How to charge a Bosch battery. How to charge Bosch batteries

Bosch car battery charger

Bosch S4. the best choice for drivers. It provides enough power for normal functions such as stereo, air conditioning and power windows. Bosch PowerFrame technology provides 20% longer life than other equivalents and a 15% power advantage during cold start. The Bosch S4 is ideally suited for all vehicle brands and meets international standards. The battery allows drivers to operate their cars in extreme temperatures and has additional safety features such as anti-lock braking systems. Bosch PowerFrame technology offers up to 30 percent longer total life with minimal self-discharge and good performance, in the range of frequent short-distance stops. Specifications:

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  • Cold crank amp 540cca.
  • Length: 246mm.
  • Width: 175 mm.
  • Height: 190 mm.
  • Capacity: 60 Ah.
  • Warranty: 4 years.
  • Terminals: 0 / 1.

Where Bosch batteries are used

Bosch batteries are used in passenger cars, trucks, commercial vehicles, traction and lighting systems. Proprietary chargers are also produced.

Technologies used and their special features

The highest quality of Bosch products is determined by the state-of-the-art technologies used in battery production. Here are the manufacturing features:

  • The use of a highly conductive alloy in the manufacture of electrode plates. This achieves high current values and fast charging times.
  • Particularly rugged and durable housing system with labyrinth lid. Eliminates spilling of electrolyte, makes operation safer.
  • Particularly improved electrode array design, which increases the starter current by up to 115 percent.
  • Long service life and minimal tendency to self-discharge.

In addition, the batteries of this brand are highly resistant to high and low temperatures. And therefore can be used all year round without any problem.

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Technical advantages

Bosch s4 silver car battery provides the highest level of safety: protection against fire and sparks, as well as acid leakage. Ergonomic handles facilitate the transport and installation of batteries. The S4 Bosch car batteries are designed for minimal water consumption, so they are maintenance-free, making them ideal for motorists.

The special PowerFrame design has a rigid mesh that resists corrosion and prevents damage to the separator from causing a short circuit. The grid bars are connected directly to the plate connection, so Bosch batteries have low resistance.

  • Low maintenance.
  • Factory fitted.
  • High starting power.
  • 20% longer life time.
  • Reliable starting at low and high temperatures.
  • Minimal self-discharge.
  • Fulfills high requirements of vehicle manufacturers.
  • Suitable for most cars, commercial vehicles and tractors.
  • Minimal self-discharge ensures sufficient power reserves even after long periods of standstill.
  • Compact. The S4 can be placed in all classes of vehicles, due to its minimal size.
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Bosch S4 batteries fit 97% of the vehicles on the market, making them suitable for almost every country in the world.

Demands on reconditioning systems

The work of charging the batteries belongs to the group of dangerous and requires special conditions of performance:

  • Do not use the charger without an emergency stop.
  • It is recommended to use a voltage regulated charger, based on the IUoU profile.
  • Charge to prevent acid stratification (not required for AGM).
  • Use it with IU characteristics and higher voltage for a short period of time to avoid water evaporation.
  • Circuit voltage after charge provides 2, 12-2, 13 V in each cell.
  • Connect the battery terminal to the same terminal on the charger and the negative battery terminal to the corresponding terminal on the charger.
  • Do not apply voltage to the charger until the battery is fully connected to the charger.
  • When charging is complete, the charger is the first to disconnect.
  • Stop the process if the battery is warm or there are acidic fumes.
  • Ventilation must be functional during charging.
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Charging the Bosch model plus

Before you charge a car battery at home, you must prepare the tools for the job. After removing it, clean the battery terminals with a terminal brush, a mixture of baking soda and water to neutralize the acid. If there are many growths on the battery terminals and posts, wear protective goggles and a mask to prevent airborne corrosion from touching your eyes, nose and mouth. Do not touch your face until your hands are washed. This model of battery is maintenance free, so you can’t open it to check the acid level. Instructions for safely charging a car battery:

  • Begin charging the battery immediately after a discharge.
  • Charge the battery with a special device, following the instructions for the specific device.
  • Check that the charger is suitable for the job.
  • Make sure the charger is off.
  • Connect the positive cable of the device to the positive terminal of the battery.
  • Connect the negative cable of the device to the negative terminal of the battery.
  • Set the device to the slowest charging speed.
  • Turn on the charger and set the timer.
  • When removing the unit, first turn it off, then remove the positive and negative cables.
  • When charging is complete the battery panel will indicate.
  • Connect the charger to the vehicle and check for proper operation.
  • If the driver is not going to drive the car after charging, check the battery level after 12 hours to make sure there are no problems with the battery itself.

If the battery charger isn’t working, it may have a serious breakdown and need to be inspected or repaired.

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What happens if you overcharge

Overcharging the battery can have dire consequences:

  • Boiling the electrolyte will corrode all internal parts.
  • The acid will oxidize the terminals and a green deposit will form on them.
  • If the electrolyte begins to come out of the battery, the plates will show on the surface of the case, and then will crumble. After such modifications you will take the battery to a dump.
  • The percentage of the battery itself exploding is also due to the electrolyte.

Carefully charge the product, follow the instructions above.

How long did it take to charge a dead battery??

Battery is good without maintenance but if you kill it once and it is dead, it has no life after that (especially in winter).

Dream. On FORD never failed. I charge it every six months just to be on the safe side.on a kopeck now.

Maintenance free doesn’t mean it’s not rechargeable!

Hello please tell me I have the same battery and charger, a year ago also did this procedure is ok, but there was a different battery.I have it hooked up but the diode that should be flashing just keeps on blinking?Or it starts blinking later?self-diagnosis shows that work.and it doesn’t get much heat, either?

I, on this particular charger, didn’t have anything flashing. One of the bulbs only changes color. To be honest, I charged it once and now I can’t really remember.)

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