How the tornado cultivator differs from the tornado

Cultivator description

The hand cultivator is a sturdy steel rod with a bicycle handle on one side and four working tines on the other as standard. The spiral-shaped bars are counterclockwise in relation to the arrow.

The pins are designed in such a way that they easily pull embedded weeds with their roots out of even heavy clay soil. No special effort on the part of the user. The teeth are plunged to a depth of up to 20 cm.

tornado, cultivator, differs

Telescopic handle can be adjusted up to one meter. Working rods of the cultivator are made of high strength steel alloy, which withstands high mechanical stress and shows high resistance to corrosion.

A lighter version of the standard version is the Mini with a smoother tine configuration. The machine can loosen the scarified layer without turning the soil. Can even be operated with one hand.

For work on virgin lands we recommend to pay attention on the Tornado cultivator equipped with a lever-pedal. When using this version, the ergonomic pedal is used instead of the entire tool after turning.

Product Range

When buying it, it comes complete with a swivel handle, a rod with a regulator, a working part with teeth, two fixing bolts and nuts.

The range of the Tornado hand cultivator is represented by the line of the following novelties:

  • Tornado-mini hand cultivator.
  • Potato harvester-cultivator.
  • Super drill.
  • Garden fork.
  • Tornado” miracle shovel
  • With a manual cultivator with a lever-pedal.
  • Tornado New cultivator.

Root eradicator-tiller “Tornado-Mini” works on the principle of the big brother, but differs in weight category. its mass reaches a little more than 500 g. When working, the rod is placed vertically to the ground, the tines enter the ground. Turn the handle to the right by 50 degrees, then lift the tool and shake it off the ground. With its help, you can loosen the soil, leaving all the evil weeds in the tool, which are simply thrown back into the waste container and the work continues further.

The peculiarity of the Root Remover cultivator’s work is the depth of digging, which reaches up to 30 cm, not inferior to the traditional digging with a shovel. This tool does not disturb the fertile layer of soil, contributes to the preservation of microorganisms and moisture in it, does not destroy useful worms. The most important advantage of this tool is its ability to improve air and water conditions

The advantages of this tool are its ability to create minimum effort, evenly distribute the load on the body and increase the gardener’s ability to work. The long handle of the tool with a regulator facilitates digging without tilting the back.

The small “Tornado-mini” will become an indispensable assistant of a gardener and will help maintain the beauty of the plot without much effort and extra expense for many years.

The leader of the digging has proven to be a potato digger-cultivator “Tornado”, facilitating and accelerating work on the harvesting of crops in the fall. The principle of operation is to set the unit down vertically parallel to the potato bush and rotate the handle around its axis. The tines enter the ground spirally under the bush with a slight uplift of the soil and eject the tubers outward. The great number of references to this really wonderful tool show that growers recognize it as a useful helper when harvesting potatoes, and a tool that has made digging a pleasant and easy task.

Heavy loam and virgin soil is suitable for digging with the Super Tornado. The tool is equipped with an additional lever-pedal function, helping to reduce stress on the spine at the moment of lifting the tool from the depth of the ground. The operating principle is also quite simple and straightforward. The working part of the cultivator is driven into the ground like a corkscrew, and the tool is lifted out of the soil by pushing the pedal. There is absolutely no strain on your back, arm or leg muscles when using this unique agricultural tool. All ages can cope with it, even the elderly.

The auger handle is made of metal, and heat-treated high-strength steel is used for the working part. The teeth of the tool work like a corkscrew. They can quickly and easily drill into any soil conditions. The cultivator drills holes in the ground to a depth of one and a half meters with a hole diameter of at least 250 mm. The low weight of the earth drill (less than 2.5 kg) allows the dacha owner to drill with little effort.

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Testimonial: Tornado hand cultivator. Instead of the classic “Tornado” I bought a mini version, but it also found a use

Its handle is adjustable, allowing the user to adjust its length so as not to have to bend over, which is very important for people with bad backs.

Then with a little effort we pull it out of the ground together with the weed and its roots. You can not bend over, but pick up the weed to yourself (again, saving your back), take it in your hands, shake off the earth from the roots and throw it in the right place, removing it from the ground, so it does not grow back. It is especially convenient with the Tornado root weed remover to remove weeds that prefer to break off when removed by hand, leaving the root in the ground.In the place where the weed was growing, a small hole is left behind.

I especially appreciated weeding with the Tornado Mini around gooseberries and raspberries with their thorns.Small disadvantage. if the soil on your site is very light and loose, then unscrew the weed, it will be worse, you will have to check 3-4 times to unscrew the root, after which you still need to bend over, as the soil will crumble, and unscrewed weed upwards will not rise. But this method will also remove most of the roots that can’t be reached by hand. I can give some advice from my experience. Before weeding, too loose soil can be watered, wet soil adheres well to the roots, and then you can twist the weeds without bending over.Second use of such a cultivator. Before planting seedlings in well-watered soil, it is convenient to use it to make holes for planting. Such holes may be too small for tomatoes or peppers, but they are good for zucchinis, cucumbers, flowers, cabbage heads. just right.

Well, this version of the cultivator “Tornado” is very convenient to loosen the soil, on which after irrigation was formed a dense crust. No need to bend over at all, it reaches perfectly all sides around the plants and between the rows and allows you to quickly loosen the soil in the beds without much effort.For a spot tool, in my opinion, is still a bit pricey, but I don’t regret having bought it.

Recall: I bought my Tornado. The Tornado cultivator is my indispensable friend in the garden! Will it be able to replace other garden tools

A few years ago in my garden arsenal appeared a very unusual device. Tornado manual cultivator (aka Tornadika). I bought it because I was advised by my friends. Before I passed by, thinking that it was a useless thing. Now I’m really excited about it!

Review: Hand Tornado cultivator. is to dig the ground and clear the weeds.

And with these functions, it copes perfectly!

The design of the Tornado cultivator is simple. is an iron stick, on one side of which there is a wide “handlebar”, by which it is convenient to turn, on the other side. the tines.The essence of the cultivator is to put it on the ground, to twist the “wheel” a half-turn, so that the teeth went into the ground. And then lift it up.

In the past, it was very difficult to dig out large weeds. I had to dig them out from all sides. A half-turn is now sufficient! Larger weeds remain in the tines and can be thrown away! Especially nice when the weeds have big roots. They’re a bit harder to pull out than when you’re digging without weeds. But it’s worth it!

The Tornadice digs the dirt quickly and easily. The back does not get tired at all! But there is good strain on the waist. Such summer fitness!

Digging up the earth and removing weeds is now several times easier!

I bought my cultivator in a construction store. They’re not expensive for this thing.

The material of which the Tornado cultivator is made. Sturdy metal. It hasn’t bent or broken in a few years. Very sturdy and solid construction.

I really like this thing, I can not imagine how I could do without it before!

However, it can not replace other tools for the garden It can not dig holes.- She does not collect mowed grass. Weeds can be removed only at the moment of digging the earth, and you can not use the cultivator near trees and bushes, so as not to damage their roots.

Review: Hand-held cultivator “Tornado“. It is a great invention for the garden.

Good day, friends and guests of the site “Otzovik. With us, as usual, the garden patch has always been led by a woman, that is, my wife. And all, let’s just say, farming. The work was carried out under her keen guidance. I was, and still am, required to be a man’s physical strength. Dredging beds and land for planting potatoes, and much more, which requires more than a woman’s hard work. So every time it’s time to re-cultivate the plot, the question always arises. How to make your work easier and increase productivity with less stress for yourself. Well, after seeing a neighbor’s hand cultivator for loosening and removing roots and weeds from the ground, my wife had the desire to buy the same tool, and this obsession pursued her at least for several years, due to the fact that in the stores “Selhoz. I didn’t see such a cultivator until recently, that is, until this spring. And then we immediately bought this hand cultivator “Tornado”.

The cultivator is sold in such a convenient, equipped with a handle for transportation,

On the box is placed the necessary and necessary information to assemble the tool.

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And how to adjust and install the fixture for your height, although for the smart ones everything is clear,

but I still find the information useful.The first position of the assembly.

Now it’s time to take a look at the cultivator itself. First of all in the box, where it was placed in disassembled condition,

Using 2 bolts with nuts M 8, which were also included.

I will not dwell on the assembly process, I will only briefly write that you can begin it with the upper part, according to the sequence. fastening of the handle to the main bar, and to the lower bar, I don’t see much difference in it.

Connect the two parts so that the holes coincide to install the bolt,

and in the further fixing by means of the nut.

Then in the same way we proceed with the assembly of the second and third (main)

The tool is a very sharp, and you have to be careful when handling it, so as not to accidentally stick it in the leg or any other parts of the body, especially if it has fallen into the hands of children.

And this is how the assembled tool looks like,

Cultivator type: tornado, with his hands культиватор типа : торнадо. своими руками

and ready to be used for the benefit of the household plot.

To tell the truth at first, when assembling this tool I was a little bit skeptical, but when I tested it in practice, I realized that I was wrong. The performance of loosening the soil is not really “crazy”, and the main thing is that by undercutting the root system, it easily turns the roots outward, thanks to the specially designed design of the teeth.

Another thing, when assembling the cultivator I wondered about one thing, what function does this very part on the rod ?

In the beginning, when I opened the box, I thought that it was something like a shock absorber, but after turning, twisting and touching, I realized that it is just a sleeved corrugated HDPE tube (low pressure polyethylene). And then the question came up. for what? And when I was already in the process of cultivating the soil and tried it out in practice, it occurred to me that it is intended for the convenience of covering the heavy, wet soil from the screw-shaped part of the tines. Holding on to the corrugated part with one hand, for example, so that the hand does not slip on the bar, and with the other hand to the handle.

But in practice it was more convenient for me to pad the surface holding both hands on the handle, but maybe someone will find it easier to work in this way. Everything here is presented individually. We bought this unit for 1500 and we didn’t regret it one bit. The tool paid off in many ways. The manufacturer of this great hand cultivator “Tornado” LLC “Company Intermetall” Bryansk region. So once again I am convinced of the opinion that to what extent my wife was right to convince me to buy a cultivator. Now I can’t even imagine tillage without it, and its absence in our tools for agricultural works. At the end of the review, I dare to say that I definitely dare to recommend this tool. Believe me, it will greatly facilitate your already hard work in the garden. And God give the developer of this wonderful invention new creative ideas, development and prosperity in the field of new technologies. And I wish you a good, popular tools for country houses. Thank you for your attention to the review, and I will be immensely happy if my review will help you in choosing a good tool.

The Tornado manual root cutter has the simplest device, the work on it is intuitive at a glance and it does not take much time and effort to get used to the tool.

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According to. working with the cultivator does not tire you out, but rather brings a sense of liveliness, strengthens your mood because you can cope with hard work quickly and efficiently. After all, not everyone can stand all day long in the garden with a hoe in his hands and his back bent.

Maintenance of Tornado cultivators is the minimum. keep the tool clean, use as intended. You will not find any negative reviews from real Tornado owners, on the contrary, only positive ones. And those who express doubts and show prejudice to the tool, there is nothing left but to master the virgin soil manually with a shovel and a hoe, with great difficulty.

The manual of the manual Tornado cultivator provides information on the peculiarities of work, safety precautions in the operation of the tool:

Where to buy at a discount?

At the moment you can buy a Tornado cultivator at the manufacturer’s official website.

It’s easy to order. just provide your name and phone number. After that, a consultant will call you back to discuss delivery details. Payment for the product is only after receipt.

Normal, but the action product can be purchased for only 1290. Quantity of promotional goods is limited, so it is recommended to hurry.

Alexey D., agronomist, Volgograd, Russia. “Some people don’t know how to break up the soil, which can lead to lower yields and poorer quality crops. I recommend the Tornado cultivator, it loosens the ground safely and effectively. This accessory is suitable for people of any age, because it is easy to use and does not require great effort. It’s safe and durable, so it will be a useful tool for the garden.

Marina, 71, Krasnoyarsk, Russia. “As I get older, it gets harder to work in the vegetable garden and plow the soil. I couldn’t use an ordinary shovel anymore so I decided to buy a Tornado tiller. I did not expect that it is so convenient to loosen the ground with. I just dig into the dirt and it’s easy to turn the handle. I want to say that my harvest has really improved since I’ve been using this tool.

Roman, 55 years old, Samara, Russia. “People I know use a Tornado cultivator and speak well of it, so I decided to buy one too. It really is easier to work the soil, and my back doesn’t get tired. My wife also uses the new tool and no longer complains about the fact that it is hard to work in the garden. I’m glad I bought such a handy product. I’ll keep using it.

The unusual design of the device allows to evenly distribute the load on the whole body, as a result the back does not strain and does not hurt the next day, as in the case of using an ordinary shovel or fork. This hand cultivator has rave reviews mainly because of this effect of gentle load distribution on the body. And also because of the high efficiency and versatility of its use. If previously on the processing of their area, loosening the soil, digging soil you spent several weekends, while leaving no time for rest, with the manual cultivator Tornado, you can easily manage in one day.

Another advantage is the low cost Thanks to the quality materials it will serve you for many years

In our catalog you will find many other effective and quality products for gardeners. You can buy them in St. Petersburg or anywhere in our country through the Internet with a convenient order form. We have the goods directly from the factory, favorable prices, professional consultants, as well as fast and convenient delivery throughout the country. Buying a hand cultivator, you greatly simplify the task of cultivating the soil and caring for plants and freeing up your time for recreation and family!

Recommendations for mastering the cultivator

For the first time, choose a site with soft soils. When working on virgin and turfed areas, the following recommendations should be followed

  • It is advisable to cut the surface into 25×25 cm squares;
  • The square should be worked in two passes. first the upper part, deepening the tines by a third, and then to the desired depth;
  • in case of hard soils, to release the tines from the turf, step on the layer with your foot and pull the tool, turning it to the left.

It is not recommended to overload the tool.

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