How to change the line on the STIHL gasoline trimmer

Comparison with other brands

Today, very many companies produce gasoline trimmers for grass. Given the cost of such equipment, the choice of specific models should be approached with the utmost care. Nowadays almost all developers of specialized tools and small construction equipment are engaged in the production of petrol cosmo. We are talking about both industry leaders and little-known companies.

In the first positions of the current ratings of popularity are located the following brands:

Of course, it is impossible to unequivocally answer the question of what brand and model is better. This is due to the existence of a whole list of selection criteria. However, when buying a brushcutter in order to identify the competitive advantages of a particular brand, you should compare the performance of representatives of different model ranges.

STIHL is most often compared to Echo, Husqvarna and Makita trimmers. Initially, it should be noted that these samples of equipment belong to the same class and have largely identical technical characteristics, except for some nuances.

This primarily concerns the designs of trimmers, which are equipped with handles of the so-called bicycle type. All ride-on mowers come with two cutting elements: a fishing line and a disc.

Every STIHL lawnmower comes with a quick start system. Among other things, these devices, as well as the models of the mentioned brands, have a belt drive, which effectively reduces the load on the user’s hands. According to the reviews of owners, the trimmers of the famous Makita brand have the most advantages. Increased cutting element speed for higher cutting performance.

Changing the filament in a STIHL fs 55 trimmer

Warranty run out of the factory weed trimmer reel will inevitably require a change of fishing line. Having a very rough idea of how to tuck the line into the spool trimmer for grass without helping others, newcomers do not readily take up this work. How to wind the line on the grass trimmer reel, how to wind the line into the grass trimmer reel. Autocut for STIHL grass trimmer STIHL fs 55 filling line on the grass trimmer spool 2 parts winding line on the. But with some ability to learn this simple science is not any difficulty, and presented below a similar annotation is very easy this process.

Performing line winding

Carefully completing the disassembly of the bobbin spool without losing its parts allows you to move on to the main task. winding the fishing line into the spool. The technological features of the bobbin design and the number of working tendrils determine the sequence of operations.

Reel with one working strand

The most usual variant and the easiest sequence of actions:

  • The size of the bobbin and the length of the unique factory winding determine the recommended line length for winding. 2 to 5 m.
  • One end of the line slides into the locking technological hole on the inside of the bobbin.
  • the line is wound on the reel in the opposite direction to bobbin’s rotation of the trimmer’s product. usually on the inner side of the reel is marked with an arrow in what direction the winding is conducted.
  • The smallest part of the line is left free to be let out. it is fixed in a special groove on the inside of the bobbin, created to hold the winding when assembling the bobbin into working state.
  • The leftover end of the line is let through the opening of the outer part of the bobbin.
  • Bobbin halves are assembled and attached to the trimmer bar.

How to insert a line into a STIHL mower.FS-38

I took the mower out of the shed, and the line was not in it, I had to put a line and on occasion took off a small

change, line, stihl, gasoline

A reel with two working tendrils

In this type of bobbin should determine the number of grooves for winding the line lying on the inside of the spool:

For both cases, a 2-3 m length of fishing line is taken. In single-strand reels the line is pulled through the through hole, its ends (tendrils) are folded together and aligned, and then reeled in the opposite direction to the bobbin rotation on the rod. the arrow inside usually indicates the correct winding direction. If there are fastening grooves the ends of the line are pushed through or held with the fingers of your free hand into the through hole of the outer half of the bobbin, the bobbin is closed and fastened to the shaft of the trimmer.

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The difference of winding the line in twin spools is that originally a piece of line 2-5 meters long is folded in half (to determine the middle fold), and the loop of the fold is inserted in a special groove between the grooves. Both tendrils of the fishing line are wound each on its own groove, fixing the tendrils and reel assembly is similar to the variant with one groove discussed above.

How to change a line on a trimmer, motor scythe electric scythe.

Doing this procedure for the first time may seem lengthy and rather laborious, but with time and experience this task will be much quicker and easier.

The video below will clearly show you how to tuck the fishing line into the grass trimmer reel and wind it correctly. this operation is nothing complicated and with some patience is sure to succeed:


The dust cap wiped off the body of the clamp nut, and the saw fell out. The guide holes are clogged with grass and soil. Manual soaking and returning the bobbin does not help.

I really wanted to save money.

Changing a Filament in a STIHL Fse 52 Trimmer

DAEWOO Power Products DABC 420 Grass Trimmer

TRANSMISSION FBC-451/2200 petrol grass trimmer

Gas trimmer for grass-reducer, 26mm, square, Sturm!

FORWARD FGT-230/1500 electric grass trimmer

Carver GBC-043MS grass trimmer 1250 W / 1.7 L.с.

How to change a line in your trimmer: 2 easy ways

Grass trimmer is a necessary and useful tool for a cottage and private home. Many people own and actively use it, but not everyone knows how to change the line in a trimmer, especially, at first.

In this instruction manual we’ll show you how to change the filament step by step. Looking ahead, there are two ways to bobbin-top the trimmer’s bobbin with fishing line. There is no fundamental difference. the difference is that in the first case will be tucked in one line, folded in half, and in the second such lines will be two segments.

First Way

Prepared piece (in this case it is 4 meters) is bent approximately in half. one piece should be 15-20 cm longer, and inserted into a special slit located on the divider.

The line is wound in the previously determined direction. This is done by pulling on the line and distributing it carefully. At the same time the longer part should be wound into the section closer to the button.

There are designs that do not provide for the division of the spool into two sections. This does not change anything, the line is wound in a similar way. Make sure that the line segments do not overlap.

The section at the bottom of the spool should end first, i.e.е. the one which is closer to the fixing holes.

This tip is placed in the appropriate diameter hole. The line is securely fastened.

A long section is reeled in another half-turn. There it is similarly fixed. The other end of the line crosses over the other end of the spool.

The long piece is wound one more half turn

The fixed ends of the wound line are inserted into the holes of the grass trimmer bobbin body.

The secured ends of the wound line are inserted into the holes in the grass trimmer bobbin case

Reel is attached to the body of the reel. The ends of the fishing line are tightened with force so that the fishing line, previously secured in the holes of the spool, pops out of there. It can be easily identified by a clicking sound.

A reel with a button is snapped into the grass trimmer bobbin case.

A reel with a button is snapped into the body of the grass trimmer bobbin

The line change is successful. In this case, you need to install back on the grass trimmer and you can start mowing the grass.

It should be repeated, the bobbin with a grass trimmer does not need to be removed. this was done for clarity of line replacement. You can disassemble the bobbin on the spot, wind it on the spool and put it back.

The tips can and should be trimmed so they don’t hit the body of the grass trimmer.

Carburetor on gasoline grass trimmer UNION BTS-9252L, BTS-9256L

Stihl Trimmer. How To Fix the detached in-tank fuel line problem.

TRANSMISSION FBC-452/2200 petrol grass trimmer

Universal reel for gasoline trimmers

TRANSMISSION FBC-522/2600 gasoline grass trimmer

The reel is worn out from working long hours.

Fuel Leak Fix with New Fuel Lines, Grommets, Filter Replacement for Stihl lawn equipment

The first repair project is to solder a new nylon or plastic extension cover.

To keep the saw in the hole, you had to clamp it in the lathe chuck and cut a slot under the retaining ring with a cutter 1 mm deep and 2 mm wide.

I bent the retaining ring on the cut water pipe from the bicycle needle and removed the extra space.

After a simple repair, I put my head on the brush cutter, put on my shoe, tucked in the fishing line and went into the garden to test. Everything is working! Right! I pressed on the updated speech. The fishing line kept going. After mowing, the dust remained in place. Planned surfaces are not clogged with grass and soil.

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The successful solution within the next hour was re-implemented on a second worn-out head. Now I have a spare!

If you look closely at the attached drawings, you can guess from the bronze billet joint prosthesis tube plus tube.

Or even with a safety cap on the trunk. Then a groove with a retaining ring is unnecessary.

How to maintain a lawn mower

A lawn mower is a popular technique for mowing unwanted vegetation in plots, gardens and parks. But like any other equipment, lawn mowers require constant care, maintenance and sometimes minor repairs, which can be done yourself. And if you bought a lawn mower instead of an electric mower, what kind of gasoline should be poured into the fuel tank? In this article, let’s review the basic principles of care for gasoline mowers and tips on what to do with the machine before each startup, how to prepare the fuel mixture and tell you some grass mowing secrets from experienced gardeners.

Lawnmower maintenance

Here you will find information on how to properly care for all parts of the equipment, how to adjust, how to disassemble and what and how to lubricate the lawnmower (moving parts).

Engine. Keep the air filter clean and free of oil and grease. Fuel filter should be checked at least once a week and replaced in case of fault. Muffler and plugs should be decalcified regularly (as they become soiled). Check all screws and nuts for tightness before each use.

The bevel gear must be cleaned of dust and dirt as needed because this prevents effective cooling, and then lubricated with any gear lubricant such as STIHL.

Trimmer head with fishing line. The mowing head must be cleaned after each use of the grass trimmer and must be replaced in time if any deformation or cracks are found. Only use the special cord (fishing line) for the trimmer, no ropes or wire! Diameter of fishing line must be that stated in the specific model. Make sure the filament is wound tightly but without crossing the filaments.

Cutting attachment (blades and saw blades). Metal parts should always be ground (special templates and files exist for this purpose) at a special angle. It is better to turn double-sided models from time to time to wear evenly. Dull or improperly sharpened blades and knives cause overloading of the motor and shorten the life span.

Protective guards must always be worn when mowing. They protect the operator from flying grass and stones from under the cutting attachment and reduce the strain on the engine. After use, thoroughly clean the inside and outside of the housing with a jet of water or a soft cloth, taking care not to scratch the surface.

How to adjust the lawnmower (carburetor)

Correct adjustment is essential for the successful operation of the machine in the future.

Beginners sometimes do not know how important this process is for benzocos and benzotrimmer, and miss it or simply do not know how to adjust the carburetor of lawnmowers, believing that the factory settings are quite enough. However, this is not the case. Inspecting all mechanisms and adjusting the carburetor should be done regularly.

Important information and tips on tuning the gasoline carburetor in chain saws:

  • There are 3 screws in the carburetor: left (H), bottom (T) and right (L). To get to the screws, you need to know how to disassemble the lawnmower, and more specifically, how to get to the carburetor. This information should be specified in the product datasheet.
  • The lower screw (T) is responsible for the idle speed, the right screw (L) for the amount of fuel that enters the combustion chamber at low rpm, and the left screw (H) is responsible for the fuel flow at high rpm.
  • Turn on carburetor at idle speed. Properly tuned, it works evenly when the motor is hot and cold, at low and high revolutions. If something goes wrong, you have to turn the lower screw (T).
  • Adjustment of fuel intake at low rpm adjustable by turning the right hand screw (L) a quarter turn counterclockwise.
  • To adjust the carburettor at high RPM: open the throttle and step on the maximum throttle. Turn the left-hand (H) screw clockwise until the RPMs decrease. Then turn the screw counterclockwise until the engine runs smoothly. Then slowly tighten the screw back clockwise until you hear a smooth and even running of the motor.
  • The spark plug also serves as an indicator of proper carburetor regulation. If it is defective, the spark plug is soiled, but if it is properly adjusted, the spark plug will stay clean.

This is the most universal algorithm on how to tune the carburetor on a chain saw. Individual adjustment depends on the configuration of your machine model.

Preparing the fuel mixture for the lawnmower

Many novice users ask what kind of gasoline to pour into the lawnmower? Each mower’s data sheet should tell you which fuel to use with this particular model. However, on one gasoline will not work the grass scythe, you need a fuel mixture, prepared in certain proportions. What is in the fuel for chain saws and gasoline trimmers?

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Gasoline. any high-octane (AI-92 and 95 and a density of 750 to 770 kg per cubic.м). Gasoline must be fresh and clean, which means:

Oil. you can use oil for two-stroke engines (10,000-15,000 rpm) of high quality, e.g. STIHL, PATRIOT, Husqvarna, Bigmaster will also do.

Fuel mixture proportions. if not stated differently in the product passport, you can use this scheme: 1:50 (2 percent oil from 100 percent gasoline) or 20:1000 ml.

One example of how to prepare a fuel mix (10 ml per 0.5 L): pour 0.5 L of gasoline into a clear container, carefully add 10 ml of oil (a medical syringe without a needle can be used), mix and pour the rest of the oil. Stir the resulting mixture thoroughly. If the quality of gasoline is low, you may increase the oil volume to 25 ml.

Our article is of an informative nature, so if you have a lawnmower, how to dilute gasoline (the correct proportions of gasoline and oil) should be specified in the technical certificate of the model.

Important! Shake the fuel mixture before each filling, so that the gasoline and oil mix evenly. Such fuel can be stored no longer than 2 weeks in favorable conditions (not frozen and not overheated in the sun). Attention! If the fuel color has changed (cloudy, darkened), do not use such a mixture to avoid damage to the equipment.

Fuel line repair/replacement on Stihl FS-90R weed trimmer

A few secrets on how to mow properly with a gasoline mower

Many people know what a lawn mower looks like, how to use it on an overgrown plot of grass. However, there are some tricks that will allow you to mow vegetation faster and more efficiently.

  • Move the lawn from right to left when mowing, so the cuttings fall back onto the area you have already mowed. This is obtained because the tool rotates counterclockwise.
  • Large and flat areas are best mowed in squares. Always mow from the edge of the field to the center.
  • It is better to mow tall bushes by moving the grass trimmer from side to side, starting from left to right. With the first movement you mow the overall length, and with the second movement you trim.
  • Mowing the slope. Use the straight mowing method. cut the grass along the slope, at the end go back and pass the next line.

Do-it-yourself lawn mower repair

This information refers to minor repairs to the machine, for serious breakdowns or replacement of major parts of the grass mower is better to contact specialized service centers.

Let’s look at how a lawnmower is constructed: the unit usually consists of an engine, a mowing head and a connecting rod that connects them, as well as additional parts.

STIHL Consumables Grass trimmer line. Feedback

What is mowing grass, well, say, a dacha site, I think everyone knows. The work is boring and tedious. You mow it, but it won’t go away. It used to be like this, before there were grass trimmers. Now the whole process in general is not very long, and with the right tools, you can say that you do not have time to get bored at work.

Hand-held electric lawn trimmers now make life a lot easier. But like any tool, they need spare parts and components. One of these necessary accessories is a line for a grass mower, in our case a line “STIHL”. The key to successful mowing is how fast you spin the line and how thick it is. Spinning trimmer line standard area dacha (6 acres) is able to mow, well, about 40-50 minutes, given the more that need to give the tool to cool. A fishing line works best over thin grass but, given its speed and thickness, it can also cut through pretty thick grass stems like wormwood.

The line is not designed for a specific brand of brushcutter, it is universal and can be used with any brushcutter. Another thing that tuck it into the trimmer for grass, or change to a new one, if the previous one is worn out, say, for me it is problematic, there is a complicated process, but in principle according to the instructions, frayed nerves and scolding ample, you can osirovis this procedure.

The line itself is inexpensive. “STIHL” has long been a synonym for quality, not price, and thankfully this is not applicable to the machine’s components.

change, line, stihl, gasoline

Lawn mower Huter GGT-2500T knife head with a blade with a 2.5 liters of engine power.с. The most powerful equipment in the Huter line. Easily copes with overgrown, dense grass due to its high performance.

Handlebar with bicycle handlebar and ergonomic button layout for easy handling. Includes backpack strap for operator comfort.

change, line, stihl, gasoline

You can buy a lawn mower in the online store “LeaderStroyInstrument”. For delivery and pricing please contact your Online Chat Manager.

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