How to choose a battery for a 12 volt electric screwdriver

Batteries for Bosch screwdrivers

Bosch cordless screwdrivers are popular among professionals as well as average users for domestic work. The best batteries for this tool in the rating below.

Bosch 1600A00X7H Li-Ion 12 V 6 Ah

This is the best battery in the top powering elements for Bosch tools. The batteries of this model are characterized by high capacity. Batteries have a good capacity, belong to the lithium-ion type of batteries, thanks to this structure they can be charged regardless of the battery discharge level. Cells hold a charge well and recharge quickly. Users appreciate this model for its good retention of power cell charge. The battery is compatible with any type of tool in its class.

  • high capacity;
  • compactness;
  • power;
  • holds a charge for a long time;
  • does not self-discharge;
  • reliable in operation.

Pitatel TSB-048-BOS12A-20C Ni-Cd 12 V 2 Ah

One of the best battery models for Bosch power tools. This model of accumulators has a nickel-cadmium structure. Batteries are distinguished by a high capacity of 12 V. Relatively good capacity up to 2 Ah. By design, the battery has a shape of a cage and fits many models of screwdrivers from Bosch. The tool, which is powered by batteries of this model can be used outside in winter, because this type of battery well tolerates sub-zero temperatures. Also, this model of feeders is characterized by high cycling, the battery is able to take a charge even after complete discharge of cells.

  • high power;
  • A large number of charge cycles of the battery;
  • compactness;
  • reliability in operation;
  • the ability to operate the tool at subzero temperatures;
  • ergonomics.

What is the best battery for an electric screwdriver and what indicators should be compared

Before choosing a battery, it is necessary to conduct a comparative analysis of the models and pay attention to the characteristics that affect the usability of an electric screwdriver. Here it is impossible to state with certainty which option is considered the best, because all batteries have their advantages and disadvantages. The first thing to understand is how and where you plan to use the electric screwdriver.

When choosing an electric screwdriver, it is necessary to take into account where you plan to use it

Among the main important characteristics the following deserve the most attention:

  • Number of charge/discharge cycles. Lithium batteries are designed mainly for 1000-3000 cycles. Cadmium batteries have a life expectancy of 1000 cycles, but they often do not end there. Using devices, people have invented ways to reanimate the battery of an electric screwdriver at home.
  • Charging time. Sometimes one battery is not enough to work, so craftsmen prefer to buy two batteries at once. Ni-cd and Ni-mh are charged in 2-4 hours, while a lithium battery will take 30-90 minutes to be fully charged, which significantly reduces the waiting time.
  • Cost. Ni-cd and Ni-mh are considered the most budget-friendly. Li-Ion batteries are often twice as expensive as previous versions and are at least half the cost of the electric screwdriver itself.
  • Tool power. To make holes in hard building materials and screw large-sized fasteners, you will need to use a high-power device. In this case, the charge is actively consumed, and the maximum number of revolutions will depend on the response of the battery. In this case cadmium batteries have better performance than lithium ones.

Charge indicator shows how much the battery is charged

Other important characteristics of rechargeable batteries include:

  • The “memory effect”. If you put a Ni-cadmium battery that is not fully discharged on charge, the remaining level will be perceived by the battery as zero. During operation, it will discharge exactly when it reaches the remaining mark in memory.
  • Self-Discharge. Even if the device is not in use, the battery drains little by little in standby mode. Nickel-cadmium and metal hydride batteries lose up to 10% of their charge in this way, lithium batteries usually lose no more than 5% in a month.
  • Size. The battery size determines the final weight of the electric screwdriver and therefore the ease of handling. This is especially true if you plan to work long hours or hold the tool in the air. The heaviest batteries are Ni-cd and Ni-mh. Lithium batteries are typically 40-60% lighter.
  • Freeze operation. Due to the fact that cordless power tools are easy to carry, they are often used outdoors. Nickel batteries can withstand cold conditions and are able to function even at low temperatures.The cadmium batteries can be used until the air temperature reaches 40° C, but lithium ones shrink or stop working very quickly in such conditions.
  • Full discharge is necessary. Cadmium batteries can be used until the tool is turned off and then fully charged. As for the lithium version, it is recommended to run it down to a maximum of 15%, and it is better to charge it no more than 90%.
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Useful tip! The battery charge can be checked with a special tool. an indicator.

All screwdrivers have different types of battery mounts

choose, battery, volt, electric, screwdriver

Budget conversion of electric screwdriver to lithium. Products you need from Aliexpress

Conversion of screwdrivers to lithium still does not lose its relevance, because it does not require significant capital investment and is easily carried out even by an untrained person. You get your favorite and time-tested tool with much longer working time without the disadvantages of Ni-Cd batteries.

BMS boards

One of the main elements when converting a battery to lithium power. BMS card is needed to protect batteries from over-discharge, over-discharge, over-current and short circuits. For 12-volt screwdrivers we buy 3S BMS, for 14-volt. 4S BMS. The 4S BMS is great for fuller battery use.

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High-current 18650 batteries

The second main element for converting an electric screwdriver. You need a good battery with at least 15A current output. Ideal on the price/quality ratio LG HE4 2500mah, Samsung 25R 2500mah, Samsung 30Q 3000mah and LG HG4 3000mah (“chocolate”). You can use 10A medium-current banks, but only in a 2P circuit (two in parallel).

21700 high-current batteries

The most promising format of batteries, gaining popularity at a breakneck pace. Has greater power capacity but is slightly larger in size. The only disadvantage is that they may not fit in the case, so check this point before buying. You get a very impressive autonomy when you use them.

Nickel tape

Designed for connecting batteries into a battery. Can be used for both resistance welding and soldering. It has low resistance and does not get hot at heavy currents, plus it has a flat profile that does not add much in size and allows the assembly to fit into compact housings.

Quality wire

Quality stranded copper wires in heat-resistant silicone insulation. Alternative to nickel tape. Easy to tinker, bends well, insulation only melts at high temperature. Good option for budget conversion. I use the same ones for demanding projects.

Sealing Rings

Designed to give extra electrical isolation to the battery terminals and increase the life of the battery as a whole. Particularly important in powerful instruments with high current draw. Also useful with low quality wire that gets hot at high currents and can short out the leads.


Designed to charge a lithium battery fully and correctly. Must be chosen for the right voltage assembly. Battery chargers are equipped with charge indicators. Charging current of 1-2 amps is enough for any assembly. You can’t charge a lithium battery with your original charger.

Battery charge indicator

Designed to give a rough estimation of the battery charge. Allows you to roughly estimate the degree of charge and decide whether to bring a second (spare) battery or not. The main feature is that it can be mounted outside the case. On the seller page there are a few models for the right voltage.

Actually you don’t need to buy anything else. The most important parts are Li-Ion batteries and BMS board, don’t skimp on them. I should add for myself that most of the screwdriver models for 12V can be converted to 4SP format with operating voltage of 10-16,8V, as I did. The exceptions are cheap noeneum screwdrivers with plastic gears in the gearbox, but they are very few. This will slightly increase the torque and operating speed and make better use of the battery. But in that case BMS board is strictly obligatory.

First you need to mark the place in the housing and if necessary remove or trim the protruding elements. It is necessary to put a soft insulating material under the assembly, so that the shrinking of the jars will not be damaged by vibrations. If you plan a one-time conversion, you can do with simple soldering, it is not worse. On an industrial scale the batteries are assembled with the help of nickel tape and spot welding, since it is easier, faster and more technologically advanced in production. For soldering, it is desirable to use flux.

I recommend soldering with a soldering iron with a solid tip (60W power) and active flux (solder acid or aluminum flux). The latter is even better and almost odorless. Use wires with a good cross section of at least 2.5 squares. Do not solder for more than 10 to 15 seconds at the high contact, or the internal battery protection will kick in. After reassembly, the battery must be activated by applying voltage to the output contacts of the BMS board. If at a sharp start the electric screwdriver goes into protection, it is treated in several ways (I will tell you separately). If you want you can add a rough charge indicator, it is much more convenient.

That’s basically it. All you need for modification are components and basic skills of using a soldering iron. If you have any questions, write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Everything from AlieXpress for converting electric screwdriver to lithium

All for converting your electric screwdriver from NiCd to Li-Ion from AliExpress. In this topic you can find a brief tutorial and links to all the parts you need.

1) BMS protection circuit board

Needed for battery protection against overdischarging, overcharging, overcurrent and short circuit (short circuit).

Deciding on a choice. If you have a screwdriver for 12V, buy a 3S BMS, if for 14V, buy a 4S BMS. In general I recommend to convert to 4S at once, t.к. and the power will increase and the battery will be more fully used. A BMS card is a must, otherwise you will kill the battery in a couple of months! Optimal protection current 30-40A.

2) High current batteries

You need good banks with a current output of at least 15A. Ideal on the price/quality ratio LG HE4 2500mah (yellow “bananas”), Samsung 25R 2500mah, Samsung 30Q 3000mah and LG HG4 3000mah (“chocolate”). For the screwdriver and will go repackaged under the brand Liitokala, Varikore and others.

LG HG4 3000mah with welded pins. HERE

Another option with welded pins is HERE

than a few thousand orders everywhere, normal quality.

choose, battery, volt, electric, screwdriver

3) Nickel strip for welding/soldering

Needed for connecting the batteries in the battery. You can also use regular stranded wire with a large cross section, but tape is preferable. If you are going to solder, take peorized tape!

4) Eagle eye welding

It consists of two supercapacitors connected in parallel. Charge is high, allows you to weld intentionally. Buy at least two, otherwise the charge is not enough for welding.

5) Power stabilizer

You can try to charge from a standard battery charger, but most likely the balance will not work. This board allows you to charge with a fixed current of up to 5A (better not more than 2A), connected after the terminals of the standard charger.

6) Mini voltmeter 0.28 inch

Designed for charge control. Simple and handy. Mounted in the battery.

7) Holder for 18650 cans

of an optional accessory. Designed to protect the cans from short circuits when dropping the assembled battery. You can simply wrap the cans with duct tape, but this is less reliable.

8) Spare electric motor for screwdriver

Just in case. Just in case you need supplies. Costs pennies, about 6 bucks. Comes with or without gear.

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9) Quality Kaina solder

You will need to solder, so use the best solder of all time (no kidding). Was surprised myself when I tried it. With flux inside!

10) Separate balancer

In case you bought a BMC board without one. Equalizes the charge of all jars.

11) Multipin connector for separate charging

In case if you are not satisfied with built-in slow balancer and plan to charge from a model one, like Aimax, iCharger and others. I recommend taking it out and balancing it once every couple of months. Additionally buy a 50 cent plug to keep dirt out! The connector almost does not protrude beyond the housing.

VOTO 12 Volt Lithium-ion Battery Cordless Screwdriver. Battery Replacement

That’s all for now. If the topic will be interesting, in the next topic I’ll tell you how to put it all together, plus a couple of tips for use 😉


First part of power tool attachments HERE

Second part of power tool bits HERE

The third installment of power tool attachments HERE

See more interesting products at bargain in the GOODSFM group

How to choose a battery for a screwdriver: nuances to note

In order to finish construction or finishing work in time, not only do you need to buy the materials you need, but you also need to make sure your screwdriver battery is in good working order. If the battery fails or unstable, you can not quickly tighten the screws. We suggest finding out what kind of batteries manufacturers offer. What are their distinctive features and what to look for when choosing a suitable model.

Advantages and disadvantages of battery types

When selecting a battery type, you should familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of each battery type.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Nickel-Cadmium resistance to frost; no risk of autoignition; long operating period; withstands high loads; can be recharged; can be stored in the discharged state without loss of characteristics; can be used until fully discharged toxic substances are used for production; problems with disposal; appreciable weight; self-discharge and memory effect
Nickel-metal hydride Practically no memory effect; no toxic compounds used in production; no disposal problems; high capacity; low weight and compact size; higher resistance to mechanical damage long recharging time; capacity deteriorates with long periods of use; not resistant to sub-zero temperatures; can only be stored in charged state; high price
Lithium-ion high charging rate; almost no memory effect; minimal self-discharge; capacity not reduced even after long periods of use; no toxic compounds used in production; long service life Can explode under mechanical impact; can not be fully discharged, because in this case the operating period is reduced; can not be restored; when used in the cold quickly lose their charge
Lithium polymer No memory effect; minimal self-discharge; higher capacity; compact size and low weight; freeze-thaw resistance cannot be discharged to zero; short operating period; high cost

Revitalizing the electric screwdriver. Everything for converting an electric screwdriver to 18650 lithium-ion batteries

The battery of an electric screwdriver sooner or later will “get tired” and must be replaced. Buying a new battery is justified in a situation where the tool costs a penny. But if you have something more or less decent, or the battery is old on Ni-CD, then it makes sense to change the dead 18650 batteries for the new ones, or to completely convert the screwdriver from nickel to lithium.

Of course, like in any other business, there are nuances, but if your hands are at least minimally straight, it is not difficult to convert your electric screwdriver to lithium by yourself. You only need to know what to buy for the conversion and understand the basic nuances of the process. And to buy everything for converting your electric screwdriver to lithium at aliexpress is elementary.

Why 18650 Li-ion? The advantages of lithium batteries are obvious:

By the way, if you like to read, then there is a great option to save! The book service LITRES, the largest in Russia and the CIS gives the fourth book as a gift when you buy three. That’s where I’ve been buying books for about 5 years now. The price tag is already affordable, and with this bonus it comes out quite small. There is a handy application for reading and listening to books. The link above is one of my picks, which has a bold updated promo code.

The battery of an electric screwdriver. What you need to know:

1) For an electric screwdriver you need high-current 18650 batteries (ideally Sony/Murata VTC5, VTC5A, VTC6. Acceptable. Samsung 25R), or less high-current batteries connected in parallel (if space allows).

2) It is categorically impossible to use old laptop batteries and just different batteries. All 18650 batteries in an assembly should have minimal variation in capacity and other characteristics. Of course, buying a high-current 18650 battery on aliexpress is the easiest solution. Just consider in advance that the model name will not have anything to do with the cell inside. 4 batteries bought in one lot from the same seller can vary significantly in capacity and internal resistance. Although the link below would be a good option for those who don’t want to solder.

Ideal option. buy 18650 from a trusted seller on the same avito, or order 18650 on nkon In the latter case, you have to pay 10 euros for shipping, but the batteries will be 100% original and much cheaper than buying locally (which will reduce shipping costs to zero). I personally have been buying batteries from this store for many years.

I did an article on how to choose a 18650 lithium-ion battery, if interested. read it here

3) Connecting the batteries to the BMS board is strictly sequential: first 0V then 4.2V, 8.4V, 12.6V, 16.8V. In case of violation of BMS will not work!

4) 18650 batteries in the assembly should be charged equally. It is best to charge each battery separately and then assemble.

5) How to calculate how many 18650 lithium batteries you need instead of nickel batteries? In general, the calculation is: 2-3 NiCd = 1 lithium, 5-6-7 NiCd = 2 lithium, 8-9-10 NiCd = 3 lithium, 11-12-13 NiCd = 4 lithium

6) Lithium batteries are very sensitive to overheating. Spot welding is ideal. Soldering works quite well too. How to solder a 18650? Most importantly, you need as much sting as possible. To minimize the contact time between the stinger and the 18650 battery and not to overheat the battery. Otherwise the process is no different from any other soldering. It’s best to get your hands on those old batteries that you will be replacing.

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BMS board

BMS (Battery Management System). Battery Management System. The BMS board is extremely important when converting an electric screwdriver to lithium. Why it is needed and how it works? It controls the charge and discharge, preventing over-discharge and over-discharge of the electric screwdriver battery, it has a built-in “balancer” that charges each Li-Ion battery separately in the assembly. The latter is extremely important! There are BMS without a balancer! 3S. 12v, 4s. 14v, 5s. 18v To choose a BMS board, you must consider that the minimum current must be 30A, otherwise it will go into protection.

The BMS board option at the link is 2-3 more expensive than some basic versions, but you get 100A instead of 30A or 40A. In my opinion, in terms of functionality this is the best BMS-board from aliexpress and deserves this token overpayment.

Features, advantages and disadvantages of lithium batteries for electric screwdriver

If a hand-held power tool powered from the mains is tied to a socket by a wire, limiting the movement of the person holding the device in his hands, the cordless fellow units “on a leash” provides a lot more freedom of action in the work. Having a battery is very important when it comes to using screwdrivers.

Depending on the type of battery used, they can be divided into two groups. with nickel and lithium batteries, and the features of the latter make this power tool the most interesting for the user.

Types of batteries for screwdrivers

The variety of batteries is due to the fact that different chemical elements can be used as electrodes and electrolytes. The quality of the power tool you use depends on the right choice of energy storage. The following 4 types are the most common in the field of electrical appliances:

Nickel-cadmium batteries

Although this type appeared at the end of the 20th century, their mass production did not begin until the middle of the next century. They use nickel as the positive electrode and cadmium as the negative electrode. They are most often shaped like a cylinder, for which they are popularly called “banks”.

Nickel-cadmium batteries used to operate screwdrivers, have a number of advantages:

  • can be operated at low temperatures without much loss of charge, which is a huge plus when working outside in the winter;
  • Up to 1000 charge-discharge cycles;
  • no risk of spontaneous combustion;
  • high load capacity;
  • can be stored for a long time in a discharged state without losing their properties;
  • the possibility of restoring failed batteries;
  • can be operated until the battery is completely discharged.

Despite the advantages of Ni-Cd batteries have some disadvantages:

  • The toxicity of the substances that fill the “jar”;
  • difficult disposal of used devices;
  • high weight;
  • self-discharge of the battery, which reduces the capacity and voltage;
  • memory effect, which occurs when the battery is not fully discharged and subsequently reduces its capacity.

It should be noted that nickel-cadmium batteries are recommended to be stored in a fully discharged condition.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries

This type of cell was first developed in 1970. However, the unstable performance of the first models necessitated the search for new metal-hydride alloys. Only after the 1980s were Ni-MH batteries perfected. The new type of battery has the following advantages:

  • They have almost no memory effect
  • no toxic components are used in their production;
  • easy disposal;
  • The capacity is 30% more than that of the nickel-cadmium;
  • they are light and compact;
  • they are not afraid of mechanical damage.
  • take a long time to charge;
  • 500-600 charge-discharge cycles;
  • after 300 cycles it is possible to observe the decrease of capacity;
  • Cannot be used at subzero temperatures;
  • Can not be discharged fully;
  • higher cost in comparison with the previous type.

Nickel-metal hydride batteries should be stored half charged and in a cool place.

Lithium-ion batteries

Li-Ion batteries were introduced in the 90s, thanks to Sony. The first cells of this type were highly explosive. Only 20 years later they got rid of this problem. Nowadays it is a battery with high performance and a number of advantages over previous ones:

  • short charging period;
  • virtually no memory effect;
  • minimal self-discharge;
  • capacity is not reduced by charging a battery that is not fully discharged;
  • The absence of toxic components in the composition;
  • long operating life.

Despite the apparent advantages of lithium-ion batteries, they are not without disadvantages:

  • must not be mechanically damaged, t.к. There is a possibility of explosion on impact;
  • quickly break down if heavily discharged;
  • not subject to recovery activities;
  • quickly discharged at minus temperatures.

Lithium polymer batteries

This type of battery was developed on the basis of the lithium-ion batteries. The difference is that the liquid electrolyte has been replaced by a gel-like polymer. This, first of all, increased the safety of using these cells. In addition, the capacity has increased, while weight and size have decreased. So, the pros:

  • There is no memory effect;
  • virtually no self-discharge;
  • They have a higher capacity than Li-Ion;
  • can be very thin (up to 1 mm) and in different shapes;
  • can be used in ambient temperatures from.20 to 40 Celsius.

For screwdrivers, this kind of batteries are seldom used, because of their high cost.

It is difficult to say unequivocally which battery is better for screwdrivers. Each type of battery has its own advantages and can be used in different conditions. For infrequent use in the home, nickel-cadmium batteries are more suitable, which can be stored for a long time without losing their properties. They can also be used outdoors at low temperatures. If, however, the electric screwdriver is used frequently and for a long time, lithium-ion batteries are preferable. They are more capacitive, there is no self-discharge and they quickly become infected.

The choice of battery for an electric screwdriver must therefore take into account the specific characteristics and conditions of use, as well as the objectives of the power tool.

Below are considered the best, according to users, batteries for screwdrivers by the most popular companies: Bosch, Hitachi, Makita.

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