How much a gasoline grass trimmer weighs

The difference between the trimmer and brushcutter

Lawn. the face of the owners of the site, so it can not help but rejoice the tendency to keep it in a neat shape. Especially since today there are a lot of helpers invented for this purpose. So much so that sometimes the future user is lost in the guesswork: what is the difference between most similar in functionality devices? In our article, we will consider what is the difference between a lawnmower and a grass trimmer, and what is their purpose.

To understand how different these types of devices are, it is necessary to monitor the following points:

Appointment of devices

The mission of both devices is the same. they are created to beautify the green territory. Similar devices and purely superficially. However, the technical capabilities with which they will perform the task are different.

  • Grass trimmer is a device that cuts small bushes and grass. it copes especially well with its work in difficult places (on uneven and sloping areas, near walls and curbs, along lawns and fences).
  • Lawn mowers are especially useful for dense vegetation, bushes and even young trees. It is a great tool for large areas, but do not expect a carpet with perfect texture. Its working capacity reaches up to 8 hours a day.

The difference between the units is also manifested in the cutting elements of the device: while in the brushcutter there are both knife-discs and cord, the grass trimmers are most often equipped with just a fishing line.

Another difference lies in the appearance of the handles. the brushcutter has more of a bicycle type, and the trimmer has a closed.

Power and performance

Of these two devices, the lawnmower has more power, which is provided by the gasoline engine (found in two- and four-stroke versions). That is why the device has another name. gasoline mower. This addition allows the device to stay in action for a long time and cope with the treatment of large areas. The working volume of the engine of the brushcutter is 46-48 cm3, which gives a power of 1.2. 3 horsepower.

These devices cannot be used in enclosed spaces, such as greenhouses and winter gardens. the ban is associated with the mandatory formation of exhausts.

The trimmer, on the other hand, most often uses electric or battery power. This reduces its power and efficiency, but at the same time makes less noise. Long non-stop operation (more than two hours) is simply contraindicated for this device. The power of trimmers ranges from 350-450 watts to 1-1.2 kW. There are more powerful models. up to 2 kW, but usually a person would prefer to buy a gasoline brushcutter.

much, gasoline, grass, trimmer

Easy to use

What is easier. grass trimmer or lawnmower? If we talk about weight, the lawnmower is significantly heavier than the grass trimmer, even to the touch. The weight of the device will directly depend on how powerful the motor in it is. Of course, this indicator will also affect the time of operation of the device. It is very difficult to maintain the ability to work, for a long time dragging on the shoulders of the device weighing at least 7 kilograms. So it’s worth advising to stay with the lighter model after all.

Garden trimmer eletric for grass is characterized by a light weight, which rarely exceeds the value of 3.2 kg (more often found even less). This allows women and the elderly to use it.

Additional attachments

Additional accessories help expand the functionality of the device. over, they help to claim its versatility. and in both cases.

Let’s start with the brushcutter. this device has many quite popular attachments.

  • The pole pruner, which is used for trimming twigs and branches, even at a height of three meters. The nozzle is a one and a half meter long boom, on which a chain with a tire is installed. The weight of such an accessory is quite light, allowing you to work with it for a long time.
  • Blower will be useful for knocking down autumn leaves in trees, cleaning the area from debris (even sand). Attached quite a powerful compressor will accelerate the air masses up to 60 m/s. At the same time, the construction itself (boom with compressor) is quite light, weighing barely more than two and a half kilograms.
  • The brushcutting attachment is a pair of blades half a meter long each. They work according to the scissor principle, giving a stroke width of 2 to 4 cm. Trees can be mown or bushes and hedges can be trimmed with this mowing head.
  • The edge trimmer is similar to a standard brushcutter attachment with a fishing line, but it has a more curved boom. This design feature lets you smooth lawn edges and work hard-to-reach areas.
  • The edging mower is a standard mowing head with a cutting width of up to 25 cm. It is used to trim horizontal surfaces. Weighs only 2.3 kg with bar and handle. And above the working surface is a special shield. it protects from flying mowed vegetation, among which may be a knot.
  • The cultivator helps to work small areas in the garden. Usually it uses drum blades or toothed blades. With their help it is really possible to loosen soil around trees, to dig over flowerbeds and a garden, to dip beds with potatoes, onions and carrots.
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One of the gasoline grass mower’s unusual attachments is a water pump for drawing water from a well, and a roller brush for sweeping paths or the lawn. It all depends on the model of the device.

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The grass trimmer’s main cord head is represented by the body, the fishing line and the spool on which it is wound. Centrifugal forces turn it into a cutting tool with great force. This attachment is especially good for work in spring or summer, when soft vegetation is easy to cut. In addition to the cord, the grass trimmer has other attachments.

What affects the weight of the gasoline trimmer for grass

Grass trimmers with gasoline engines can weigh from 4 to 11 kg. Naturally, it would be hard for a woman to carry 8-11 kg for a long time, so you need to select a lighter model. Choosing a lightweight tool, it is worth knowing what features or limitations it will have that are absent in heavier versions. Here’s what affects the weight of the grass trimmer:

  • Engine type and power. The 2-stroke versions are smaller and lighter and deliver more power. But their volume is higher. You also have to mix gasoline and oil before you start. 4-stroke engines are larger but quieter. So they can be heavier or with the same weight, but lose out on power. The tank only needs to be filled with gasoline, which makes it convenient to use. They have more stable revolutions. But such equipment is more expensive to buy and repair.
  • Starting system. Manual starting is done by pulling a handle with a rope. Sometimes you have to perform three or four manipulations before the engine starts. But this design is easier to repair and simpler to operate. It is more comfortable to use the electric starter, but it adds weight to the brushcutter at the expense of the battery and the electric starter.
  • Petrol tank capacity. Tank for storing fuel is available in capacities from 350 ml to 1 liter. The bigger it is, the longer the grass trimmer will run on one fill. This is relevant for remote areas, so as not to carry more gasoline in a bottle. But a larger tank volume increases the weight of the grass trimmer. Small fuel tanks make trimmers lighter, but you have to stop and refuel more often.
much, gasoline, grass, trimmer

How to choose a lawn mower for domestic use?

You need to choose a brushcutter with specific factors in mind.

The list of the most important ones includes:

  • power and torque. the higher these indicators, the more effectively the grass mowing tool will cope with large weeds and wild bushes;
  • Availability of useful options. many manufacturers equip their equipment for the garden and dacha with an anti-vibration system, a pre-start hand pump, as well as a mass of other useful options. They are designed to extend the life of the tool and make it easier to use on a daily basis;
  • Build quality. quality brushcutters do not have significant backlash. All their parts and mechanisms sit tightly in their regular places and do not emit any extraneous noise;
  • ease of operation. when choosing a lawnmower, you need to consider factors such as running-in, daily use and maintenance. It is also important to consider that the grass trimmer can be easily repaired with their own hands. Otherwise, its owner will have to visit a workshop at each breakdown of the tool;
  • Dimensions and weight. for use in small areas will suit a light trimmer for grass, which has relatively small dimensions. In order to care for large areas will suit a heavier lawn mower trimmer for grass gasoline hand trimmer.

When buying a grass trimmer, you should also consider the availability of documentation. In the market delivery set should be present instruction, which specifies how to run-in and use the tool, as well as how to perform its independent repair.

operating principle

Speed of rotation of the output shaft of the cone gearbox, and hence the cutting element installed on it, is 3-9 thousand rpm, thanks to which even a round or square line for a trimmer effectively cuts the grass.

Because the further the line for the trimmer moves from the center of the shaft, the higher its angular velocity, as a result, the inertia of the plant stems is too great, so the line for the trimmer tears off the top part of the plant from the bottom.

Blades without sharp edges operate on the same principle, and knives with sharpened blades are designed for gentle grass cutting, so if the blade is sharp enough, it can cut the grass as gently as a lawnmower.

Due to the fact that the weight of the grass trimmer through the suspension system is distributed on the shoulders of the operator, hands only change the tilt of the cutting tool, visually assess its position relative to the ground and adjusts the operation of the engine.

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Even short work of the engine at high RPM but without load, or long work at maximum RPM with minimum load greatly increases the wear of its parts. That’s why the operator has to select and control the cutting motor by himself with the right handle button.

Customer reviews

Since it is possible to estimate the efficiency in certain conditions only after long-term use, it is possible to collect information about different trimmers on the feedback sites and all kinds of Internet forums.

We have prepared links to discussions and reviews of different models of brushcutter, so you can independently decide which of them has a higher quality to price ratio and which firm benzotrimmer better choose for a cottage or household plot.


Here are links to thematic forums whose users discuss the choice and use of brushcutters:


In this section you will find reviews left by the owners of chain saws which will help you decide which model to choose:

Rating gasoline trimmers: price / quality

We have decided to devote this rating to the best petrol trimmers, which engineers managed to achieve high reliability. The tools in the selection can be put in the semi-professional class.

Model Power (l.с.) Engine displacement (cm3) Engine capacity Cutting element Fuel tank capacity (l) Average price in Russia (.)
STIHL FS 55 1 27.2 Two-stroke Trimmer line / blade 0.33 17 990
Echo GT-22GES 0.91 21.2 Two-stroke line for trimmer 0.44 14 100
Makita EM3400U 1.56 34 Two-stroke Trimmer line / blade 0.75 23 026
Oleo-Mac SPARTA 25 ECO ALUMINIUM 1 25.4 Two-stroke Trimmer line / blade 0.75 17 990
Echo SRM-22GES 0.91 21.2 Two-stroke Trimmer line / blade 0.44 20 000
Stiga SBC 243 D 1.7 42.7 Two-stroke Line for trimmer 1 13 490


Let’s begin the rating of gasoline trimmers on the price-quality ratio with a model that has long proven itself among beginners and experienced mowers. The STIHL FS 55 is a lightweight semi-professional model, well suited for regular intensive work.

  • High engine power.
  • Economical fuel consumption.
  • Handles dense plants such as burdocks.
  • Comparatively low noise level.

Echo GT-22GES

Low weight, low engine power, and curved boom let you know that the Echo GT-22GES is designed primarily for domestic use. Despite this, the manufacturer has provided the gasoline trimmer with reliable components and quality assembly.

  • Can’t mow high vegetation in one trip: have to mow tops first, then only mow close to the ground.
  • Not enough belt in the package (it is possible to hang it on the separately purchased).

Makita EM3400U

If not the best semi-professional petrol grass trimmer, then definitely a very good one. Makita EM3400U is suitable for agricultural use and domestic purposes.

  • Straight boom and bicycle handle will facilitate mowing over a wide area.
  • Can be fitted with either a trimmer head or metal blade.
  • Fuel tank capacity.
  • Large filling opening.
  • Fuel consumption.

Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 ECO Aluminium

A good helper for lawn care. Italian Oleo-Mac Sparta 25 ECO Aluminium is powerful enough to handle soft grass and dense bushes. Gasoline-powered trimmer allows you to work with a fishing line and knife.

  • Low fuel consumption.
  • Mowing along bushes and trees is convenient, despite its straight boom.
  • The aluminium boom significantly reduces the weight of the brushcutter.
  • Easy engine start.
  • High power.

Echo SRM-22GES

If you don’t have enough physical strength to work with heavy brushcutters and you need to regularly mow soft grass or weeds, the Echo SRM-22GES is a reliable gasoline grass trimmer for you.

  • Low weight.
  • High enough power for a compact tool.
  • Uncomfortable to work on hilly terrain.
  • Low vibration.
  • Modest gasoline consumption.
  • Short boom prevents tall mowers from working in comfort.
  • Filling unit is inconvenient because of the location of the nozzle.
  • Weak bolt heads.

Stiga SBC 243 D

Presenting the latest model for customers looking for the best lawn trimmer for value for money. The Stiga SBC 243 D is a lawnmower that was designed for comfortable mowing. Swedish technology is equipped with a shoulder strap and anti-vibration protection.

STIHL FS 38 gasoline grass trimmer

A compact unit with 650 watts of home-grade power for cutting grass and soft vegetation. Curved boom for difficult terrain (bumps and holes) and for mowing lawns around objects (benches, trees, flowerbeds). Great for private use in the garden and in the country house, or as an accessory to a lawn mower (grass mowing in hard-to-reach places).

  • Lightweight (4.1 kg).
  • Compact round handle.
  • Hand-operated fuel pump (allows you to dampen start-up jerks on start-up).
  • Automatic line length adjustment.
  • Safety goggles included.

Petrol trimmer PATRIOT T 545 Pro

The perfect model for large areas and difficult terrain. Included trimmer head with fishing line and three-blade metal blade allows you to cope with dense grass, dry stems, bushes, weeds. Bicycle handle makes it easier to control when cutting through tough vegetation. Convenient candle replacement system without the use of additional tools.

Technical Data

The design and technical equipment of the machine play a major role when buying. Not all trimmers are comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. “Dry” weight of some chain saws can be up to 9.5 kg, and even a small design detail can affect the comfort of use. To determine which is the best trimmer for grass to buy, you should pay attention to the key parameters of this or that model.

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Engine type

The vast majority of gasoline trimmers and brushcutters are equipped with a two-stroke engine, in rare cases, the manufacturer installs a four-stroke. The difference in the principles of operation is not so important, because as a result the user gets the same thing. a petrol trimmer for mowing the lawn and weeds. However, when buying, you should understand the practical differences between 2T and 4T engines; this can affect your choice of the right model.

    Service. The 2T engine is filled with a pre-prepared mixture of gasoline and oil. In the package, as a rule, there is a measuring tank, and the technical description specifies the recommended proportions. Before starting the 4T engine, oil and gasoline are poured into separate tanks, which in theory is somewhat easier. In practice, mixing the mixture in a bottle or pouring it into different compartments is equally easy, but maintenance of 4T engines involves more steps.

Operating principle of a four-stroke engine

Conclusion: for household purposes or a small household will suit the unit with a 2-stroke engine, but if the increased noise will have a strong discomfort. it is worth choosing a model with a 4-stroke engine. Among the most powerful representatives in its class there are both 2-stroke and 4-stroke. here it is preferable to choose the second option. Such devices are almost always equipped with various vibration reduction systems, in addition, the 4T engine lasts somewhat longer.

Power Factor

The power of gasoline generators is measured in liters.с., and in fact, this indicator determines what loads the equipment can withstand. The choice here is influenced by the specifics of the upcoming work, the area of the site, the intensity of use.

Classification of benzotrimmers by power:

Low-power grass trimmers are designed only for lawn grass or small weeds. Cut thick stems the machine can not: the line for the trimmer will “iron” vegetation, and when using a knife or disc in the engine will reduce the speed. For tall, thick growth, medium-powered or powerful models are used, the latter can even perform rough treatment of bushes and young trees, although for such work it is better to use a shrub cutter.

much, gasoline, grass, trimmer

Cutting part. trimmer line, knife or disc

Accessories for petrol-powered brushcutters are nozzles with a fishing line, a knife or a disc. Completion of light power devices may include only a cord with a fishing line, in all other cases, together with the trimmer is still a knife or disc.

When working with small grass, it is sufficient to use a line for the trimmer, its feed can be fully automatic or semi-mechanical. In the second case, the line is fed by pushing the button on the base of the filament.

Metal knives and discs are more practical, productive and wear-resistant. They should be used for cutting grass into hay or for removing tall, dense thickets.

Important to know! It is forbidden to sharpen cutting knives or blades by yourself. In domestic conditions, even with highly specialized equipment, it is almost impossible to achieve uniform removal of material, which leads to unbalanced disc. Using such a tool leads to engine failure.

The working width. productivity. depends on the tool type. The greater the index, the faster the removal of overgrowth.

Design and ergonomics

The weight of a petrol unit for mowing grass varies from 4 to 9 kg. First of all, the weight is influenced by the power, engine capacity and gas tank volume. Operating comfort will depend on the type of belt suspension and handle.

The most compact and lightweight models are usually equipped with a simple loop-shaped handle on the boom, also sometimes include a shoulder strap. It is assumed that these trimmers work no longer than 20 minutes per cycle and no more than 2 hours per day, because little attention is paid to ergonomics: the loop-shaped handle is almost always plastic, without rubber pads, and holding the belt narrow. about 3-4 cm in width.

Large and medium power tools are always equipped with an ergonomic bike-type handle, but the belt suspension can be different: backpack or shoulder strap. Backpack. the most convenient, they have two wide straps, and they are put on like a backpack. This distributes the entire load of the lawnmower evenly, which prevents rapid fatigue on the operator, reducing strain on the spine. Wide shoulder straps are often found in semi-professional or farming class machines and are much wider than on simple trimmers.

Sometimes the belt can be supplemented with an additional restraining strap.

When buying even the lightest machine it is better to choose a model equipped with a belt or buy a suspension separately. Additional fixation ensures comfortable and safe operation.

Despite the fact that electric and gasoline trimmers for grass are suitable for the same operations, to determine which of them is better to choose only by taking into account many factors and reviews.

Therefore, for some jobs electric mowers are better suited, and other actions are preferable to perform with a brushcutter.

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