How many revolutions does an angle grinder have?

Angle grinders (Part 2). Technical options

The average person, who occasionally uses a power tool, finds it difficult to decide on the choice. The wide range of angle grinders in specialized stores baffles the potential buyer. After all, it is not construction gloves. used and thrown away.

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How to choose an angle grinder? The recommendations given in the article will help to make a choice of the tool.

many, revolutions, does, angle

Function and principle of operation of the angle grinder

angle grinder is actively used in repair and construction, wood, stone and metal processing, and all because virtually any material is easily subjected to abrasive treatment.

As you know, the working element of the grinder just acts as an abrasive wheel, although for cutting needs one type of it, and for grinding. quite another.


To work with different materials, grinding wheels with different compositions are used, and they are marked with different colors.

angle grinder is used for processing steels, alloys, tiles, stone, bricks, concrete.

The list goes on and on.

When using special accessories, you can perform polishing of surfaces.

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, when choosing an angle grinder, both professionals and amateurs pay attention to the main characteristics, thanks to which you can determine the performance of this or that model. Company DeWALT offers its customers the highest performance on many parameters (unlike other manufacturers)

First of all, each of the models can boast a high performance, which is important in long construction works. DeWALT angle grinders are able to work without interruption for a fairly long period of time, without heating and without losing their technical characteristics

Manufacturers took into account the fact that their products are used by a great many people of different professions, so the diameter of the power of the working part varies from 115 to 230 millimeters.

Many models also feature the ability to adjust the hood without using a special wrench. This is the most convenient option, because during the construction work is not always possible to do too many movements at once. In addition, many users note the correct location of the buttons in easy reach. Consequently, a huge plus of the bolsters of this brand is that they are practical to use. over, some models are equipped with an intentional start protection function, electronic speed control, self-switching brushes and many other features that greatly facilitate the work.

Line or cordless angle grinder

According to the type of power supply all electric angle grinder are divided into cordless and mains. The second option is the most common among users, as they have good power and can run for a long time. Cordless angle grinder is usually used as an auxiliary tool on de-energized objects, because they do not have enough power for energy-consuming and continuous work (maximum operating time. 1 hour).

many, revolutions, does, angle

Good power performance at any stage of work

Operation time is limited by battery capacity

For home or professional use

To determine which angle grinder to choose for home, and which for intensive work, you need to proceed from its technical indicators. All power tools, including angle grinders, are divided into household and professional, depending on the time of continuous operation. Domestic models of the angle grinder are designed for occasional use 30. 40 minutes a day.

Professional models are designed for continuous use throughout the day or shift. Professional angle grinder have enhanced protection against dust, noise, and a number of systems that are designed to provide comfort and safety of the operator.

If the angle grinder is designed to perform minor household works, then you should pay attention to the models with a disc diameter of 115 mm, 125 mm or 150 mm. The most common model for the home is an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 125 mm. To understand how to choose an angle grinder for the house, it is necessary to outline the range of tasks to be performed and the list of materials to be processed. It is obvious that the purchase of expensive professional tools in this case is unjustified.

As for professional models, the undisputed leader here is an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 230 mm. When choosing such a model it is worth paying attention to the diameter of the motor. The larger the motor diameter, the more torque the angle grinder can develop, and this is very important in grueling operation.

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So if you choose between two approximately equal angle grinder give preference to the one with a larger motor diameter, and only secondly look at the power. Some manufacturers indicate torque themselves in the data sheet of the tool, but many ignore this parameter.

What to look for when choosing a grinder

To find the right angle grinder for home use, you need to decide not only the type of tool, but also look at other characteristics.

Disc diameter

Abrasive wheel cuts, is responsible for cleaning and sanding. The scope of work available to the tool depends not only on the material of manufacture of the wheel, but also on its size.

Important: when selecting an accessory, you need to take into account the fact that it is able to cut to a depth of no more than ⅓-¼ of its diameter.

When choosing, it is worth bearing in mind that the small diameter wheel is suitable for large grinders, but not vice versa: large grinders are not compatible with the compact angle grinder.

All discs can be divided into five classes. Features of each in the table.

Diameter Features
115 mm Suitable for cuts up to 25 mm deep. Not suitable for metal.
Sanding and shallow cutting work with this disc.
125 mm For cuts up to 4 cm deep.
Popular because of its versatility. With this kind of drive and a full set of accessories, you can work with almost any material without any problem.
For home use this tool is ideal.
150 mm Easily cuts concrete, metal and brick. Cutting depth up to 5 cm.
180 mm A good choice for those planning to do construction or major renovation work.
Used for cutting hard materials, ideal for utility installations.
230 mm A blade with this diameter is installed on professional tools.
With its help it is possible to make a cut to a depth of 7 cm.


One of the most important parameters when choosing a tool, because it directly affects the performance and stability of the grinder to the load.

Most grinders are equipped with power drives with capacities from 0.5 to 2.6 kW. Which model to choose for your home depends on the work to be done. As a rule, variant up to 1,5 kW, like POWX0613, is enough for home use. Such devices do not overload the wiring, and waste little electricity if we are talking about network devices. And they do not cost as much as options more powerful.

It should be taken into account that if you install large disks on devices with such a power indicator, productivity decreases as well: processing will go slower. However, the specifications of grinders of this type indicate the diameter of the wheel, with which the device is compatible.

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Users who are looking for an easy-to-use home tool, the network models are the right choice. Cordless grinders are also very comfortable to work with, but they weigh more. The pneumatic type is the lightest: 1-2 kg. But in principle a good value is considered 3 kilos maximum.

Note: there are also very lightweight cordless machines. For example, the Metabo W 850-125 weighs only a couple of kilograms.

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RPM frequency

The grinders, designed to work with large discs, have a rotation speed of 7-9 thousand rpm. In devices with smaller circles, this parameter is higher. about 12 thousand.

Worth bearing in mind: the specification is specified by the manufacturer, taking idling speed into account. In practice, the disc spins a little slower.

Some angle grinders for the home, such as the GL-125S, have a speed regulator. This option is worth choosing if you want to adjust the speed yourself.


Safety in the process of work, increase of service life of the device is provided by such options:

  • Soft start. due to this feature slows down the process of acceleration of the motor to maximum speed. No “jolting” of the housing when starting up. The tool is easier to hold, increasing the accuracy of the blade guidance.
  • Accidental start protection. avoids unplanned starting. Implemented with a pair of buttons on the body. angle grinder is activated by pressing on both at the same time.
  • Overload protection. the rotation speed remains stable even if you push the device too hard. This keeps the motor from breaking.
  • Speed control. gives you the ability to choose the best cutting speed for the job in hand.
  • Dust guard. prevents dust and particles of material from damaging the motor.
  • Anti-vibration handle. makes working with the tool more comfortable and safer for the user.
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Nut retainer

To change a worn disc, you must first fix the spindle, and then unscrew the nut with a wrench.

If you change the tool infrequently, you can get by with the standard method described above. But if the work is different and it needs to be replaced more often, then buy a machine with SDS nut, which can be unscrewed without additional tools: replacing the disc takes seconds.

Working with concrete

Almost all large angle grinder can be installed a toothed steel disc, which effectively cuts such material. When choosing an angle grinder for home, it is worth taking into account that in the home such opportunities are rarely needed. However, if the user has decided to build something at home, then this is a good option.

Tip: if you choose a machine that can cut concrete, it is better to look at models with protection of the engine from dust and abrasive particles.

speed adjustment

DWT WS10-115 TV angle grinder (angle grinder) with adjustable speed. Photo 220Volt

If this function is available, the master can adjust the desired speed of the disc by himself using the switch. This is a particularly useful function when sanding wooden surfaces. RPM adjustment is necessary for the following operations:

  • stone processing, since different man-made stone varieties require different disc speeds for sanding;
  • Processing of fragile surfaces, which need to be treated with care;
  • always requires a speed adjustment when changing from one type of wheel to another.

If the angle grinder will be used exclusively for cutting work, then there is no need to adjust the speed.

Additional functions

For convenience, each model has a number of additional features. If frequent and professional use of the machine is expected, it is better to pay attention to such features:

  • Soft start. accelerates the brush motor gradually, avoiding mains overload and extending the life of the motor;
  • anti-jamming protection. turns off the power if the disc is stuck in the material;
  • protection against unintentional start;
  • Automatic disc balancing. eliminates runout at the slightest imbalance.

It is important to remember that the presence of additional functions makes the tool more expensive, so you should assess whether there is a real need for such functions.


Bosch GWS 850 CE angle grinder. Photo 220Volt

Among the great variety of models, there are proven manufacturers who produce models with adjustable speed. Here are some famous models:

  • Bosch GWS 850 CE. Great model with 850 W power. Great for polishing stone and granite. The speed can be adjusted in six positions minimum 2800 rpm maximum 11 thousand rpm.
  • DeWALT D 28136. Excellent professional tool with RPM adjustment from 2.8 thousand to 10 thousand rpm.
  • Bosch GWS 850. Low power angle grinder for light-duty household applications. Speed 2.8,000-11,000 rpm.

Speed regulator can be on a simple domestic or professional model.

With our own hands

The speed regulator has a simple circuit diagram, so it is quite affordable to make it with your own hands. You need a piece of textolite about the size of the circuit board. It needs to be degreased and sanded. Next you need the following components:

After assembly the control box should be tested.

Engine speed without gearbox

Angle grinder without a gearbox. it is a powerful electric drive, which can be used in homemade machines. There are a variety of options for angle grinder attachments without a gearbox. The number of revolutions in such a case increases by 2-3 times compared to those stated in the passport. It all depends on the motor used in the tool and its power. The more powerful the angle grinder. the higher the number of revolutions without a gearbox.

angle grinder. a proven and indispensable tool for grinding and cutting a variety of materials. When choosing a tool for professional or household use, you should pay attention to the speed of the disc, in addition to various other parameters. For cutting, it must be higher than for grinding work. Optimally, if the tool has a speed control mode.

The main characteristics of angle grinders

When you come to the construction supermarket, the store profile tool or just at the market to buy an angle grinder, the first question you will ask. do you need a professional tool or for yourself. Professional angle grinders are designed for daily use for several hours a day. To facilitate the work of the master and extend the life of the unit, it is equipped with enhanced dust protection, all kinds of electronics, design features to reduce noise, and disc speed control.

many, revolutions, does, angle

the angle grinder “for yourself” refers to the category of household tools for the home handyman, who will use it sporadically, when suddenly something breaks or to do it is necessary, or no more than 30. 40 minutes a day. Household angle grinders have less power and require intermittent operation. For example, 15. 20 minutes of work and 30 minutes of rest. During this time, the motor has time to cool down and there is less chance of failure.

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When choosing an angle grinder for home repair or professional use, it is important to understand exactly what kind of work it will be used for. Based on your needs, select the diameter of the disc, its speed and power of the angle grinder.

Disc diameter of the angle grinder

Disc diameter angle grinder. the main parameter, which must be guided in the choice, the power of the unit and the speed of the wheel is chosen according to the diameter.

There are angle grinder under the disc diameter of 115 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 180 mm, 230 mm. The simplest angle grinder with a disc diameter of 115. 125 mm are household, they can be used for grinding various surfaces, removing rust, paint on parts, for polishing, and for cutting various metals and ceramic, granite tiles, which thickness does not exceed 50 mm. The main limitation when cutting is the thickness of material. A disc with a small diameter will not cut a concrete curb or other solid element. But for home needs an angle grinder 125 mm is more than enough.

Angle grinder 230 mm refers to the professional tool, in the same category can be attributed and 180 mm. Such powerful units are used for cutting massive concrete products, asphalt, stone, bricks. Enormous power, a heavy, massive disc, great vibration make it pointless to use an angle grinder with a disc diameter of 230 mm for cutting thin angle, sheet iron, tiles, plastic, as well as for grinding and polishing surfaces. It is easier to do with a less powerful and weighty machine.

Power angle grinder

The power range of the angle grinder is very large: from 600 W to 2700 W. Angle grinder with a disc 115 mm are 600. 1000 W of power, more is simply pointless.

many, revolutions, does, angle

angle grinders with 125 mm disc have a power of 750. 1500 watts. As a rule, low-powered units from the 125 mm series have few additional functions and are not designed for long-term use. angle grinder power 1200. 1500 W are usually stuffed with all sorts of useful features and elements.

angle grinder with a wheel 180. 230 mm refer to the multi-powered units 1500. 2700 W. To cut concrete, stone and other massive elements need an angle grinder power from 2000 watts. But for cutting small parts, sheet metal, plastic, for grinding and polishing suit angle grinder power of 720. 1000 watts. If you buy an angle grinder for home repair, but for complex jobs, it is better to take an angle grinder to 125 mm capacity of 1200. 1500 watts.

The greater the power of the angle grinder, the longer it will be able to work under load. Power is selected taking into account the complexity and duration of the work, the weight of the disc you are going to use. For example, if you plan to grind a welding seam angle grinder 115 mm, then you need to take a unit of power from 1000 watts. If you plan to use heavy 230 mm discs that are not easy to untwist, you need 2000 watts and more.

Disc speed on an angle grinder

The speed of the disc or spindle on which it is mounted indicates how many revolutions per minute it makes. The bigger the disc installed, the lower the speed needed.

Disc speed on the angle grinder comes in the range of 2800 rpm to 11000 rpm. Smaller wheels 115. 125 mm are used at a maximum speed of 10. 11 thousand. rpm. But there is already a limit of 8500 rpm for 180 mm discs and 6650 rpm for 230 mm discs. These restrictions are due to the fact that the linear velocity of the cutting edge of the disc should not exceed 80 m/s, otherwise the disc can fly away, crippling the master.

Important! It is better to buy an angle grinder, which has the ability to adjust the speed of the disc, depending on the size of the disc used. Most often it is implemented with a special lever or regulator.

Recall that the disc size indicated in the marking is the maximum allowable. For example, the angle grinder 150 mm can be equipped with 115, 125 and 150 mm discs.

You have familiarized yourself with what is an angle grinder. We learned the subtleties of choosing the most appropriate model for their needs and reviewed the technical specifications of the most current samples. I will be glad to answer your questions in Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

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