How to assemble a Carver grass trimmer

Carver grass trimmers and brush cutters

Despite its youth, Carver is one of the most well-known manufacturers of garden and farm equipment. The first products under the Carver logo appeared in 2009. It was then that a small packing company was founded, which soon managed to win back a significant part of the market from its competitors. Note the wide range of Carver equipment. Especially popular on the post-Soviet territory are chain and circular saws, generators, lawn mowers, tillers, trimmers and brush cutters Carver.

TOTAL Tools Li-ion Cordless Grass Trimmer Nylon Cord Installation without the Spool.

Although the company has Russian roots, its production facilities are located in the territory of China. Here at the two modern factories produce Carver grass trimmers and brushcutters. Both companies have the latest equipment, skilled workers, and all production processes are controlled by experienced engineers and technologists. According to the company policy, each device is subject to individual quality control, which significantly reduces the number of defects among finished products. All Carver equipment meets modern standards of quality and safety, as evidenced by the relevant certificates.

  • Quality products assembled in the factory;
  • Long service life and high maintainability;
  • the presence of an extensive network of service centers;
  • 12-month warranty from the manufacturer.

What’s the best choice?

To buy a lawn mower in Krasnoyarsk with free delivery around the city, order the equipment in our store. The catalog features grass trimmers and lawnmowers of various modifications at affordable prices:

  • Gasoline and electric;
  • Wheeled and portable;
  • With adjustable height;
  • with adjustable height;
  • With a folding handle;
  • With grass catcher box.

You can easily mow a large area with a cutting width of up to 60 cm. For the maintenance of curbs, paths and small gardens, a device with a mowing width of 18-20 cm is sufficient.

Get expert advice by phone to choose the right model in the online store “Laukar”.

How to assemble the new electric lawn mower/ grass cutter from shoppee

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assemble, carver, grass, trimmer

Main rights and obligations of the Operator

If the engine does not start or does not run properly

The reasons why the engine does not start with two or four pulls of the manual starter cable may be:

Most often this happens because the grass trimmer is started incorrectly, when the order of operations is violated or some important point is not fulfilled, so it is enough to properly start and the motor will work. If the mower doesn’t start well after storage, the old gasoline has probably run out, so just change it.

If the grass trimmer has not been serviced for several seasons, poor starting may be due to a dirty air or fuel filter, so it is sufficient to wash or replace it.

If all the actions were performed correctly, but there is no positive result, go to the workshop or make your own diagnostics or repair.

How to remove the trimmer head?

The method of removing the trimmer head on the machines with top mounted motor is the same for any model. first fix the output shaft of the machine with any suitable tool, such as the standard hexagon, then unscrew the drum or the fixation nut.

The drum can be unscrewed by hand, because its diameter is large enough to effectively wrap your palm around it, but the nut is unscrewed with the standard wrench, which comes with each electric mower.

Here’s the detailed instructions that you can follow to remove most types of reels from a grass trimmer with a top-mounted motor:

  • make sure that the machine is unplugged;
  • clean the space between the blade guard and the spool;
  • rotate the head so that the fixing holes align;
  • insert a standard hex wrench or any other suitable tool into the aligned holes;
  • wrench around the housing with the palm of your hand or put a wrench on the nut, then turn it in the appropriate direction (clockwise for units with a straight boom, counterclockwise for those with a curved boom).

On some machines with a curved shaft, there is no hole to secure the shaft, but instead the base is secured to the shaft with a bolt.

If this is the type of electric mower you have, then proceed as follows:

  • make sure that the machine is unplugged;
  • pinch the latches with your fingers;
  • carefully remove the cover;
  • Remove the bobbin and other parts;
  • holding the base with your hand, unscrew the locking bolt by turning it counterclockwise;
  • Remove the base by rocking it slightly from side to side; if it cannot be removed, turn it 45-90 degrees and rock it again, trying to remove it.

On devices with a lower motor, the principle of fixing the mowing head is different. it is pressed on the spline shaft with the heating of the latter or other ways of fixation, so we recommend to remove this part yourself only to those who are familiar with such works and have the appropriate tools.

Some models have a locking slot in the shaft but to get to it, you often have to saw through the removable spool.

Grass trimmer assembly by STEPs

Attach tool handle

Unscrew the thumbscrew 2. Remove the upper cover

To adjust the handle, you need to loosen the thumbscrew and move it. Then fasten the screw.

FUBAG electric trimmers have rubber-coated handles for more comfort and safety in use. They allow you to hold the tool firmly, even in wet hands.

Installing the protective cover

Align the holes in the safety guard and in the mounting bar.

Fasten the blade on the bar with screws and washers with the set wrench.

The frame on this model is fitted with metal plates on both sides. This assures extra reliability and durability of the grass trimmer.

The hood itself is made of a dense but flexible plastic. It won’t break loose when hitting small obstacles. We advise you to pay attention to this if you are just going to Choose electric grass trimmer or gasoline trimmer.

Attaching the shoulder strap

One of the easiest things to do when assembling an electric trimmer. Many people will intuitively understand how to attach the shoulder strap. For those who are not sure, we decided to add a few important points to the instructions:

Connecting the carabiner to the shoulder strap ring 2. Adjust the position of the attachment ring on the bar 3. Fixing the ring with the fixing screw

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Install the spool of fishing line

First, we align the hole on the washer with the hole in the gear cup and stop it with a special rod.

Unscrew the mounting nut from the hub clockwise. 3. Remove the cup from the shaft and the pressure washer

Tighten the spool of fishing line counterclockwise as far as it will go, holding the rod in place.

When choosing a grass trimmer, you should take into account the quality of the bobbin from the kit. Often it is the spool that becomes the subject of savings to reduce the overall price of the product. How to spot a flaw? A good bobbin is characterized by the quality of plastic, easy to open and allows you to refill the line for the trimmer without much difficulty.

What is a lawn mower assembly?

The assembly means the connection of fully functional devices and units, i.e:

  • motor with controls and clutch (petrol only);
  • the driveshaft;
  • Handle or handle;
  • of the safety guard;
  • shoulder strap or suspension system.

Tools and fasteners

Each unit, regardless of its type, includes a standard fixture and a universal tool.

The shape of the heads of all bolts, regardless of their diameter and length, corresponds to the tool that comes with the grass trimmer.

In the case of loss of some fixing element, pick up its full analogue, if this is not possible, you can neglect the shape of the flat, but all other parameters, that is:

However, such an incomplete analogue will force you to use in addition to the staff tool and an additional tool, which is not too convenient. If you have lost your original tool, find the closest analogue or buy the same device in any store selling trimmers.

Description of the process

The assembly process is described in detail in the instruction manual of each device, and the shape and configuration of the finished blocks in most cases do not allow you to connect them incorrectly.

The main condition for the correct and quick assembly is the correct location of blocks relative to each other, as well as the alignment of their holes.

assemble, carver, grass, trimmer

Machines with a top-mounted motor are more convenient to assemble on a table, where all the units can be arranged in the order of their docking.

Where there are several bolts connecting the parts, proceed as follows

  • Position both elements as they should look in the assembled state (when assembling a gasoline grass trimmer, put the motor on the table with the clutch up, then set the shaft with the reducers on it, the upper of which is the protection of the clutch bowl);
  • line up the holes;
  • tighten one bolt by tightening it two to five turns;
  • Push in the next bolts;
  • press the parts against each other to make sure they are properly positioned;
  • screw in (do not tighten) all bolts one after the other crosswise;
  • check again to be sure both units are correctly positioned;
  • Tighten all bolts to the required torque (as specified in the instruction manual) in the same order, i.e. crosswise.


First of all it is the most convenient to assemble the biggest blocks, i.e. the engine and the drive shaft, then the handle and the safety guard are attached to this construction, and the cutting tool is put in the last place.

If the machine is delivered with a disassembled shaft, ie gearbox and clutch are not installed on it, then the assembly starts with the shaft, because it is the most oversized part.

When assembling the shaft be sure to align the lubrication holes on it and the gearboxes, because the lack of lubrication will quickly kill the shaft. In addition, align the splines on the drive shaft rod and gearboxes, if this is not done and push the parts on by force, you can damage them.

Always check the presence of lubricant in gearboxes and driveshaft, because in spite of the manufacturer’s assurances that all elements are lubricated and ready for work, it is often not true.

Chinese manufacturers of cheap machinery are especially guilty of this. If the shaft comes complete with gears, take some time to disassemble them to check the amount of grease. much cheaper to do it before the first run than a few days to change the drive shaft or buy a new trimmer for grass.

We also recommend that you oil the gears and shaft and change the oil in the four-stroke motor before each season.

Keep in mind that the bottom gearbox and handle attachment must be positioned correctly on the drive shaft so that the gearbox shaft is facing down and the handle is facing up.

On all units with a rear-mounted engine, the handle is assembled and consists of:

Attach the connector to the shaft first, then insert both handles.

Some trimmer models are equipped with handles with a connecting sleeve, in this case:

Remember. the location of the handle and handle angles adjust to the operator, so if you experience discomfort when working with a brushcutter or petrol saw, then adjust these parts to you.

The right handle is for installing the motor controls, so for right handers put it on the right side. If you are left-handed, put the right hand crank on the left side.

Assemble the cutting tools last. Use exactly the right shields and cups for the tool you have selected.

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If you fit other gearbox protectors, you might get too much vibration because of the imbalance.

If it is more convenient for you to assemble the grass trimmer in some other sequence and you do not make mistakes, then do as you are used to. After all, this or that order is intended to make assembly easier, but is not mandatory.

Carver range of scythes. detailed descriptions and advantages

On the domestic market you can find a large number of brushcutters and trimmers brand Carver. Each is manufactured for a specific purpose and has individual technical specifications. We propose to consider the design features and advantages of the most popular models produced by Carver brand in more detail.

Carver GBC-31FS

This Carver lawn mower is excellent for regular cleaning on medium-sized lawns and gardens. At the heart of the model design is a reliable 4-acting gasoline engine that can easily withstand operation in poor weather conditions. The engine is cooled by the original automatic air supply.

The brushcutter is easy to operate, maintain and repair. The low-consumption model consumes very little fuel, even under maximum cutting loads.

The brushcutter performance includes

  • 1.1 L engine power. с.;
  • revolutions at maximum loads. 7500 rpm;
  • fuel tank. 950 ml;
  • The maximum mowing width of a chainsaw is 43 cm;
  • weight. 7.6 kg.

The model has a solid U-shaped handle with all the switches and levers on the brushcutter.

Carver GBC-31F

This Carver grass trimmer is equipped with a quality 4-stroke motor with an improved piston group and cylinder, which has a wear-resistant chrome coating. This motor easily mows low to medium grass and clears wild bushes. Robust bicycle handle with rubberized grips gives you a strong grip on the tool for better and more accurate cutting of unwanted vegetation.

High maneuverability and small dimensions of the Carver grass trimmer allow to easily mow areas with a large number of plantings and decorative objects.

Factory parameters of the model include:

  • engine power. 1,1 l. с.;
  • revolutions at maximum loads. 7000 rpm;
  • Fuel tank. 950 ml;
  • maximum mowing width of the trimmer. 43 cm;
  • weight. 7,6 kg.

High rotational speed of the cutting line enables the trimmer to mow dry grass up to 30 cm high.

Carver GBC-052 PRO

This powerful and efficient Carver lawn mower is among the professional tools for regular use not only by private owners, but also by employees of utilities. High power reserves and cutting line speeds enable it to cut any kind of tough grass and to get rid of wild growth quickly.

The Carver model in this popular package is equipped with multi-level operator protection, which includes a shoulder strap and a foam cushion to prevent thigh chafing. Sturdy handle gives you the ability to guide the trimmer‘s cutting line into the hardest-to-reach places. The hard shaft inside the boom has a special coating that protects the element from corrosion.

Trimmer parameters include:

Modest fuel consumption makes the Carver brushcutter easy to use for mowing grass in areas of up to 5 acres.

Carver GBC-043M

This Carver gasoline grass trimmer is designed for garden and yard maintenance, up to 5 acres. The model is equipped with a reliable engine, which is started with the proprietary QuickStart system. Handy bike handle improves maneuverability and its ability to mow in hard-to-reach places.

Carver lawn mowers do not care about fuel and oil quality. Grass trimmer consumes a small amount of fuel, has low noise and vibration level. Even with moderate power output, it is tough enough to withstand tough conditions.

Model features include:

The GBC-043 M comes standard with a shoulder strap, protective boot, original trimmer line and cutting blade.

A good solution

Grass trimmer is equipped with disc blade and head that allows you to mow even soft grass, deadwood and tough growth. The bar is detachable, it allows for compact storage and easy transportation of the trimmer. This lawn mower “Carver” has a capacity of 2 liters. с., which is sufficient for the tasks assigned to the equipment. The manufacturer has equipped the machine with a gasoline two-stroke engine with a displacement of 52 cm3. The weight of the device is not as impressive as the above-described equipment, and is 6.7 kg. Strength and durability thanks to six-bearing rigid shaft. This Carver lawn mower has a control system that is easy to operate, even with gloves on.

assemble, carver, grass, trimmer

Cylinder-piston group is more durable and ready to last up to 4 times longer thanks to chromium plating of the cylinder. Users especially like the high performance of the circular blade, because it has carbide tines.

Carver 052 PRO lawn mower

The professional model is used extensively in the municipal sector. The design features include a sufficiently wide boom, a rigid shaft, roller bearings and a powerful gearbox.

  • Gasoline-powered 2-stroke motor with 3.12 L. с. / 2300W;
  • Engine displacement. 52 cm3;
  • The capacity of the gas tank is 1 liter;
  • The cutting width of the line/blade is 40 centimeters/23 centimeters;
  • The diameter of the blade is 2.4 millimeters;
  • Noise level. 110 dB;
  • Weight. 8 kg.

Complete with Carver chain saw, spool with fishing line and milling blade, shoulder strap/backpack with thigh pad.

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