How the grass trimmer works for grass

Hardware and safety

An important element when working with a trimmer is the belt equipment. The most common designs. One-shoulder belt or backpack straps. The first option is used with electric and light gasoline tools, the handle in this case is most often D-shaped, with a “bicycle” handle more often used backpack straps. In this case the load is distributed between the two shoulders, so the operator can work longer without feeling tired.

Safety precautions are important when working with a trimmer. Fragments of grass stems can fly out from under the line at high speed, so you should not mow in shorts. Tight-fitting pants are best. It is desirable to take care about eye protection and to buy special glasses.

Work with a scythe has a serious impact on the operator’s hands. Although there are special damping pads between the handle and the boom, you should still wear gloves when working.

When working with an electric brushcutter special attention should be paid to the cable protection, it is important to pay attention to the location of the mains cable. The handle usually has a special hook for fixing the wire.

Minimal safety equipment is needed even for simple work.

Basic selection criteria

Having understood the types of trimmer for grass, it is necessary to understand their parameters in order to avoid unexpected problems in the future.


Power. this is a very important criterion, because the performance of the device depends on it. It is measured in kW and the higher this indicator, the more difficult areas and volume can be treated. The power of the grass trimmer can vary from 0.25 kW to 1.8 kW.

  • For the care of the garden area is recommended to use equipment with a capacity of 0.25 kW to 0.7 kW, depending on the complexity and volume of the site.
  • Communal services use units with a capacity of 0.9 kW to 1.8 kW, so that you can perform a large amount of work (care for the adjacent territory, roadsides and blocks).

Engine speed

A very important indicator is the motor rpm. Weaker versions are equipped with a motor that develops less than 7000 rpm. Often this parameter is not specified on such models.

grass, trimmer
  • For a small cottage industry or a small business, the 6,000 rpm version is the right choice.
  • If there is a more complex and voluminous area, motors from 7500 to 9500 revolutions per minute are used.
  • For professional use or in the presence of large volumes, it is necessary to choose units with a motor that can develop from 9000 to 12000 revolutions per minute.

Cutting system

In the role of the cutting element is a fishing line (cord) or dense blades made of plastic or metal.

grass, trimmer
  • Corded grass trimmers are best suited to bumpy terrain and fences. The fishing line will not be severely damaged by hard obstacles and will not stop when it comes into contact with the ground.

Even if the cord breaks, it’s easy to pull it off the reel and fix it. Such units are practical, but can not cope with dense and hard vegetation.

  • Knives are best used to maintain a level surface. They can handle any kind of grass and even tough vegetation (bushes, branches, stems). Such a unit performs an even cut, which gives the lawn a more pleasant appearance.
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Knives are used for maintenance of lawns near businesses or private houses, where there are no fences or other hard structures nearby.


Weight plays a big part, because it has a direct bearing on how well you can use your grass trimmer. The lightest versions weigh 1.5 kg, and the heaviest can weigh up to 9 kg. Many would like to choose lighter models, but the problem is that in many cases autonomy is needed due to lack of electricity and large amounts of work. In such a case, you have to choose battery-operated or gasoline-powered variants.

  • For a small garden plot and not too frequent use, you can consider lighter versions (1.5 kg to 2.5 kg), with which even a weak floor can work. Grass trimmers with this weight can be electric or battery-powered.
  • When working with large volumes, you need to focus on more powerful, and therefore heavier units with a weight of 3-5 kg. Among these options can be powerful electric grass trimmers or low-powered gasoline trimmers.
  • If the cared for area does not have electricity, and the amount of work is very large, you should choose among gasoline devices with a weight of 7 to 9 kg.

Cutting width

The greater the width of the cut, the faster the work will be done. If the cutting system is a cord, its maximum extension is limited by the size of the protective cover. Grass trimmers can have a cutting width of 200 to 500 mm.

Weed Cutter or Power Weeder or Brush Cutter

  • The grass trimmer is ideal for large areas (continuous lawns) with a cutting width of 300 to 420 mm.
  • For the care of a garden plot or other small areas, the option with a 250-270 mm cut will do.
grass, trimmer

Type of mounting

powerful grass trimmers can be hung on the operator’s body. Two attachment options: one or two straps.

  • A single belt is used for use in a cottage or small business area.
  • If the grass trimmer will have to be used for a long time and with a large amount of work, then a mount with two straps on the type of backpack is used, so that the weight of the device is distributed over the whole body.

Tank capacity

The tank capacity of gasoline trimmers can be from 0.3 to 1.5 liters. The tank volume is calculated by manufacturers based on the capacity of the motor. According to their calculations, the device must work a certain amount of time uninterrupted.

If the tank size is minimal, you can mow no more than 20 minutes. If the tank is at its maximum, you can work for more than an hour. Suitable for professional use.

How Weed Eaters Work (at 62,000 FRAMES PER SECOND). Smarter Every Day 236


Battery capacity is measured in amps/hour. One A / h unit is enough for 15 minutes of work. It takes three times longer to charge the battery. Т.е. If you have a 2 Ah battery, you can get it for an hour and a half and it will take an hour and a half to charge it. A model with such parameters is best suited for the care of a small lawn, which is located away from the power supply.

If you need to mow the grass, for example, near a kindergarten or a company, you need to buy more energy-consuming batteries. 3-4 Ah.

Preparing the electric trimmer

If it is raining or has just finished raining, you may get an electric shock when cutting wet grass. Make sure you correctly assemble the unit before turning it on for the first time. some models come disassembled. Precise assembly will save you from injury, and the machine itself from malfunction and sudden breakdown. See your owner’s manual for instructions on how to assemble your grass trimmer.

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When using an electric trimmer, charge the battery (if the device provides standalone operation). Lubricate the mechanical gearbox with lithol or solidol. If the battery is not included in the circuitry of the device. plug the plug into the outlet and get to work.

How to mow grass correctly with a trimmer?

In the midst of the summer season, people who have their own plots have a problem. It lies in the fact that after winter and spring in these areas very quickly grows grass and other vegetation. Today we will look at ways to cut the grass. For example, it is better to disassemble the usual trimmers for grass, as they give a person more space for action due to the direct movement of this technique, and are relatively inexpensive.

How to Use a Grass Trimmer for Grass?

After buying the best option for your machine, you should carefully study the instructions and understand how to use the trimmer. Lawn trimmer mower for grass is quite simple to use the unit, but still, in order to work with it was easier, you should take care of the availability of spare blades or fishing line.

A wheeled grass trimmer is very convenient to use for mowing the lawn, as you can drive it so that the mechanism cuts the top of the grass, making the surface even and neat.

Hand-held garden grass trimmer is not much more difficult to use. First you have to put on the special strap and adjust its mounting to the right size so that the whole mechanism does not put pressure on your shoulder, but still sits comfortably in your hands while mowing. Then you should plug the machine into a socket or start the motor.

Despite the fact that on the leg of the device, as a rule, there is a special attachment, which protects a person from flying grass and pieces of fishing line, still, when working with such a unit, it is necessary to wear protective glasses. Hold the device should be about 5 cm from the ground surface, so that the line or knives do not cling to it, as this can provoke the flight of stones from under the mower. Some types of trimmers have a semi-automatic increase in the length of the line, so if it runs out, you need to gently touch the button on the nozzle, and the line will lengthen. There are also automatic versions of reels in which this process takes place without human intervention.

Lawn trimmer for grass: what is it and how does it differ from lawn mower?

Branches, bushes, weeds and various debris. certainly not the decoration of the garden. Get rid of them, and at the same time trim the grass and lawn good trimmer helps. The faithful companion of the lawnmower, it takes the most difficult work and allows to treat those places in the area that it is inaccessible. On the differences of devices from each other we will talk in the article. And get to know the grass trimmer a little better.

lawnmowers and electric mowers

STIHL petrol and electric grass trimmers get the job done. These types of tools have their own capabilities and limitations. These are better to consider when choosing.

Lawn Care 101: Using a Trimmer

lawn mowers

requires gasoline (AI-92) and engine oil. Have two- and four-stroke engines. 4-stroke trimmers are much quieter with more power.

Tank volumes in gasoline mowers range from 0.33 liters to 0.71 liters. The company’s patented “Andreas STIHL” 2-MIX and 4-MIX engines are 20% more fuel-efficient, so you can go longer without running out of fuel.

  • autonomy allows you to care for large areas that are far away from electrical outlets
  • high power;
  • All-weather operation in rain and wet grass;
  • additional cutting tools can be used.
  • Have more weight, compared to electric mowers, due to the gas tank;
  • high noise level;
  • Exhaust gases pollute the air and have an unpleasant odor;
  • They require regular refueling;
  • are more difficult to care for, need periodic cleaning.
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Electric corded grass trimmers

Electric grass trimmers. compact tools that perform their intended function. Like brushcutters on fuel, have their fans, who care about the advantages of trimmers.

  • more lightweight, in comparison with gasoline-powered models;
  • low noise level;
  • environmentally friendly. no harmful emissions;
  • simple operation, easy maintenance;
  • low price.
  • dependence on the availability of electricity in the area;
  • the breadth of coverage depends on the length of the electric cord
  • Lower power, compared to gasoline-powered lawnmowers
  • minimal vibration level;
  • Inability to work in the rain, in very wet grass.

Rechargeable electric lawnmowers

Cordless trimmers for grass. the ability to tidy up an entire garden, no matter how far a power outlet is from the house, and without unpleasant exhaust fumes.

STIHL cordless tools offer the best combination of performance and maximum autonomy. Equipped with an electronic control system, battery-powered grass trimmers are easy to set up for different modes and provide good mowing.

Delicate, quiet sound of a battery-powered tool allows it to be safely used in the territories of hospitals, kindergartens, resort areas.

Forced to take time out for recharging.

A comparison of petrol and electric grass trimmers

The purchase of any grass trimmer will be justified in one case or another.

  • The size of your lawn. An electric grass trimmer is best for smaller areas. For spacious estates, you can buy a petrol-powered brushcutter. Pull a long, long cable behind the tool and an umbrella in case of an unexpected downpour. is not very comfortable.
  • Who will work with a trimmer? Men can easily cope with the weight and strong vibration of chain saws. But if women and teenagers will take care of their lawns, it is more convenient to buy an electric trimmer.
  • The smell of exhaust fumes. For some, it does not matter, and some cannot bear it quietly or care about the environment.
  • Price. With similar indicators of power and functionality, the of electric grass trimmers are much lower.

grass trimmer. Types and design. Work and how to choose. Safety

Grass trimmer is an indispensable tool for the gardener or any other lawn or lawn owner. When the bright sun peeks out more and more often, the air gets warmer, the first bees start collecting pollen, it’s time to work in the garden on the countryside. Of course, we are not all professionals, but amateurs are also entitled to success in the field of gardening, and you need to buy a minimum of equipment. Shovels, rakes and garden shears are the basic tools. However, to take care of the areas along the paths or around the patio, you need to choose a machine that mows the grass. This tool will allow you to maintain a well-groomed neat appearance of your garden, and you will avoid tedious mowing with garden shears.

Care and Storage

Gasoline-powered trimmers need to be cleaned, oiled and lubricated periodically. Before winter storage it is necessary to make maintenance and servicing: drain the fuel, drain its residues from the carburetor, remove and inspect the air filter and engine, make manipulations with the plug and other elements. It is important to store it in a heated dry room.

Electric trimmers can be damaged by damp or frost. You have to lubricate the gearbox, check the cable and the extension cord for damages before storing it in winter.

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