How much to fill in a gearbox of a power tiller

Top 4 Tarpan petrol and electric engines cultivators

Motor cultivator Tarpan is a versatile small-sized unit designed for mechanization of hard physical labor for tillage of the soil at homestead plots. Recommended area to be cultivated. up to 0,2 ha.

Motor cultivators Tarpan are produced in the city of Tula at Tulamashzavod plant.

A distinctive feature of this cultivator is the ability to disassemble it into two parts and fit into the trunk of most sedans.

MC may be transported by disconnecting the power unit 1 (see “Technical Specifications” on page 25). rice. below) from the executive unit 2. To do this, you need to release the hinged bolts 3. When transporting the MK it is necessary to lay it so that to exclude oil pouring out of the reduction gear (through the fill hole plug), out of the engine crankcase and the rests, fuel from the fuel tank.

Technical characteristics of Tarpan MK-03 cultivator with Honda engine, briggs stratton

Basic parameters Value
Overall dimensions, mm, not more (control handles folded up) length 1300 (760) width 700 height 1060 (760)
Weight, kg 45
Tillage width, mm 560
Cultivator cutter diameter, mm 320
Productivity, ha/h (at normal soil and a ripping depth of 180 mm) 0,06
Loosening depth max., mm 200
Tilt angle limits at work, deg., longitudinal and transverse. not more 15
Engine briggs stratton Honda
Model 12j802 GCV-160
Type 4-stroke, carbureted
Working volume, cube. cm. 190 160
Max. power, l.с., not less 5,5 5.5
Fuel capacity, l 1,1
Volume of the loaded oil, l 0,6 0,55
Fuel and oil as per “Engine manual”
Fuel Consumption per Hour, l/h, not more 1,1
Clutch Dry automatic centrifugal
Starting Manual operation
Switching off Remote throttle lever
Gearbox Single worm gear
Worm gear lubricant oil. TAD-17I GOST 23652-79. Can be replaced with gear oils SAE 90, SAE 75W/90, API GL-4, GL-5 categories
Oil volume in gearbox, l 0,35
Sound level at operator workplace, not more dBA 81
Correction level of vibration velocity on control handle, not more dB 118
Number of speeds 1 forward

MK Tarpan is equipped with engine model 12j802 or model GCV-160

What fuel and oil to fill in Tarpan cultivator you can know from engine user manual or from given table in manual.

Honda GCV-160 engine instruction manual download

briggs stratton 12j802 engine. parts catalog user manual download (useful when ordering parts).

Manufacturer of Tarpan cultivators. Tarpan Ltd. Tula, official website.

Motor cultivator Tarpan. instruction manual download

Soil cultivation operations are carried out with the help of the working body of the MC. a rotary cultivator. Cutters of the cultivator while rotating cut the soil layers, crush and mix them, at the same time causing forward motion of the MC.

The advantage of the rotary cultivator compared to the plow is a better loosening of the soil, shredding and incorporation of weeds, as well as mixing evenly with the soil of organic and mineral fertilizers on the entire depth of treatment.

The application of MK is also recommended on clayey heavy soils, as it has a high torque on the shaft and crushes the soil well.

It is not recommended to carry out cultivation of virgin soil by milling. This would violate the agricultural technology of tillage.

Tarpan” MC consists of the following main parts ;

  • Power unit including engine, coupling device, centrifugal clutch, steering system
  • executive unit including worm gearing, rotary cultivator left, rotary cultivator right, depth regulator, bracket, protective cover.
much, fill, gearbox, power, tiller

To extend functional capabilities of this cultivator additional mounted implements and accessories were developed and delivered separately. They enable fulfilling of ploughing, furrow cutting, weeding and other types of works.

Tarpan cultivator. attachments

Designed for cutting the grass cover of lawns and lawns to the specified height. Installed instead of executive unit and connected to power unit.

Mower “String” with working width 0,6 m is intended for cutting of grass and weeds on open areas and hard-to-reach places near trees, curbs, fences. Mowing head rotates at 3,800 to 4,600 rpm. the grass is easily cut and thrown aside. Instead of blades, the mower uses a polypropylene pile string. Easily disassembled into power unit and operating unit, the mower can be easily transported in the trunk of a car.

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Hiller used with MK “Tarpan-03, 04” and MB “Tarpan-07” consists of frame and mouldboard, adjustable by means of slat with holes. Can be used for tilling of vegetable crops, cutting of ridges and furrows, furrowing. Hiller should be used with skimmers, which create the necessary traction power.

Working principle of Texas cultivator

The Texas mower mower works on the same principles as other units of its kind: the gasoline engine drives the blades that plow the ground, and the power tillers also have a wheel drive. Thus, a single-axle tractor is a mini-tractor, which can be completed with additional equipment to expand the types of work performed.

Cultivator “Texas”

Oil for a “Neva” power tiller in a gearbox

Gearbox is one of the most important components of any mechanism, including power tillers. What type of oil to pour, how often to change, how to check its quantity. to all these questions every owner of such equipment should know the answers. Before you buy oil, read the instruction manual for the machine. There the manufacturer gives its recommendations, which are the most accurate and recommended. Oil type for different models of power tillers:

  • for the “Neva” MB 1 will suit the following oil: transmission TEP-15 by GOST 23652-79, TM-5 by GOST 17479.2-85. It is necessary to fill in the volume of 2.2 liters;
  • For the unit “Neva” MB 2 will be suitable according to GOST 23652-79, such as TAP-15V or TAD-17I.

For proper operation of the gearbox, it is important not only to choose a decent oil manufacturer, but also to change the oil in a timely manner. It must be replaced at regular intervals. This will prolong the life of the gearbox. Here are some tips on how to change it:

  • Single axle tractor must be kept strictly vertical;
  • Place some kind of large container (at least 3 liters) under the product;
  • Unscrew the breather plug and clean it;
  • Unscrew the screw and drain off all the oil;
  • Tighten the screw back into place;
  • Fill with new clean oil in the required amount;
  • Close the breather plug;
  • Make sure the machine is running properly.

There are a few more things you should know before you start working with your power tiller. As you know, the machine needs to run in for a while. After about 30-35 hours of running-in, you should change the oil to new. After that it is a good idea to change the oil every 150 to 200 hours of operation, or every 1 to 2 years if you do not use the equipment.

Many consumers ignore these recommendations, and the oil itself tends to age. Consequently, it may cause a breakdown as a result. If you treasure your technique, don’t ignore the manufacturer’s recommendations.

What oil to fill in the box of your Ugra power tiller?

For the “Ugra” power tiller there are the following types of maintenance:

The engine maintenance is performed in accordance with the requirements of the manual for the engine. Always carry out service work when the tiller is not in operation! Carry out all work in a place that is easily accessible. To reduce the risk of accidents and injury, always follow the safety precautions outlined in section 2.2.3 of this Owner’s Manual.

Daily maintenance of the power tiller

  • Remove dust and dirt from the outer surfaces of the power tool with a rag or dust brush.
  • To check reliability of fastening of assembly units and details, to tighten if necessary. Assemblies and parts must be securely fastened.
  • Check the oil level in the transmission:
      Park the single axle tractor horizontally on level ground
  • Unscrew the plug to check the oil level
  • Remove the breather plug
  • Wait 5 minutes, oil must be at the lower point of the inspection hole. If it is missing, add oil through the gearbox breather hole.
  • Screw in plug and breather plug.
  • Check the gearbox oil level every 10 hours. The oil level in the transmission crankcase and caliper should be within the limits specified in Table 3 of the Operator’s Manual.
  • Check attachment fasteners for tightness
  • Check tire pressure. Permissible values are from 1.8 to 2.0 kgf/cm²
  • You will need: a rag, water, a hairbrush, wrenches, a screwdriver, a tire gauge.

Maintenance after the first 50 and every 100 hours of operation

  • Perform daily maintenance
  • Change oil in transmission:
      Unscrew the breather plug
  • Drain oil from transmission through drain plug until dripping stops
  • Reinstall the drain plug
  • Fill transmission with recommended oil through the breather plug hole in the gearbox. See Table 8 in the Service Manual for the oil fill quantity
  • Check the oil level (described in the daily service section)
  • Lubricate the sheathed cables with oil

Note: Change oil in gearbox and caliper every 100 hours of operation.


TO when stored (not in use for more than 3 months)

  • Once a month check condition of all assembly units and details, absence of oil leakage, absence of rust. Do not allow any moisture to get into the product. The oil leak is corrected by repairing or replacing parts, gaskets, tightening bolts, etc.д.
  • Change oil in transmission crankcase and transmission caliper once every 18 months. You will need: wrenches, container, rags, tools
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  • drain fuel and oil
  • clean dust and dirt from a single-axle tractor
  • check the fasteners for tightness and retighten if necessary
  • Check that the machine is complete

The single axle tractor must be properly secured against horizontal and vertical movements with at least 50 mm clearance between the tractor and other objects. Maximum speed of 60 km/h on roads and 30 km/h on earth roads. Do not throw or tilt the single axle tractor!

How much oil to fill in a power tiller gearbox?

If there is a question about the amount of oil to fill, it is worth following a simple algorithm:

  • The single axle tractor must stand on a level surface with the wings parallel to the ground;
  • An oil dipstick can act as a wire, a length of 70 centimeters or more;
  • The wire must bend to form an arc;
  • A wire is slipped down to the bottom of the tank to check oil level.

If there is enough grease for 30 inches of wire, do not fill up any more. If it’s dry, you need to fill at least two liters of grease.

So no one wrote about the volume, how much oil in the gearbox approx

Yesterday I took it apart and the chain was torn! I found gear mechanism corrosion, all corroded in Tad-17 oil, I am shocked

You can pour any gear oil in the gearbox, I poured Lukoil TM-4 to the top of the filler cap, the one on the gearbox with a hole.Been changing oil every 3 years!

I have the same engine on my power tiller, I used Nissan SN 5w30 hydrocracking for the first time, now I use IDEMITSU 10w30 mineral, but in hot weather I could use 10w40, for instance CheluxI could use either 10w30 or 10w40 motor oil, or Transmission oil, or even TAD-17.

Fill in gearbox with Lukoil gearbox semi-synthetic, in engine. Shell synthetic 5W-30

I change oil in spring in the engine and gearbox, but I use it twice a year. in the spring and fall!

A single-axle tractor Neva practically like in the photo with a motor 5.5 qt oil Tap 15 nigrolv motor mothul synthetic

Tad-17 from the factory, if memory serves. Filled for the life of the operation, well, unless of course you’re going to your MB 100 km drive. If oil seals don’t leak, you don’t have to change them.

I always pour oil into a single axle tractor, the one specified in the manual, why break your head:)

I’m asking a silly question. have you read the manual? ? ( I guess the answer: and why, I use for a long time cultivators and all I know, and the moped in the childhood too was, and the instruction is for well, for those who do not have a moped )

it says transmission oil gl4 gl5 75-90

It says a lot of things, and I am interested in life experience. if you have nothing to share, stay out of it

just have something to share and I share. transmission oil, grade and viscosity according to the manual, the brand, I think Lukoil for eyeballs, I would change every couple of years. tad 17 is expensive. t.к. it costs a lot of money to repair the gearbox.

Nigrol in stock, wagon grease, over 15 years in the field.

in the transmission. transmission )))) I put the cheapest 80B90 in the engine, what is left over from the raspberry, I never bothered.for 12 years, changed a couple of times, the engine is happy with the easy start and traction.this single-axle tractor works about 50 acres in cultivator mode. First 2 years, I even loosened 10 acres of virgin land.

Look for the SAE info in the owner’s manual and ley GL-5 by API. it is most suitable for gearboxes. Volume is in the manual, too. no manual. google it.

Kamco Power Tiller Gear Box Fittings

Engine oil for the tractor engine

When buying a single axle tractor, it is always accompanied by the instruction manual for its trouble-free operation, in which the manufacturer gives recommendations and sets the frequency of maintenance, the class of the oil fluid used, etc. To avoid premature engine repair or replacement, you must strictly adhere to the manufacturer’s requirements.

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Main purpose of the lubricants:

  • Reducing the friction force.
  • Heat sink.
  • Protection of the internal surface of power units from sludge and slag deposits.
  • To reduce the noise level of the engine.

For technologically correct choice of lubricant it is necessary to take into account that any brand of engine oil for a power tiller is designed for certain operating conditions and is selected on the basis of climatic characteristics of the region and the value of mechanical loads.

Depending on these characteristics, the necessary viscosity index is selected, which is necessary for quality operation of all mechanisms:

In addition to seasonality, the functional purpose of engine oil for motoblock is influenced by its base and type of modifying additives. Lubricants are divided into the following categories according to the method of production:

Another peculiarity of greases is that they are designed for a specific type of engine: gasoline, diesel, two- or four-stroke.

much, fill, gearbox, power, tiller

Power tiller gearbox full fittings.|Gear box repair.

Engine oil for gasoline engine of power tillers

For power tillers with a petrol engine the lubricants have the S index followed by the letter symbol indicating the degree of mechanical strain:

SA. provides for the work of the engine in a moderate mode of operation;

SB. medium mechanical load level;

SD. for engines equipped with PCV (crankcase gas recirculation);

SH. for all modern minitractors.

SB class. characterized by high antioxidative and anticorrosive properties.

SF has good anti-sticking characteristics, especially when used with greases in two-stroke engines;. SF has good anti-sticking characteristics, especially when used with greases in two-stroke engines.

Engine oil for the diesel engine of a power tiller

Oil for diesel engines can be divided into the following categories (API)

CJ-4. designed for powerful units, operating under extreme conditions. The brand is distinguished by high non-stick qualities and low sulfur and phosphorus inclusions (04-0,12%).

CI-4. for engines with moderate performance requirements. Characterised by high dispersant and antioxidant properties.

CH-4. for four-stroke machines running on any brands of diesel fuel.

CF-2. oil for two-stroke tractors with two-cycle engines. Protects machine parts from premature wear.

CA. for power tillers operated on low-sulfur diesel fuels. Characterized by high non-stick properties.

CB. grease with good corrosion protection properties.

CC. fluid is designed for lubrication of powerful engines operating in harsh climatic conditions.

Oil for air-cooled four-stroke motorcycle engines

Engine greases for four-stroke power tillers must meet the following requirements:

  • Low kinematic viscosity.
  • High anti-friction and anti-wear properties.
  • Thermal conductivity.
  • Anti-stick qualities with good detergent properties that help easily remove soot from the walls of the engine cylinders.
  • High temperature resistance with negative coking that prevents the piston rings from seizing.

How much oil is in the gearbox of a Cascade motorblade?

A completely dry gearbox requires 2 liters of oil; if 1.5 liters are changed, the oil in the gearbox needs to be changed every 50 hours of operation. Recommended by the manufacturer of the oil: transmission TAD-17I, TAP-15B or other by GOST 23652-79, it is allowed to mix these oils in any proportions.

To the question: “Can I put automobile oil in a single axle tractor??” experts answer. “yes, only when using different grades of fluid there may be different rates of consumption and the degree of fouling formed”.

How to change oil seals on a power tiller?

If there is an oil leak, the oil seal must be replaced. The algorithm for replacing this element is performed according to the following scheme:

  • Cutters are removed from the shaft, impurities and oil residues are completely cleaned;
  • Loosen screws on cover that protect gearbox. The tightly seated cap is tapped with a hammer;
  • The worn packing is pulled out and the place under it is thoroughly wiped;
  • A sealant is applied to the edges of the new packing. Replace the part and screw on the lid.

Disassembling and replacing an oil seal requires very little time. Therefore, before using a power tiller, you need to make sure that the sealant used is completely dry.

The above recommendations and algorithms are suitable for the following brands: Neva MB-1 and MB-2, Kaskad, Farmer, Oka. So you can do the simple stuffing box and oil changes yourself.

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