metal drive shaft
  • The ignition switch with auto.return provides an easy re.start
  • Smart Start (easy launch system)


Champion T433-2

  • Cutting element of a trimmer for grass: a fishing line for a trimmer and a knife, a 3 mm trimmer fishing line
  • Barrow structure: straight
  • ICE power: 1.7 l.with.
  • Engine type: two.stroke engine gasoline
  • Noise level: 102 dB
  • Fuel tank capacity: 0.95 l
  • Weight: 8.3 kg
  • Knife rotation speed: 6500 about./min
  • Working volume: 42.7 cubic
  • Speasing width: 40 cm
  • Additionally: shoulder belt, the ability to install a bush cutter/brush

Short review

If you are in search of a reliable and affordable device that will allow you to comfortably and easily fight grass and excess vegetation on the site, then the gasoline trimmer for the Champion T 433 2 grass will be a wonderful choice. This tool has gained great popularity and is in the collection of a large number of gardeners. It is competition of the most popular world manufacturers and has a lot of positive reviews. Thousands of customers have already been able to evaluate high quality performance and the reliability of a gasoline trimmer for Champion grass. Modern technologies were used in production, so a powerful motor is equipped with air cooling. To refuel a two.stroke engine, you will need 92 gasoline, and its power is 1.7 horsepower. By purchasing such an assistant for your use, you will acquire a powerful and productive tool, which, in addition to your functional features, has a convenient and thoughtful design. Ergonomic case, comfortable fixation belts, voluminous fuel tank, comfortable handle. will make mowing grass light and simple. In addition, the gasoline trimmer for grass has a convenient design, which allows you to easily transport the unit to any place. A collapsible rod provides compact dimensions for transfer. Using a gasoline trimmer for the Champion T 433-2 grass, you can process sections of both medium and large area. With him on the shoulder, any volume of work and even the thick thickets of wild weeds.

Battery trimmers rating 2022.

We analyzed for you the best models of trimmers on batteries, they are intended mainly for small areas for the care of lawns, paths in the country, flower beds and small lawns, choose such a mower as an auxiliary for the main powerful lawn mower. Analysis of reviews on sites selling batteries for grass, detailed consideration of the declared characteristics and naturally analysis of (we tied the price to the dollar rate), allowed us to collect the top of the best battery trimmers for pumping grass in the country or garden plot. At the end of our rating, at the bottom of the page you will find a comparative table of the characteristics of all models participating in the ranking, in it you can visually compare the main characteristics, and choose a trimmer for grass with the best characteristics for your tasks.

Pay attention to the characteristics of the product, its weight and the declared power, you should also ask the question of the availability of consumables for the model that you have chosen or which you liked, consumables for any trimmers are primarily a cutting element, and if for example, a metal 4- x the petal knife can hardly be called the consumable, t.e. It is difficult enough to break it and it requires simply periodic sharpening, then a coil for a trimmer for grass is a very frequent consumable, and if there are no coils for the model you have chosen, it is better to refuse to buy such a trimmer for grass.

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Many Chinese manufacturers overestimate the characteristics of their trimmers, often users call the battery capacity, this is due to the fact that it is quite difficult to check outside the laboratory conditions

TOP-5 best battery trimmers for grass

Battery models are less effective due to low power, but more convenient due to the possibility of autonomous operation.

Makita DUR181RF

The device, equipped with an electric engine with a lower location and operating speed of 7800 revolutions per minute, will become an indispensable assistant in any area where professional lawyer care is required.

Device Makita Dur181RF is equipped with a direct type with a rod, a cable drive, an ergonomic folding handle with a D-shaped handle.

As a cutting element in the presented model is a coil with a fishing line of 1.25 mm with a width of the working area 260 mm.

The device acts from the lithium-ion battery for 3 A h.

The battery produces a voltage of 18 b. The system is supplemented by a protective bracket. There is a trimmer head with fishing line, battery and powerful charger in the kit.


  • Speasing width. 260 mm;
  • rotation speed. 7800 about./min;
  • The layout of the engine is lower;
  • Battery-Li-Ion, 18 V, 3 A h;
  • Modification of the handle-D-shaped;
  • equipment. fishing line for a trimmer, battery, charger;
  • mass. 2.6 kg.

Bosch Easygrasscut 18-26 (0.600.8C1.C00)

A model that works with a fishing line of 1.6 mm and allows you to mow a strip with a width of 260 mm in one pass, will effectively prove itself when processing young and fresh vegetation.

Bosch Easygrasscut 18-26 device (0.600.8C1.C00) is equipped with a straight rod, a d-shaped handle.

The folding structure of this element allows you to easily transport the equipment in the car.

The protective bracket excludes the scattering of cut grass in different directions.

The battery for 2.5 A h makes it possible to work autonomously for a long time.

Electric energy consumption is balanced through the Syneonchip branded microcontroller.


  • Speasing width. 260 mm;
  • rotation speed. 9000 about./min;
  • The layout of the engine is lower;
  • Battery-Li-Ion, 18 V, 2.5 A h;
  • Modification of the handle-D-shaped;
  • equipment. fishing line for a trimmer, battery, charger;
  • mass. 2.1 kg.

GreenWorks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC

Semi-professional equipment GreenWorks 1301507 G-MAX 40V GD40BC with a reliable Brighting engine Digi Proot on board can easily cope with high grass and a small shrub.

The model is equipped with a high torque drive, a system for reducing noise and vibration levels, convenient controls.

The shoulder belt supplied in the kit and the ergonomic design of the handle with an emphasis in the forearm increase the comfort of working with the device.

For a long time of autonomous work, the lack of the need to use gasoline and oil, the absence of wires are the key advantages of the presented trimmer for the grass.

The device works with any compatible battery, which is bought separately.


  • Speasing width. 350 mm;
  • rotation speed. 6500 about./min;
  • The layout of the engine is upper;
  • Battery-Li-Ion, 40 V, 4 A h;
  • Modification of the handle-D-shaped;
  • equipment. fishing line for a trimmer, knife, shoulder belt;
  • mass. 5.5 kg.

Huter Get-18-2LI

The Huter Get-18-2LI model, which works from the lithium-ion battery for 2 A h, going in the basic configuration, will become a convenient device for mowing grass in a small section.

The delivery set also includes a shoulder belt, a reel with a fishing line, a charger.

Speasing of vegetation is carried out using a fishing line with a diameter of up to 1.2 mm, a section of 280 mm wide is processed in one pass.

The trimmer for the grass has the lower location of the power unit.

The latter at maximum power gains 7000 revolutions per minute.

Trush-drive, straight bar, D-shaped folding handle allow you to configure the height of the structure for itself.


  • Speasing width. 280 mm;
  • rotation speed. 7000 about./min;
  • The layout of the engine is lower;
  • Battery-Li-Ion, 18 V, 2 A h;
  • Modification of the handle-D-shaped;
  • equipment. fishing line for a trimmer, shoulder belt, battery, charger;
  • mass. 2 kg.

Makita DUR181Z

Makita Dur181z device with a productive electric engine on board will help maintain a summer house or territory within the city in a strong and tidy state.

The model is effectively coping with the vegetation of various stiffness and density.

24V Electric Grass Trimmer Cutter Cordless Pruning Garden_part1

In addition to the motor, this provides a drive-circle missed through a bar adjustable in height.

choose, battery, trimmer, grass

The cutting element is a fishing line for a trimmer with a maximum diameter of 2 mm. The working part of the trimmer for the grass is protected by a plastic casing.

The lower location of the engine with relative disadvantages gives a significant unloading of the hands and back of the operator during operation.

A lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 18 W and a charger for this model are purchased separately.


  • Speasing width. 260 mm;
  • rotation speed. 7800 about./min;
  • The layout of the engine is lower;
  • Battery-Li-Ion, 18 V, 2 A h;
  • Modification of the handle-D-shaped;
  • equipment. fishing line for a trimmer;
  • mass. 2.9 kg.

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