How to charge the battery from a Makita electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver battery adapter: connecting incompatible brands (Makita, DeWALT, Milwaukee)

Surely many have encountered the fact that the batteries of one brand do not fit with power tools of another brand. Although the supply voltage and general characteristics are the same, many manufacturers protect their property and implement protection in the form of incompatible connection pads, special skids and locks, as well as because of the different location of the power contacts. So, using a Makita tool as an example, I will show you how you can use batteries from DeWALT and Milwaukee.

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The idea to use old batteries for new tools “carcasses” is not new. and homemade (and reconditioned) batteries are in circulation among enthusiasts. It’s not uncommon for me to see stock purchases of power tools that come with a “no battery” option, i.e.н. “The converter is a very popular product for a number of reasons, such as the fact that it is not possible to use the original batteries or to find some other solution. Some time ago I had an article about the available battery adapters and converters for power tool batteries and I decided that it would be convenient to demonstrate the work of such an adapter on the example of Makita DM18M, which you can see on the photo below.

Such converters are popular for several reasons. First, it is the availability of old tools for Ni-CD, Ni-Mh models. As a rule there are a lot of such tools, they have already worked out and you can get such set for funny money. But batteries that have been in use for several years tend to go into complete disrepair. Restoring batteries is quite costly, usually resorting to installing a BMS controller and lithium cells type 18650 or 21700 inside the case. Such a move is usually welcomed by selfmade and diyvayshchihsya. And secondly, there appeared a great variety of cordless tools from the first echelon brands: Makita, Bosch, Ryobi, Dewolt, Milwaukee. And all this zoo should be docked somehow. And, considering that there are also non-original tools for the batteries of the listed brands, the task is more complicated. Specific inexpensive options for compatible tools in the article: “How to choose a tool on Aliexpress: what you should pay attention to in the first place “.

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This adapter DM18M copies docking part of Makita 18V battery and has similar skids and contact group. There is a big button for removing it from the tool like the original battery.

Included is a simple but clear guide to using the adapter.

The layout resembles a battery, or rather the upper part for a Makita (or compatible) tool, and the lower part allows the connection of batteries from DeWALT or Milwaukee.

The sticker with DM18M (Makita) marking is present, and also with indication of maximum (20V) and working voltage (18V). On the back side there is a power contact group (“plus” and “minus”).

From the features I will allocate presence of the USB-adapter for powering gadgets. That is, you can always charge your smartphone if necessary from the battery with the installed adapter.

Makita DF012D Electric Screwdriver Review

Dimensions conventionally. length 100 mm (approximately), height 4 cm including the lock. Assembled, this adapter slightly increases the size of the battery, but not much. To work with such an adapter can.

Almost no extra weight for the tool.

To evaluate the “internals” I offer a disassembly of this adapter.

Inside is a small board with a DC-DC converter (low power,

0.The battery adapter has a 5A USB output and the wires (plus “red” and minus “black”) are wired to the contact group). The contact terminals of the tool are made in the form of springs, similar to the original batteries.

The reset button on the adapter is spring-loaded, unhooks easily, just like the original Makita battery.

This is what the DM18M adapter plus battery pack looks like together. Note, the overall height of the drill is slightly increased (about 2 cm).

I ended up hooking it up to a pretty good impact drill I bought on Ali for a modest 40 (detailed review of the drill).

Adapter sits on the tool until it clicks into place, no problems. It is tolerably fast on the battery (there is a little play). The assembled weight is almost the same as without the adapter (the battery is heavy, the drill is heavy, the adapter is light, less than 80 g).

For example, the Makita 18V battery (left) and the DM18M adapter side by side (right). As you can see, the battery contact group is organized similarly.

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Contact group angle grinder (right) and DM18M adapter (left).

Thus, you can power and use the whole “zoo” of tools from one battery.

There are two important things to keep in mind when using an adapter. The adapter does not allow you to control the battery charge and does not perform the functions of protection (no cut-off current, overload, temperature, etc.).п.). It is possible to drain the battery to zero. And also it is not necessary to establish this adapter on the high-power accumulator techniques such as the big angle grinder, circular saws which require from the accumulator the increased current given out and can cause overheating of contact group. Power tools are designed to work with original batteries (type 9.0Ah, 12.0 Ah). But this adapter is suitable for screwdrivers and similar tools. Also in conjunction with non-original batteries and non-original tools. Quite an economy.

Battery for an electric screwdriver

It is worth noting that batteries for almost all brands of screwdrivers, regardless of which country they are made in, have a similar device. But each type of battery has its own specific characteristics.

If you disassemble the battery, you can see that its device consists of individual cells connected in a common circuit in series. Many people should remember even from their school years that charging elements connected in series in one electrical circuit increases the total power.

Types of batteries

Has a fairly high capacity, so that one full charge can be enough for 1500 cycles of work. But it needs constant charging. Also, this type of battery is not recommended for use in low air temperatures.

Almost the cheapest batteries with a rated voltage of 12.5 V. They have a small capacity, so they discharge fairly quickly. But they must not be recharged. So in order to prolong the life of these batteries, it is recommended that they are fully discharged before being recharged. The advantage of nickel cadmium batteries is that they recharge quickly, can be used for long periods with proper maintenance and work well at low temperatures.

They have a large capacity and recharge quickly. The battery may be freely recharged at any time, but must not be completely discharged. Also not recommended for use at low temperatures. Cannot withstand long periods of storage without periodic discharging and recharging (after a certain time of storage it is recommended to give the battery a load).

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On the battery case, there are two pins marked plus/minus for power to the electric screwdriver and 2 pins for charging. A thermistor is connected to one of the charging contacts, whose duty is to protect the battery from overheating during charging. The thermistor completely shuts down or reduces the charging current when the batteries reach a temperature of 50-60 degrees. Heating of batteries often occurs during intensive, so-called “fast” charging.

Causes of failure

Battery failure is possible for a variety of reasons. So before you try to repair it, you should make sure that it is worth it. It may be that the labor and cost to repair it will be more expensive than a new purchase.

For example, a common source of problems that cause a battery to stop working is its long life. In some types of batteries, after a certain period of time, the capacity of the batteries decreases, and they quickly discharge during operation. Naturally, in this case it will most likely not be possible to restore their performance.

There are also some other malfunctions:

Battery life for an electric screwdriver

The battery can last about three to four years if used and stored properly. In practice, this period is sometimes reduced to two years. It is very expensive to constantly change the tool, so it is better to choose the best option for a particular purpose at once.

There are 3 different types of batteries:

  • Nickel-cadmium. The most affordable, but short-lived, especially with frequent use in cold weather conditions.
  • Nickel-metal hydride. A small device that does not have a long service life.
  • Li-ion. The most sought-after, long-capable of not discharging, but have a higher cost than the above options.

Regardless of the type of battery, their life depends on the number of charges used and how they are stored. That is, the more the tool works, the faster it discharges. That said, downtime negatively affects the life of the tool, especially if the tool is stored in a condition where it has sat down.

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