How to change the button on the chainsaw. Electric saw saw a crooked

The ignition system of the chainsaw. from the device to check the coil by the multimeter

Chainsaw, like any tool, has its own structural features. About how to extend the life of the tool and eliminate problems in the ignition system, let’s talk right now.

Most often we think about the repair of a chainsaw when it already stops starting. If there are problems with launch, it is worth checking the ignition coil. The main signs of a malfunction:

  • The chainsaws are not started or hard to start “on the cold”, Trithus until he warms up;
  • The chainsaw is started, but it works unevenly, sneezes, shoots, etc.D.;
  • The power of the chainsaw fell;
  • Fuel consumption has increased.

To diagnose breakdowns in the ignition system, we will use such a device as a multimeter. For these purposes, any digital multimeter model is suitable for us with probes. The DT brand models have proven themselves well, such as the base DT9205A or the multimeter of the same brand. DT9205A, with more dilated functionality.

Digital measuring device. multimeter

  • Be sure to study the instructions of our chainsaw: we find out the working indicators of the average resistance for the circuit winding (standard resistance of 0.2. 4 Ohms);
  • We install the device so that the arrow shows 200 Ohms;
  • We connect the multimeter to the circuit winding (probes on “” and “k”. the coil body) and measure the resistance. If the indicators are normal (0.2. 4 Ohms), we continue to test;
  • We translate the multimeter into mode 20 kOhm, transfer the probe from the body to the candlestick, perform the check. Permissible values ​​of 6-15 kOhm (depending on the model).
  • If the indicators vary greatly with the set values, replace the coil.

Types of leading stars

There are two types of drums, depending on the purpose of the chainsaw, professional and household. The frequency of replacement of the asterisk depends on this: if the household saw is used much less often professional, then replacing consumables, such as an asterisk, bearings or a crown, requires less often.

In their design, leading stars are of two types:

    Solid or non.vegetable type. As follows from the name, this is a single design, where the clutch plate and the drive crown are firmly cooked or compressed. If necessary, the detail changes entirely.

After you have determined the type of your saw and sprockets to be replaced, you can proceed to the process of updating the mechanism.

Ignition malfunctions

Most often we think about repair after the chainsaw stopped starting, or visual signs of serious breakdowns appeared.

Signs of ignition malfunction:

  • The chainsaw is started, but it works unevenly (troit), often sneezes and shoots;
  • The power of the chainsaw fell noticeably;
  • With a sharp press on the accelerator, failures are observed in the operation of the engine;
  • The chainsaw is poorly started on cold, very troit until it warms up;
  • Fuel consumption has increased significantly;

If such flaws appeared in your chainsaw, then it is time to conduct diagnostics, adjustment, and possibly repairing the ignition system.

Determining the localization of a malfunction:

First of all, it is necessary to inspect the candle, if a lot of soot has accumulated on it, then the cause of the malfunction is most likely associated with the work of the carburetor, the piston group or the quality of the fuel. If visually the candle looks good, it does not throw it and it is dry. make sure there is a spark.

  • Remove the candle, put the ignition cable on it;
  • Using pliers with isolated handles, press the candle thread to the motor body;
  • Sharply pull the starter handle and make sure there is a spark;

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If there is no spark, we change the spark plug to a new one and test again. After making sure there is a spark, start the engine. But what to do, even if there is no spark on a good candle? We continue the search:

  • Test an electric cable for a cliff and insufficient contact with the spark plug. We check the serviceability of the spring in the cap of the nursing and the presence of contact with the armored vehicle;

To check the serviceability of the wiring, it is best to use the tester.

You can set the right gap with a probe, they are not a deficit and are available for a small fee.

Diagnosis of a malfunction multimeter

It is possible to determine the malfunction of the ignition coil can be determined by the so.called hardware method. However, for this you must have a multimeter with which diagnostics is carried out. diagnosis of ignition by multimeter:

  • We set the multimeter to the position in which the arrow is at a mark of 200 Ohms.
  • We study the instructions of the chainsaw. We find out the optimal resistance for the coil winding installed on our model (in most modern chainsaws this indicator ranges from 3-5 Ohms.);
  • We connect the multimeter to the primary winding of the coil and measure the resistance, if it is normal. continue testing;
  • We connect the multimeter to the secondary winding of the coil, compare the obtained readings with the operation manual;
  • We connect the multimeter to the coil hole into which the wires are inserted. If the device gives normal indicators, we come to the conclusion that the coil is serviceable. If the measurement results are far from optimal, you will have to replace the node (coil) with a new one;
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  • Diagnose a malfunction;
  • We dismantle the protective cover;
  • Remove the module with a nursing and electric cable. We conduct their visual inspection, if necessary, replace with a new one;
  • Install the ignition module, but do not tighten the mounting screws to the stop;

We determine a plot with a magnet on the flywheel;

Important: special attention, when repairing the ignition of a chainsaw, should be given to put the correct clearance between the module and the flywheel.

You should also check if the flywheel clings to the module counterweight. If this happens, perhaps you have failed a bearing or a backlash has formed on the shaft.

Asterisk replacement algorithm

During the operation of the chainsaws, all parts have right rotation. That is why the clutch clutch clutch provides for the left thread. It is removed using a puller or screwdriver clockwise.

The sequence of replacing the leading star:

During operation, the coupling is sticking to the leading star. Therefore, to remove it, most often, the following operations must be performed.

  • Remove the air filter lid and the filter itself;
  • In order to ensure access to the motor cylinder, unscrew the candle;
  • Rotating the shaft, raise the cylinder to the top position, take it back by 5-10 mm;
  • We fix the crankshaft using a dense cord, which fill all the internally space above the piston;
  • With a special puller, rotating it clockwise, remove the clutch coupling; In the absence of a puller, the operation can be carried out by a mounting screwdriver and medium hammer.
  • With light tapping by the clock, we move the coupling, then unscrew it with our hands. In this case, we advise you to show special caution, so as not to damage the clutch clutch and not leave the burrs on the metal;
  • Remove the leading star examine it, then inspect the needle bearing and separator;
  • We replace the worn star with a new one;
  • The assembly process is performed in the reverse order. We advise you to carry out all the repair work in a clean, well.lit place, carefully and carefully;

How to adjust and maintain an electric chainsaw

Important: When replacing a leading star, it should be remembered that a driven star is located on the tire. We advise you to replace both parts at the same time in order to avoid wear of the chain and other breakdowns of the chainsaw.

Several useful tips:

  • When replacing the lead gear, always make a lubricant of the needle bearing;
  • Select the tire and chain with the same step. Otherwise, the asterisk on your chainsaw will collapse and will quickly become unusable;
  • Follow the behavior of the chainsaw during sawing. If the chain begins to wedge, lead to the side, drinking becomes uneven. conduct an examination of the stars, obviously, it has worn out and its replacement is required;
  • After work, always clean the chainsaw. Remove the side cover periodically and remove the sawdust. If this is not done, then the garbage will mix with butter, get to the chain and asterisk.

The principle of operation of the brake

Consider the principle of operation of the brake. The design of the mechanism is simple and unpretentious. This is a purely mechanical process. Starting, the brake system switcher is the lever already mentioned by us (screen), which is a strong element on the upper front surface of the chainsaw above the silencer. The screen is just located behind the operator’s hand, almost closely, it is connected to the lid. But, since we turn the tool when working, the screen may not be on hand.

Sliding lever without a spring in a cocked state

Sliding lever without a spring in the released condition of the trigger

The sliding lever without a spring with a released turmeric is fixed by a return spring at the base of the mount and the trigger switch. When impact, tire rebound, the screen hurts, drips in the hand of the sawman and then along the chain it includes a trigger that is interconnected with the screen. In the usual position, the trigger compresses the spring (not to be confused with the return spring), and when triggered, it exacers it and fixes it with a locking latch (latch). The sliding lever that is located inside the spring, in turn, pulls the metal tape. The metal tape is located around the clutch basket (clutch drum), it delays (clamps) the drum that stops rotating. The chain of the chainsaw stops.

Insert the screwdriver into a spring with a sliding lever

Put the spring with your palm so that it does not jump out.

Insert the spring with a screwdriver into the seat

change, button, chainsaw, electric

We take the brake trigger trigger with a balloon key to weaken the metal bracket

But the brake may not turn on from mediocre pressing on the screen. In the lower part of the screen (at the place of attachment with the lid), in the body of the lever, the inertial cargo is “introduced”, which drives the trigger due to a sharp return. Due to the inertial weight, an automatic braking process occurs. The focus of the forest, for example, when the tree turns, holds the saw in an inclined (lying) position and, the screen, in this case, is not on hand, but to the side. In case of return to the resume, thanks to inertial cargo, the brake system also turns on.

The main problems of the chain of the chainsaw

Chainsaw users often face the problem of tensioning the saw chain. She either spontaneously weakens, or stretches and flies. As a rule, these troubles are caused by the breakdown of the unit. Therefore, before proceeding with the stretch of chain links, you should check and eliminate the possible causes that can lead to impaired adjustment.

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The reasons that the chain on the chainsaw is stretched can be large loads or insufficient lubrication on the tire. Because of this, the saw overheats, the metal expands, the size of the saw element increases, and it flies from the tire. The flow of oil can be violated when the pump is broken, channel clogging, and a butter of an oil hose.

If you changed the chain on the chainsaw for a new one, then be prepared for the fact that during the period of the it will be slightly stretched. It is only necessary to check the tension in time so that the element does not fly off the tire.

A chain made of poor.quality steel is also quickly exposed to stretching.

When worn by a driven or leading star, the effectiveness of adhesion to the links of the chain decreases, as a result of which the saw element flies. In this case, you will have to unscrew the chain drive and change the asterisk. Also, the saw canvas of the unit can fly due to its stretching or deformation of the tire.

If a chain weakens your chainsaw, then this malfunction can cause a failed tension mechanism.

How to check a candle correctly

It is not worth excluding a malfunction of the candle of incandescent itself. Nowadays there is a lot of falsified fuel for chainsaws. And a poor.quality mixture directly affects the “life expectancy” of a candle of incandescent.

We unscrew the glow of incandescent from the engine and carefully examine it. if it is raw, then it floods it with a fuel mixture and, indeed, the carburetor can be the cause of the malfunction. If the candle is dry, then it is necessary to check the presence of a spark. A defective candle should immediately be removed and replaced with a deliberately serviceable candle.

Visually, a candle defect can be guessed by the following signs:

  • layering or deposits (slag, lacquer) on electrodes;
  • heterogeneous color and shape of the electrodes;
  • soot plaque, butter;
  • molten central electrode;

First, make sure that the ignition key, when checking, is turned on. Exactly. It happens that the operator, having drowned out an intermittently working saw, begins to check the candle on the ignition turned off.

A twisted (working) candle of incandescent, without extracting from a cap, must be attached to thread (“skirt”) or a lateral electrode directly to the cylinder. Contact should be reliable! Holding the candle by the cap with one hand, with the other hand we produce the starter jerk and observe the presence of a spark on the candle between the electrodes.

The main malfunctions of electric saw

In short, we will analyze what reasons most often lead to problems with the work of a chain saw:

  • If the electric saw does not start, make sure that the house has electricity. There is also a probability that it is required to check the wiring of the saw and the extension cord through which it is connected.
  • The popular reason why brushes on electric saw are burning is their abrasion. Dust accumulates and sparkles. Repair is not required, but you need to replace the brushes.
  • If the circuit is not lubricated on the electric saw, make sure that there is a lubricant in the tank. Perhaps your pump has broken or a lubricant supply mechanism has clogged.
  • If the electric saw is poorly sawing, perhaps the case is the voltage surges on the network. In this case, the repair of the saw is not required, but your conditions may not be suitable for its operation.
  • If the chain does not rotate on the electric saw, the point may be that the asterisk on the saw set was clogged with wood garbage. As a repair, it is recommended to clean.
  • If the electric saw turns off during operation, you need to replace the brushes.
  • It happens that a chain saw skyscles at a minimum load. If the saw is not pulled, it is necessary to disassemble the gearbox and perform its diagnosis. Perhaps the case is in a gear or a torsion spring.
  • Vibration of the electric saw is an integral part of work with this tool. It is caused by the lack of a quality anti.vibration system.

Diagnostic and repair algorithm

When starting the repair of a chain electric saw, it is necessary to conduct a sequential diagnosis of all unit nodes to clarify the cause of the breakdown. Repair of the unit is carried out based on signs of malfunctions that were listed above. Below is a power supply circuit, which depicts the internal device of the unit in detail.

Electric saw does not turn on

If when the start button is pressed, the unit does not turn on, then the diagnosis is carried out in the following order.

  • Check the voltage in the outlet. It may not be due to the general shutdown or malfunction of the outlet. Try to include the unit in another place.
  • If there is a voltage in the outlet, then it is worth checking the network cable. Remove the engine cover cover and call each wire with a tester, touching one probe to contact inside the unit, and the other to one of the rods of an electric fork.
  • If everything is in order with the wire, then continue to check on. Call the wire tester going to the launch button for a cliff.
  • Next, you should call the contacts of the buttons at the input and on its output when the key is pressed.
  • After that, check the conductors going to the unit engine. If a smooth start module is in their way, then check the chain at the entrance and exit from it.

If the previous actions did not allow to identify the cause of the engine failure, then the brushes should be removed and checked. There are cases that the engine does not start due to the complete wear of one or both brushes, as well as due to a break in the conductors in them. If the brushes are serviceable, then most likely, the engine failed, namely, the pavers of the stator or rotor are burned out. In this case, in order to call the coils, you must have some skills and knowledge in this area. It is better to attribute the engine of the electric saw to a specialist who will find a malfunction and rewind the coils.

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Brushes and collector burn

The appearance of severe sparking under the brushes can be caused by poor contact between the anchor lamels and electrodes due to the wear of the latter. To check this, it is necessary to extract details from the brush holders.

It is believed that the normal wear of the brushes should be no more than 2/3 of their initial length.

If the brushes are worn out, they must be replaced. Brushes can also spark due to clogging the gap between the lamellas of the anchor of graphite dust. Since graphite is a conductor, it causes a closure and appearance of sparks.

To eliminate pollution, it is necessary to clean the lamellas with alcohol, cotton and toothbrush well. It is also recommended to polish them with the smallest sandpaper (zero).

No lubrication on the chain and tire

The lack of lubrication on the tire or its complete absence can be caused by clogging of the hole or tube through which the oil is supplied to the tire. Often the chain is not lubricated if the supply of lubrication from the tank is disturbed. This can happen when clogging the filter installed at the end of the hose. The latter is always inside the container. To eliminate the malfunction, it is necessary to pull the hose from the oil tank and rinse the filter with gasoline.

Advice! Sometimes the oil cannot enter the tire if it is too thick. It is recommended to use special lubrication for circuits of electric and gasoline saws.

The breakdown of the oil pump can also cause the oil does not enter the electric saw chain. After cleaning the filter, hose and holes for supplying lubrication, turn on the electric saw and observe whether the lubricant comes to the tire, provided that there is enough oil in the tank. If the lubricant does not arrive, it is necessary to remove and disassemble the oil pump, check the serviceability of the spring or its other parts (depends on the model of the unit) and, if necessary, replace it with a new.

The engine gets very hot

The reason for overheating of the engine may be the jamming of the gear of the gearbox if it is highly contaminated with small wood sawdust, or extraneous objects, for example, fragments of spring or plastic parts, have fallen on it. Try to scroll the gear shaft manually when the brake is turned off. If the rotation is difficult, then you will need to disassemble the gearbox and eliminate the malfunction.

Causing an overheating of the motor can also break off the engine windings. In this case, it will not work to repair the motor with your own hands. You will need to contact a specialist for help.

Also, the engine can overheat if the oil is not supplied to the saw chain. This leads to poor gluing equipment on the tire, and as a result, to an increased load on the electric motor. How to diagnose and eliminate this malfunction, it was described above.

The engine does not develop full power

First of all, it is necessary to check the voltage in the network. It can sometimes decrease and lead to a fall in the power of the unit. Also, the drop in power is caused by jaming the gearbox or wear of the brushes. How to eliminate these problems, it was considered above.

Causes similar symptoms and faulty start button. If a fault is detected when checking this part, then it will not work to repair it. The button must be replaced with a new. But if the audit of the above reasons did not give results, then it remains to suspect that the anchor was blocked or an interval circuit occurred in them.

The unit stops during operation

If the unit stops when working, then perhaps there was a complete wear of one or both brushes. This is checked quite simply: remove the brushes from the holders and check their length.

Sometimes brushes with a short conductor, located inside the clamping spring, come across. In appearance, such a brush will have a sufficient length of the electrode, but if you look closely at the spring, it will not be unclenched completely due to the short conductor.

Also, the unit can stop in the process of work if there are malfunctions in the gearbox. In this case, you will hear the buzz of the engine, which will not be able to rotate. Often the stop of the unit causes jamming of the end star located at the end of the tire, due to its clogging. The main task of the star is the movement of the chain around the top of the tire. As in the case of a breakdown of the gearbox, you will hear the engine buzz. You can check the jamming of the asterisk if, if the unit is turned off and the brake is squeezed out, try to hand out the chain manually: if it does not move, it means that it was jammed in the tire.

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