How to change gears on a Zubr power tiller

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How to change gear on your power tiller with manual transmission (DTZ 570BN)

They put an automatic gearbox on the belt drive?

Victor Balush

Is it gasoline or diesel? You can plow with this machine

Aleksandr Lesyuk

Bullshit, I have a Forte 1050G. 3. Transmission is the same as yours. I change gears on the fly. It’s comfortable to drive, no need to hold the clutch knob. Regarding the gear stopper, excellent, convenient. Thanks for the idea. I’ll definitely do it. Good luck)))

Vladimir Kovalenko

Lenya, you assembled it yourself and saw the clutch.And the gear engagement and the multi-disc clutch.Press quickly to make the drive last longer, the engineers seem to have simplified the release bearing

Andriy Odynets

Start it right in neutral anyway. I had a normally open clutch stuck once and a single axle tractor suddenly went. I barely had time to turn it off.I also squeeze the clutch every time before engaging the reverse gear to make sure the single axle tractor is in neutral.

Sergey Tsyganok

I don’t have any problem with gear shifting on the run, if you change gears like that you’ll break your teeth on the gears.

Yuri Korshunov.My real channel

Speaking of belts. Before the Neva I had a Chinese cultivator (I think Lifan. forgot the name).I had it for 9 years and sold it with the original belts. wear and tear on them was not noticeable.Neva third season, the belt is still native, but already worn.But get up in the middle of the field because of him not afraid, because there is no problem to constantly carry a spare, and change it in 10-15 seconds

Kirlosker KOEL mega T 15 power tiller | Field work | Full specification

Su Aries

Everything is well explained and to the point.I do not understand why a multi-disc clutch is worse than a belt start.When I worked at the sk 5 Niva there belt with correct tensioning will not slip or the wheels, or the clutch, so it should be, so we were taught.

Yury Korshunov.My real channel

“permanently engaged”, “permanently disengaged”. This is actually called a clutch.A Chinaman is a Chinaman, he would buy a Neva. You wouldn’t be doing this circus thing with the gearshift.In many ways illiterate explanation.And most importantly. WORSE tips on shifting gears on the go.You can’t shift gears on the move on any motorcycle, because none of them have synchronizers.However, if you want to kill the gears quickly the flag in your hand, the drum on your neck and go.

Askar Utkelbaev

You couldn’t start and show everything on a working engine. than to waste so much wind

Valera Vasilyev

What to do when you squeeze the clutch, but there is no grinding, and if not squeezed to the end it does not work?

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Sergei Galushka

I mean, the gears start engaging? Gears get engaged when you change gears, and when you pull the handle, it’s the clutch that works.

Konstantin Kokh

What can you say for diesels. is it worth it to buy ?

Alexander Nevsky

Hello not tell me in such a question how many mm shaft of the engine dtz570bn

Getting Started

Without a running-in period, you should not use it to its full potential. Those who do otherwise, almost inevitably face a mass of deformations and failures. Also the unit may work unstable, if you don’t run it in beforehand. And worst of all, it is likely to be premature failure of the machine. This is a sure road to expensive repairs or even replacing the problematic device.

It is important to understand that the preparation for work is not less responsible activity, than the operation itself. If they try to break in the single axle tractor with a violation of rules, illiterate, it will break in almost 100% of cases. Then the necessary repair turns out to be even more expensive. It is important to note that if a complete overhaul has been made, the machine and its engine need to run in again. Without this there is no point in thinking that a single-axle tractor will work properly for a long time.

Increasing the power of a power tiller

Increase the speed of the motoblock can be done in a number of ways:

installing wheels with a larger diameter. Increasing speed with the first method is quite a complicated process. That’s why it’s better not to do it yourself and apply to a special service center without knowledge and skills in this field. If you have the necessary skills you can make the replacement yourself. Just like any other machinery, the single-axle tractor has several speed modes, controlled by means of gears. The single axle tractor moves at a speed of 2 to 15 km/h. Large pinion usually has 61 teeth and small pinion has 12. To increase the power of your power tiller you need to change gear pairs. The maximum speed can be reached by increasing the number of teeth on the pinion.

When replacing the pinion, be sure to select the correct pulley. If the wrong pulley is selected, the single axle tractor may stop working.

How to make a single-axle tractor go faster by changing the wheels? The standard tire size for power tillers is 57 cm.

To increase the speed you may use 70,4 cm diameter tires, this would speed up the single axle tractor several times. In case the arches, in which the tires are mounted, allow to put wheels with larger diameter, you can try to increase it by a few centimeters more.

Any other questions??

Do not stop the machine by moving the reversing lever into a fixed neutral position. As the motor-block is often used for cargo transportation, it is necessary to install headlights in order to improve visibility in the dark. After 10 hours of operating the machine: check the oil level in the engine crankcase and top up with a filler funnel if necessary; start the engine and check the oil pressure. make sure there are no fuel leaks, unusual noise effects; check the clutch operation, and adjust if necessary. From Handle 10 pic. Screw on the tank cap. Clutch problems and solutions: The machine jerks when the clutch is depressed. Diagnosing and repairing the gearbox of MTZ motoblock is quite a complicated and time-consuming process, if you are not sure you can handle the repair yourself, seek help from a one-axle tractor-master workshop. Although new tillers are adjusted during production, after purchase it is important to have all systems inspected and tested, especially the engine. In addition, there is also a PTO and a gearshift mechanism mounted in it. Screw on tank cap. A small review demonstrating the principle of clutch adjustment on Belarus: Problems and their elimination in gearbox If during the operation of MTZ motoblock began to be heard an unusual sound, the work should be suspended until the problem is found out. Check tire pressure and adjust if necessary. The reason is simple. the larger surface area of the wheels covers more territory. Also the commutator is used for switching of consumption sources. Assembling the gearbox of a power tiller

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Switching of gears on the Moto-Block by Motor Sich photo video.

Motor Sich motoblock has a mechanical, three-shaft with spur gears, which has four forward gears and two reverse gears.

The gearbox of the power tiller is controlled by levers mounted on a special console on the steering column.

Scheme of switching of gears and locking differential single axle tractor Motor Sich photo, as well as the table maximum speed in all gears.

As you can see from the diagram, the left gear shift lever, has three fixed positions:

The right shift lever has three fixed positions:

Gears and modes in the gearbox of the Moto Sich tractor are easy to shift without any jams and growls, well fixed in the right positions.

The gearbox of a power tiller does not cause any particular problems to the owners of the power tiller.

Oil used and recommended by the manufacturer in the gearbox motorcycle engine block Motor Sich so-called TAD-17i (modern name TM-5-18) or TAP-15B, which corresponds to the type 80W90.

I personally, poured in the gearbox motoblock Motor Sich, fully synthetic gear oil Castrol SYNTRANS Z LONG LIFE 75W-80 API GL-4, which immediately had a positive impact on the clarity of the clutch and transmission.

Motor Sich single axle tractor gear shifting video.

As you can see on the video, the gears and modes on the Moto Sich power tiller are engaged easily, smoothly, without excessive noise and problems.

If you have any questions or additions, please do not hesitate to write in Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

Zubr JR-Q78 single axle tractor

Heavy machine for large areas. Air cooling system prevents overheating. The six forward speeds enable the operator to work different kinds of terrain quickly and with ease.Technical parameters:

  • Diesel engine with 8 liters capacity. с.;
  • Fuel tank. 8 liters;
  • Gearbox. six forward and two reverse speeds;
  • Ploughing width. up to 80 cm
  • Ploughing depth up to 30 cm
  • Weight of the machine. 186 kilograms.

Why use the weights?

The traction of the tool is limited by the weight of the machine. it is too small and hard to pull. The fact that the weight of the power tiller is not enough to provide reliable traction, because it is a small-sized device. To solve this problem we need to install weights on single axle tractor. on wheels or gears. Extra weight, known as ballast, adds to the weight of the power tool. This is especially necessary when a single-axle tractor with a plough is used for a power tiller which is mostly sold without any attachments. Sometimes a front weight is added to balance out the machine’s center of gravity.

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The weighting helps make it easier to steer the power tiller. This increases traction properties of a power tiller, improves weight distribution of different parts of equipment. Use disc weights for wheelsets and slat weights or bars for all other parts.

Stroke retarder for power tiller. purpose of the mechanism

Engage reverse gear by moving the shift lever on the handlebars to the “R” position (see “R” on page 28). Fig.Make sure the change-over lever on the powerhead is in the lowered position.

Loosen the adjusting bolt by unscrewing nut 1.

change, gears, zubr, power, tiller

Screw the adjustment bolt all the way down by hand.

Pull the cable up by the sheath, the shift lever should move up along with the cable, then release the sheath, the cable should return to its place by itself under the influence of the spring on the shift lever.

Then unscrew the adjustment bolt upwards by hand without applying great force until a noticeable resistance (force) is felt. The play (free play) of the cable sheath must be completely eliminated by turning the Bolt out.

After unscrewing the Adjusting Bolt till the felt resistance (force), tighten it by turning the Nut 1 with slight torque, the tightening moment must not exceed 4 Nm (when turning the Nut 1 hold the Adjusting Bolt with a spanner so it does not rotate after the Nut 1).

Next, start the engine of the cultivator and check the operation of the gear selector by alternately engaging one or another gear. The adjustment performed should ensure that the gears are engaged correctly and accurately.

If the derailleur has not adjusted properly, adjust it: Re-tighten the Adjustment Bolt by unscrewing Nut 1 (hold the Adjustment Bolt with a wrench while unscrewing Nut 1). Turn the Adjustment Bolt up one turn and lock it by turning Nut 1 (hold the Adjustment Bolt with a wrench while turning Nut 1). Re-check the operation of the gear shift (see “Adjusting the gear shift” on page 54). п.7).

If necessary, adjust the gear shifter again (see. п. 8).

Speed pops up on the Neva motoblock. Video

Neva MB2 single axle tractor Gearbox: Construction, disassembly and assembly, repair

A little trick for the Neva MB-2 power tiller.

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