How to assemble the same -based Brait tractor properly.

Unine tractor BRAIT BR-75. review, technical characteristics, reviews of owners

When developing the unit, all achievements in this area, reviews and wishes of consumers were taken into account. The created one.based tractor can perform the most difficult tasks at any time of the year in the most difficult conditions.

The advantages of the Brait trademark motor blocks are as follows:

  • Large margin of safety. Even with maximum loads, the machine will not fasten and does not deform. The engine works stable and evenly. Starting in winter conditions is not particularly difficult.
  • Ergonomics. The case of the machine has a low center of gravity, well.discounted. The employee does not make unnecessary efforts to manage the walk.behind tractor.
  • Multifunctionality. The same.based tractor is adapted for collaboration with almost all types of mounted, stationary and trailer equipment. The unit can be used all year round.
  • Ease of operation. All the engine control levers are located on the steering column. Switching speeds and clutch squeezing is carried out softly and quickly, without jerking and delay. Noise and vibration from the engine is extinguished with special devices.
  • Compactness. For transportation and storage, the steering column is folded or removed. Without wheels, the unit housing is freely placed in the trunk of a car or in a small trailer.
  • Simplicity in maintenance. All manipulations with the engine and the chassis can be carried out independently, without involving specialists. The takes no more than 10 hours. Conservation consists in cleaning the unit from dirt and oil replacement. You can store the product in a cold room.

The acquisition of any BRAIT brand motoblock model is a promising and advantageous investment. The manufacturer guarantees at least 8 years of the walk.behind tractor, subject to the rules of its operation, maintenance and storage.

Installation of cutters

The process of installing the cutter on the uniform tractor is quite simple, but before starting work, you should carefully study the manufacturer’s instructions and understand the installation features. The standard cutter design includes a rotor axis, a finger equipped with a special latch, several knives and fasteners. The installation of this equipment should be done so that the milling cutter rotates counterclockwise. Soil mills are tools, which greatly simplifies the process of their use. In other words, it will not be necessary to constantly disassemble the structure to sharpen the knives.

It should be noted that in the process of installing cutters, problems may arise, so experts do not advise installing installation on their own. it is best to get an assistant in advance. The installation of a saber.shaped cutter deserves special attention. The fact is that it is not a monolithic design, so first you have to properly assemble the product. The main thing is to establish the right direction of rotation, since without this the device will not fulfill its tasks.

It is quite easy to assemble a similar element with your own hands for a walk.behind tractor, because it is a task that is quickly mastered, but at first it is better to study the functions that will have to perform the unit. Before starting a home.made assembly of the saber.shaped cutter, you need to carefully deal with the drawing, and after installation it is necessary to check the unit for performance. Usually the first time it is not possible to accurately configure the equipment, so you have to make some adjustments to its work.

Thus, cutters represent one of the most important elements to ensure the efficiency of a walk.behind tract. They can be bought in almost any specialized store. A large selection allows each person to choose the best option depending on the model and other features of their walk.behind tract. The process of installing mills is also quite simple and requires only attentiveness and assistant.

About how to make cutting mills for a walk.behind tractor with your own hands, watch in the next video.

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The affordable price, reliability and multifunctionality of the BRAIT motor block has won numerous positive reviews of the owners of the presented model.


“The acquisition of the Brait motor block was the desire to save yourself from cleaning the snow drifts with which our land is famous. Accordingly, additional equipment was bought in the form of a shovel-off. Fuel consumption of course increases, and up to 4 l/h. over, if you fill 92 gasoline, then noise and vibration appear in the engine. However, it is pleased that it starts with big frosts without problems. The wheels are good, but scrolled in the snow, so I had to buy soil.spaceds.””


“We have been working on a walk.behind tractor for 2 years. The plot of 20 acres is processed with the son in turn. The ease of plowing and the cultivation of the site forced to think about the expansion of the land allotment. The power of the motor is enough, but gasoline consumption increases with strong loading. Potato.cap in general was generally pleased, as the harvest was significantly accelerated.””


“I bought Brait BR-75 and did not regret. For such a cost, it is fully justified by its functionality. It is best to process wet land on it, since problems can arise with dry and seized. Fuel consumption is 2-3 l/h using 92 gasoline.””

If you are the owner of the presented model, then we propose to leave a review in our Internet magazine. To many readers, your conclusions about the working capacity of the walk.behind tract will be an excellent recommendation when choosing a suitable unit.

Here’s what the owners of the Brat BR-75 motoblocks write on special forums:


“When choosing motor blocks, I paid attention to the country of origin. I did not need a Chinese car that falls apart in a week. But I didn’t want to overpay for European equipment. I liked Brait. He gathers in our country from our spare parts. Therefore, in the event of a breakdown (which I hope I will not be for a long time), it will always be possible to find the necessary spare part. Until I noticed the minuses. The engine works stably, there are no noise. The oil does not flow. Consumption of about 2 liters per hour.

assemble, same, based, brait, tractor

Pros: good domestic equipment for your money, the availability of spare parts.


Manufacturer Brait
engine’s type The engine is gasoline, 4-stroke, with air cooling Lifan (China)
Minimum processing width 80.0 (cm)
Maximum processing width 100.0 (cm)
The maximum depth of processing thirty.0 (cm)
Number of programs 2 forward/1 ago
Launch system manual
Gearbox mechanical, chain, reinforced cast iron
Wheel shaft, mm 24
Compatibility with hinged Oka, Neva, cascade
Broadcast Belong
Contents of delivery Tretens for the soil
Engine power 7.0 (l. with.)
The volume of the fuel tank 3.6 (l)
Length 770.0 (mm)
Width 460.0 (mm)
Height 860.0 (mm)
The weight 80.0 (kg)

Despite the fact that the model of the walk.behind tractor is quite reliable and has a certain endurance, special attention should be paid to regular technical inspections.

  • Fixing all connecting elements.
  • The tension of the belts and the integrity of the tanks are checked.
  • The presence of lubricating material in the walk.behind tractor.

At the first launch, it is extremely necessary to adhere to the instructions and carry out the, which will help extend the life of the walk.behind tractor.

Important! Playing involves the use of technology at low speeds and not in full power.

Below are several points that will help to properly perform a

  • Check the level of oil and fuel, add, if not enough.
  • Tighten all the mounts.
  • Carry out the launch of the motor at low speeds, which to increase gradually.
  • Put the programs.
  • Proceed to soil processing, but use the one.based tractor within a day by 50% of the maximum power.


Equipment Full set of milling
The number of cylinders one
engine’s type petrol
Starting system manual
Engine capacity 212 cm³
Power 7 l.with.
The volume of the fuel tank 3.6 l
Wheel size 4 × 10
The depth of processing 150-300 mm
The width of processing 800-1200 mm
dimensions 1500 × 610 × 1150 mm
Weight 102 kg

Before starting the operation of the BRAIT BR-80 motor block, you must make sure of the tight aggregation of attaching equipment with a walk-behind tractor. Not completely fixed cutters can cause their departure from the coupling and causing serious harm to the health of the operator.

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Before each exit, it is necessary to check the presence of fuel and a sufficient amount of lubricant material.

The owners of the BRAIIT BRAIIT motor blocks must be especially careful when carrying out work on an inclined plane. They must be carried out along such a site.

Non.mounted equipment

Since the BRAIT company produces various agricultural equipment, the mounted for motoblocks of this brand is widely represented on the market. To select the required type of gun, you need to know all its diversity.

So, hinged for motoblocks of this brand:

  • mill;
  • plow;
  • mower;
  • potato.capt.;
  • potato.resident;
  • trailer (trolley);
  • adapter;
  • snowman;
  • shovel-offer;
  • wheels and hooks;
  • weighting;
  • Clills.

These equipment can be conditionally divided into attached:

In land work, the first assistant is the plow. There are two main types of this device. ordinary and rotary. They are strikingly different in shape. An ordinary plow has a simple triangular shape, and the rotary looks like an arrow.

Cutters also perform an important function when processing the soil. They are loosening its upper layers, thereby increasing the fertility. Equipment of this type can be of two types: the cultivating mill and “goose legs”. The last variety is intended for loosening of solid soils. In addition, this nozzle is very sensitive to the correct assembly.

The next significant nozzle can be called a potato dial. Thanks to such a hinged equipment, only one person can cope with the planting of such a culture as potatoes, alone. However, the design of this unit in Brait is not equipped with a cigarette light, which would close the furrow after planting. From this shortage of the attached, the need to purchase a cigop follows.

The cap for potatoes in uniform resembles a plow with diverts for potatoes in the form of pins. When opening the Earth at the place of planting culture, tubers are served on the grid. Such attaching equipment allows almost completely mechanizing the process of planting and collecting potatoes, as well as reduce the time spent on this process.

The braid makes it possible to prepare animal feed and make the site neatly. When planting lawn grass, this device can be adjusted in height of the mowing, and the lawn will look beautiful and even. Due to the presence of a power selection shaft, a rotary apparatus can be installed on a single.axle tractor of this manufacturer.

The next group of the hinged helps to convert one.axle tractor for convenient driving and transporting goods. An important condition for comfortable work for a long time is the possibility of installing an adapter. a seat for an operator, which allows you to go on a walk.behind tractor not only when installing a cart, but also during field work. This equipment is equipped with the necessary fasteners for agricultural attachment equipment.

And, of course, no farmer can do without a trailer that would easily transport goods from field to house.

There are several options for their device:

  • monolith with a folding rear side;
  • with sides that can be opened from 4 sides;
  • type “dump truck” with high sides;
  • elongated designs.

The first option is great for transporting the simplest cargo, such as vegetables. Carts that open on four sides are great for any bulk materials. Construction with high sides. for the transport of volumetric cargoes. It will easily carry boards, pipes on elongated.

The next variety of devices is especially important in the winter, as it is designed to clean snow in the courtyard of the house, in the adjacent territories and from the paths. The snowman of this company is just arranged. It consists of prefixes that pin snow with a pulley. Further, the cold mass is supplied to the rotor, which throws it at a distance of about 5 meters.

A simpler mechanical device is a lopata dump, which, due to its wide and high surface installed at an angle, shifts large volumes of snow in the required direction. This device is most convenient to clear the way.

As for the chassis, here manufacturers offer three options. The first two are tires with a different tread to improve the clutings of a walk.behind tractor with soil. However, if the rubber slips along dense or wet soil, then to accelerate the movement of the unit you can use soil. They, like wheels, have a round shape, but on their end part there are rectangular metal plates installed perpendicular to the surface. When moving, they deeply enter the ground and repel the same.based tractor from it.

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There is another device that can be used to improve the quality of the work of the walk.behind tractor. These are weighting agents that add the necessary weight to the technique and can be absolutely any form. Most often, such a canopy is produced in the form of pancakes.

Tractors ky Qamto ma Mized Azffa Ho Ga Ya Tractors Sasty Hon gy Tractors Increase Or Decrease

Overview of the model range of motor blocks Brait

The Brait model range is presented in a wide spectrum, where everyone can choose the model that best meets its requirements. The comparative table of the main technical characteristics of the BRAIT motor blocks is presented below:

A more detailed description is presented on the official website. And you can compare them more detailed.

As we see from the table, the line of the BRAIT motor blocks is very wide.

The larger the width of the tires, the better the clutch with the surface. Also, this indicator is influenced by weight, the heavier the unoic tractor, the higher its stability during operation.

The Brait BR-80 Unoa Tractor Brait BRAIT BR-135GBE Tractor BRAIT BR-135G Unoic Tractor BRAIT BR-58A Unoa BRAIT BR-105G Unoic Tractor BRAIT BR-68 (wide wheels)

Brait offers its customers not only gasoline, but also diesel models of motoblocks. They are distinguished by an increased work resource and smaller consumption of combustible materials, while their cost is slightly larger.

The presence of an electric steamer allows you to facilitate the start process at negative temperatures.

On the forums of garden products and equipment, many owners agree that BRAIT motor blocks are reliable and quality. However, a noticeable insignificant increase in fuel consumption with increasing load on a single tractor or the use of hinged equipment.


“The Brait BR-105 Tractor was presented to me, but without additional equipment you can’t do it. I had to buy a potato.cutter, a trailer and a cupboard for him. Difficulties arose when treating dry dense land. There were no problems on wet and soft land. I want to note the low quality of the corrosion coating, which in 2 years simply peeled off. No matter how hard I try, the fuel consumption indicated in the technical passport could not be obtained. Always an order of magnitude higher comes out.””


“I wanted to buy the Brait BR-135 single-axle tractor and did not regret it. I had to compare and choose a lot before buying, but in this model I was pleased with a relatively quiet engine. At least the neighbors do not complain. At first it was hard to adapt to a heavy unit, but then got used to it. I use 92 gasoline, while consumption is about 2 liters, which is permissible for me. For transportation, it is not possible to load more than 600 kg. the engine is very hot.””


DROPS aliens on their head w/ Shepardz & Gadox

“The reason for the purchase of the Brait BR-75 motor block was numerous snow precipitation, which our land is famous. Together with the unit, I bought additional equipment in the form of a shovel-off. Which was not very pleased is an increase in fuel consumption to 4 l/h. Since I poured 92 gasoline, I noticed that noise and vibration appear in the engine. The wheels are good, but they are woken up in the snow, so I had to buy soil.spaceds. Starts in the cold perfectly.””

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