How to change gears on the Neva power tiller

Reviews of real owners of the power tillerNeva” and its attachments

Before you give your preference to a particular model, it is worth reading the reviews of owners of power tillers “Neva”.

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the single axle tractor has three speeds. two forward and one reverse. The gearshift is located in the gearbox and is controlled by a crank located on the handlebar. It is also possible to work in lower gears by shifting the belt on the system’s pulleys.

In the lowest gear range the single axle tractor travels at 1.8 km/h, this mode is best suited to most difficult terrain. On the most significant, the fourth gear, the speed of the power tiller is 12 km per hour. At this speed, it can carry up to 500 kg of cargo.

Another distinctive feature of the gear-shift mechanism is the ability to fully lock one of the wheels when turning. The transmission locks one of the axles and allows manoeuvring with a small turning radius. Wheel locking and unlocking is done by the handle on the handlebar.

The single-axle tractor is very convenient in operation. its low weight and the possibility of locking the half-axles give it excellent maneuverability. The steering wheel can be adjusted to suit you, all the switches are on the handles. The body has a specialized protection for the operator to prevent the soil from getting on it. Light weight allows the elderly and women to handle it.

Engines of power tillers Neva.

Today you won’t find any new Neva motor blocks with the domestic DM-1K engine, which was developed back in the USSR. It has been discontinued. DM-1K has been replaced by modern single-cylinder gasoline engines from the world’s leading manufacturers: BriggsStratton, Yamaha, Honda, Kasei. Engine cooling. active, air.

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BriggsStratton engines are installed on the entire Neva range. The MB Compact, MB-1 and MB-2 models can be equipped with domestic RS and professional I/C and Vanguard engines. Only professional 10L BriggsStratton I/C engines on the MB-23 model.с., there is a model with or without electric starter.
Japanese Yamaha engines have replaced the Subaru EX-series engines (Subaru EX17, EX21, EX27), which have recently been removed from production, but have proved to be reliable and economical power units. Yamaha engines can be found on MB-2 models with classical gearbox (MX175 and MX200) and on MB-23 Multi-AGRO (MX250 and MX300).
Honda professional series GX engines are installed on the models. MB-2 Multi-AGRO and MB-23 with a classical gearbox. The engines of this brand are characterized by high reliability and maintainability. Many Chinese brands copy Honda engines, and as a result. a lot of cheap spare parts and consumables.
Domestic engines Kasei. Quite recently, the Neva line has no engines of Chinese brands, but now the customer can choose engines Kasei. These models will be optimal for users with small tasks, for example. to cultivate a small piece of land. Meet these engines can be found on the models MB-Compact and MB-2 with a classic gearbox.

Basic Parameters

The main feature of the motor-block. reliability and quality. Technical characteristics of the Neva MB-23 9 l model. с. Allow you to evaluate the single-axle tractor as a design with high performance.

The basic components for the MB-23 model:

The maximum speed for the power tiller is set with a gearbox that has 3 speeds for forward travel and one for reverse. Often in the process of work there is a need to change the speed of the machine. To increase the reverse speed on the Neva power tiller, you should use the resetting of the drive belt.

Universal mobile device has additional equipment:

Working volume of the engine. 306 cm³, power. 10 hp. с. The ignition system on the power tiller helps the unit run smoothly in all weather conditions.

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Before starting to plow, the equipment is run-in. The user observes all the rules specified in the manual. If there is a problem, how to make the rear speed on the motoblock to plow heavy soil, make a replacement of the gear pair, mounted in the wheel reducers. Cogwheel installation increases the speed by 1,5 times. The second option. installation of large-diameter tires (704 mm) is possible.

Advantages of Red October Neva power tillers

Production line with a foundry, unique equipment, multistage processing. Each unit is tested on a special stand and only after the tests on the model is marked with the personal brand of the responsible master. If a defect or any other non-compliance with technical standards is detected, the single-axle tractor is rejected and returned for modification. Such a responsible approach to production is already an indisputable advantage and minimizes the possibility of poor-quality goods reaching the consumer.

  • The models are equipped with quality engines of well-known brands.
  • The single-axle tractor Neva is notable for easy operation. This is due to the convenient gear shifting system, upper easy access for connecting the attachments, adjustable steering wheel.
  • All model series are compact for easy transport and storage.
  • Electronic ignition system.
  • Automatic decompressor.
  • Robust body and smart, protected design of the units.
  • Multifunctionality of power tillers, not only for agricultural works, but also for cargo transportation.
  • Reliable undercarriage. Many models feature practical pneumatic tread wheels for some level of self-cleaning.
  • Compactness of the unit allows working in greenhouses.
  • Possibility of attaching a trailer, making the single-axle tractor a mini-tractor.
  • Possibility to use a large number of differently oriented attachments which can be used in summer and winter periods. For example, to work as a snowplow.
  • Extensive network of warranty and service workshops.
  • Availability of any accessories and additional canopies.
  • Installation of any canopies is simple and requires no more than 10 minutes of time.

The wheels should be paid special attention, if you are not buying a motocultivator, but exactly a single-axle tractor.

Technical characteristics

This unit can operate even in the winter, it is only necessary to select the appropriate oil.

Repair of Neva power tillers: how to do it right without the help of specialists

First it should be noted that among the many models of the specified manufacturer, it is the MB1 and MB2 are considered the most well-known and widespread. We will use them as an example to deal with common malfunctions.

  • If the owner of a motoblock noticed oil leakage on the output shaft, it is immediately necessary to remove the half-axle covers and replace the collar;
  • If the gearbox is jammed, you should disassemble the mechanism and replace the unsuitable chain;
  • If there is no kinematic connection in the gearbox, it is necessary not to delay and renew the sprocket in the block;
  • Transmission problems can be caused by a destroyed shift knob or a sheared off threaded portion of the shift knob. To get rid of problems, it is worth replacing the damaged parts;
  • When the overrunning clutch starts to malfunction, it is obvious. Remove the starter, remove the clutch and grind the slots for the balls. Pouring a little quality oil inside can minimize friction between the clutch and the shaft.
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Can’t get the single axle tractor started

The real repair of the power tiller with your own hands begins. Clutch lever released, gear engaged. The sequence of diagnostics is as follows.

Checking the starter rope stroke. Free turning. a signal of failure in the mechanical part of the engine. Unusual sounds, grinding will confirm that the problem is in the connecting rod, camshaft, valve group. It is desirable to have the engine of a power tiller repaired at a service center. If you drive a single-axle tractor on its side, repeat the start without a candle. the reason could be the ingress of crankcase oil into the combustion chamber.

Repair of power tiller engine

Motoblock modification

All models of the Neva motor unit are intended for cutting and loosening the soil during agricultural work in private farms: in vegetable gardens, homestead plots, orchards.

Existing modifications of the Neva differ in the brand of the engine:

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