How the shock drill works. Drill device

What is the difference between the Peoporator from the shock drill. Differences in the shock mechanism

In the ashorator, the transmission of the rotational movement of the electric motor rotor to the progressive movement of the drill is carried out using a mechanical or pneumatic shock mechanism. The second type is more effective in effectiveness of work, so it is used in almost all popular tool models.

A crooked-shaped node or a ballpointing bearing transforms the rotation of the engine rotor into a quick progressive-reflective movement of the piston in the hermetic cylinder. Massive ram repeats the movement of the piston due to the compression in the airspace between them and strikes the back of the brisk, connected with the rotating spindle, on which there is a cartridge with a fixed drill.

The reverse return of the impact energy is insignificant due to the large mass of the tool and the small clamping force attached by the employee, as well as the presence of longitudinal free storm stroke in the cartridge. Special cartridges of the SDS system are used to mount the drills. In addition, the peorator is equipped with various mechanisms that ensure safety and ease of operation.

The friction or spring-culach coupling provides a stop of the cartridge when jaming the drill, protecting the employee from sharp return and protecting the engine from overload. Different systems for extinguishing vibrations can significantly reduce its level, making the operation of the peorator not only comfortable, but also safe for health. For this, both spring shock absorbers and rubber gaskets are used. dashes.

The drill shock mechanism is simpler. He has two rates, of which one is motionless, and the second rotates with the spindle. In simple drilling mode, the rates are separated by stoppers and do not interact. The stopper is removed in shock work and, when pressure on the drill, the rates are hooked with wedge.shaped teeth. As a result, the spindle with the cartridge receive an additional linear movement of several millimeters by slipping of the wedge.shaped teeth of rates.

This principle of obtaining shock rotation of the drill requires the application of great efforts on the part of the employee, is characterized by a great dedication, which leads to rapid fatigue. At the same time, prolonged use of this regime leads to the production of rates of rates and the efficiency of work is significantly reduced. Thus, the drill should not be used constantly in shock mode.

What is the difference between a penetrator and a shock drill?

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The shock drill for the home is a very useful thing, because it is she who will help each owner ennoble their housing

inside a cordless drill (with schematic & gearbox autopsy)

How often during construction, major or cosmetic repairs you have encountered a dilemma: choose a peorator or shock drill? Professionals of the Stroyka portal.RUs share secrets with readers and talk about the best tool models in the modern construction market. Photos and videos will immediately start buying a suitable model. Our qualified experts will save your time and means.

The main function of both the drill and the pea is to drill holes in concrete or brick. This result is a consequence of the rotation of the drill or drill, which is combined with blows in the axial direction. But, despite the similarity of these instruments, the main difference between the penetrator and the shock drill is the main action. The peorator makes holes mainly by chopping, and the shock drill with drilling.

The main function of both the drill and the pea is to drill holes in concrete or brick

How the shock drill works?

The principle of operation of the shock drill, regardless of the manufacturer and type, lies in rotation and shock action, which are transmitted from two rates. The main feature of this tool is the following fact: the amplitude of the impact is so small that to achieve the result, you need to make maximum efforts.

The drill, namely the battery drill, is characterized by the fact that it has two operating modes:

Additional mode. a combination of drilling with a blow.

That is why we can safely talk about the imperfection of the shock mechanism that such a drill is equipped with. With frequent use of an additional function, the tool quickly becomes unusable enough. That is why it is better for these purposes to use a peorator.

Speaking about a drill and comparing its work with a peorator, we can safely say that the shock actions of this tool are more like a drill fluctuations than the blows.

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The principle of operation of the shock drill, regardless of the manufacturer and type, lies in rotation and shock action, which are transmitted from two rates

The device of the shock drill

The main elements are a case, an electric motor, a brush holder, a gearbox, a set of bearings, a ventilation impeller, a cartridge, a reverse and a button that turns on and off the tool. To obtain a hole in a concrete or brick floor, both rotational and progressive movements of the drill drill are necessary. From the frequent attacks of the concrete or brick begins to crumble, thereby the drill drill begins to move deep into the material.

There are two goals with teeth in the shock drill housing. When working, one washer remains motionless, and the second makes rotational movements along with the spindle. During the pressure on the drill, these two washers close, the teeth slip through each other, forcing the shaft move forward. back.

The main elements of the drill are a case, an electric motor, a brush holder, a gearbox, a set of bearings, a ventilation impeller, a cartridge, a reverse and a button that turns on and off the tool

How to choose a shock drill?

The shock drill for the home is a very useful thing, because it is she who will help each owner to ennoble their housing: hang a shelf or cornice, decorate the wall with paintings. When choosing this tool, first of all, you need to find out for what purposes it will be used. To make holes in concrete and brick structures, the drill power should be quite high, and the network will be much better than the battery. In the case when the tool is taken to work with a slag block or foam concrete, a low.speed drill will be quite enough. When buying, check the presence on the switch body to turn on the shock drilling. In addition, important moments that must be paid attention to are: are:

The duration of continuous work. This information can be found in the product passport. The higher this indicator, the better;

maximum drill diameter, as well as its type. If the tool will use exclusively at home, then the SDS standard is quite enough;

the design of the cartridge that allows you to extract the drill with one movement of the hand;

equipment. The standard set includes a case for storing tools and components, a spare handle, a certain number of drills, a restraint of opening depth, all kinds of nozzles and adapters;

shock, drill, works, device

The ergonomic of the handle, as well as the case for the convenience of using the tool. A comfortable handle will allow a finger to get to the trigger without interference, thereby the work will be absolutely safe.

When choosing this tool, first of all, you need to find out for what purposes it will be used

In addition, carefully inspect the surface of the case, it should be anti.slip. The drill must be well balanced. This means that the location of the center of gravity should be in close proximity to the handle or in the middle. The presence of special soft rubber linings is welcome, as they are able to reduce the vibration that is transmitted to the hand when working the device.

ShockForce Drilling Jar

shock, drill, works, device

Some malfunctions can be fixed independently, however, this is provided that you are completely confident in your abilities. The most common breakdowns are:

And what is the difference between the orator and shock drill. What is the difference between a drill and a penetrator?

1) shock drill

The dumb question arises: “Why is it about a shock, and not a regular drill?””. The answer is simple. In the modern market, ordinary models have long been considered antique and are not produced almost by anyone. Shock models, on the contrary, are put in large.scale production. The technology of their production has improved the capabilities of a regular model. So, despite the fact that a drill is for any home master “tool for every day”, now when buying a regular drill you will spend in price and will be significantly limited in the possibilities. Consider the functions of the shock drill:

2) Peorator

The presence of a pedorator in repair work will add to the listed capabilities

What is the difference between the pedorator and the shock drill?

The principle of operation of the drill. two gear rates. When working, by pressing the processed material, you make her jump “on teeth”. The disadvantage of the method is a small amplitude, the need to make great efforts and a high degree of return. In addition, with constant use, the rates wear out, and they have to be changed to new.

The peorator is deprived of these shortcomings due to fundamental differences in the internal structure. This device is more durable and powerful, especially in holes in solid surfaces. The speed is much higher, and the return is less than that of the shock drill.

In the 220 Volt store, you can buy a peorator or drill, depending on your goals and objectives. However, let’s take into account the following when comparing the peorator with the drill:

The peoporator is more expensive than a drill of a similar level

Higher requirements are imposed on the peorator drills, therefore, the price is more expensive than usual

Specialized drills for the penetrator undergo large loads, so they have a special mounting design in the cartridge. Consequence. it is impossible to use a conventional drill without an adapter

The use of an adapter for a conventional drill makes it difficult, and sometimes even makes ordinary drilling impossible.

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Therefore, when choosing power tools, you should know the specifics of future repair work.

Shock drill?

If you suddenly needed to drill a hole with a diameter of more than 1.5 cm, or you work with a material that is much harder than concrete, then the power of the above device may not be enough. In such cases, peorator will help you.

While the shock drill acts due to the rotation of ribbed clutching plates, the peorator works on the principle of a real shock piston. Therefore, the peorator is easier to hold in his hand and at the same time it provides a large output capacity. However, this tool is not without flaws. it is much more bulky than the first and can only be used for stone materials.

A special SDS cartridge is implemented in the pedorators, into which only special SDS drills and other devices can be inserted. At the same time, they also have switches that allow you to turn off the rotation mode for crushing stone material and other similar tasks.

The bar with the SDS cartridge cannot work with standard drills, t.e. It is not suitable for home use. If you still decide that you can’t do without it, it will be the best decision to take.

How the shock drill works? We master a professional tool

The modern professional tool is convenient and easy to handle, so even those who are far from the profession of the builder use it. So, for example, a professional.level strike drill is able to replace the peorator, it will drill not only wood and plastic, but will also easily enter the brick and concrete. Sometimes you can’t do without such options, so sooner or later you will have to buy a shock drill. We discuss the advantages of the tool and the features of its work.

We master the new functionality: the principle of operation of the shock drill

There are a huge number of types of household and professional power tools, some of them are used more often, most of the non.specialists have not heard about others. Even the drill that we all know and use is presented in various versions. Today, manufacturers offer customers a corner drill, a drill-electrical screwdriver and a drill-mixer, as well as a drill that combines the properties of a penetrator and drill.

Everyone knows that the usual household drill works in rotation mode. Due to its power and principle of action, the tool can make holes in:

At the same time, brick and concrete will not succumb to her. Another thing is a professional shock drill, which, in addition to rotational movements, also makes movements of progressive. Thanks to this principle, concrete and brick will crumble, and the drill will make a hole in the surface.

A professional shock type drill can also work in drilling mode, like a regular drill. When connecting the shock mode, the two template rotate and, encountering the teeth, make the gear and the shaft move progressively. As a result, the tool acquires shock properties and can drill more dense materials.

Of course, in this mode of operation, ordinary drill will not last long. Therefore, special winning drills are required, extremely durable and wear.resistant.

Spheres of using the shock drill and the principles of its choice

A shock drill is a universal tool that can help you out in any situation. With its help, you can cut the thread in metal products, screw it up or twist the screw, and also make a hole in the material of high strength.

When choosing a shock type drill, pay attention to its main characteristics. The drill should be quite powerful, the lower engine power limit is 400 watts. The two.speed model will have a power of at least 700 watts.

In modern models, there is definitely a reverse option, there is a starting button with the ability to adjust the speed number, it can also have a special cartridge with the possibility of a quick installation of the drill.

Masters who understand a professional tool prefer brands of famous world manufacturers, such as Bosch, Makita, Interskol, Dewalt and Hitachi. Having decided on the range of tasks that you will solve using a shock drill, contact a specialist for help in discussing the key tools of the tool: power, ergonomics, protection from vibration, recharge, number of batteries, etc.D.

In our online store you can purchase a professional and household power tools, including excellent high.quality shock drills, with a guarantee and delivery.

Where and why the drill is used

First, let’s talk about drones. Not even a knowledgeable person knows that it is precisely this tool that if necessary can drill large or small holes in almost any material. If the drill is equipped with a shock mechanism, then it can also pierce the walls from concrete (that is, to work in shock mode). However, this mode is easy to turn off by switching to traditional drilling holes, which is very convenient. But in this area of ​​use of the drill does not end.

Depending on what material it is necessary to drill various types of drills, which look different and are designed for different purposes.

So, for drilling a wooden surface, drill on wood will be useful, but in most cases they are replaced with ordinary metal drill. In some cases, feathers are used to drill a tree.

If you have to work with metal, then the drill is needed others. more durable, having a certain design.

And with tiles and glass you should be more careful. look, instead of an even hole, you will turn out. Therefore, to solve such problems, there is another type of drill. These are spear.shaped drills for ceramics and glass.

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To make holes of large diameter, the best option is the coronet drill.

As mentioned above, when the shock drill works as a peorator, it is capable of hollowing concrete and brick. Although she can’t become a full.fledged peorator. but she can perform medium.sized work. For these purposes, a drill with winning tips is used.

To polish the surface using a drill, it is enough to use a grinding circle as a nozzle.

If there is a need to clean up various metal surfaces on the drill, just put on a special brush from steel wire.

If wire in the beams of the brush. twisted, then processing will be black. For a thinner finish, you need to use a nozzle with a corrugated type wire.

If you need to mix some mass, then the drill is easy to turn into a mixer. For this, too, a special nozzle is available.

Thanks to this, the shock drill is a universal device that can perform many functions. In the presence of some additional tools, it can work as a mixer, with an electric screwdriver, and a grinding machine or, when turning on a detection mode. a pedorater.

How different types of electric drill work

There are several types of electrodeleville: an unstressed drill (ordinary), a mixer drill, a shock drill, a screwdriver type of drill. All of them are popular in their category. Most of them are in demand in the repair of apartments or houses.

Important! The principle of operation of all models of modern drones is similar, with the exception of specific nuances of shock electricians.

  • Unstressed drill. Used for drilling in not very strong materials: plywood, plastic, wood.
  • Mixer drill. It has a more powerful torque, which can be used not only for drilling holes, but also for stirring cement or paint. Equipped with a more powerful gearbox. Because of this, the tool is noticeably heavier than an unstressed drill.
  • Hammer drill. From the plant was conceived for the manufacture of holes in dense rocks of wood and metal. She can replace the peorator.
  • Drill-electrical screwdriver. Has a twisting force adjustment, which has the possibility of twisting screws and screws. High popularity has gained among furniture collectors. In ordinary everyday life, an electric screwdriver can replace.

Before buying a new electric drill, you should pay attention to what types and types of drills are available on the market. It is necessary to specifically decide for what purpose it is necessary to buy a drill, since for different types can vary greatly.

The main differences from the peorator

These devices differ primarily by functionality. The main function of the penetrator is shock work, and rotation is just one of the functions. He can work at once in three modes:

The penetrators uses a pneumatic mechanism (as in chipping hammers) or electromagnetic coils. This explains the high power, you can not only break the holes in the walls, but also make the strokes in brick and concrete for wiring, sockets and switches.


The main drawback of the apparatus is a large mass, so the work requires great physical strength than with a shock drill that is lighter than it.

A significant difference between the penetrator is in the mounting of the working tool. Any electric drill has a cam cartridge under the cylindrical shape of the tool, while in the ashorator the tool is attached due to special grooves. Therefore, you cannot use drill with a cylindrical shank on the penorater.

Important! There is a special device. a cam cartridge, which is inserted into the peorator. Only with the help of such an adapter can you work on this tool with ordinary drill.


If a tool is required for regular work in shock mode, the question is that a drill or a peorator is better than a home is not even worth it. the peorator definitely wins. The device is designed for shock and receives minimal wear with constant intensive use. The electric drill was created with the expectation that the blow will turn on only sometimes.

The mass of network electric drills with a blow is in the range of 2-3 kilograms, which is why it is comfortable to work for a long time without a break. With peorators, everything is somewhat more complicated, because their weight depends on the class of the tool.

The class of the orator Peorater weight, kg
Light (household) 4 and less
Average (semi.professional) 6 and less
Heavy (barrel peorator) 6 and more

Noticing that the difference between a drill and a pedorator in price is quite large, novice masters buy the first to save money with an intention. As a rule, this ends with disappointment, because with frequent use with a blow, the device quickly becomes unusable.

shock, drill, works, device

In order not to throw money down the wind, buy equipment for its intended purpose! Yes, the peorator is noticeably more expensive, but with a frequent bar and a hollow of concrete, it will last you many times longer, and it will work much faster and more pleasant. It is worth thinking about buying an electric drill with a blow only if you drill concrete extremely rarely and with the help of narrow.

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