How much fishing line is needed for the grass trimmer?


Types of lines are determined by their sections. round cross-section products are the most common. They are inexpensive, make excellent headlands. But its disadvantage is a loud noise, similar in strength to the buzzing noise of car engines. Manufacturers can demonstrate spiral cord, which has much less sound.

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Also available in square, rectangular and star-shaped cross sections, which are also popular. Products with jagged, sharp edges are in particular demand, as the lawn is cut perfectly with such edges.

There are variants with notches and notches, which are allowed to mow impassable weeds. Volume level is low, extra power is added.

Such cutting devices are installed on lawnmowers before working on neglected overgrown areas. Twisted lines are ideal for dry grass, but their cost is higher than standard.


Let’s give grass a fight: choose the best line for grass trimmer!

Quality mowing the grass depends on the trimmer line. What is the best line for mowing grass with a trimmer?? What to look out for before buying.

Working bits of grass trimmer can be a fishing line or a cutter. However, the cutter is used mainly for thick stems, and for grass it’s better to take a fishing line. Statistics of queries in Yandex shows that over 90% of users are looking for fishing line, as you often have to mow grass. What line is better for grass trimmer?? We will tell you what kinds of such tools exist and what you should pay attention to before buying.

Line diameter

When choosing a grass trimmer it is important to choose the correct line/strand/cord diameter, which directly depends on the device power. For example, a thickness of no more than 1.6 mm is recommended for models with power up to 500 W, 2-2.5 mm for trimmers with motors up to 1000 W, and up to 3.5 mm for high power. There is also a thicker line, but it is used very rarely and only on powerful (not household) trimmers.

An incorrectly selected line diameter reduces the cutting performance. Due to the high rotation speed (power) of the grass trimmer, the line will be used up quickly. A larger mistake can have more fatal consequences: the load on the motor will increase, and the device may fail.

Cord thickness

Grass trimmer line sizes range from 1.2 mm to 4 mm.

  • 1.2 mm. 1.6 mm. a thin cord for constant lawn care. Applicable for low-power models up to 0.5 kW. This is a standard line for an electric grass trimmer.
  • 2 mm. 2.4 mm. suitable for machines with 1 kW power. This is the most common choice, as it cuts both young and sufficiently stiff older grass. Since home lawns are tended more seldom than they should be, a 2.4-mm cord is just right.
  • 3 mm. 3,2 mm. used for powerful gasoline-powered devices. Their job: to cut not only grass, but also thick stems of weeds and dead wood.
  • 4 mm cord with a thickness of 4 mm is not common, since there are few places where you have to give vegetation with such thick and tough stems the appearance of a smooth lawn. However, for the “war” with weeds, a string of 4 mm is very effective, as evidenced by reviews on the forums.
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Some manufacturers color cords with different cross sections. For example, 1.6mm cord for STIHL trimmers is blue, 2mm is green, and the popular 2.4mm is orange.

Sold in coils, its length varies from 10 to 100 m. But there are also sales “on a length”. On the photo: different kinds of cord with 2 mm, 3 mm, 4 mm cross-section.

Line Composition

But in general the lifetime of a fishing line does not depend on shape or diameter of the line, but on its composition. Most often domestic manufacturers use nylon as a basic material.

It is sufficiently flexible, elastic, strong, deformable by pulling. Relatively easy to handle high loads and high temperatures.

A nylon fishing line is the cheapest in the price range, but this does not mean that it is of poor quality, if we consider the price/quality/performance ratio, the nylon line will show a very decent result.

Coaxial, two-piece line will withstand the heaviest loads and is considered the strongest. Its secret is simple. a dense, even stiff core and a fairly flexible outer layer.

This combination allows the line to retain its properties for a long time and wear out gradually, much slower than nylon line.

A line with a metal core was originally designed for professional work. mowing grass along highways, cleaning steep slopes, working on rocky terrain.

And that’s why it’s priced right, which is not exactly suitable for home gardening.

Grass trimmer line: why it uses up a lot

It is not only the wrong line that causes high line consumption. Problems with the mowing head and improper use of the brushcutter can also lead to high line consumption.

Mowing head problems

In the first place, negligence is worth mentioning. Springs are frequently lost. Inexperienced mowers assemble the head and do not install the spring. As a result, the line is pulled out by centrifugal force while rotating. String is cut with blade mounted on blade guard. The result is an unreasonable increase in consumption, sometimes significantly. A similar situation occurs in an automatic trimmer. If spring is loose, thread is extended and cut with knife. To check, remove the hood and turn on the grass trimmer. If line is slowly but steadily extending from holes, find spring or replace head.

The line may break if the holes in the head housing are worn and the line rubs against the metal bushes. There is only one way out. replace the head. Preferably a modern trimmer made of thick, impact-resistant plastic. And with quick filling without disassembling the head housing.

Incorrect operation of grass trimmer

Like any technique, the grass trimmer has its own limitations on the mode of operation. This is especially important with low-powered, non-professional models. The manual specifies the maximum operating time and the interval between starts. If you don’t follow the operating mode, not only the motor but also the head will overheat. Overheating and sticking will also cause the grass trimmer line. Even brand-name lines tend to melt under high heat. Even the tip to grease the brushcord with mineral oil or silicone spraying doesn’t help. This takes time, effort and money (silicon is not cheap). This takes time, effort and money (silicon is very inexpensive) So the correct switch-on/off mode should be followed and a good quality brushcutter line must be bought. It is especially important to timely turn off the tool in hot weather or under heavy load.

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When working with an automatic mowing head, the mower often resets the engine speed. If the head’s rotation is slowed, the fishing line extends and is cut against the blade. And as a result, it is quickly consumed. The vein also extends when the head hits the ground. The spool is unlocked, the line is fed. And when encountering obstacles, the grass trimmer also goes down and often hits the head on the ground. Care must be taken when working on slopes.

Problems in work organization

Before you start mowing, you should inspect the work site. For stones, small stumps, and other obstacles. Even on a familiar lawn something can appear. Rocks can even drop from the sky, tins and sticks can fly in from over the fence. As a result, the grass trimmer line breaks when it encounters obstacles. That’s why you need to walk on the lawn and clear obstacles.

The string also breaks when it encounters a curb, tree, fence, bench, pipe. You need to be very careful when mowing grass near obstacles.

Types of cord

Of course, the option to come and show the line to the salesman is reliable, but it is not quite right. And this is explained by the fact that the choice of line depends not only on the trimmer head, which is used in the design, but also on the power of the unit.

There are the following varieties of fishing line:

  • Cords with a cross-section of up to 1.6 millimeters. They are used mainly in electric trimmers, where the engine power indicator does not exceed 500 watts. Tools perfectly cope with the trimming of lawn young grass on small plots. Buy a line for the grass trimmer on the website of the online store.
  • Cord cross-section from 2 to 2.4 millimeters. They are found in gasoline-driven or electric trimmers where the power rating is between 500 and 1,000 watts. Basically, such equipment is in demand when cutting thin or dense grass, to rid the area of weeds. If a 1.6 mm line is used on such devices, it will quickly become worthless and must be replaced.
  • Cords with a cross section of 2.4-3.3 millimeters. Used in gasoline trimmers with more than 1,000 watts of power. This line is excellent with grass, as well as with thick and dried stems, allowing you to trim bushes and trees.
  • Also, manufacturers produce fishing line with a diameter of more than 3.3 mm, but it is very rarely used. It’s best to buy it for a high-power grass trimmer.

Important things to know when working with a fishing line?

For the tool to serve you for a long time, you need to know some peculiarities of its device, storage and maintenance:

  • Grass trimmer head during operation should be parallel to the ground, so the line does not catch the ground and rocks. It is desirable not to touch hard objects, curbs, fences.
  • Electric grass trimmers are the most sensitive to moisture, so you can’t work with them in rain and wet weather.
  • After you finish your work, it’s necessary to thoroughly clean all parts of the mechanism from dirt, grass, wipe all wires and fishing line so that everything will work well the next time you start it.

Bosch F016800431 3.5 mm

A grass trimmer line model that allows you to keep track of your line consumption and provides a simple procedure for replacing faulty material.

A good option for mowing weeds, tough grass and wild growth, as the line has high strength characteristics. The set contains 10 clips of 10 x 37 cm of heavy-duty line.

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Best trimmer line on the planet

This is a 3.5 meter coiled line that can be used in medium- and high-powered petrol-powered trimmers.

Best compatibility of this variant with the Bosch trimmer AFS 23-37. This eliminates the hassle of setting up and operating a line. The segments are packed in a compact blister for easy storage.

The package has a hook to hang it from, so you can keep it handy, in plain sight, hanging it on the hook.

  • 3.5 mm fishing line.
  • Section shape is round.
  • Slicing/threading lengths are available/at 37 cm.
  • Number of pieces. 10 pieces.
  • Total length. 370 cm.
  • Additionally suitable for AFS 23-37.
  • High strength values;
  • is easy to use due to its cutting;
  • copes well with its task;
  • it is slow to fray.

DDE Classic line 2 mm 63 m

Trimmer line made of thermoplastic copolymer, which is produced by BASF, one of the leaders.

The product meets three basic characteristics. it is a round line with the best aerodynamics and prevents unnecessary use of the trimmer‘s power for the grass, due to the fact that air resistance is reduced.

Cutting ability is rated high by customers, the line copes with small weeds and small amounts of dead wood.

High marks for the durability of the line. The upper part is made of elastic plastic that stretches well, while the inner part is more rigid, protecting the line from breaking.

The Classic line from DDE has several important advantages.

Polyamide which is used for fishing line is not only flexible but also heat-resistant, it withstands active use on high revolutions. The line does not sinter in the trimmer head and has reduced vibration, which results in a lower noise level.

  • Line cross section is 2 mm.
  • Section shape. round.
  • Slicing/length of line. none.
  • Number of segments. comes in a single coil.
  • Overall length. 63 mm.
  • Additionally. sold with a handy spool.
  • does not stick and is easy to unwind;
  • length-to-value ratio;
  • elastic, does not tear
  • Handles thick grass stems.

Husqvarna T25 M10 (5784461-01)

The line, which is sold together with a semi-automatic head and can be used with trimmers with a straight shaft and volume from 25 to 55 cubic centimeters.

It is a reel with a sturdy line, which is enclosed in a plastic case.

Suitable for all types of grass, even moderate amounts of dead grass.

The line is fed either manually by the user when the grass trimmer motor is not activated, or automatically after activating the device.

In this case, a button is pressed, which is installed on the bottom of the head.


Open eyelet makes line feed very easy, no baking in the head, and very economical.

Designed to last and live up to Husqvarna’s trademark quality.

  • Line cross-section. 2.4 mm.
  • Section shape. round.
  • Number of pieces. comes in a single coil.
  • Optional. sold with bobbin.
  • Easy mounting on the grass trimmer;
  • does not tear or chip;
  • convenient line release;
  • Reel made of durable plastic.

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