How many hours you can work with a hole punch

Allowed for apartment buildings by law time of repair in the apartment

As the repair work is not only someone who has not flooded the waterproofing of the neighbors from below and did not collapse the plaster on his head when performing demolition work, but also someone who understands what laws and regulations can not be violated during the works, and what our own rights are infringed by the neighbors.

  • Rules for renovations
  • Rule 1. Turn off the fan on time
  • Rule 2. Don’t make more than 6 hours of noise a day
  • Rule 3. Make the noise regulations
  • Rule 4. Rest after three months yourself and let your neighbors rest
  • Rule 5. Worry about what to do with construction waste
  • Rule 6. Ask yourself if you can carry building materials in the passenger elevator?
  • Rule 7. Do not carry wet areas
  • Rule 8: Install your hood correctly

Acceptable noise levels and general rules

Normal noise levels for apartment buildings are 40-45 decibels during the day and no more than 30 decibels at night. The maximum allowable sound may be up to 55 dB during the day and 45 dB at night. For example, a whisper is 20 dB, a normal conversation in a room is 30-40 dB, the noise of a busy street during work hours is 60-70 dB.

Peorator is the most effective tool that allows you to quickly cope with the elimination of the old finish and drill the necessary holes in the wall made of concrete, brick or blocks. Depending on the maximum power of the device, its noise level can reach 90-100 dB. Given the emptiness of the apartment during the renovation, the sound is amplified by the echo. And that’s taking into account the rather thick concrete walls in the apartment building. The maximum noise level is defined in SanPiN “Sanitary and epidemiological requirements for living conditions in residential buildings and premises. To measure the noise level produced by the neighbor’s equipment, it is necessary to make an examination. Measurements are made with special equipment and documented.

The noise level of ordinary sounds in apartment buildings

It turns out that it is illegal to carry out construction work with a peorator in the building when there are tenants in the immediate vicinity. But without the participation of powerful equipment the process of installing furniture or laying electrical cables becomes impossible. For the convenience of all citizens, territorial statutes have been developed that regulate what times you can work as a peorator without harming others.

What noise is considered a violation

Let’s see what types of noise are considered unacceptable:

  • Too loud noise from a working TV, tape recorder or any other equipment capable of reproducing sounds. And the source of noise is not necessarily the neighbor’s apartment. Amusement facilities, kiosks, kiosks, parked cars. if these are near a house they can also spread loud music. This is considered a violation. According to the new law, you can not open such facilities on the first floor of residential buildings. Practice shows that the law is not always respected. Every now and then new cafes and bars appear on the first floors. Owners do not always worry about creating additional soundproofing. The same beauty salon can disturb the residents of the apartment above it.
  • Use of firecrackers, firecrackers, fireworks, and other types of pyrotechnics. It is subject to a separate ban, at any time of day, except on New Year’s Eve.
  • Loud playing of musical instruments. Even if the neighbor’s child has to rehearse and practice a music school program every day in his apartment, he can only do this during legal hours.
  • The car alarm, which sometimes goes off at the most inopportune moments.
  • Work related to repairs, especially those involving alterations. This also includes loading and unloading work, rearranging.
  • Dog barking. A dog that is alone is known to be noisy. Dog owners should take this fact into account and only get a pet if they have enough time for it. Otherwise the poor animal will become a constant source of noise and will disturb the neighbors.
  • Loud shouts, arguments, scandals, drunkenness, noisy parties. these are the situations that are especially difficult for the neighbors, as they usually occur in the evening and even at night.
  • Baby crying. It is clear that a small child is crying in any case, both during the day and at night. But parents are obligated to take some kind of action to calm the infant. In most cases, neighbors treat crying of small children adequately, if parents can see that they are doing something about it.
  • Construction work in the vicinity of the house. Often in residential neighborhoods, homes are close together, developers try to use literally every bit of land. It turns out that construction can begin right under the windows of existing houses, where people live. Construction is the use of heavy equipment, complex machinery and powerful power tools. All this combined gives a very high level of noise and spoils the quality of life.
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Liability for violation

Ignoring the law by neighbors who make very noisy repairs threatens to expose the latter to financial liability. Such builders initially receive an official warning or a fine of up to 2 thousand rubles. Representatives of the authorities are liable to a fine from 4,000 to 8,000 rubles and legal entities up to 80,000 rubles.

On a side note: the rules do not apply to workers who carry out the elimination of the consequences of natural-anthropogenic phenomena or similar aspects.

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Breaking the Silence and St. Petersburg. what are the differences

The Law on Silence in Moscow Region was adopted in 2002. Since then, it has been amended several times. The last changes took place during 2014-2015. Since the beginning of 2016, the new amendments regulate the following points. Drilling with a rotary tool, drill, hammer, angle grinder, mitre cutter and other construction equipment is allowed from 9am to 7pm. By popular demand, it was decided to establish a daytime silence from 13 to 15 hours, which was good news for families with infants and small children. It is forbidden to make noise on Sundays and holidays.

Do not forget to study the rules and regulations of the repair

According to a survey, in which a little more than a quarter of a million Muscovites took part, opinions were divided almost equally. 55% voted for finishing renovation and construction work in residential homes by 7 p.m., and 42% by 8 p.m. In Leningrad Oblast, the law was changed in 2017. According to the new legislation, any actions related to noise are carried out between 7 and 22 (previously up to 23 hours). Club and restaurant owners were not entirely happy with the innovations. However, they had to put up with them, in case of violation of the administrative law is subject to a fine, the amount of which can be up to 500,000.

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Is it possible to make repairs at your convenience, you may ask?? Yes, we can. For this you need to collect the signatures of tenants that they are not opposed to you carrying out repairs earlier or later than the regulated time. However, as practice shows, it is difficult to get a positive result from all the neighbors and tenants of the entrance, so you have to act according to the rules of local law.

Where to complain about trespassers

What to do if there are constant violators of the established quiet regime? Deal with it or fight for quietness. The matter can be resolved peacefully, without the involvement of law enforcement agencies, but in some cases, the case goes to trial.

Possible directions for filing a complaint are given below:

  • Neighbors. First of all address the offenders themselves with a request to observe the silence. It is possible that the neighbors realize the illegality of their actions, but temporarily, as a result of force majeure, they can not behave within the law. And offer to be patient for 1-2 days. In 90% of cases you can reach an agreement with your neighbor.
  • Police. If the conversation has no effect, contact the law enforcement authorities. A police squad is needed to document the violation. After a summons, the police draw up a protocol which is handed over to a local policeman. After that, the work to maintain order will be carried out by him. The policeman is obliged to visit the violators and give them a talk on preventive measures. This measure is often enough to restore quietness.
  • Management Company. In cases where the previous measures do not bring results, write a complaint to the management organization. Enclose a copy of the protocol of the offense, drawn up by the police, and a certificate issued by the precinct officer, confirming the work carried out. Such an appeal does not bode well for the violators. the management company has the right to file a lawsuit in court and, after a hearing, carry out the eviction.
  • Rospotrebnadzor. This method is suitable for collective applications. If several apartments regularly suffer from noise made by one tenant, you can count on a full examination by the Rospotrebnadzor, followed by a collective complaint.

Employees of the organization are obliged to carry out an examination, arriving at the hours specified by the applicants with special devices. They make measurements, examine the premises and draw up an act. In the process of court hearings, it will be 100% proof of the offender’s guilt.

Is it allowed to make noise on holidays and weekends

The regulation of the order of construction and repair work is based on the following regulations:

many, hours, work, hole

Federal Law 2 specifies the decibel (dB) values that are allowed in apartments:

Regulations allow any activities that produce loud noises on weekdays from 9:00 to 19:00. When they do, a “quiet hour” from 13:00 to 15:00 with the cessation of all noisy activities is mandatory. This period is organized specifically for rest and sleep of children.

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In all regions of Russia on weekends and national holidays a complete restriction is imposed on any work that produces loud sounds above the permissible dB limit.

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How much time you can drill without a break?

If construction and repair work is carried out continuously, it must not take more than 6 hours a day. If you have to make more than 6 hours of noise, you must take a break of at least one hour. That is, you may not make noise for more than six hours in a row.

Noisy construction work is allowed from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays; noise is allowed from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., but there are daily quiet hours from 1 to 3 p.m. New construction has its own rules. here you may repair from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m.

How much time you can work with a peorator according to the labor code

Find out about the current changes in CS: GO by becoming a member of the program developed together with JSC “Sberbank-AST. Trainees who have successfully completed the program will be issued a standard certificate.

many, hours, work, hole

The program was developed together with Sberbank-AST JSC. Those who successfully complete the program receive a standard certificate.

How many rest and meal breaks must be established for employees with work schedules that involve duty from 08:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m.00 one day to 08.00 other day? What kind of breaks an employer must establish if, under the terms of the job, employees cannot leave the workplace during these breaks? Are there any requirements for rest and meal breaks when an employee cannot leave the workplace on 24-hour duty?

We have examined the question and came to the following conclusion: It is not against the law to allow employees to take several rest and meal breaks within 24 hours, which are not included in their working time, provided that they do not exceed two hours in total. Providing both rest and meal breaks not included in the working hours and providing rest and meal breaks included in the working hours during one 24-hour tour of duty is not required by law. In addition to breaks for rest and meals, it is possible to provide employees with special breaks due to the technology and organization of production and labor, included in the working hours during the 24-hour duty period. The duration of such technological breaks and the procedure for providing them are determined by the employer at his discretion in the internal labor regulations.

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