How to assemble a gasoline grass trimmer correctly

Grass trimmer working principle and how to use it correctly: filling and first start-up

As a rule, the devices, designed for grass mowing and others like them, are quite cumbersome.

The vast majority of all types of trimmers come unassembled, packed in a cardboard box, so before you start such a device should be collected.

In addition, the grass trimmer often has to be collected after the winter, because some owners disassemble this device so that during storage it took up less space.

Design of a gasoline grass mower

The weight of the entire device. about 8 kg, which is quite difficult to hold in your hands. That’s why the set with the mower itself comes with an unloading belt backpack with a protective cover and regulators.

The grass mower is designed for mowing grass and small bushes in household plots.

As you know, the grass can be mowed in different ways. folding it into swaths or simply mowing. Besides, grass is different. soft or rough, with thick stems, shrub growth.

Removing and disassembling the starter, replacing broken parts

To repair the starter grass trimmer, you need to first disassemble and then reassemble it. This process is not particularly difficult. For work you’ll need a screwdriver with a tip of the right shape.

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It should be done carefully, respecting safety precautions, mainly so that the spring, if accidentally thrown out, does not injure the master.

Disassembly of the starter unit

Disassemble the ignition mechanism to replace the broken parts in the following sequence:

  • unscrew the screw that secures the pulley with the starter cover with a screwdriver;
  • take out the spring and the tendons;
  • gently remove the pulley (you need to turn the head or work, wearing gloves and goggles);
  • Determine why the starter mechanism is broken;
  • If the spring is almost completely destroyed, it is replaced;
  • if the spring is out of the hook, it is installed in its original place, bending before doing so the tendons (the photos show the process of laying)

To replace the spring, work carefully and carefully: it can, under the force caused by putting it in place, accidentally burst. even if you remove the roller carefully, the spring band will very quickly fly off the coil and can injure your hand with its sharp edges.

It is not always possible to put the spring plate back in its place immediately. It often slips, so attempts must be repeated until the desired result is achieved.

Assembling the starter

Assembly of the starter unit is carried out in a series of steps:

When doing the above manipulations, it is necessary to put two washers. If you do not do this, the spring will eventually damage the plastic cup, and its tightening will begin jamming. This causes the spring to feel as if it has come off. To eliminate this defect, you must install a longer piece or an additional washer.

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When such parts are missing, you can simply loosen the screw a little and the starter unit will work without cramping. But this option is temporary. it is better to repair as soon as possible.

Spring tensioning

After installing the spring, it should be tightened. To do this, proceed as follows:

assemble, gasoline, grass, trimmer, correctly
  • remove the handle from the starter cord;
  • then insert the rope into the spool slot;
  • Tension the spring by turning the spool in the opposite direction to the clockwise (winding) direction;
  • make the desired number of turns, specified in the instruction manual for the used model of grass trimmer and corresponding to the length of the cord used;
  • at the very end, the rope is inserted into the hole designed for this purpose, located in the starter cover;
  • put the handle in place, fixing it with a knot.

If the spring keeps coming off after repair, you can get rid of it in the following ways:

Gasoline Grass Trimmer and Bush Cutter. INGCO. GBC5434421

  • squeeze a suitably sized piece of plate into the groove at the location of the spring hook;
  • drill holes on both sides of the groove in the spool, into which the spring hook is inserted and secure it with a wire.

Replacing the torn cord

A torn cord is replaced in this sequence:

  • Remove the old cord;
  • Choose a rope suitable in size (thickness and length);
  • After putting it through a special hole, located in the coil, tie the knot;
  • The spring is wound up, making the desired number of revolutions;
  • fix the handle.

It is better to tension the spring plate with a partner, so that the edge of the cord does not wind up inside the starter mechanism.

To assemble the starter on the trimmer and wind the spring is not difficult, but it should be done carefully and cautiously. For different models of chain saws, the breakdowns of the starting mechanisms are the same, so they are repaired in the same way. There are some nuances associated with their design features.

Common malfunctions of electric trimmers

Electric grass trimmers differ from gasoline-powered devices in a more simplified design. Conditionally, an electric lawn trimmer is divided into mechanical and electrical parts. Accordingly, the same groups of malfunctions occurring with this equipment are distinguished.

Most breakdowns cannot be visually detected. For this purpose it is necessary to use various devices. The following can be visually detected:

  • The integrity of the power cable is broken (the insulation is torn off or it is clearly broken);
  • The starter button is stuck or jammed;
  • Mechanical damage to the brushcutter externally;
  • problems with the cutting part;
  • stopping the grass trimmer when it gets clogged with grass;
  • damage to the plug.

To find out which part is broken in other cases, you will need to disassemble the electric trimmer and consistently check the most likely options. At the same time, pay attention to the external manifestations of deviations from the normal operation of the device. They are helpful in determining the cause.

Repairing an electric grass trimmer will require the following devices and tools:

Electric grasshopper mowers often malfunction for reasons not directly related to them, but caused by a drop in the supply voltage or the poor condition of the socket used.

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How to choose?

It is necessary to buy gardening equipment in a balanced way, examining the pros and cons in advance and analyzing the information about the characteristics and advantages. Lawn mower is great for working in remote areas where there is no access to electricity. Grass trimmers are lightweight and cope with long-term operation. Before buying, pay attention to several criteria, and then you will be satisfied with a wise investment in high-quality equipment.

Power is the main indicator in such equipment, because it directly affects the performance of the device. If you want to mow regularly to keep the lawn in order, models with power from 800 to 1500 watts will do the job. However, when it comes to tree sprouts, something serious is required here. Pay attention to professional units, the characteristics of which indicate a power above 2500 watts.

This option is more suitable for utility companies and private companies that provide services for cleaning the city.

The type of engine varies, but this has an impact on the noise intensity. You can use headphones so as not to damage your hearing, and start working. Experts say that four-stroke engines create less noise and consume less fuel. But such equipment is more expensive and weighs more.

The boom design is recommended straightforward. It should be a sturdy material with a shaft inside. This design feature allows you to achieve more power.

Take a look at Champion LMH5640 wheel trimmer review below.

What a lawn mower consists of

Industry produces three types of trimmers. Household models have a low-power motor, so they have the most compact size and light weight. But, in spite of the small capacity, this kind of equipment can handle twenty hundred hectares of lawn.

Semi-professional grass trimmers can handle large areas and are used in large households. Professional mowers are built for park lawns and industrial applications. Due to the powerful engine mounted on the frame, their size and weight require a special belt system for comfortable operation of the user.

The device of the gasoline trimmer of any of the types is structurally uncomplicated and identical. The differences concern only the type of motor and the cutting tool. Thus, in domestic and semi-professional models, a special cord (thick line for the trimmer) is used as the latter. Professional trimmers are equipped with blades or disks.

assemble, gasoline, grass, trimmer, correctly

In the upper part of the grass trimmer is a gasoline engine with a small fuel tank. There is a starter for manual start of the motor. The working axis of the motor is connected to the long shaft, which is in the boom. It can be made either in a flexible version or a rigid one.

The rod may be collapsible for easy transport of the device. In the middle of the throttle lever is a double lever. Its configuration varies from model to model. Usually, the right handle is fitted with a control. The simple unit is connected to the engine with a cable.

At the bottom of the boom there is a gearbox that is connected to the spindle. And the last one is where the cutting tool is mounted. For safety, it is enclosed from above by a protective shroud.

The control module on the handle has 4 buttons:

  • To interrupt the ignition circuit and stop the engine instantly.
  • Control of the carburettor choke for fuel dosage.
  • Locking against accidental “gas” pushing.
  • The safety catch for activating the operating status for a long time.
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There is another control on the motor itself. This is the lever that changes the position of the choke. Used to quickly start the tool in the cold. When closed, it quickly warms up the engine at idle speed.

In addition to the usual cutting tool, some models can be equipped with various accessories. Such additional device makes the mower multifunctional. And with removable attachments you can work on the garden and take care of trees.

assemble, gasoline, grass, trimmer, correctly

For ease of movement and operation household grass trimmers are equipped with a wide shoulder strap. Because the weight of professional units is quite high, they are equipped with a knapsack-type attachment. Such a belt distributes the weight well and protects the back from excessive strain.

Also, the electrical equipment can have a punctured ignition coil. If this happens, the lawnmower won’t start or starts intermittently and then shuts down or won’t even start when hot.

Check the coil can be checked in the same way as when checking the spark: unscrew the spark plug, lean it against the body of the grass trimmer. If there is no spark when the starter jerk or if it appears intermittently, the coil must be changed.

Mowing time

An electric mower may run for a maximum of 20 minutes without interruption, after which it needs the same amount of time to rest. The engine needs to cool down so as not to melt the plastic parts.

Gasoline trimmers for grass allow a longer operation. On average, you can work up to 40-60 minutes, or until the fuel runs out. In any case, the break should not be less than ten minutes, but preferably as long as twenty. The problem is in the engine itself, which is deprived of a natural system for internal combustion engine cooling by means of liquid. To avoid overheating and increased wear, it is better to let the device cool down and at the same time to recover its strength or to collect already mowed grass.

How often should the plug be changed?

Despite the fact that spare parts for lawnmowers are easy enough to buy at any specialized store, the owner must have an understanding of the most correct time to change them in the tool.

Before you go for a new part, it is necessary to disassemble the engine and find out whether replacement is necessary or it will be enough to clean it. First of all, there is a repair manual for this tool.

It is not uncommon for a lawnmower to fail to work because the spark plug has not been changed. But do not immediately rush to change it, first it is enough to clean well, because the penetration of dirt in many cases leads to a variety of errors, so it is extremely important to remove it in a timely manner.

In addition, after cleaning, the entire construction will be more visible, and, therefore, will be noticeable if the matter is a loose contact on the connecting wire. Often the problems arising from the plugs are of a mechanical nature.

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