How to adapt an angle grinder under the grinder

How to turn an angle grinder into a grinder

A reliable machine for a small angle grinder will turn out of old automobile shock absorbers. The principle of its operation is similar to the pendulum, but the design of the nodes is different, which allows you to adjust the departure of the cutting power tool on the guide.

For the machine, you need to find two old but working shock absorbers from a car.

Shock absorbers have a weak point. thin shell walls. They can not be a load-bearing structure, so you need to make brackets. First cut two identical plates and drill holes in the center for the bolt connection. From a tube, the diameter of which corresponds to the thickness of the shock absorber housing, 8 half-rings are cut out. Workpieces are welded against each other to the plates.

Using a profiled tube to weld a rectangular frame of the frame. From the two corners, a pendulum post is welded.

On the side flanges of both corners of the stand, drill adjustment holes strictly against each other. Car shock absorbers are fixed in the bracket with bolts, and then the entire assembly is fixed with a stud in one pair of holes on the rack.

The finished machine can be painted. Next, a clamp for the angle grinder is made. The bracket is made from a piece of angle, securing it with nuts to the shock absorber rods. Attach one end of the return spring to the crosspiece. Fix its other end to the edge of the upper shock absorber with a clamp.

The clamp for the angle grinder consists of two parts. It is bent out of a steel strip, giving the shape of the body of the power tool.

The angle grinder clamped in the two halves of the clamp is bolted to the console. Immediately need to adjust the output. To do this, provide a stud along the axis of the shock absorbers with two nuts, fixed to the bracket and to the console.

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The machine is ready. It remains to sew up the frame with steel sheet, make a slit for a disk and fasten the stop for blanks or chaff.

Self-made machine from the angle grinder by its characteristics is not inferior to the factory-made design.

Principle of a belt sander

Without a thorough knowledge of the design of the grinders can not assemble quality device with their own hands. Before we move on to the structure, let’s get acquainted with the most common types of grinders:

  • Angular. In simple terms, an angle grinder. Consumables are discs. Grinding discs are designed for surface grinding. Pressure adjustment is done manually.
  • Belt. Finishing of the surface is made with a grinding belt. Suitable for working on flat surfaces only.
  • Delta grinder. For curved workpieces.
  • Vibration. Optimally suited for finishing flat planes.

In addition to the above, there are several other machines that are less common:

Regardless of whether the device is factory or assembled by your own hands, the main elements of the design are:

  • Drive. Its power determines the performance of the device. Apparatuses assembled by hand use an electric type drive, but there are pneumatic homemade machines running on a compressor.
  • Gearbox. Transmits torque from the actuator to the work tool. The basic part of the reducer is the spindle.
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The gearbox is an integral part of tools such as angle grinders and drills. Some models, especially those assembled by hand, do without it.

  • Working platform. The abrasive material is attached to it. For this purpose it is possible to use circles, tapes, disks.
  • Case. Protects the structure from mechanical damage and dust, so many factory models are equipped with dust extraction systems. Materials used to make the device by your own hands, as a rule, are not able to compete with high-quality polymers used in the manufacture of professional tools.
  • control system. Includes power shutoff as well as abrasive speed adjustment.

About the prices

If you calculate the approximate cost of the whole amount of work, then the car centers for polishing will make a price of 150 c.u.е. The price will include polishing with all the tools offered by the center. It is not always possible to be sure of an excellent result, giving your car into someone else’s hands. The more so that many of such services do not bear responsibility.

The work done by one’s own hands will cost much less. On average, a can of polishing paste in an authorized store will cost more than 15 u.е. One can is enough for five cars. will cost 5 cu.е. If you don’t have an angle grinder or polishing machine, you can borrow one from your friends or rent one, as a last resort, a drill with adjustable speed. In the end, the total amount would not exceed 30 u.е. In addition to significant savings will be confidence in the quality of work performed by their own hands.

Areas of application of cutting machines

Cutting disc machines are widely used in metalworking, mechanical engineering, woodworking and furniture industry. Machines have found their application in the household: they are used as a handy tool to perform various works in the workshop and garage. Cutting machine is convenient to use for a variety of tasks:

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The advantages of disc cut-off machines are their ease and simplicity of use, high cutting speed and precision, and the ability to change the cutting disc in minutes.

angle, grinder

Due to their relatively low cost, universal units have a fast self-sufficiency, so it is advantageous to use them in small production facilities and small workshops.

In the household, the cutting machine is not used regularly, so the purchase of a factory-made tool is not rational. It is better to make a special base for the angle grinder. This will increase the versatility of angle grinder, turning it into a small-sized cutting machine.

About the prices

If you calculate the approximate cost of the whole amount of work, the car centers for the polishing will make a price of 150 uah.е. The price includes polishing with all the tools offered by the center. It is not always possible to be sure of an excellent result, leaving the car in other people’s hands. All the more so because many of these services are not responsible.

In-house work is much cheaper. On average, a can of polishing paste in an authorized store will exceed the cost of 15 u.е. One can is enough for five cars. will cost 5 u.е. If there is no angle grinder or polishing machine, you can borrow from friends or rent, as a last resort, fit a drill with the ability to adjust the speed. In the end, the total amount will not exceed 30 u.е. In addition to significant savings, there will be confidence in the quality of work done with their own hands.

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We make a grinder from the angle grinder

Many may say that “angle grinder” is the same as an angle grinder, but there are some subtleties. It should be borne in mind that the angle grinder has a very high RPM and is often quite a decent weight. To polish the surface with an angle grinder is necessary to have considerable experience in this business and to use special polishing disks and wheels. Grinder has a much lower engine speed and weight. To work with the factory grinder does not require a certain experience and skill. Independently make a good angle grinder from the grinder, not inferior in its parameters to the factory machine, you can only by finalizing its electrical circuit, by mounting the regulator at lower speeds and by using special grinding attachments.

For minor damage, an ordinary angle grinder or a hand drill will suffice. Wheels for treatment are woolen or foam rubber ones. The tool should have a RPM regulator to avoid unnecessary scratches and abrasions. The required type of paste is applied to the wheel and slightly to the work area.

Polishing should be done crosswise, gradually moving vertically and horizontally. This allows you to apply the paste and qualitatively treat the surface, the main thing is that the paste must not dry out. Polishing is carried out until the necessary shine appears. All excess paste is wiped off with a soft cloth or tissue.

After the area is polished, silicone paste is applied and the same procedure is followed with a softer wheel. The entire job takes several hours. The final step is to apply a protective layer with a soft cloth or a special glove. The layer should be distributed evenly, so that there is no excess polishing, all the sweat is removed with a napkin.

angle, grinder

How to choose a grinder?

When choosing a tool, you should consider not only its performance, but also pay attention to a number of technical characteristics

Spindle speed

This parameter indicates how many revolutions the disk makes per minute. The bigger the tool diameter, the slower the speed. The speed range is from 2800 to 11000 rpm. In domestic models, the speed does not exceed 8000 rpm.


The value of this parameter is also related to the diameter of the disk used. Tools designed for larger circles are equipped with more powerful motors.

Household models are equipped with drives for 500-900 W, and in professional units the motor power reaches 2700 W. At an indicator of 1000-1500 watts, the unit is able to work with bricks.

The size of the working disc

This parameter is important if the tool needs to cut material, as it determines the depth of cut. The higher the characteristic value, the deeper the disc penetrates into the surface. For grinding use a tool with a diameter of 115-125 mm.

Soft start

Soft start system prevents jerking when starting up the tool, which improves machine safety. Also extends the life of the internal components and the angle grinder itself.

It is recommended to sand wood with a belt device

How to make a wood grinder from an angle grinder with your own hands

For the processing of wooden workpieces, the angle grinder does not need to be greatly modified. In fact, you only need to build for it a reliable and convenient base, which will allow you to fix the grinder, created with their own hands, in a fixed position. One scheme suggests making a fixture as follows:

  • First of all, it is necessary to choose a suitable material for making the machine. Metal sheets and pipe scraps can be used. But it is most convenient to make the machine from particle board. The material is cheap, easy to handle, it can easily be bought at any construction market. It is convenient to make a machine tool for the sander out of sheets of chipboard about 1 cm thick
  • Using a circular saw or an electric jigsaw, the prepared sheets of chipboard must be cut into eight pieces. Four of them should be larger to make the main bed, and another four. smaller, for the construction of the working table. The exact dimensions of the workpieces are chosen individually according to the size of the angle grinder and your own convenience
  • The first step is to connect the smaller parts of the future grinder. Use a drill to make holes in their ends, and then fix the scraps of chipboard using self-tapping screws and screws with hexagonal heads. Tighten the fasteners with an electric screwdriver and a special wrench, tightening screwdriver for reliability. The design must be free from backlash. The upper cover should be slightly larger in size than the total width of the grinding machine table
  • In the second step, fasten together the larger parts of the grinder. As in the first case, use a large number of screws and self-tapping screws to achieve the best possible fixation. During use, the structure will be subjected to certain vibrations and the fastenings must not be loosened by their effects. In the lower part of the machine it is necessary to provide holes for fastening the whole construction to the working table
  • place the angle grinder from above on the work table so that the abrasive wheel is in vertical position in the free part of the machine. Through the hole in the lid, the tool is screwed to the surface so that the device does not move during operation. In the lateral part of the construction it is necessary to make a round recess for the vacuum cleaner hose
  • The compact table assembled by your own hands from the parts of a smaller size is installed into the main structure. Insert the hose of the vacuum cleaner in the side opening to remove swarf directly in the process of grinding. The lid of the table should slightly indent from the surface of the abrasive pad of the grinder
  • At this stage, the construction is ready for use. It remains to test it in operation and make sure that the machine was made sufficiently reliable.
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Attention! Using the grinder with your own hands you can polish both wooden workpieces and small pieces of metal.

angle, grinder

What is better to grind. with an angle grinder or grinder

If you need to grind wood, and vibrating, orbital or belt grinder with its beneficial differences are not at hand, then to solve the problem is quite possible to use an angle grinder. In this case, it is necessary to correctly select the abrasive disc for the machine and set the desired speed. The device will help clean the material from old paint traces and provide roughing.

When using an angle grinder, you must remember that one of its differences is the rougher results after application

If you need to grind the workpiece neatly, to the maximum smoothness, the angle grinder to solve the problem will not work. It is better to take an eccentric grinder with its positive differences. The grinder will allow you to polish the surface without scratches and snags.

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