How to adjust the trimmer for grass Patriot

Adjusting the Patriot grass trimmer carburetor

Stable and efficient operation of the domestic grass trimmer depends largely on the quality of fuel used by its operator. The filled fuel mixture must be enriched with air. This is the responsibility of the built-in carburetor in the base braid unit. This assembly is one of the main elements of the belt, so the operator must constantly monitor its serviceability and settings. Otherwise, the grass trimmer will lose its performance and can completely fail.

The standard design of any gas grass trimmer should include a fuel system based on the action of a standard carburetor. Its structure and initial principle of operation are almost the same for all mowers regardless of their design and purpose.

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The braided carburetor consists of an all-metal aluminum housing that protects the internal components from moisture, fine dirt and dust. In the lower part of the housing there is an integrated diffuser, the second name of which is. “venturi nozzle”. The main function of this standard part is to supply the amount of air needed by the fuel block to enrich the fuel. The diffuser works on a simple principle: the smaller its diameter, the more intensely the air is absorbed. This is because in the area with the smallest diameter, the air supply becomes maximum.

The top of the built-in factory diffuser is pre-fitted with fuel tubes through which the fuel mixture is drawn in by the air. Other parts of the carburetor: The regular adjusting screws and fuel pump can be located either inside or outside the carburetor.

The design of the brushcutter carburetor includes a throttle, the main task of which. Volume control of the intake air. The greater the amount of air, the higher the power rating of the grass trimmer power unit. Another function of the damper is to facilitate cold engine starting. If the brush cutter is started for the first time after a long period of inactivity, the choke must be closed. Immediately after starting the engine, the part must be open or the engine will shut down.

The carburetor grass trimmer is equipped with a pulse channel that connects the inner cavity of the crankcase to the pulse chamber of the pump. The piston located in the engine cylinder creates a reciprocating motion that causes a gradual change in pressure inside the crankcase. The diaphragm is retained at the same time. The pump action is therefore completely synchronized with the power unit.

The diaphragm of a conventional carburetor takes an active part in fuel suction. It enters the fuel assembly through a fitting. The fuel then passes through the integrated intake and exhaust valves, then through the strainer and fuel line. The fuel then flows near the needle and gradually fills the chamber provided with a control diaphragm.

The conventional carburetor trimmer valve is connected to the diaphragm by a lever. There is a cavity in the bottom of the built-in diaphragm and air is introduced through a hole in the diaphragm.

The carburetor for gasoline braids works according to this principle in stages. It keeps the fuel block running smoothly and keeps the fuel flowing smoothly into the cylinder of a standard power unit.

Электротриммер: первый запуск (Подготовка электрокосы к работе).

Major carburetor problems and malfunctions.

Mesh There are only two problems with this element:

To determine the cause of the malfunction, unscrew the fuel filter cap to remove the strainer. If it is just clogged with dirt, you can wash it with gasoline or blow it out.

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Be sure to install a new filter if there is any visible damage. There may also be damage to the fuel line (check this point when repairing).

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Most carburetor starters do not work because of clogs. Use acetone or the same gasoline for washing.

adjust, trimmer, grass, patriot

Blowing out carburetor parts with clogged air is an acceptable and convenient repair practice.

Causes of carburetor failure

When using a brushcutter (e.g., Patriot or Soyuz), the carburetor may become damaged and the user will need to repair it on their own or have it repaired by specialists. There are several reasons for this. One of the most common is not following the rules of use of the device. If the carburetor has not been serviced and adjusted during prolonged operation of the grass trimmer, the device breaks down.

Another cause of failure. improperly prepared fuel mixture. Often the owners of equipment buy oil and prepare fuel according to the recommendations written on the package of fuel and lubricants, which is wrong. When preparing the fuel you should take into account the instruction manual of the brushcutter itself. In addition, you should not make the mixture “by eye”, as incorrect proportions also lead to equipment failure.

Most of the carburetor failures are the same for brushcutter of different brands, whether it is Echo, “Kedr”, Homelite or a device from another manufacturer.

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adjust, trimmer, grass, patriot

How to adjust the trimmer for grass Patriot

lawn trimmers came into our lives a long time ago as a very useful tool and a great alternative to the lawnmower. The lawnmower and the lawnmower are one and the same tool. And grass trimmers can be gasoline, and they can be electric. In this case we will talk about gasoline. This unit is quite simple to operate, but it has its own features. lawn trimmers have an internal combustion engine. The carburetor of a brushcutter is a very important part of the tool. The main task of a carburetor is to ensure that air-enriched fuel enters the engine cylinder. The most important thing here is to maintain a balance between fuel and air. Article will tell you about the signs that indicate the need for adjustment, how to adjust the carburetor on a trimmer.

Perform adjustment of the grass trimmer carburetor is allowed to independently, having previously studied the device of the unit. You will usually find a detailed description of the machine’s components in the instruction manual. An experienced mechanic can determine even by ear that there are shortcomings in the work of the brushcutter. The engine noise should be perfectly level when properly adjusted. If you can clearly hear squealing sounds, then the mixture is oversaturated.

About carburetor construction

The carburetor is used to mix the fuel mixture with air while maintaining clearly defined proportions. If clear doses are not followed, engine health is at risk. When a lot of air gets into the air while the component is mixed and the fuel remains low, such a mixture is considered “bad”.

Do not over-saturate, as a large amount of fuel compared to air may also cause malfunction or damage to the engine. Adjusting the carburetor is necessary not only before the initial implementation, but also if you find any differences in its operation. Be sure to start the chainsaw before operating it.

The carburetor construction contains a standard set of parts, but may vary slightly depending on the manufacturer. Component parts:

  • base. This is a special tube that visually resembles an aerodynamic design. The air goes through it. In the transverse direction, the flap is in the middle of the tube. You can change your position. How to adjust the carburetor, How to change the grass trimmer piston. The more it is pushed into the passageway, the less air that enters the engine.
  • diffuser. This is the designated part of the tube. Here’s what it looks like to adjust the carburetor on a chainsaw for installation. Increases the air flow rate in the segment where the fuel comes from.
  • Fuel channels. The fuel mixture is contained in the float chamber, then passes into the nozzle, from which it enters the nozzle.
  • Float chamber. It is a separate structural element that resembles the shape of a tank. Designed to keep the fuel fluid at the optimum level before it enters the air duct.
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You do not know which chainsaw to choose? Read our article.

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Or research foreign chainsaw makers, like STIHL.

Adjusting the carburetor grass trimmer

The first step in restoring proper operation of the fuel system is to clean the air filter.

Experts recommend rinsing it every 10-15 hours in a solution of water with detergents. The grass trimmer carburetor is directly controlled by three adjustment screws:

  • fuel supply screw (“L”);
  • The high speed adjusting screw (“H”);
  • screw that controls the engine when idling (“T” or “AT”).

Control of fuel supply at minimum speed

Before adjusting the carburetor, the engine must be at operating temperature.

To do this, start the engine and idle for 10-15 minutes. In the first step, working as a grass trimmer, slowly tighten the “L” screw before intermittent operation or until it dies. Then loosen the ¼ screw by turning and check the top speed. If the brushcutter reaches high speeds easily and quickly, this is the most economical mode. On most models on the market, the “L” fuel screw is screwed clockwise, but there are grass trimmers where the reduction and increase in mixture flow is in the opposite direction.

idle speed adjustment

Location of screws to adjust carburetor

Screw “T” (“AT”) serves as a limiter of reciprocating motion of fuel damper and when screwed in increases engine rotational speed, and unscrewing it results in decreasing rotational speed of crankshaft. Professionals advise adjusting the hedge trimmer’s tension screw so that the internal combustion engine runs a little faster at minimum speed, but the head with the hair or blade remains stationary. If it is difficult to start the cold grass trimmer after manipulation, it is enough to tighten the screw “T” a quarter turn and try to start the engine again.

Adjusting the screw with the maximum rotation of the hedge trimmer

After resuming fuel supply at minimum speed and idling, check stability of the machine at high speed.

Engine adjustment at high rpm is made to protect the engine from overheating and reduce hand fatigue by pressing the gas pedal key. If the internal combustion engine is unstable at maximum speed, the “H” screw should be turned in slowly to ensure smooth and accurate operation.

The hedge trimmer may need to adjust the fuel screw (“L”) for optimum rpm.

How the lawnmower carburettor works

The throttle valve determines the amount of air to feed, and this directly affects the power of the engine.

Fuel is drawn into the carburetor system by the pump (its diaphragm). Then flows through the nozzle in the carburetor. The fluid then moves through the inlet and outlet valves of the pump. Is filtered by a wire mesh. Goes to the diaphragm chamber through the needle valve.

Катушка для триммера PATRIOT DL-1214. Заправить леску ЛЕГКО!

  • Air supply tube with air baffle (damper). Baffle plate controls the intensity of the air flow.
  • The fuel system is necessarily narrowed by a diffuser to increase the rate of flow.
  • Gasoline through the float chamber and restrictor tube. The float chamber regulates the temporary volume of gasoline. The float chamber has a neutral pressure level and the tube with a constriction is already low. Differential pressure causes the fuel to flow through the nozzle.
  • Accelerating the airflow promotes fuel (gasoline) transfer and atomization. As a result, an air-fuel mixture of the desired proportion or density is formed.
  • The air-fuel mixture flows through the fuel tube into the engine cylinder.
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The area of the choke opening affects the level of air density in the system. The wider the opening of the valve, the greater the fuel capacity and output.

Simply speaking, adjustment of the carburetor on a gasoline mower is the creation of an optimal fuel mixture through the correct air supply.

Carbon regulation

Flush the air filter before adjusting the carburetor. It is recommended to rinse every 10 hours. After that, you can begin to adjust. The example photo shows the carburetor of the gasoline grass trimmer PRORAB-8406. The numbers indicate the adjustment screws we will use.

PRORAB-8406 carburetor carburetor adjustment screws

Start the brush and wait for it to warm up.

Adjusting the fuel

Start slowly tightening the propeller that adjusts the fuel mixture until the engine stops or freezes if you don’t catch the momentum. Then unscrew the screw a quarter turn if the engine is not running, or a half turn if it is not running. Start the stopped engine. Check with the throttle open to see how the engine accelerates. Continue unscrewing the screw a quarter turn until the engine starts to steadily pick up increased speed when the gas is applied. This will be the moment of the most economical stable operation of the engine. On the gas trimmer PRORAB-8406 adjusting screws turn clockwise, unscrew. Counterclockwise, with some other brands the hedge trimmer can be reversed.

Idle speed adjustment

Move to low speed setting. The screw limits the reverse movement of the throttle lever. By turning it, we increase the idle speed, unscrew it, decrease it. Adjust so that the engine runs steadily at low RPM and even a little faster (for best starting), but that the line spool or knife does not spin and there is sufficient speed margin before you start spinning. If the engine does not start well, increase the idle speed anyway.

Maximum speed limit

After adjusting the fuel mixture and low speed, check how the hedge trimmer engine runs at maximum speed. If necessary, limit the maximum speed to the desired level with the hollow screw Unscrew the locknut and tighten it to reduce the maximum speed, or unscrew it to increase it. After adjusting, tighten the nut. Setting the maximum speed is necessary to protect the grass trimmer motor from overheating and the ability to use the key lock to reduce right hand fatigue.

You may have to adjust the carburetor grass trimmer later. For example, if the motor is starting to pick up poorly at full load, turn the screw back another quarter turn. If it is difficult to start, increase the idle speed. Weather conditions and fuel mixture quality can affect hedge trimmer performance. Vibrating screws themselves can also tip over from vibration.

Major carburetor problems and malfunctions.

Grid There are only two problems with this element:

To determine the cause of the malfunction, unscrew the fuel filter cap to remove the strainer. If it is just dirty, flushing with gasoline or blowing it out may help.

Be sure to install a new filter if there is any visible damage. There may also be damage to the fuel line (check this point during the repair).

Starter carburetor in most cases does not work because of clogs. Use acetone or the same gasoline for washing.

Blowing out carburetor parts with clogged air is an acceptable and convenient repair practice.

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