How to apply oil to a chainsaw chain

Let’s talk about the oil flow device directly on the chain

Mainly want to put the Accent on the fact that remains to do our client chainsaws manufacturer STIHL have a fairly small size but, nevertheless, they are very massive. These features are what attract future buyers of this kind of equipment to the models of this company. You can also handle wood in many different ways, easily and quickly (see “How to control the oil flow with the chain saw” on page 25). how to cut a tree).

STIHL chain saw 180 oil flow adjustment.

STIHL chain saws also have a high cutting power. What’s more, this machine is equipped with the latest accessories (see “The STIHL STIHL 180” for more information).Gasoline chain saw angle grinder attachment) are fitted with extra accessories which make your work easier and more comfortable. But actually let’s talk directly about the device, which the manufacturer has equipped its chainsaws with. The STIHL chainsaw chain lubrication system is all about lubrication:

It is worth noting that the direct oil supply through the work of the pump has a special regulation. Also important is the fact that the chain continues to be lubricated for the chain saw’s entire operating life. It is for this reason that this part serves its owner for a long time.

The chain must of course be systematically lubricated during operation, which is why the oil for direct chain lubrication must flow continuously to its surface. Since this is the whole direct design of the tool.

When the machine is running, oil comes straight out of the bar groove and is immediately absorbed by the sawdust.

That is why the chain lubrication process itself is automatic. But it is worth noting that there are some models that have a so-called dosage of oil, which should be fed directly to the chain. And of course models, the price category of which is quite low, have only a manual pump working directly through the action of the drive, which is located on the handle.

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Finding the right level

For confident operation, it is important to know not only what oil to pour into the chainsaw to lubricate the chain, but also what should be its level in the tank. As a rule, producers of electric models put special marks on tanks and give relevant recommendations in technical documentation.

chainsaw, chain

The gasoline counterparts have a simpler design. Most of today’s models have petrol and oil tanks in proportion to each other. This means that they should be used at the same rate as you work. That is why it is better to fill them up to the top immediately before use so that during hard work it is not necessary to top up one or the other.

If the oil for an electric chainsaw or its gasoline variation is used excessively, the only disadvantage will be the. Lack of lubrication is another issue. It can result in severe consequences of the following nature:

  • The tire ruptures.
  • Rapid wear of the guide groove.
  • Jammed and worn drive sprocket.
  • Boring, resetting or rupture of the chain.

Chainsaw repair Source

How to look after a STIHL chain saw chain (STIHL)

The chain is the chain saw’s main functional part. Its condition directly affects the quality and speed of the cut. A faulty saw chain is also a great safety risk for the operator. So if it shows the slightest signs of dulling, sagging, lack of lubrication, etc., it is best to keep. The chain should be repaired immediately. But you can rule out almost all of these problems if you service your chain saw in good time. To do this, you need to understand the chain design and care of the saw chain.

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  • 3 Troubleshooting the Chain Brake
  • 4 Chain tensioning for saw chain
  • 5 Chain sharpening
  • 6 Chain sharpening, video

Benefits of higher-priced oils

Brand name chain oils are formulated with useful anti-oxidative, anti-corrosive, stabilizing components and additives that help maintain oil performance and increase wear resistance of the working equipment under severe operating conditions.

The quality of proprietary consumables is benchmarked. Most of these products are made by leading manufacturers STIHL, Husqvarna, ECHO, DAEWOO and others. The quality of Chinese state-owned chain oils has improved noticeably in the last few years.

The chain saw equipment owners themselves decide what oil to use for chainsaw chain lubrication. In the best case, it is adapted to the climatic characteristics of the region consumables recommended in the instruction manual for this model.

Design of a chainsaw and where to fill up the oil

Now we are going to “dive” into the heart of this tool, so that you have at least a general idea of what your “helper” consists of, in order to be able to determine the fault of this or that part in case of problems with the chainsaw. In fact, this kind of tool can be responsibly attributed to the mechanisms of classical direction, which operate through the engagement of the internal combustion engine.

It is no exaggeration to say that this type of tool is the simplest of all other mechanisms, because the saw has no gear and is equipped with a usual two-stroke engine that has one cylinder and works on gasoline. The main advantage of the chainsaw is that it is arranged quite simply, which contributes to increased reliability, as well as trouble-free operation in difficult and demanding conditions. Next, let’s take a closer look at the construction of the saw, so:

  • engine;
  • clutch clutch;
  • the ignition system;
  • carburetor; carburetor (see “carburetor”); carburetor (see “carburetor”). carburetor adjustment);
  • fuel system (see: chain tensioning. gasoline and oil ratio);
  • air cleaning system;
  • starter;
  • chain (see: chain lubrication. how to sharpen the chain with your own hands);
  • tire;
  • chain brake;
  • chain tensioning mechanism;
  • chain lubrication system.
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How to Oil a Chainsaw Bar and Chain

That’s basically it, but now the important issue is lubricating the chain saw’s parts. many people don’t understand why they need it at all? The answer is simple enough, like all mechanisms, the chainsaw, especially its individual parts, require special care, including periodic lubrication.

This is to ensure that your tool will serve you for many years, as during the chainsaw parts make movement, which should be smooth, smooth, so as not to damage nearby parts.

It is well known that the friction force breaks the surface, and if you do not lubricate the chainsaw when necessary, the parts will simply wear out quickly and the tool will be out of LADA. You need it? Do not dilute. That’s why it’s important to look after your chain saw so that it has the strength to last for many years to come.

Our list of lubricants for best value for money

Lubricant for 2-stroke engines:

  • Capacity 100 ml. you can buy it for 90 p., Add it to petrol at a ratio of 1 to 50 (20 grams of oil per liter of petrol). This lubricant was specially developed for STIHL chain saws. Minerals are the main ingredient. Also available for other models from various manufacturers.
  • STIHL (volume 1l), intended for STIHL saws. Diluted 1:50. Mineral substances in the base oil. Price in the range of 500 p.
  • STIHL dispenser (1 litre volume). Diluted at a ratio of 1:50. Price about 600 p.
  • STIHL H. P. Ultra (100 ml volume), 1:50. Also for STIHL chain saws. It is a synthetic oil. It has a high degree of lubricating advantages. Also for other chain saw models with 2-stroke engines. The price of this lubricant ranges from 120 p.
  • STIHL Ultra (5 litre capacity), lubricant to petrol ratio 1:50. Mineral additives in the ingredient. Specifically designed for STIHL chain saws with 2-cycle engines. Also for other. Price is 1500 p.
  • STIHL H. P. Ultra with dispenser (volume 1 l), diluted in the ratio of 1 to 50, made for chain saw manufacturer STIHL. Can also be used for other brands. Price 1100 р.
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Lubrication system malfunctions or the chain is not supplied with oil

The chain is exposed to considerable heat during gasoline-powered saw operation, so requires lubrication. The oil distributes itself over the entire cutting assembly, thereby preventing premature wear.

But sometimes the chain lubrication device of a chainsaw can fail, which causes the following signs:

  • chain lubrication is leaking;
  • if you have a low oil flow due to a broken pump or other parts;
  • chain stretching or excessive heat.

These signs show that the chain of a chainsaw is not getting lubrication or that there are any breakdowns.

Lubrication system design

Depending on the chainsaw brand, the lubrication system components may be slightly different structurally, but their overall number and connection scheme remains the same.

The main components of the lubrication system are:

chainsaw, chain

    oil tank usually located in the engine crankcase.

benefits of producing a chain set

Chains and bars are part of the replacement equipment list, so the sawyer can use several sets of different lengths and performance, depending on the job. The average life of the wear-resistant brand-name bars allows the life of three saw chains to be worked out.

Cutting edges of chain links need periodic sharpening. The undeniable advantages of using a multi chain set are the even wear of the drive sprocket and the good compatibility with the chains included in the supplementary set.

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