How to blame a chain -free tree. What can not be sawed?

Rules for the work of a chainsaw

The chainsaw is designed to carry out various works with wood. With its help, you can bring down trees of various diameters and perform their sawing on boards or bars. In addition, this tool is used for figure cutting on wood. carving. In order to use the chainsaw correctly, you need to get acquainted with the technology of various works and safety rules, the neglect of which leads to very deplorable consequences.

The rolling of trees is a fairly traumatic process, since with the slightest error, the stained tree trunk, which has a huge mass, can collapse on a person working with a chainsaw. Therefore, it is not enough just to have this unit and the desire to cut a tree. Before you start working with a chainsaw, you should know the basic rules for working with this tool. So, the safety precautions with the forest roll contains the following points, which are prohibited to ignore.

  • The chainsaw operator should be in a sober state, that is, not to be under the influence of alcohol or narcotic substances.
  • Before starting work, it is necessary to check the technical condition of the chainsaw: sharpening and tension of the chain; the serviceability of the tire (is there any deformation); serviceability of the chain lubrication system; serviceability of the brake of the saw chain; The correct adjustment of the carburetor.
  • With the engine running, it is forbidden to touch the cutting part of the chainsaw (tire and saw chain). If you need to carry out any actions with the set, first drown out the engine.
  • Eye protection products must be used: protective glasses or shields.
  • Since the chainsaws are very noisy, it is recommended to insert Berushi into the ears or put on noise.defering headphones.
  • It is necessary to wear a helmet on your head, as there is a great risk of falling large branches during a tree roll.
  • Shoes must be selected according to the following principle: it should be made of durable material (rough skin); There should be deep treads on the sole that effectively prevent sliding; The nasal part of the shoes should be protected by a metal plate, which will protect against the injury in the event of a chain break and falling in the leg.
  • The material of the clothing should have high strength, be dense and fit the body well. This significantly reduces the risk of a hook of clothing with a saw and winding it on the tool.
  • It is not recommended to start a roll alone.
  • When working a chainsaw, always hold it with two hands.
  • Never refill the unit with a fuel mixture while in a closed room. You can also not do this with a running engine. Always tightly tighten the cork of the fuel tank.
  • It is possible to transport a chainsaw in a working (assembled) state only with a cover dressed on the cutting part of the unit.

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The specifics of the use of household chainsaw technology

Trying to cut trees with a chain of household category with a low.power drive and a short bus is undesirable in terms of safety:

  • The performance of such work is extremely low;
  • risks of seizing a headset in a propyle increase;
  • High loads adversely affect the duration of the resource of such a tool.

The sphere of household chainsaws of the middle and small power category includes:

  • Trees bronation;
  • trimming thick branches;
  • Cutting locks in construction wood during the construction of log log cabins.

A one.time or any other roll of forest is a prerogative of powerful and productive models of a professional level. At the same time, it is not recommended to use large trees of a saw with an electric drive for dumping. With identical to gasoline models of power, the torque of the electric saw assortment is significantly lower than.

It is forbidden to work alone. The presence of a partner may be required to provide assistance in obtaining an injury. His duties also include additional control over the rolling process and the signal is given in the event of an emergency.

Safety precautions

When performing the procedure for firing trees, it is necessary to ensure a full.fledged safety precautions for both private individuals and employees of organizations. You can not carry out the rolling of trees yourself. Be sure to have a partner. You should not make open fire during operation, and if any, you need to simmer it before turning on the chainsaw. You can’t smoke also. You should take care of protecting the face from sawdust in advance, as they always fly away when sawing a tree.

Before sawing a tree, you need to make sure that when falling it will not affect people, living beings, will not damage the cables or wires along which the current passes. It is forbidden to carry out work in strong winds. It is advisable to calculate in advance the direction of the fall of the barrel up to the exact circuit at which all rods and other elements are cleared so as not to damage the tree, and also not to cause its inertial coup.

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When working with full.fledged, thick pillars, the chainsaws are held with both hands, while the tension is constantly felt.

Do not work when using only the extreme part of the saw, as this will lead to a strong return and automatic turning off the device, which can ruin all the work by making sloppy movements.

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How to cut a tree correctly. basic rules and technology

The main aspects necessary for compliance with the cutting of trees:

  • If the trees are dry, then no sources are allowed not only sparks, but also smoke, since adding gasoline to a dry tree can cause a fire, which not only inhibits the process of work, but also harms the environment.
  • Before turning on the chainsaw, you need to look around around. Neither children nor animals should be nearby. Only work comrades or bosses.
  • You need to always keep the chainsaw. Even in case of malfunctions and its automatic shutdown, you should behave carefully, since the fall of the device with a sharp part can lead to sad consequences.
  • Employees are prepared in advance for work on sawing a tree. Dense clothes and a mask are dressed on the face to close the whole body from a possible entry of dust and dirt.

To get rid of the continuous sound of the chainsaw, it is necessary to use soundproofing headphones, otherwise headaches are possible in prolonged and regular work.

First, all technological features are determined, only then you need to clearly plan the stages of work, which will help guaranteed to protect yourself from the effects of the weight of the falling tree. Even with extensive experience, it is necessary to constantly take care of their own security, since the highest number of injuries are obtained by workers who have long been accustomed to a constantly stressful and dangerous atmosphere in this area.

blame, chain, free, tree, sawed

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The position of the roller

In order not to get an injury when drilling a tree, a foller must always choose the right position. The location is considered correct, in which the foller can get away from the danger at any time. For this reason, before bringing down the trees, the operator must clean all the small shoots, for which you can stumble and fall. During the roll, the saw must be held with both hands and be in the area of ​​the opposite from the one where it is planned to dump the tree.

It is allowed to be in the zone of falling wood only in order to cut out the wedge, which is done first.

blame, chain, free, tree, sawed

Use of the wedge

How to cut trees of a chainsaw, we have already examined, but there is another option for a roll. using a wedge. It is used only for cutting healthy, straight trees, the angle of inclination of the trunk of which is no more than one degree.

Do not use the wedge if the crown of the tree is uneven and it is impossible to calculate how much the mass of branches are larger on one of the sides. However, all these rules can be neglected, if the tree is small, has no more than three meters in height and no more than 20 cm in thickness.

To secure the saw, his assistant ties a rope to the barrel and holds it in a stretched state. If necessary, he must be ready to pull for it to direct the movement of the barrel in the right direction.

The first file should be made in the barrel from the side opposite to the direction of the alleged fall. The wedge is inserted into the backlings and drove it a little with an ax. On the other side of the barrel, they make a second. In this case, you should create an effort using a tied rope. it should be sufficient to include the barrel to the angle required for the fall.

Cut the tree of a chainsaw so that it falls in the right direction, another special tool will help. a gross blade. At the same time, the wedge itself, inserted into the cut, will play the role of insurance. The shoulder blade is located in the second cut located on the side of the fall. To adjust the trajectory of the barrel, it must be used as a lever, turning and rejecting it in different directions.

Preparatory work

Drinking a tanning rush is not such a simple event as it might seem to seem originally. After all, in addition to compliance with the correctness of the process, it is important to pay attention to security. You can find out how to cut a chainsaw. But only everyone will show their practice, which can sometimes differ from the right technology.

Starting to cutting trees, it is necessary to initially prepare the workplace. over, this means not only to get to the barrel, but also to calculate the trajectory of the fall of wood correctly correctly. It is also necessary to provide for the path of departure from the falling trunk, since it is difficult to provide for what will happen when it falls. It is also necessary to cut down the branches that interfere with the work.

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When preparing the workplace, you should know that the presence of free space around the tree trunk should be at least 1 meter. If the tree trunk is more than 30-50 cm thick, then the free space should be at least 2 meters.

It is important to know! Initially, the preparation of the workplace should be performed, but in no case do not start cutting if the workplace is not prepared.

It is also necessary to prepare the appropriate tools for rolling trees. These include: ax, hand hacksaw, wedge, hammer, roulette. If an electric saw is used to cut the barrel, then the preparatory work is similar. At the same time, it is important to consider that electric saws are not intended for cutting trees that have large.diameters trunks.

How to blame the trees with a chainsaw. preparatory stage

The correct roll of large and small chainsaw trees provides for preliminary preparation, which is performed sequentially. The process begins with the assimilation and compliance with safety requirements. Then you need to calculate the different options for falling the barrel, which will pass without prejudice to the environment. In this case, they take into account:

The next stage of preparation provides for certain features:

  • Valka of trees in coastal zones deserves special attention. A trunk that has fallen into the water can create many problems and require additional expenses to finish the work.
  • It is necessary to decide on the ways of the waste if the situation during the roll gets out of control, and the tree will fall not to where it was planned. A dumped thick trunk in the future needs to be cut and taken out, which requires free space for the entrance of the equipment.
  • The exclusion of the risks of falling during the roll of branches. the problem is solved individually by a call of specialized equipment (rental of a crankshaft and t.D.).
  • Preparation of a work site for the safe movement of equipment and people. The territory is cleaned of branches, leaves and other garbage.

The position of the roller

In order not to get an injury when drilling a tree, a foller must always choose the right position. The location is considered correct, in which the foller can get away from the danger at any time. For this reason, before bringing down the trees, the operator must clean all the small shoots, for which you can stumble and fall. During the roll, the saw must be held with both hands and be in the area of ​​the opposite from the one where it is planned to dump the tree.

It is allowed to be in the zone of falling wood only in order to cut out the wedge, which is done first.

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If the tree is too thick

If the diameter of the tree is greater than the length of the tire, you will have to apply the complicated rolling technique. With the finished guide, we put the engine to full power and, on the other side, cut it, insert the lower part of the tip of the tire into the barrel. When the tire is slightly immersed in a tree, press on it to enter a tree. After that, sawing inside the barrel around the entire perimeter. a little not reaching the guide. As soon as half of the tree is sawn, insert the gross wedge and continue to saw until the tree falls.

After the roll of a tree it. As a rule, they saw on firewood or on boards for further use. You can cut a tree in two ways. along and across. It is necessary to take into account the specifics of the selected method.

In the transverse cut of the logs, install it on the goats the transverse cut of the logs is the simplest, most often it is used to obtain firewood and create wooden discs for construction. For convenience, install the log on the goats, if necessary, clean the barrel from the bark. Make marks and start sawing across. Before you saw it in a longitudinal way, put a log on bars or stand, fix it with stops from the boards for more accurate sections on the ends. With a longitudinal sawing of the log, a special nozzle is required, which will help make boards with equally even thickness. But if you don’t have it. then you can build a ruler yourself. Take two boards and connect perpendicularly and X connect, like the letter “T”. Attach the structure with self.tapping screws to the log, it will become a guideline for an even saw. It is better to press the saw case to the ruler. Change the position of the ruler with each saw.

Working with a chainsaw, be especially attentive to another method of even saw. pull the string, fix it at the beginning and at the end of the log. With such a ruler, the cut is less even, but still allows you to not get away from the intended goal. You need to cut 5 cm from the string so as not to hook it. Hand movements during cutting should always be flying, then the cut will always be even and beautiful. If the saw strongly resists her hands, then let her saw as she wants. The log itself directs the saw, while often the cut is much better than if you resisted and believed only to your eye. Remember that when working with a chainsaw, you should be especially attentive so as not to harm yourself and others.

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Yana, what, there is a chainsaw? I remembered how we drilled a manually apricot. and she has a very hard wood!

A significant article was prepared by the master Petya! It should be read by each owner of chain saws regardless of whether it is gasoline or electric. Let me add another position regarding safety precautions during the operation of chain saws. Before the first teeth of the saw, touch the wood, check if there are stabbed nails in it, metallically brackets and similar objects, the sawing of which will not be on the teeth in the literal and figurative sense of the word of your saw.

I poured two 50-year-old linden linden, growing three meters from the facade of the house. First climbing with the help of the ladder to the crown and along the branches to the top up and tied with ropes cut the mentioned top and large branches with an ordinary hacksaw. To some, the rope had previously tied and the assistants pulled them down in the right direction, so that they would not be hooked during the fall and would not crash where it was not necessary. Below there were already bushes and flowers, 5 meters towards the LEP street, from it was entering the house Very non.hygienic conditions for the roll, I will report to you. Cutting down and driving trembling in shaking legs,-High-creeping was never my vocation and in the middle of the 6th ten-all the more, a chain electric saw, a little cutting trunks at the base at the base. Pre.tied to the tops of ten.meter stubs of the rope (two to each, so that it falls along the bisector of the corner formed by them) allowed to lay trunks with an accuracy of a meter with the least destruction on the surface.

Baron, I have to get this experience. to climb and cut down rather high Christmas trees while the Christmas trees. It was still necessary to do it in the fall, but as long as they bought the tool, while determining the ropes, in general, they left in the spring. Tell us more about the ropes, how they knitted, what ropes, what they knitted for? 2 ropes at the top of a cut piece? How to drink? How not to fall under this very fed piece sitting on a tree? We look at the ropes at 3. 5 tons (sea on a yacht used), figs know how much a piece of wood weighs. In general, it’s scary while hiring. the are sky.high. I want clarity, what to do, how and in what sequence.

I do not want to hang insurance, I never know, I will not compose and catch on the falling piece And in general, I don’t want to hung with ropes.

Ropes-nylon headlights, 10-12 mm, on which I tie cattle. They already have carbines from both ends, it is convenient to throw and tighten, do not bother with knots. So that the falling branch does not make it knocked out or at least on the Balda go. to saw being on the opposite side of the barrel from it. I sawed, I remind you, hand hacksaw. The lesson was very facilitated by the fact that linden is the softest tree. I did not try to cut the cleanliness, on the contrary, left stumps, which it was convenient to step on, rising above. It was binded. If the branch hooks the rope. it’s okay, it doesn’t weigh the centner, but if you stumble and go down I climbed the first tree with a mounting belt from a neighbor. On the second. just in a suspension from a lawn mower, it seemed to me quite durable to me. The short piece of rope again with carbines attached to one side of the belt, circled around the trunk, and snapped the other end on the other side. It is clear that with a big backlash, so that you can move in it. In the event of a fall, something would probably have tore off for himself, but he would not fly far either. Of course, to do this after each step up for a long time and tiring, but the spiritual stihl was worth it.

The branch simply swept around the loop through the carbine, and the assistants pulled. In the right direction. I did not do this with everyone, if any obviously fell without consequences, then I simply sawed it, so as not to waste time serving a rope from the ground (at the end of the pole).

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