How the capacitor is connected in the corner grinder. How to change the power button, connection process

Capacitor’s corner grinder connection diagram

Therefore, equipment and all homemade do make so that they work from this power source. In this article, we will consider how to pashingly make a single.phase engine connection. In general, you can distinguish the type of engine by the plate. the nameplate. on which its data and type are written. But this is only if it was not repaired. So if you are not sure, it is better to determine the type yourself. You can distinguish asynchronous and collector engines by structure.

Collector has brushes. They are located near the collector. Another mandatory attribute of the engine of this type is the presence of a copper drum divided into the section. Such engines are produced only single.phase, they are often installed in household appliances, as they allow you to get a large number of revolutions at the start and after acceleration.

They are also convenient in that they can easily change the direction of rotation. you only need to change the polarity. Noise when they work is a decent. At low speeds, collector engines are not so noisy washing machine. But not all tools work in this mode. The second unpleasant moment. the presence of brushes and constant friction leads to the need for regular maintenance.

If the toxicer is not cleaned, pollution by graphite from erased brushes can lead to the neighboring sections in the drum will connect, the motor will simply stop working. The asynchronous engine has a starter and a rotor, it can be one and three phase.

In this article we consider the connection of single.phase engines, therefore we will only talk about them. Asynchronous engines are characterized by a low level of noise during operation, therefore they are installed in a technique whose noise is critical. These are air conditioners, split systems, refrigerators.

There are two types of single.phase asynchronous engines. bifILARAL with launch winding and condenser. The whole difference is that in bifile single.phase engines, the launch winding works only until the engine is accelerated. After it is turned off by a special device. a centrifugal switch or a start.up relay in the refrigerators.

This is necessary, because after overclocking it only reduces the efficiency. In condenser single.phase engines, the condenser winding works all the time. Thanks to this, you can change the direction of rotation. The capacitor on such engines is usually attached to the case and on this basis it is easy to identify. You can more accurately determine the bifolar or condenser engine in front of you by measuring windings.

If the resistance of the auxiliary winding is less than the difference can be even more significant. Most likely, this is a bifolar engine and this auxiliary winding is launching, which means that a switch or starting relay should contain a circuit breaker in the diagram.

These opening contacts will need to be connected to the launch winding. There is such a button in stores. this is PNVS. Her average contact closes at the time of retention, and two extreme ones remain in a closed state. Typically, the output from the motor has three or four wires. Consider the option with three wires. In this case, two windings are already united, that is, one of the wires is the general. We take the tester, measure the resistance between all three pairs.

If there are four conclusions, they call in pairs. Find two pairs. The one in which the resistance is less. the working one, in which there is more. starting. After that, connect one wire from the starting and working winding, display the general wire. In total, three wires remain as in the first version:. With all these. We connect all three wires to the button. It also has three contacts. To the extreme input contacts of the PNVS, we connect the power cable from in. The average contact is connected by a jumper with the worker pay attention!

That’s the whole circuit of turning on a single.phase engine with a starting winding of the bifolar through the button. Without them, the motor is buzzing, but does not start if you connect it according to the scheme described above. The first scheme. with a capacitor in the supply circuit of the starting winding. are well launched, but during operation the power is far from nominal, but much lower.

It turns out something between the options described above. This scheme is most often implemented. It is in the figure above in the middle or in the photo below in more detail. Connecting a single.phase engine: a scheme with two capacitors. working and starting. When implementing other schemes. with one capacitor. you will need a regular button, machine or toggle switch. Everything is connected there simply. There is a rather complicated formula by which you can calculate the required container for sure, but it is quite possible to do with recommendations that are bred on the basis of many experiments:.

The operating voltage of these capacitors should be 1.5 times higher than the voltage of the network, that is, for the network, take capacities with operating voltage and above. And to make the start passes easier, look for a special capacitor to the starting circuit. If after connecting the motor works, but the shaft is spinning in the direction that you need, you can change this direction.

This is done by changing the windings of the auxiliary winding. When the scheme was assembled, one of the wires was fed to the button, the second was connected to the wire from the working winding and brought out the general. Here it is necessary to throw the guides. There are 2 types of single.phase asynchronous engines. bifILARLE with launch winding and condenser. Their difference is that in bifILALARNAL single.phase engines the launching winding only works until the engine is accelerated. This is necessary because after overclocking it reduces the efficiency. When connecting a single.phase condenser engine, there are several options for connecting circuits.

Without capacitors, the electric motor is buzzing, but does not start. Here, voltage voltage is distributed into 2 sequentially connected windings, where each is designed for such a voltage. Therefore, power is almost doubled, but such an engine can be used in many low.power devices.

Electric part of the corner grinder

Recently, there have been no changes in the design of the tool. The case is oblong, inside is a gearbox with an engine, on the side a handle and a protective casing over an abrasive circle.

The tool does not always work uninterruptedly, and there are circumstances when there is a need to simply disassemble it and grease some elements as a prevention with oil. To do this, you need to know the design and be able to use the drawings, including the electric circuit of the corner grinder. The ability to correctly read technical documents and understand how the equipment works, will help to perform any kind of repair work.

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The electrical circuit of the corner grinder contains the following elements that ensure its drive in motion:

  • collector;
  • gearbox;
  • holders-handles;
  • anchor;
  • electric shows;
  • stator;
  • Electricity supply cable.

Each of these elements has its own purpose, due to the breakdown of any of them, the tool will not work.

The device is corner grinding

The start.up button is part of the structure of the structure of the corner grinder, each of which performs its own specific task in ensuring the functioning of the power tool. The main ones are as follows:

  • power cable for connecting a corner grinder with a network;
  • Stator. a fixed part of the electric drive consisting of several arousal coils;
  • anchor (rotor). a mobile part of an electric drive of a corner grinder;
  • The collector is a part of the rotor made in the form of isolated copper plates, which provides a connection with the stator;
  • brushes. provide a sliding type contact for transmitting current between a mobile and motionless part of the electric drive;
  • Reducer. converts the rotation of the rotor created by electromagnetic interaction into spindle revolutions acceptable for operation;
  • The structure from external influences protect the housings from shock.resistant plastic for the electric part and aluminum alloy for the gearbox;
  • For the convenience of work, the corner grinder is equipped with a removable holder handle;
  • On the housing are the buttons: button on/off and stop button for replacing a working tool.

The corner of the angular grinder METABO W 750-125, handle, shutdown buttons and glass (red and black). Photo 220 volts

Some switching buttons have a smooth start function, which makes the operation of the corner grinder more convenient and durable. On the case there may be a speed control that significantly expands the functionality of the angular grinder with various materials.

The choice of container

In order to maximize the efficiency of the electric motor, you need to calculate a number of electrocope parameters, and above all, the capacity.

For a working capacitor

There are complex and accurate calculation methods, but at home it is enough to evaluate the parameter according to the close formula.

For every 100 watts of an electrical power of a three.phase electric motor, 7 microfarad.

It is also unacceptable to supply voltage to the phase stator winding exceeding the passport.

For the start.up capacitor

If the electric motor should be launched in the presence of a high load on the drive shaft, then the working capacitor will not be able to cope, and during the launch it will be necessary to connect the launch. After reaching the working revolutions, which occurs on average in 2-3 seconds, it is disconnected manually or automation device. Special buttons for turning on electrical equipment are available, automatically blurring one of the circuits through a given delay time.

It is unacceptable to leave the starter drive connected in working mode. Phase bias of currents can lead to overheating and ignition of the engine. Determining the capacity of the starting device, it should be taken 2-3 times higher than that of the worker. In this case, when starting the torque of the electric motor reaches the maximum value, and after overcoming the inertia of the mechanism and a set of revolutions, it decreases to the nominal.

To set the required capacity, the capacitors for starting the electric motor are connected to the parallel. The capacity is summed up.

How to check the capacitor on a corner grinder. The main malfunctions of the corner grinder.

Capacitor. a block, in parallelly built into the power supply system, serves as a filter for eliminating the radio interference created by the engine in the process of leveling the created impulses, protecting other devices in the supply network and reduces the interference of the network to reduce the sparking of brushes through the collector, and also protects the contacts of the buttons of the buttons during start, than extends the service life and prevents overheating. Login Registration. Basket 0 0 UAH. Free delivery from UAH. Convenient payment methods. Gift for ordering from UAH. Catalog.

Most often, malfunctions can occur in:


Their location is performed along the edges of the rotor with such a condition to maximize the axial load of the torque.

In ordinary household tools, they can be damaged for two main reasons:

Directions of effort

The bearings of the household power tool, as a rule, are not intended for the perception of lateral loads. From their frequent application, for example, when during operation a drill is not loaded with the end of the drill, but the slit holes are cut out sideways, the shaft beam is transmitted to the bearing mechanism, creating additional backlash of balls in the clips.

Work in a contaminated environment

The collector engine has an air cooling system. The impeller, worn on the rotor, takes the air through special cracks in the engine casing and drives it throughout the body to remove excess heat from heating windings. Warm streams are thrown out through special holes.

If a dusty environment is created in the room, then it will be sucked into the case and penetrates the bearings and the collector-targeted mechanism. There will be an abrasive effect on the parts in contact during rotation, their premature wear, as well as violation of electrical conductivity on the contacts of the brushes.

The use of the collector engine has not been for its intended purpose, for example, to collect the flow of construction dust with a household vacuum cleaner instead of a construction, the most common reason for its breakdown.

Design features

When operating the engine, constant friction of the brushes on the contact plates of the collector occurs, which requires a periodic inspection.

An insignificant layer of coal dust appears on the working surfaces of copper sites, as shown in the photo. This is due to the consumption of the material and the wear of the brushes.

This process always goes during the work of the collector engine. Even with normal sliding the brush, a slight rupture of the electric current circuit is created. And this is always due to sparking due to the occurrence of transitional processes and the emergence of microscopic arcs. In addition, windings have high inductive resistance.

Therefore, a completely working brush mechanism in nominal operation sparkles, which is not noticeable with a look, but sensitive electronic devices are felt: televisions, computers and other equipment. Incoming filters are always installed in the scheme of their power supply. An example is the electrical diagram of a microwave oven with a selected green fragment given on the site.

Wear of the material of the brushes

The current passing part is made of coal pressed to the collector plate. Its volume wears out, and the length decreases. In this case, the pressure force created by the spreading spring is weakened.

This process may be taken into account or not taken into account in different designs of collector engines.

Rare samples

On the old production engine of 1960, given as an example, the compression of the spring is carried out by the effort of screwing the dielectric cover.

The engine of the vacuum cleaner

The design of the brush mechanism described in the manufacture of a home.made trimmer for grass has a shade of fixation of the brush body.

Its installation is shown in the next photo. Please note that the brush itself has repeatedly grown in the process of long.term operation and was replaced by a battery.shaped battery in the form of the previous.

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With independent manufacture of brushes, pay attention to the density of its entrance to the nest and perpendicular position to the shaft axis. If it is smaller, then during operation there will be a skew. It will lead to excessive sincerity and reduction of engine resource.

Therefore, it is advisable to use factory brushes from the manufacturer. There are other technical solutions of this issue.

capacitor, connected, corner, grinder, change

How To Repair Grinder No Power

How to check the degree of wear of the brush

The main method is associated with visual inspection. On the Internet you can find tips recommending a brush with a screwdriver when operating the engine and evaluate a change in rotor speed.

This is a dangerous operation, which only trained and experienced staff can perform because:

  • It is necessary to use protective equipment: the work is carried out under voltage;
  • There is a probability of creating a short circuit, because you will have to check both brushes in turn or at the same time and use screwdrivers with insulated rods and tips.

If the external inspection has shown that the length of the brush is greatly reduced or the working surface has chips, then it must simply be replaced.

Polluted collector

The formation of an excessive layer of coal dust with good conductive properties on the plates can cause their closure. It is necessary to remove it not only from the outer surface, but also from the intervals between them.

Graphite dust can be erased slightly moistened in alcohol or gasoline with a soft rag or removed with a thin wooden stick.

Когда коллекторные пластины потеряли первоначальную форму и стали с выемками, то их восстанавливают наждачной шкуркой с самым мелким зерном на токарных станках. This is a complex operation requiring special equipment, but it is able to extend the resource of the collector engine.

Interpreter circuits in windings

Their formation on the stature or rotor sharply reduces inductive resistance, leads to the appearance of additional sparks between different sections of the collector and brushes. Additional overheating occurs.

Grinder with your own hands. Part 1. Assembly.

Rotor winding

The damaged section in some cases can be observed visually by changing color. To perform electrical measurements, an accurate octimeter is required. Checking technology demonstrates the video owner of Altevaa TV “Checking anchor check”.

Replacement and selection of launch/working capacitor

If there is an original capacitor, it is clear that it is simply necessary to put it in place of the old and everything. Polarity does not matter, that is, the condenser conclusions do not have the designations plus “” and minus “-” and they can be connected as you like.

Electrolytic capacitors cannot be used categorically (you can recognize them by smaller sizes, with the same capacity, and the designation plus and minus on the case). As a result of application. thermal destruction. For these purposes, manufacturers specifically produce non.polar capacitors for working in an alternating current circuit, which have convenient fastening and flat terminals for quick installation.

If there is no desired face value, then it can be obtained by a parallel connection of capacitors. The total capacity will be equal to the sum of two capacitors:

That is, if you combine two capacitors of 35 μF, we get a total capacity of 70 μF, the voltage in which they can work will correspond to their rated voltage.

This replacement is absolutely equivalent to one capacitor of a larger capacity.

If the wires are mixed up during the replacement, then the correct connection can be viewed according to the scheme on the case or here: the condenser connection scheme to the compressor

Types of capacitors

To start powerful compressors engines, oil.filled non.polar capacitors are used.

capacitor, connected, corner, grinder, change

The case inside is filled with oil for good heat transfer to the surface of the case. The case is usually metallic, aluminum.

The most affordable capacitors of this type CBB65.

To launch a less powerful load, such as fan engines, use dry capacitors, the body of which, usually plastic.

The most common capacitors of this type CBB60, CBB61.

Terminals for the convenience of connecting double or calculated.

How to replace graphite brushes

Based on the practical data, it was found that the most vulnerable part in the technical device, including in 1100E, are graphite brushes. Their service life is no more than 2 years. To replace old brushes with new ones, you do not need to have experience. Such manipulation will not be difficult even for an inexperienced person. To study the condition of the brushes, you need to open the tool case, including 1100E.

In this case, the device must be de.energized, and the brush holders installed on the collector are neatly pushed aside. Using a screwdriver for this operation is mandatory.

If the technical device is manufactured by a specialized company, then the brushes can be held using a spring. To remove the brush, you need to press these springs with a screwdriver. If the manufacturer of the tool is China, then plugs are located in these places, which are also removed using a screwdriver, and only after that the brush is easily removed. To determine which brush you need to purchase, it is recommended to take the removed part with you to the store and, accordingly, choose the same in it, clearly according to the specified parameters. When inserting the brush into the corner grinder, it is necessary to perform these actions smoothly, slowly. It is important to pay attention to that it does not cling to anything and is installed evenly in the nest.

In the image and likeness of the installation of the first brush, you can put the second. After that, it is necessary to check the location of the wires in the technical device so that they do not be kept anywhere. Now the case can be closed and the machine is turned on in test mode.

In any power tool with a collector engine (a drill of corner grinder and others), there is a fairly large capacitor (0.20.5 mf). Even Chinese cheap tool contains this element. The search for an answer on the Internet did not give anything, except as it is needed “to reduce the interference of the brushes created by sincere”. I think its role is to extinguish the sparking of brushes, reducing the heating of the collector and brush node. And reducing sparking leads to a decrease in interference. Who knows the exact answer?

This condenser from a Chinese corner grinder with a capacity of 600 watts.

The capacitor is installed in devices with a collector engine precisely for extinguishing high.frequency interference, which occur during the operation of the engine. The resistance of the capacitor is inversely proportional to the frequency of alternating current flowing through it. For alternating current, a capacitor resistance with a small capacity is so large that the current flowing through it can be neglected.

Another thing is high.frequency interference from the collection of collector. For them, the resistance of the capacitor is not enough. And the current with the frequency of interference mainly flows through the capacitor without falling into the supply network.

In more expensive devices, inductance is put in the power of the power circuit, the resistance of which is large for the current. Together, the capacitor and inductance (-t) are a classic HF filter.

After a certain period of use, the angular grinder is characterized by such breakdowns as wear of graphite brushes, burning out the stator windings and further. Of course, wear itself takes place in terms of mechanics. To fully familiarize the topic: “How to repair a corner grinder,” we will consider an electrical circuit of an alternating current collector engine, since just such an electric motor is installed in the corner grinder.

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Electric circuit of corner grinder with capacitor

After a certain period of use, the angular grinder is characterized by such breakdowns as wear of graphite brushes, burning out the stator windings no further. Naturally, wear itself is not excluded without part of the mechanics. To fully familiarize the topic: “How to repair a corner grinder,” we will consider an electrical circuit of an alternating current collector engine, since such an electric motor is installed in the corner grinder.

AC collector engine scheme

The diagram shows electrical connections of the stator windings, the rotor is not graphite brushes. Graphite brushes in the electric motor are installed in the brush holders. Brushes are in contact with the collector lamps. Some ends of the stator windings are connected to an external energy source. Other ends of the stator windings are connected to graphite brushes, the electric circuit closes on the winding windings.

The regulator is connected by the wires with the collector electric motor scheme sequentially. The connection scheme must be indicated on the controller case, or in the operation manual for corner grind.

The device of the corner grinder

On the device of corner grinders, ours is indicated in the figure of not definite clarifications do not need. With the use of the led by the leading conical gears, rotation is transmitted from the electric motor to the gear shaft.

Malfunctions of the collector electric motor

The possible causes of the breakdown of the electric motor of the corner grinder are as follows:

  • wear of the rotor collector;
  • wear of graphite brushes;
  • stator windings;
  • burning of the rotor windings;
  • lack of contact connection of the ends of the stator windings with graphite brushes;
  • mechanical damage to the cable wire at the base of the fork;
  • mechanical damage to the wire in the length of the cable;
  • Capacitor breakdown, corner grinder repair.

how to call not repair the power chain. corner grinding.

as well as other possible reasons associated with any break in the electrical circuit.

Checking a collector electric motor

The cause of the malfunction collector electric motor It is detected by a measuring device, on the example of such devices as:

If there is no measuring device, any gap can be determined by an indicator screwdriver.

capacitor, connected, corner, grinder, change

So let’s say, Figus of windings the stator is usually caused as a result of the general overheating of the electric motor. In this case, the insulation of the wires in the stator winding is disturbed and the winding itself can close the bed on the case of the bed. To establish such a possible cause of the malfunction, one tip of the probe of the device is connected to the output end of the stator winding wire, the second tip of the probe is connected to the stanchous body of the stan.

To check the rotor winding, the probes of the device must be connected to the lamella (plates) of the collector

Tell me, please, the cross section of the wire winding of the stator of the corner grinder Kolner Five wt.Number of Vitkov 167

Hello Damir. Here, in general, it is not necessary to conduct calculation calculations. You need to take a piece of wire wire windings of the stator of the corner grinding and measure the cross-section of the copper wire with a rod-cycle with a turning instrument or with this segment of the wire, contact the seller to the seller to the consultant. It is desirable that the rewinding of the electric motor stator is performed by the appropriate specialist, since the resistance of the winding is also taken into account here.

Hello, gentlemen electricians! Tell me, please, why can an angular grinder electric motor are warming up when rotating is idle for 2-3 minutes after turning on to the cold after replacing the rotor. Initially, when working on a new corner grinder, it overheated it by stopping the disk at the complete rotation of the rotor. Dismantled, checked the rotor. rupture of the chain on the collector (two black lamellas). No more elements were checked. Put a new rotor. began to bask without load.

Hello Pavel. I believe that with this malfunction you will also need to inspect and check the winding of the stator of the electric motor of the corner grinder for the resistance. A possible reason for the rapid heating of the electric motor is the cause of the inter-seal circuit in the winding, that is, the insulation (coating of wires with varnish) is disturbed. With a sharp stop of the rotor, in the circuit of the electric motor, a current is created exceeding the nominal value by several times. This is just my person’s judgment and I would also like to know the opinion of my friends, participants in correspondence. Victor.

Hello! Please tell me. after replacing such an anchor of the penetrator http: // barrel of the penetrator began to rotate the other way. What can be the reasons? Defective anchor or some kind of inconsistency? thanks for the answer.

The first chain. with a capacitor in the power supply circuit of the starter. It starts well, but during operation the output power is far from the nominal, but much lower. The connection diagram to the capacitor in the working winding circuit has the opposite effect: not very good launch indicators, but good indicators. Accordingly, the first circuit is used in heavy starting devices (for example, in concrete mixers) and with a working capacitor, if good performance is required.

Double capacitor

There is a third option for connecting a single.phase engine (asynchronous). Installation of both capacitors. Between the options described above, there is something average. This scheme is most often implemented. This is in the picture above in the middle or in the photo below in more detail. This scheme also requires the PNVS button, which will connect the capacitor not only during the launch until the engine accelerates. Then the two windings will remain connected, and the auxiliary winding will pass through the capacitor.

Single.phase engine connection: a circuit with two capacitors. working and trigger

When implementing other schemes. With one capacitor. You will need a regular button, car or toggle switch. Everything is easy to connect here.

The choice of capacitor

There is a rather complex formula that can accurately calculate the required power, but it is quite possible to circumvent the recommendations of many experiments:

The working voltage of these capacitors should be 1.5 times higher than the network voltage, that is, for the 220 V network, we take capacities with an operating voltage of 330 V and above. And to facilitate the launch, look for a special capacitor in the start circuit. The label has the words Start or Start, but you can take ordinary.

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