How to change the trimmer head

Grass trimmers fit on top of the Philips trimmer cutting unit. They are used to cut the hair on the head or trim the beard to a certain length.

Removing these attachments is easy. Simply pull on them and they will come off the body of the styler. To install the nozzle, gently slide it over the cutting unit so that the locks of the nozzle fit into the special slots located on the sides.

How to mow grass with a trimmer with a metal blade

As you move the boundary of the mowed area, move also the fuel and the bag.

If the grass is down: you have to bring the steering wheel forward and mow to the left with the handles tilted to the left (sec

11 o’clock) and to the right with the handles tilted to the right (sec

1 hour), and take your time!, to cut the grass cleanly and not to dig in the ground.

While mowing the grass (and turning around), don’t forget to look around!:

  • To notice the gestures of others, turn off the engine and take off your headphones,
  • To keep children, animals, spectators and helpers within 15 m of each other, t.к. in case of collision of the metal blade with a stationary object in the grass, the grass trimmer or lawn mower (brushcutter) may strongly throw to the side or turn back, and the grass trimmer blade rotates at speeds up to 10 500 rpm. And it’s able to cut off an arm or a leg.Also, when mowing grass with a trimmer various objects (chips, glass, garbage) may fly out from under the blade and ricochet.
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How to mow grass correctly with a trimmer (more about mowing techniques)

Engine speed when mowing with a trimmer is set depending on the load on the engine the thicker the grass and, of course, heavier the engine, the bolder you should open the hole (throttle valve in the carburetor diffuser).

Try to keep constant engine rpm during grass mowing with trimmer (slightly above average). or less gas only depending on the total load on the engine. You don’t have to completely reset the throttle (and immediately accelerate again) every time you swing the grass trimmer. That way you won’t burn the clutch at all, and the edge on the drive shaft may overtake it, and the wear and tear of the grass trimmer increases sharply.

Before mowing grass, you must find out the following site parameters

(to know what blades to take, how much fuel and time you need)

  • the density of grass;
  • the hardness of the grass;
  • grass looseness;
  • weave of grass;
  • (the height and thickness of the grass are not important)
  • boundaries of the plot;
  • What kind of unevenness (how to go in);
  • hidden obstacles (remember)
  • what not to cut (bushes, flowers, seedlings).

Grass mowing in summer is a disaster, not just a chore How to use a trimmer. If your yard or lot is heavily overgrown with grass, you may be intimidated by it, but this part of the article will help you figure out how to mow grass with a trimmer easier and less annoying.

how to disassemble the head of the garden grass trimmer

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Disassemble the grass trimmer head. often than not, the head cover is attached on clamps. To remove it, you will need these locks to sink into the body, pushing the edges of the cover. If your trimmer has a semi-automatic mowing head that has a button on the bottom, disassembling the head should be done carefully, because you can lose the spring, which sometimes flies out when you remove the cover. Cut the required amount of line. Usually its length is 5 meters. Trimmer head. A type of trimmer cutting tool designed to cut grass with a polymer string. Both the string and the head are wearing parts and must be checked regularly. Regardless of what kind of grass trimmer you have, electric, battery-powered or gasoline-powered, you should inspect the cutting tool for pre. How to remove the grass trimmer head: basic rules. Remove the trimmer head you need to adhere to the elementary rules in working with brushcutter and electric counterpart, and the main ones we will name: Clamp the gearbox to unscrew the head you need a special hexagon or carefully with a screwdriver, dipping it into a special hole. To solve the problem you have to dismantle the spool on the trimmer and rewind the cord correctly, in other words, even turns with a good tension. Option 2.7 very short ends protrude from the head. The fishing line may not come out when it hits the ground if the ends sticking out of the head are not long enough (not long enough). How to disassemble a grass trimmer spool. Replacing the line on the trimmer. The presence of a core, positively affects the durability of this material. The disadvantage of this cord is its price, which is significantly higher than the above-mentioned opponents. How to replace, remove the mower electric grass trimmer head black Decker GL716. How to change, remove the mower electric grass trimmer head. Black Decker GL716 for repair or replacement. How to remove the spool, disassemble the spool on the trimmer and unscrew the nut without. The photo below shows some examples of different trimmer reels. Automatic winding of the line on the spool. How to repair grass trimmer head, if the line is not fed, is released spontaneously, stuck, does not rotate the spool. How to disassemble and reassemble the string reel. How to replace the cord with your own hands. How to make a homemade bobbin. How to repair the grass trimmer’s mowing head. Mowing string head is a type of the executive mechanism of the garden trimmer for grass. It is intended for grass mowing and represents a special reel (spool), from which cutting cord (string, fishing line) stick out in different directions. In this case, the string is an expendable material that must be replaced during operation. First you need to disassemble the head of the grass trimmer. Unscrew the nozzle by turning the reel to the right. Use your fingers to push down on the two latches on either side of the flight path and remove the top cover. How to Disassemble the Reel. Before planning to repair a fishing reel with your own hands, it is worth worrying about the availability of necessary materials and tools. In this article, we will describe in detail the procedure on how to remove the grass trimmer reel. Step-by-step instructions with the attached video will help a beginner and an experienced user to remove the element of the system and clean it or replace it with a new one on their own. Before you remove the coil trimmer for grass necessarily need to muffle. for gasoline models, or turn off the power. for elektrotrimmer. We will demonstrate one traditional dismantling scheme, but in different models of trimmers the way of attaching the spool to the tool may differ. With your own hands you can not only remove the old sample spool, but also change it for a new one, if the need arises. In general, looking at this head trimmer for grass willy-nilly understand that not everything is expensive go long and happy, now bought a spool T-35, which is also in the store called, let’s see how long she will serve, and the coil Garden, I will send to a long drawer, so then do not buy by mistake the same. Time of use. Yes. It turns out that GARDEN is far from GARDENA, although there is only a difference of one letter! reply. Dmitry164. Grass trimmers for mowing grass with power from electricity are made from 300 watts to 2 kW in two modifications. They differ in the location of the engine: at the bottom of the mowing head: at the top of the connecting rod. How the torque is transmitted from the engine to the mowing head: 3 parts of the kinematic diagram. At work: electric motor; kinematics of the connecting rod. I will consider them in detail. How easy to check the bearings. It is enough to rotate the outer casing relative to the shaft and immediately assess the smoothness of their work by tactile sensations of your fingers, the state of backlash. Broken or worn out bearings need to be replaced. Grass trimmer reel (bobbin) garden with automatic line winding. New video on youtube. How to wind the line on a HUTER trimmer head. Yıl önce. HUTER grass trimmer head_unassembled fishing line. How to open the grass trimmer reel with the line. How to open the bobbin of a lawn trimmer (brushcutter) to change the fishing line. 10 aylar önce. This video shows you how to disassemble the reel of a petrol grass trimmer and how to wind the fishing line on it correctly. 10 aylar önce. And again there are questions from dear visitors to my channel, the most frequently asked questions, I tried to disassemble the spool on the Chinese gasoline trimmer Master. How to remove the head at the trimmer BlackDecker GL716. Lawn trimmer has an overhead motor and a curved shaft. Turn it upside down for easy work. Before starting the process of replacing the cord to users of the grass trimmer, you must remove and disassemble the spool. Think about how to do it. The grass trimmer mower head consists of several parts: the cover, springs (not for all models), the spool with the cord and the cover. In trimmers, 2 variants of mower attachment are most often used. You will need to remove the grass trimmer head full disassembly. To remove the cover that covers the inside of the head, you need to press on the latches (latches) located on both sides of it. How to remove the grass trimmer head: basic rules. To remove the trimmer head it is necessary to adhere to the elementary rules in the work with a brushcutter and electric counterpart, and the main ones we will name: Clamp the gearbox to unscrew the head should be a special hexagon or gently with a screwdriver, dipping it into a special hole. Many users of gasoline mower today are looking for the network trimmer for grass to remove the head, and we in instructive articles and videos also do Accent on different types of thread. consider the nuances of your tool; For convenience, it is practiced to turn the tool down with the engine, laying on a horizontal surface Before removing the spool with the fishing line on the trimmer, the tool must be disconnected from the network. If you have a lawn trimmer, be sure to turn off the engine. How to remove the line from the trimmer for grass video. To make it as clear as possible we suggest to read the following video tutorial. As an example is taken lawn trimmer Izhmash. 2770. Add to CompareGo to CompareDeselect from Comparison. Cutting head for Husqvarna T35 Universal (5784494-01). With adapters for many brands. View.

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How to Remove the Trimmer Head from an Electric Trimmer

Since the choice of trimmer for grass, we looked in the previous article, now we will tell you how to correctly fill the trimmer for grass with fishing line, and what better to select based on the criteria of work.

How to Change a String Trimmer, Weed Eater, Weed Whacker Head

After you have purchased a grass trimmer and started to use it intensively, at some point there will be a question of replacing the fishing line, as this is the most wearing element in the tool, the saturated operation of the grass trimmer will lead to not infrequent substitution of the consumable material.

What kinds of lines are available?

A commonly used line type that fits on virtually all types of reels is the circular cord. How to remove the spool from the mowing head. Before trimmer attachment. It’s a basic line that can be used for cutting succulent grass, but it’s much harder to mow dead grass, and it’s much harder to mow shrubs.

Usually, the cross section, which can be used to mow young grass, does not exceed 1.6 mm. The thicker the line, the harder grass it can cut.

There is a line with a sharpened facet in the form of a star or square, this version is more adapted to mowing dry grass just because of the existing sharp edges, but the disadvantage is its greater wear and tear, and on the strength it concedes round cord.

There are lines with improved aerodynamics with corresponding indentations, scales and notches, similar product makes less noise, but use it only on petrol-powered mowers, because the output of such a string from the spool is difficult, using it in most cases with discs, in which are inserted segments. Answer@: how to remove the mowing head from your grass trimmer. The disadvantage of this product is its fragility.

In most cases, gasoline trimmers with an engine more than 1.5 liters of power.с. use cord with an iron cord inside. This article explains how to disassemble the trimmer head and how to trim the grass trimmer. Such cord is perfectly suited for mowing dry grass and small bushes. Install the trimmer head remove it from the gear rod or the engine. How to. The presence of the core, positively affects the durability of this material. The disadvantage of such cord is its price, which is significantly higher than the above-listed opponents.

How to replace, remove the mowing head of the electric grass trimmer BlackDecker GL716

How to change, remove the mowing head of the electronic grass trimmer BlackDecker GL716 for repair or replacement.

EFCO STARK 25 HD OLEO-MAC replacement trimmer head

EFCO STARK 25 HD OLEO-MAC replacement trimmer head gasoline grass trimmer Efco Stark 25.

How to tuck the line into the grass trimmer reel

For winding the line, it takes about 10-15 minutes. What is a grass trimmer reel? Plastic body with cassette inside that has a special hook for comfortable line winding. In fact, all trimmer reels have a similar fastening principle, this is the central screw-button, when you press it, it is possible to pull the line of the required length. A few examples of different trimmer reels are shown in the photo below.

Bobbins of trimmers, the motor of which is near the ground, have a different attachment to the axis of rotation, they have two buttons on the spool, located at the edges, which should be pressed, otherwise, the thread replacement is no different from other cassettes.

The principle of proper winding of the line is identical in all the above cases, so let’s look at the standard version with 2 tendrils for example.

To remove the spool with the line you need to unscrew the screw, located in the center, but note the thread is left, so you have to twist clockwise, made on purpose, so that during operation it has not opened under the influence of centrifugal force.

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Next, using a screwdriver, dismantle the head and pull out the spool, which actually winds the line. Having measured the necessary length and having folded in half, it is necessary to tuck the fishing line into the reel, having finally brought its ends opposite to each other (for this purpose there are special slots for fixing).

Then assemble the head in reverse order by threading the ends of the cord through the two corresponding holes.

If there are any doubts or is not quite clear how to charge the line on the trimmer for grass, we advise to look at how to correctly wind the line in the lawnmower. How to remove the head from the grass trimmer. In this video clip carefully step by step instructor will uncover the trimmer head, measure the required amount of fishing line, usually 2 to 4 meters, and demonstrate the assembly and installation on the trimmer for grass.

What blades of grass trimmer line are available??

The first difference that immediately catches your eye is the shape of the cross-section of the line. And the differences are not just cosmetic: this has a direct effect on the operation and performance of the grass trimmer. There are four forms of cord used in mowers:

The circular blade is considered universal. it fits all trimmer models, is moderately consumed and is suitable for low lawn care. The Professional SIAT 2mm Circle (15m) 556006 cord with circular cross-section is suitable for soft and young grass.

Lines with a square or polygonal cross section are more effective. due to the angles the lines are able to mow high grass and thick stems such as burdocks, dead wood and brushwood. The SIAT Professional line 3 mm square (10 m) 556011 with a square cross-section is suitable for thick and tall grass. And a line with a curved section, like the SIAT Professional 3 mm line Star (10 m) 556010 cuts the grass neatly, and also cuts shrubs quite well.

Reinforced cord and jagged lines, like the Greenworks 2926607, are suitable for more professional and powerful machines. Grass trimmers with such lines cut even branches of bushes, but not too thick, for example, fresh raspberries or currant bushes. By adding aluminium inlays to reinforced cords and notching in the second line type, mowing lengths are considerably quicker. But at the same time, line consumption increases, which is important at high cost.

Each type of line also comes in twisted lines. Twisted lines do the job faster, but use up more.

Electric grass trimmer vibrates

Many mower users have noticed that after a while after starting the machine, it begins to vibrate strongly. Some trimmers, mostly more expensive models, have an anti-vibration system in the form of shock absorbers located between the engine and the boom. But in some cases even this does not help against strong vibrations. The reason why the trimmer is subject to strong vibrations may be due to little or no lubrication on the rigid or flexible shaft inside the boom of the machine.

Lubrication of the rigid shaft is done as follows:

  • unscrew the gearbox at the bottom of the shaft;
  • after removing the gearbox you will see the shaft end that you must pull to remove the part;
  • after removing the shaft, it should be abundantly greased with a special grease “Shruz-4” or ordinary. “Lithol-24”;
  • apply a small amount of grease to the shaft and spread it evenly over the entire length of the part, including the splines on the ends of the rod (if they are worn, the shaft will have to be replaced);
  • after greasing, insert the shaft back into the rod and put the gearbox back in its place.

Lubricate the flexible shaft as follows:

  • Unscrew and remove the mowing head;
  • Remove the rod from the electric motor by unscrewing a couple of bolts;
  • pull the flexible rope out of the rod;
  • Lubricate the rope grease the entire length.

You do it this way: first grease the end of the rope and then insert it into the rod, then, as you move it inside the pipe, apply the grease to the part and spread it evenly over the surface. Then insert the boom with the flexible shaft into the electric motor and secure it.

In the case where the lubrication did not help, and the vibration continues to appear, you will need to change the flexible shaft.

Repair the head of the grass trimmer Huter GET-600. Upgrade Huter GET-600.

There’s not much to write about the machine. Drives. Enjoys. Copy the appropriate forum is not going to. Decided to share personal experience in another.

There are in my economy, except for the classic grass mower and a couple of gasoline electric trimmer for grass Huter GET-600

Under certain circumstances, it turned out that the included mowing head was very delicate, and broke with a little force on a brick hidden in the grass. I didn’t dare to buy this head anywhere on the Internet, including alibaba, without trying it on the mower. Local stores shook their hands

I had to buy it in stock.To begin with, I disassembled it. To remove the head, you’ll either have to disassemble the whole trimmer and hold the anchor in a vice and twist it, or follow my inhuman approach and carefully saw the body with a hacksaw and saw over the shaft, creating a slot for a screwdriver. The rest is easy. The thread is M8, the usual right one. The body of the head is still to be thrown out. Duct tape wrapped around the problem for about 10 minutes. Next, it unwinds and tears on the same unfortunate brick.

Stihl Line Trimmer- How to Quickly Exchange the Head in 20 seconds.

Then a trip to the store for a new head. I tried a lot of screwdrivers but finally reached one. You can see the price on the photo.

Improvement of the following:1. Sawed off the long projecting hub to 5-7 mm.

My saw had broken by then and I was out of disks for the angle grinder, so I ground them with an emery wheel. Cut it so that the impeller doesn’t touch the mower body and the gap isn’t too big otherwise grass juice and pieces of snails will fly to the anchor inside.2. Drill the hole with an 8mm drill top. The thing is, the hole is 8 mm, and the thread on this head is left under M6. The shaft of our grass trimmer is 8mm. If you drill with a drill bit more than 8, it will be free to twist.3. It’s okay if the M8 nut doesn’t fit inside. Put a plain 8 mm washer with an outside diameter of 14 mm and screw the nut.

The nut works in opposition, so it must be tightened as the head rotates. If desired, a threaded sleeve with an outside diameter of 13 mm with an M8 thread can be made and epoxied inside. Then the head must be drilled to 8.2mm and just screw on the shaft. That’s the next step when it turns.All. Tests showed that I now have an automatic head, which works as standard by hitting the ground, as opposed to the original, which needs to do it manually. It does not spin on the shaft. All temporary. permanent.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев 25

I bought a head like this and drilled a hole of the right diameter in it. But in the process of drilling, the drill bit went a little sideways. Now the alignment is out of alignment and I can feel the vibration when working. I am thinking of buying another one. Maybe there’s a trick/secret to making it even?

Patiron DL-1223. full analogue of the coil in the article for 250 p. at the most common online tool store. You don’t even need to grind or drill anything, you just need a washer.

If there are 3D printers, it is not a problem to make, but the price clapped 500, it is easier to buy a new one. If you need a 3D model of the cap to cast on, there is one. write.

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Very much want to model of the cover, please send me!

If there are 3D printers, it is not a problem to make, but the price is 500, it is easier to buy a new one. If you need a 3D model of the cover, which cast, it is. write.

Hello! Please share the model of the cover!

Repair the cover head trimmer for grass Huter GET 600, too, I needed after meeting with a pebble But why cut the head with a hacksaw. because it is easily removed from the shaft anchor: for this unscrew the side screws over the electric motor and put a broad screwdriver in the housing and turn it to remove the yellow top hatch. Under it we’ll see the rotor shaft with “flats” by which you need to hold with a wrench or pliers and unscrew the head by the trimmer head housing. There is an M8 nut with a regular right thread. At the same time you can take out the collector brushes and look at the collector assembly of the motor. if anything, clean it with zero sandpaper and generally clean the motor housing from dust. As for the broken latch on the lid, then everything depends on the degree of breakage: if the tip of the latch itself fell off, then we do not break off the opposite latch, and if the latch broke off before the lid, then we break (bite off) opposite the other latch before the lid. This is needed for balancing. so that the repaired head did not vibrate. Next, proceed as follows: from the rotor face (after removing the head and removing the rubber cap over the nut) is already centered recess. drill drill 3.Thread the hole to a depth of 10 mm and then cut with a tap thread M 4. Now we drill a 4 mm hole in the middle of the cover of the grass trimmer (without latches). All: now put everything back together, and screw the head cover with a screwdriver screw with an appropriate washer. Thread is right on the screw, and the grass trimmer twists to the left. the cover will never unscrew. I Tried and has a second season on the head of the trimmer works. If you do not want to drill the rotor shaft, you can make a sleeve with a diameter of 14mm. inside thread M8 on one side (preferably with a 1 mm tap) and on the other side thread M5 or M4. where you will use a screw to fix the cover again. Trimmer head is considered a diameter of 75mm, but in reality, if you clean it with sandpaper outside, it will be 74mm, so prop up the tin can from condensed milk. cut with ordinary scissors to the correct size of the window under the fishing line and put this “cover” on the head and the end of the screw screw through the cap to the anchor and you will have a durable head. As for the replacement for another head, you need to remember that you need a head with “ribs” for electric motor cooling, so any of them will not do. Now there are GET600 heads with curved cooling ribs available but remember that they have to suck air inside the engine when it rotates.

This is such a mess instead of thread was in my case Diameter 8mm, I think to cut and order from the turner adapter for the universal head And so the trimmer for grass is good, powerful and not expensive, unfortunately the bobbin sucks

Please tell me who knows how to disassemble the head to replace the line ?

So much emotion here!In general, faced with this problem, ordered the head at DNS. Came in 4 days at 370 What to twist the head (it is tightened stupid on the shaft) is necessary to fix the shaft of the motor. You can’t do it from underneath.To do this: There is a yellow oval cover on top of the housing. Unscrew the self-tapping screws on the body next to it. We use a screwdriver to pull out this @@- cap. Open the motor. There are slots in the shaft. Use pliers to fix the shaft. Change the head. Using a screwdriver and some mother, I screw the lid back on We put the self-tapping screws back.All!

Preparing for replacement

For clarity the mowing head was removed from the brushcutter (bobbin). To change the line it is not necessary to remove it, everything is done in place. It doesn’t take long.

We disassemble the blade of the weed trimmer. It is secured with clips. The cover is removed by pushing on the latches. If there is not enough force to do it with your hands, then use a screwdriver.

The bobbin consists of the following:

How it works is as follows. When the button is pushed, the spool is pressed against the spring and comes out of the retaining grooves in the cover of the bobbin. Holding it in this state, the spool can be twisted, thereby adjusting the length of the line. When the button is released, the body spring returns the spool to its original locked position.

Trimmer heads

Bow trimmer head automatic yellow nose (super quality) Bow trimmer head for brushcutter is a reel, bobbin or cassette that winds the brushcutter line and then outputs it on the spool.

The brushcutter head automatic green nose Prof (super quality)The brushcutter head is a reel, spool or cassette in which the line is wound and then outputted to the rear of the brushcutter.

Saw head for brushcutter automatic with bearing prof (super quality) mowing head for brushcutter is a drum, spool or cassette, in which the mowing line is wound up and then deduce.

Mowing head for Chinese HцsqqarinMowing head for brushcutters is a drum, bobbin or cassette for wrapping mowing lines and then outputting them to the outside.

Mowing head for Chinese brushcutter “WINZOR “The mowing head for brushcutter is the cylinder, spool or cassette for winding the mowing line and then outputting the dosing.

STIHL brushcutter head (Auto-cut)A brushcutter head is a reel, spool or cassette that winds the brushcutter line and then outputs it throttlevels and feeds it outward in a measured pattern.

How to replace a trimmer head

Automatic mowing head A mowing head for brushcutters is a drum, spool or cassette in which the mowing line is wound and then outputted to the outside in a metered fashion.

Comat mowing head expensiveThe mowing head for brushcutter is a drum, spool or cassette, in which the mowing line is wound and then outputted to the outside dosed through the.

The Atlant mowing head (with bolt)The mowing head for brushcutters is a drum, spool or cassette, in which lines are wound and then outputted to the outside of the mowing chamber.

Mowing head cheapThe mowing head for brushcutter is the cylinder, spool or cassette that the lines are wound onto and allow to be dosed out through the hole in the cylinder.

Accumulator for brushcutters Aluminium mowing head The mowing head for brushcutters is the cylinder, spool or cassette that the lines are wound into and then fed out through a hole in the cylinder.

Line for grass trimmer

Grass trimmer line is a nylon cord with a thickness of 0.4 to 4 mm and with different cross-sectional shapes Trimmer line) is a nylon cord with thickness from 0.4 to 4 mm of various cross-section forms used for cutting the grass by crushing the plants with a trimmer line pulled by the centrifugal force from the high revolutions of the trimmer head.

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