How to assemble a grass trimmer blade

Rules for replacing blades on grass trimmer

If the disc on the trimmer is used regularly, it needs to be removed and sharpened or replaced with a new one from time to time. This part can be made of metal or plastic, have a different number of blades, but the replacement process remains the same. over, this procedure is similar for the technique of different manufacturers, whether Carver or Huter, but there may be minor differences. Changing the blade on the trimmer is simple enough, if you follow the safety precautions and know the correct procedure, a description of which can be found in the user manual. The whole process of replacement step by step, as well as the method of independent sharpening of knives, will be described in this material.

When using a brushcutter in the countryside, the most popular attachment is a line for the trimmer. It has a low price, suitable for different trimmer heads, safe when working. The disadvantage of using a fishing line is that it is convenient only for mowing low growth. In other situations, the string is immediately hammered, regardless of whether the gasoline or electric model of the grass trimmer is used. It is also wrapped around the spindle, causing considerable resistance to the shaft and leading to shaft breakage. It can also cause the piston system in chain saws to malfunction and the motor in electric trimmers to burn out.

That’s why different mowing heads are used for high or tough vegetation. For example, for cleaning tall and coarse grass, thin shoots of trees and bushes, it is better to install and use a disc. The blade is clogged much less often, so it’s more durable.

For your information! Due to the fact that the engine of electric and battery-powered trimmers is less powerful than that of gasoline mowers, so the use of discs is more relevant for gasoline mowers.

How to change the trimmer line on a trimmer?

Replacement of the grass trimmer line with step-by-step instructions will allow even the owner of a lawnmower inexperienced in such matters to perform quite complex work.

However, before you begin work on replacing the fishing line on your trimmer, you need to ensure that the work is done safely. In particular, measures should be taken to protect against careless or spontaneous activation of the lawnmower:

  • It could also cause piston failure in a lawn mower or motor burnout in an electric lawn trimmer,
  • Remove the battery pack (if used),
  • place the tool on a convenient place for work.

Replacement work on the grass trimmer line is convenient to perform when the mower is lying on the table, and the master, who performs trimmer line replacement, has the opportunity to step up to the tool from any side.

Grass trimmer head cover removal

At the first stage of disassembly the cover of the grass trimmer head is removed. By the example of models of trimmers “Black and Decker” and others, for removal of the cover it is usually enough to apply some pressing force to unclip the latch-fixator, which is located on the side of the head.

On some models of lawnmowers initially provides for the dismantling of the grass trimmer head, for which the hexagon wrench included in the tool kit is used. The head is usually held by two or three screws, which can be accessed through the side holes in the back decorative cover.

The lid of the head where the filament spool is fitted is normally retained by the clip clip tongue. It’s enough to squeeze the latch-lip with some effort and twist the cover a little, after which the cover is easily removed

At the moment of squeezing the locking tab, you need to slightly turn and lift the cover of the grass trimmer head to remove the winding drum.

Step two: Remove the filament drum (spool) with the line

The next step in the process is to remove the winding drum with the line from the inner area of the head. It is necessary to turn the head with the open side to see the trimmer line and spool. On the side of the head to find two recesses (eyelets), through which the line for the trimmer is led out.

Release the line from the holes by turning the reel. then carefully remove the spool from the head area. The filament drum on some models is mounted on a spring. This is something to consider when extracting.

Procedure for extracting the grass trimmer spool with fishing line from the inner area of the head: 1. head complete with spool; 2. extraction carefully with a small axial turn; 3. extracted parts

The old line for the trimmer is completely removed from the spool. To remove the old line trimmer for grass, you need to remove the line from the loop-holding and pull the free end. This method removes all old winding. The same process is repeated on the second reel. It is recommended that the operator wear gloves when working.

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How to Properly Install a Disc on the Grass Trimmer

Lawnmower discs: what are they, how to choose and install?

Trimmer blades. a must-have item. It’s enough to choose the right one and you can mow large sections of grass with it. Naturally, the abundance of knives complicates the task of selecting them somewhat. In order to understand which particular cutting element is needed, you need to familiarize yourself with the main ones. You should also learn about proper blade sharpening and operation beforehand.

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Types Overview

For the brushcutter it is worth giving preference to special blades. They allow you to mow higher and tougher grass than a trimmer line. In addition, the blade is suitable even for cutting back young bushes.

How to choose?

There are many things to consider when choosing a mower blade. For example, discs with metal teeth are in most cases circular in shape. Teeth can vary in shape, appearance, and size. For small trees, also dense grass, it is better to give preference to discs with a huge number of teeth.

It is necessary to note such advantage of milling wheels for brushcutters as a sharp set of revolutions. But the high moment of inertia does not have the best effect on the drive unit. For dense mowing, for tall grass, also for small coarse grass and bushes it is better to choose circles with 40 or more teeth and peoria. They can not shred vegetation, and with all that it actually will not be coiled on the circle. If the number of teeth is more than 60, you can safely mow grass and trees with a trunk width of up to seven cm.

Disks with a solid blade and without holes are heavy, so they should be chosen for massive trimmers (more than 40 cm3). Yet they are comfortable for mowing sparse grass and dead wood, and are suitable for mowing varying densities of grass.

Pobedite discs are good for mowing near obstacles. If you want to mow grass in hay, you should give preference to iron cutters with a huge number of teeth with even sharpening. Solid discs with the number of teeth from sixteen to 30 two perfectly cut plants with thick trunks.

For low-power trimmers are better suited paddle discs with less moment of inertia. The smaller the blades, the harder the tool will crush the grass. So, discs with 2 blades are mostly used for cutting homogeneous grass. The main advantage of this kind is that it throws the cuttings to the side.

Blade thickness is also important when choosing. Discs can be stamped or forged. The 1st ones are low priced, but can be very damaging when hitting an obstacle. As for forged rims, they do not get chipped or sheared when hitting hard objects.

For electronic trimmers, only plastic blades should be chosen. Their low weight does not create unnecessary load on the engine. The soft plastic allows knives when hitting an obstacle, not to break, but just a little bend or deform. These cutting elements are recommended for mowing soft and dense grass.

Review of manufacturers

The number of trimmer disc manufacturers is infinite. It is worth to familiarize with the most popular among them. For example, the Bosch brand is known for its knives with 2 and 3 blades. The peculiarity of the knives of this company is that each of the blades can be changed separately from the others.

Another company popular with its paddle blades is “Shark”. The advantage of the design is that the blades are mounted relative to each other at an angle of 100-20 degrees. Ultimately, it is easy to adjust each of the blades, which is comfortable for different vegetation. Another feature of knives from this manufacturer is the low weight.

Line for the trimmer. varieties and the possibility of replacement with other material

Grass trimmer line cord can be different diameters (from 1,2 to 4 mm), and you need to choose it depending on what kind of vegetation you want to mow. the thicker the line for trimmer, the more coarse grass it can handle. Experienced users recommend a 2 mm thick trimmer line, which is universal.

The line shape can be round (for lush grass) or with a square or star shape sharp edges (for cutting dry grass). The second type is less strong and wears out faster compared to a round cord.

One of the popular questions regarding the operation of trimmers is whether the special mower cord can be replaced with other materials, such as metal or steel ropes and strings, wire, etc.д. You should know that installing such objects is not recommended, because together with them, the grass trimmer becomes a dangerous technique. During mowing, pieces of wire or metal will constantly break off and fly in different directions, risking injury to the worker. And if you accidentally touch their limbs while working, a serious injury is ensured.

Owners of trimmers, who wonder whether fishing line can be used for trimmers, we answer. it is allowed, but it will tear and wear out much faster, and therefore require frequent replacement.

Tip! Fishing line for trimmer is good for cleaning grass near the fence or metal mesh. instead of wasting expensive trimmer cord, you can charge a large-caliber tackle (2-3 mm), which costs much less.

Assembling a grass trimmer by STEPS

Fixing the handle of the tool

Unscrew the thumbscrew 2. Remove the upper mounting lid

To adjust the handle, loosen the wing nut and move it. After that it is necessary to fix the screw.

assemble, grass, trimmer, blade

FUBAG electric trimmers Their rubber-coated handles increase convenience and safety of use. They allow the tool to be held securely even in wet hands.

Fit the blade guard

Align the holes in the protective casing and in the mounting bar.

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Fasten the cover on the ledge with screws and washers with the wrench included in the set.

In this model, the hood is secured with metal plates on both sides. This ensures additional reliability and durability of the grass trimmer.

The casing itself is made of dense but flexible plastic. It won’t break loose when hitting small obstacles. We advise you to take note of this if you are just going to Choose an electric grass trimmer or gasoline trimmer.

Attaching the shoulder strap

One of the easiest manipulations when assembling an electric trimmer. Many people understand intuitively how to attach the shoulder belt. For those who aren’t sure, we decided to add a few important points to the instructions:

Join the carabiner to the belt clamping ring 2. Adjust the position of the attachment ring on the boom 3. Secure the ring with the shoulder strap fixing screw

Insert spool of fishing line

To begin with we align the hole on the washer with the hole in the gear cup and secure it with a special pin.

Unscrew the securing nut from the hub clockwise. 3. Remove the cup and the thrust washer from the shaft

Screw the spool of line counterclockwise as far as it will go and hold the rod.

How to attach a blade to you Brush cutter attachment

When choosing a grass trimmer, you should take into account the quality of the bobbin from the set. Often it is the spool that becomes the subject of savings to reduce the overall price of the product. How to identify the flaw? A good spool is characterized by the quality of plastic, easy to open and allows you to tuck the line for trimmer without much difficulty.

How to put the right disc on the lawnmower

With the advent of summer, many owners of homestead plots are alarmed by the question of how to put a knife on the grass trimmer. vital are the questions of why and when it is purposeful to replace the line for the trimmer on the brushcutter with a stronger cutting element. In our article we will try to analyze it and give useful advice to gardeners.

The grass trimmer with a blade mounted on it is most convenient to use for more comfortable mowing of the tallest and coarsest grass in the country. Fishing line for trimmer on brushcutter is not compatible with this variant. The narrow one tears in a short time. The introduction of the thick 4.5.3 mm of cord or homemade rope ropes force the vegetation to wind up on the bobbin. This increases the load on the engine. Because the piston group and other moving parts of the machine wear out in a short time.

If the mowing of weeds create electronic trimmer without a knife, a single line, even a thick with a figured section, the case can not solve. There is always a risk of overheating the electric motor and damaging the flexible shaft. And the case of our customer is left to the high torque of the electronic motor. The grass coiled up on the spindle makes strong resistance to the shaft, reminiscent of a speedometer cable, which can not stand and twists.

In order to save technology from early wear and tear domestic manufacturers have provided the ability to install special knives on trimmers for grass. The design and shape of available cutting parts allows not only manage rough and overgrown grass, but also to fight successfully with young shrubs.

Before you start with the brushcutter, let’s find out what they are and where they are used. Now domestic manufacturers offer the consumer many types of these consumables. Completely all the cutting tools created for mowing grass, of course, systematize:

assemble, grass, trimmer, blade

Faults and troubleshooting

Naturally, the owners of trimmers encounter those or other mowing head malfunctions during operation. Most often they are associated with certain difficulties in pulling (lengthening) the cutting filament from the spool. The most common causes of no line feed are line “bite” between coils or line sticking.

If the string doesn’t feed

In this case the defect is caused by incorrect winding of the cutting filament. The line for the trimmer may be wound with insufficient tension, causing the coils to cross over each other and entangle the string. As the spool rotates, the cutting cord is tightened by the resulting centrifugal force, which in turn traps the free end of the line between the coils. To eliminate this malfunction, you need to dismantle the spool, disassemble it and rewind the string so that the coils lie in even rows, tightly pressed against each other.

If the line is stuck

The coils of fishing line sticking together directly in the mowing head can be caused:

Tip! To avoid the adhesion of the cord inside the mowing head, experts recommend applying a thin layer of silicone grease on its surface after threading the string in the spool. In addition, it is better not to use fishing line for trimmer from unknown manufacturers.

If the user still could not avoid the adhesion of the line, then to repair the grass trimmer reel to remove and replace the existing cord with a better quality.

If there is too much line flow

If semi-automatic mowing heads are used, the user may experience an excessive cord loss because the line is lengthening by itself. This is usually due to a slackening of the spring inside the spool. The malfunction can be eliminated by placing a few washers under the spring.

How to Replace Metal Blade

If the bobbin does not spin

Failure of a semi-automatic grass trimmer reel can also be caused by frequent collision of its head with hard objects (dry branches, soil, stones, etc.).). In this situation the line is slightly stretched and then rapidly retracted inside the bobbin. High friction causes the filament to heat up, which can lead to coils sticking together. To remedy this fault, the line must be rewound.

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If the string feeds spontaneously

Unintentional lengthening of the line and subsequent cutting off of the line ends may be due to improper assembly of the head after replacement of the cutting filament. Inexperienced users often forget to install the pressure spring inside the mowing head, which causes premature activation of the line feed mechanism.

Disassembling the mowing head

Proceeding to the repair head trimmer for grass, the owner must protect themselves from injury if the engine is accidentally started, for which it is imperative to completely disconnect the electric garden tool or shut down the engine brushcutter. Grass trimmer owners are often faced with the need to replace the cutting filament. This process begins after the shaft will be dismantled from the head. This should be done carefully to avoid damaging it.

Important! Gear shaft, which is equipped with a trimmer for grass, has a left-hand thread at the end, so the mowing head is unscrewed in a clockwise direction when removing.

Dismantle the coil in the following order

  • by aligning the holes on the shaft and the washer, fix the mower shaft firmly using a screwdriver or a metal bar;
  • unscrew actuator by turning its housing clockwise.

Having removed the mowing head, proceed to its disassembly, which requires carefully opening the lid, which is often fastened specially provided for plastic locks. For this purpose it is necessary to press off edges of a cover and at the same time to push in the case of a latch.

Attention! If the grass trimmer is equipped with a semi-automatic head with a button at the bottom, then open it with extreme caution. when you remove the cover may fly out and lose the clamping spring.

Loading the line in the bobbin

To charge the line for the trimmer correctly, you need to act according to the instruction manual supplied with the trimmer. As a rule, this operation is carried out as follows:

  • cut the required amount of cord and fold it in half;
  • the resulting loop is inserted into one of the specially provided slots (holes) of the bobbin;
  • pulling line for the trimmer, several times turn the bobbin counterclockwise, with the coils of cord must be placed in tight layers (one to another), avoiding overlap;
  • Having finished winding, leave the ends of the line (about 20 cm) free, which are fixed in the grooves available on the sides of the bobbin;
  • reassemble the mechanism in its place by reassembling it in the reverse order, returning all the existing parts (spring, washers, etc.) to their original position.), and place the spool with the string in the head housing;
  • pass the loose ends of the cord through the available eyelets (holes), and then close the housing cover, which is fixed with latches.

This is the end of the mowing head filament charge. Screw the spool onto the shaft of the grass trimmer, fixing it in place beforehand. How to do this is described above. To check the operability of the head you can mow a small patch of lawn.

Tip! In cases where the owner of the grass trimmer prefers to replace the failed head with a new one, experts recommend avoiding the purchase of cheap non-original reels, brought from China.

How to install the disc on the grass trimmer

Installing the blade on the grass trimmer is very simple. To do this, use the complete wrench to disconnect the cutting head and the pin to lock the gearbox. The procedure is as follows.

  • First of all, you should unplug the electric grass trimmer, gasoline trimmer. just shut off. Disconnect and set aside the blade guard.
  • Then you need to align the holes on the reducer and the shaft to stick a pin in them and block the drive.
  • If fishing line bobbin is used, unscrew clockwise.
  • Then it is required to find a nut to screw the knife.
  • The next step is to install the blades. Owners of trimmers often wonder which side to put the disc. This should be done in such a way that the marking with numbers and letters was on top.
  • Then you need to put on top of the duster, and above it. a fixing nut, which should be tightened tightly with a wrench.
  • The last step is to install the blade guard.

As you can see, the procedure is very simple and the same for many brands, be it STIHL or Husqvarna.

For your information! If the owner of the device wishes to replace the disk back on the fishing line for the trimmer, you can install the spool with it in a similar way.

How to properly fuel the grass trimmer’s engine?

An automated garden grass trimmer promises good durability with proper operation, including fueling. The gasoline engine of such a device is not allowed to operate on pure gasoline. Before refueling, it is necessary to prepare the working mixture of fuel. namely, to mix unleaded gasoline with machine oil.

The included working fuel reservoir usually has markings on the body for proper blending: 1. unleaded gasoline level; 2. machine oil levels depending on the ratio

Mixing unleaded gasoline with machine oil requires the correct ratio. That’s why many manufacturers of string and other gasoline trimmers mark the working tanks.

The user will only have to fill the mixing tank with fresh unleaded gasoline according to the fuel marker line. Then machine oil is added until the fuel mixture reaches the 40:1 ratio mark (optimal for two-stroke engines).

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