How to check the authenticity of a Bosch battery. Tab (tab, topla, vesna)

How to check the Bosch Genuine?

Aim your smartphone camera at the KeySecure label and the app will automatically perform an online inquiry and display the corresponding result. You can also check the authenticity of the product at by manually entering the security code from the sticker. Try it yourself!

The marking on an original tool must be in embossed, original print. You can download the typeface and the logo in advance to your phone or print them out. the differences may be slight, but they are easy to identify by comparison. 3. Fakes may have the Bosch logo on them.

Fake = counterfeit

How not to buy “stale”? Learn to identify the date of manufacture of a battery by its marking

First, we need to understand what is meant by the words “fake battery” in general. Because one fake is completely different in composition and characteristics from the original, and the other is so good that not every expert, equipped with equipment, will distinguish it from the original. Counterfeit batteries are somewhere between the first and second. They are made from the same lead with antimony, filled with the same electrolyte and packed into a similar polypropylene casing. What are the differences?

In fact, a fake battery is an ordinary battery, just made with lower quality, outdated equipment and not the purest raw materials. In Russia counterfeits are coming from China and Central Asia, where although the labor is cheap it is possible to assemble some batteries at slightly higher cost than the cost of lead.

The cost of the battery

If you find a battery with no signs of counterfeiting and cheaper than the official distributor, it is better to refuse such a purchase. There’s probably some catch. It could be an old or defective battery. The battery will look presentable, but the “stuffing” alas will not be the same.

Unscrupulous sellers can rearrange the numbers on the battery case. Т.е. Issue old batteries instead of new ones. Therefore, if you are confused about the battery marking, we also recommend that you refuse to buy.

How to know the year of manufacture of the washing machine Bosch?

the first two digits. the individual factory code (for example, the Bosch plant in Poland has the code “41”, in the USA. “85”, and in Russia. “88”); the next three. the year and month of manufacture; the next 7 numbers. the internal manufacturer code; then 5 digits. the washing machine number (which machine came off the assembly line);

On Android devices, the battery statistics can be viewed by dialing ##4636# or #0228#. If these codes don’t work, install the Battery Info, MacroPinch Battery, or other similar app from Google Play. it will tell you if the battery is “healthy” or needs to be replaced.

How to check the Xiaomi Power Bank for authenticity?

Go to the special Xiaomi service page for product authentication and enter your Xiaomi Mi Power Bank number in the “Please enter your 20-digit security code” box. After you type in the captcha and click Verify. The service will tell you whether the external battery is genuine or not.

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Varta (Varta) production date Explanation: 7. 2017 11. November Date of manufacture. November 2017 On Varta batteries, the manufacturing date code is repeated on the front label in the center of the battery. It contains a three-digit number that contains information about the date of manufacture. For example 711. November 2017.

How to determine the production date of the Exide battery

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Automotive battery manufacturers, unlike tire manufacturers, each mark the production date at their own discretion. We’ve already deciphered the production date on our blog for many manufacturers. Today we will tell you how to determine the production date of Exide batteries.

The production date on Exide batteries, unlike other automotive battery manufacturers (hot embossed numbers on the plastic of the battery) marks the production date on the label! In the form of a round icon, you can see it in Figure :

check, authenticity, bosch, battery

The first digit, as shown in our example in the figure. indicates the last digit of the year t.е. 5 is the year 2015.

The Latin letter immediately following the number represents the month of the year. The month is indicated by the following letters:

Again, in our example in the figure, the battery production date is May/June 2015.

For a simpler approach to determining the date of manufacture of EXIDE batteries, you can use the table below:

Year of Production January February March April May June July August September October November December
2015 5A 5B 5C 5D 5E 5F
2016 6A 6B 6C 6D 6E 6F
2017 7A 7B 7C 7D 7E 7F
2018 8A 8B 8C 8D 8E 8F
2019 9A 9B 9C 9D 9E 9F

Review on Bosch S4 008 Silver Battery 574 012 068 reverse polarity 74 Ah

The manufacturer has positioned the series S4 as an advanced version of the economical series S3. Claims increased cold start current, higher deep-discharge capability. The only way to check these statements is to practice. Well, in part, the honesty of the manufacturer can be checked with simple tests. on that later.

On the front is a label with basic parameters:

The top is similar, plus warning signs, barcode and brand information:

On the back is a sticker with information in different languages:

If you have studied the reviews of Bosch batteries, you have probably noticed that there is no clear pattern. lots of positives, lots of negatives. I suppose this could be due to a lot of counterfeiting due to the popularity of the brand. This brings us to the subject of checking for originality.Original or counterfeit?Turning to Yandex, we learn the basic criteria:1. A first impression can be made upon visual inspection. The body should be of high quality. No crooked castings, uneven seams, etc.п. Plastic parts, covers, holes should be smooth and neat. Polygraphy of labels and glued booklet should also not cause complaints about the quality of printing. Terminals should be flat and neatly pressed into the case without any oxidation. In general, I think we all have held in our hands a quality thing and a Chinese junk, so it makes no sense to describe the difference of feelings.2. If the battery is made for retail sale, it should have a brochure with lots of useful information affixed to the side of the battery (it may not be present if the battery is made to be supplied to car plants or distributed through service facilities).3. Must have original markings on the body cap. It is a combination of 9 letters and numbers, located on the top side next to the handle, applied by spot etching:

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It’s not easy to photograph, so here’s the text: C3C459031 1579536243We’re interested in the first nine digit sequence: C3C459031.Let’s decode it: 1st digit: country of manufacture (A. Austria C. Czech Republic F. France H. Germany S. Sweden G. Spain). In our case the Czech Republic.2nd symbol: conveyor number.3rd digit: designation of manufacture (I mentioned it in the second paragraph of the authenticity check). Full deciphering of this symbol, but according to some reports E is the sale on the kit, B and V. operation. In my case C. no idea what this means.4th symbol: last digit of the year of manufacture. In our case, 4, which is 2014.The 5th and 6th character: The month of production. This one is a little bit more complicated. The months are numbered in order, starting in September 2009 (i.e., 01 = September 2009; 02 = October 2009; 44 = April 2013; 99 = November 2017; 00 = December 2017; 01 = January 2018, etc.).д.). In our case it is 59, t.е. July 2014.7th and 8th characters. is the production day, in my case the 3rd.9th character. shift number.Total, from the marking we get the following information: Battery manufactured in the Czech Republic on July 3, 2014. What can I say, it’s not good news, but it’s expected. Obviously, in Online Trading “turnover” of automotive batteries is not very high, hence the long term storage. In general, I would advise not to buy batteries older than a year. Hardly anyone cares about the conditions of their storage and maintenance of the charge level.

Based on the above, we conclude. the product is original, but it’s pretty stale.Now we get to the fun part. battery abuse.TestingWe start with a voltage measurement.

Minimal allowed value during storage. 12,4В. In our case everything is fine.

Next is the load test.The bottom line: the tester is connected to the battery and simulates the starter, “taking away” from the battery about 200A. In the process we can observe the voltage drop on the battery. This is the main indicator. If during the test, the voltage doesn’t drop below 11 volts. so all is fine.

As you can see from the video, the voltage has dropped to 10.8 volts and the instrument showed that the battery “weak”. The deviation from normal is small, and most likely due to incomplete charge as a result of long storage of the battery.

Next test. evaluation of the real capacity of the battery.For this we will need a smart charger. I just recently bought one of these. Coulomb 912.

The test will be carried out as follows: first of all, fully charge the battery. Then we start discharging the battery with 3A constant current.Minimal allowable voltage of the battery is 10,5. 10,8 В. At the same time, a deep discharge to these values is not good for the battery. Therefore, the test will be carried out until the voltage drops to 10.8 V, or until the output of the claimed capacity of 74 Ah. depending on which comes first.Test results:

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It is elementary to identify counterfeit Bosch

To protect a number of automotive parts against counterfeiting, Bosch uses the multi-stage KeySecure security system. It can be used to check the authenticity of electric fuel pumps, lambda probes, sensors.

To protect a number of automotive parts against counterfeiting, Bosch uses the KeySecure multi-stage protection system. This system makes it possible to check the authenticity of electric fuel pumps, lambda probes, air flow sensors, starters and alternators, as well as diesel injection components. glow plugs, pressure valves, injection valves, plunger pairs and sprayers.

On the packaging of KeySecure-protected products, there is a special sticker that contains a security code and a hologram. You can quickly confirm the authenticity of a part without opening the box.

Bosch KeySecure System. easy and convenient authentication of Bosch auto parts

  • Verification of gasoline and diesel injection components, starters and alternators
  • Easy, fast and convenient verification service
  • The possibility of both automatic reading of the security code with a mobile app and its manual input on the website

The first generation of KeySecure stickers appeared in 2007 and contained a 15-character code and a standard hologram. MAPP code was introduced on stickers in 2009, which made the automatic scanning of the symbols possible. Since 2012, the system began to use a 16-digit security code, and the hologram began to have numbers that matched the last characters of the code.

Thanks to all these changes, it is now easy, fast and convenient to verify the authenticity of a Bosch part using the KeySecure verification service. To do this, use the NeoReader mobile app for Android and iOS smartphones. The application is available in Google Play Market and Appstore by requesting “NeoReader”. Links to the app are also available on the Bosch Auto Parts page on the Internet under Repair & Service. After downloading open NeoReader, point the smartphone camera at the MAPP-code of KeySecure sticker. and the app will automatically perform an online query. You can also check the authenticity of the product on the protect by manually entering the security code from the KeySecure sticker.

As a result the user will receive information indicating the authenticity of the product. The mobile app will display one of the following color indicators. Green indicates that the verification code has been registered for the first time and that the product is authentic. Yellow indicates that the unique code is correct, but has already been entered multiple times. this is typical for counterfeits. In this case, contact your retailer to return the product or exchange it for an original Bosch product. If the check results in a red indicator, it means that the unique check code is damaged, incorrect or does not exist.

If you have any questions about the Bosch KeySecure System, you can contact Bosch directly by

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