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Disassemble the wheel yourself? This is easy!

Re-shoeing on the nose! That’s why we decided to devote several issues of “Techsreda” to tire mounting topics. Let’s start by telling you how to flatten the wheels yourself.

In the mid-to-late fall, car owners storm the tire shops. But it is possible to disassemble the wheels yourself. We show you how to do it. We will need a special device, as well as a screwdriver to unscrew the wheel spool, and a pair of mounts, which will help remove the tire from the disc.

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Pros and cons of automotive wheels on a single axle tractor

To begin with a list of advantages and disadvantages of such a conversion.

  • Reliability. Light tires are designed for heavier loads than those on the tractor’s original tires.
  • Longevity. Car tires last much longer, even if they are used.
  • Passability. Thanks to the increased ground clearance, and the more impressive tread pattern of car tires, the single-axle tractor will be able to pass obstacles more confidently.
  • Better traction because of the tire’s greater contact with the ground.
  • Speed increase as a consequence of the increased diameter.

Advantages and disadvantages of car wheels on a single axle tractor

First we should list the advantages and disadvantages of such a modification.

  • Reliability. Car tires are designed for a heavier load than the native tires on your power tiller.
  • Longevity. Tires from passenger cars, even in used condition, will last much longer.
  • Passability. Thanks to the increased ground clearance, as well as the more impressive tread pattern of car tires, the single-axle tractor will be able to pass obstacles more confidently.
  • Good traction because of the larger contact of the tire with the ground.
  • Increased speed as a consequence of the larger diameter.

In general, the Moto-Block on passenger car wheels has no other disadvantages.

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How to make with your own hands

Of course, buying an adapter to a power tiller ready to work is the best and easiest way out of the situation. all the same they do cost quite a lot, so not every farmer or just a cottager is ready to afford their purchase. No wonder why many people wonder how to make an adapter with their own hands.

It is certainly possible, and you can find quite a few recommendations on the Internet, which relate to the self-made adapters. over, there are many drawings, which give the opportunity to consider this device more clearly and in detail.

Using them, it is quite possible to create such a unit in domestic conditions, using a minimum of tools and materials. To make a homemade adapter will need:

  • welding machine;
  • wheel set;
  • steel angles and sheets;
  • driver’s seat;
  • fasteners; iron pipes.

The whole work will consist of several steps:

  • Take a square metal profile, a length of about 1800 mm. Across it is welded the same iron flap, only smaller. about 600 mm. To this profile bar in the future will be fixed wheel struts, the height of which should be about 300 mm.
  • After that, the struts must be attached. They are attached to the center frame and to the wheels. The angle of the wheel hubs in relation to the frame is allowed any way you want. A beam is additionally welded to the metal profile. This is necessary to reinforce the frame.
  • Frame for additional equipment is welded from a channel 0.
  • It is aligned to the wheel axle by means of a piece of square tube and the seams are welded with a welding machine.
  • Now to the frame weld a control lever with three knees (200, 350 550 and millimeters).
  • Fix another one to the lever (size 800 mm), it will adjust the force.
  • Bolt the arms together with ordinary bolts.
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The first stage is passed. Proceed to the following.

Working with the adapter design

Now start working with the adapter. For this purpose we carry out the following actions:

  • To the central frame you need to weld a piece of 300 mm pipe. it will be a support for the driver’s seat.
  • From above perpendicularly to this stand we similarly weld 2 pieces of pipe. It is required so that the seat did not come off in the process of work and was more stable in the process of shaking at work. The seat can be ready-made, and you can make it yourself from a piece of plywood and foam rubber, it’s at the discretion of the master.
  • Fix the seat to the cross pieces of pipe that are welded to the stand itself, as well as to the stand under the seat. Use bolts as a mounting element.
  • In front we weld the mechanism of coupling with the tiller, and then the work can be considered complete.

Adapter with steering

If you have the skills, then if you want the design can be a bit more complicated, making another self-made adapters for your power tiller, which can be attached and a steering control.

To implement this idea, you will need to prepare the following materials and tools:

With this design, the adapter frame must be firmly connected to the power tiller, otherwise the device will, as they say, “lead sideways”. For the design you can take any ready-made steering wheel, even from old “soviet” cars (from the same from VAZ, for example).

Adapters for any power tiller, including the Neva, can significantly increase the comfort of the operator while controlling the mini-tractor. In fact, the driver no longer has to constantly drag behind the machine. Now he can just sit in a comfortable seat and do the same thing, but with the comfort and more warmth.

The design of such units is quite simple, and independent production of them at home is quite possible. It should be borne in mind that home assembly presupposes at least the basic skills in welding, as well as the accompanying tools. You will also need to stock up on plenty of corners and metal pipes so that you don’t have to stop work due to lack of material. In general, it makes sense to assemble an adapter by hand, especially since it saves a lot of money.

The modern single-axle tractor is a highly technical machine for high-quality tillage. With its use, the strength and time of its owner are significantly saved. Many units can be upgraded through the use of additional structures and canopies. Among them is an adapter to the power tiller.

Disassembling with a sledgehammer

The most common method of wheel flattening has become percussion. A metal corner, a sledgehammer, or a big hammer are used for this method. This method was used by the mechanics of tire fitting shops and drivers when there were no special devices.

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Warning! Corner must not have any sharp edges in order not to damage the rubber.


Special tubeless tire repair kits can help the driver on the road. In case of severe damage it is possible to get to the place of repair, if to put inside the deformed “tubeless” tire an ordinary chamber of the proper size.

You do not need to use a wheel alignment tool to put a tubeless tire on a rim. In this process will help silicone grease and thin pry bar (for 16-inch wheels suit 300 mm). The problem arises when pumping the tire, it is necessary that the side of the item jumped over the hammer of the wheel. It is not so easy to do, because it requires a significant amount of air, which do not provide a standard car compressor.

Help in solving the problem can be 15-20 grams of ether contained in a set of “Quick Start”. This option is also perfect for winter time. With this method of pumping, the main thing is not to overdo with the amount of fuel.

wheel, power, tiller, tools

What you will need

Wondering how to disassemble the wheel yourself, remember. special professional equipment is not required, but not every improvised tool will do. For example, using a hammer and crowbar can damage the tire and rim.

A simple kit for wheel disassembly

To remove a tubeless tire, you need to prepare:

  • solvent. after applying it, the stuck tire will be much easier to remove from the rim;
  • a jack;
  • wrench;
  • angle from steel;
  • A hammer;
  • shovels for mounting.

After dismantling the tire, it is important to wipe the disk dry so as not to interfere in the further process of bordering.

Tools for wheel undoing

The technique involves applying light blows with something heavy around the circumference of the wheel. It is a simple job that does not require any skills, but it must be carefully performed. If there are doubts of their own abilities, you need to turn to professionals or experienced car owners, neighbors in the garage.

Machine equipment can be made by yourself. To create the frame part, which will be the basis, experts advise taking metal profile pipes. Between them should be maintained at least 700 mm.

Two tubes are arranged in parallel, welded with a steel angle. Also suitable and the smallest size profile. As an additional component you can build the adjustable legs.

When the base is made, it is necessary to attach the tube to the frame part. Its radius is sufficient within the range of 10-15 mm. Before welding in advance at 400-600 mm from the floor flange should be welded. Vertically it is necessary to make a fastener, which is created in the form of a steel plate. It will be needed to mount the fixture as a lever. The main purpose of the lever is to perform the removal of the rubber from the disc rim. The lever part is a pair of elements of the arm and the leg, which acts on the rubber itself.

Disassemble the wheel can be in the conditions of the garage premises with their own hands. The main thing is to do everything correctly and take your time. Only by listening to the advice of experts, you can guarantee the success of the event to remove the tire from the wheel.

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Punctures and cuts tires. a phenomenon not uncommon. And how to disassemble a car wheel at home with minimal physical force? Are there ways to? About this in order.

In the good old days, the method was one and very radical. It was necessary to have a pair of hammers (small and heavier) and a couple of crowbars. The nipple has been unscrewed and the air has been drained. The nose of a small hammer was pointing at the junction between the edge of the tire and the rim. The big hammer would hit the first one. The wheel was thus tapped in a circular motion on both sides.

After separation of the sides of the tire from the disk needed to stand on it and work with crowbars (repositioning them in turn). So gradually one side was removed from the disc, then the other.

The method, frankly speaking, barbaric (sometimes the rubber was cut through or the paint on the rim was knocked off) and requiring a considerable amount of effort and time.

The most shrewd motorists immediately guessed how to partially mechanize the process, to use less force. they just drove over the object with a strong board.

Unfortunately, this invention did not solve all the problems, but created new ones. In particular, it was supposed that the spare would be used instead of the removed punctured wheel. This brings up a completely logical question: why not drive this spare tire to the nearest tire fitting shop?? And where to get a strong enough piece of wood in the clear, if the car accident happened there??

The inquisitive mind of car enthusiasts quickly found an alternative solution. How else to disassemble the car wheel at home? Of course, with the help of a jack.

In the end, if the need to disassemble the wheels appears quite often, you can make a small tire changer with your own hands.

You can do without “drastic gestures” at all. If it is observed that the tire is “welded” to the rim, you just need to have a solvent on hand (alcohol, turpentine, etc.).п.). The problem place of “gluing” is carefully poured with solvent, and then in 2-3 minutes you can effortlessly remove the rubber from the rim. Of course, all traces of the chemical then necessarily wiped dry to avoid undesirable consequences.

What you should know, doing such operations at home? What you should remember, if there is a necessity to disassemble the car wheel?

  • To disassemble the tire, proceed from the tube nipple and then borate the tire the other way around.
  • at the very beginning of the process apply air sharply into the tube (without the spool). This will allow the tube to straighten out and fall into place in the tire.
  • No sand or dirt should get under the tire while working.
  • Preventive visual inspections of the car “shoes” is desirable to do as often as possible, it will help to avoid sudden unpleasant surprises.

These are probably all popular ways to extend the life of a car tire at home. to disassemble the structure with some skill is not so difficult.

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