How many atmospheres to pump on a power tiller

What is the tire pressure in Bobcat tires?

Description of types of tires for bobbikes

Tire sizes: 10-16.5-10PR
Diameter and profile width, mm: 775/275
Rim dimensions: 8.25
Unrestricted load, at 25km/h,kg (traction/steer), to: 2140/1690
Pressure in tires, bar: 5.2


The wheels on the power tiller get worn and break during use. In addition, the running gear is also upgraded in the case where you want to improve the quality of plowing or increase the cross-country capability of the machine. To properly place large rubber wheels on the machine, you must pay attention to the arrow on the side of the tire. This will indicate the correct direction of rotation. First remove the old wheel and disc by unscrewing the bolts and turning 180°, then fit the new wheel.

Instructions for tire pressure of complete wheels for agricultural equipment

Complete wheels for tractors, combines and other self-propelled agricultural machinery are delivered to the customer or to the warehouse of the branch with the tire pressure indicated on the tire’s bead. This applies to all wheels for which tires are mounted on disc wheels with mounting holes for mounting on agricultural machine hubs.

This pressure is nominal and in such a form the complete wheel is delivered to the client. transport pressure.

Complete wheels for tractors, combines and other self-propelled agricultural machines used as dual wheels or complementary wheels, consisting of a rim and spacer, are shipped to the customer or to the branch warehouse with a tire pressure of 0.7 bar less than that indicated on the tire bead.

many, atmospheres, pump, power, tiller

When fitting additional wheels, the customer should be informed that the air pressure in the tire of additional wheel should ALWAYS be lower by 0,5 (min.).). 1.0 (max.) bar than in the basic wheel. This value (the difference in pressure), the client regulates itself, depending on the task assigned to the specific technique on which these wheels are installed.

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It is not allowed to operate equipment with additional wheels on spacers, when mounted pressure in outer tire is greater than or equal to pressure in the tire on the inner wheel. Minimum pressure difference of 0.5 bar lower on the outer tire.

Load-bearing wheels

Soilers are a modified group of wheels with no tires or tubes.

The main purpose is to work in the fields (the key value is the grip performance).

By them we mean steel discs with special external inserts, which provide significant assistance when driving.

Kum 680 wheels for ploughing

A distinctive feature is availability:

The size of the wheels of the motor-block Neva of this modification:

Fitted on the gearbox shaft. no additional connections required.

Kum 540 universal wheels for tillage

Distinctive feature from the 680 model is not a solid rim, but the presence of only the side. inside it is full. Furthermore, the spikes are not slanted to one side, but have a V-shape.

When driving on the ground, not only the spikes grip the ground, but also the rim itself, thereby achieving maximum effect.

Important! For the installation it is additionally necessary to purchase an extension, because any fasteners in the standard variation are not foreseen. only holes up to 65 cm in diameter.

Kum 540 universal wheels with long hub

The KUM 540 is often used for ploughing, but the hub is already fitted. connected directly to the gear shaft.

many, atmospheres, pump, power, tiller

An additional distinguishing feature is the wheel width, which can reach up to 68 cm.

  • the number of hoops. 2 pcs.;
  • wheel diameter over the spikes is 540 mm, over the hoop is 460 mm. Width of studs. 90 mm;
  • the bushings have a bushing diameter of 30 mm.

Mounted on the gearbox shaft. The total weight does not exceed 13.5 kg.

H grousers for ploughing

Of the features stand out the large diameter and width. It is used when it is necessary to work on the virgin soil or fields after winter stoppage, when the surface is still hard and needs preparation.

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Ideal for ploughing in tight spaces.

Repair, Maintenance And Operation Of Power Tiller

In the case of direct mounting, track width will be 40 cm, when using an extension, it ranges from 65 to 70 cm.

Mini H tines for ploughing

Tillage tools for the Neva are similar to the KUM range.

Ideal for ploughing.

H auxiliary trailing shoes with long hub

Fully identical to the model range considered. The only difference is the already built in sleeve.

This version has a fixed track size. 65 cm.

Kirlosker KOEL mega T 15 power tiller | Field work | Full specification

Mini H tedders for ploughing

Today they are considered one of the lightweight models of the MINI H for plowing. The ground is already prepared and not hard during plowing, so there is no need for a massive type.

VST Shakti 130 Di power tiller review and performance | price mileage specifications and features

Diameter on the hoop is set at 28 cm, and the width for plowing is 9 cm.

Designed for summer and winter operation.

What are the minimum and maximum speeds of a power tiller and how to adjust them?

Today, power tillers are probably the most common type of mini agricultural equipment. It happens that users of some models are no longer satisfied with the speed and performance of the unit. It is rather expensive to buy a new model. In this case, you can try to modernize your device.

The single-axle tractor is a kind of mini-tractor, sharpened for a variety of agricultural operations on relatively small areas of soil.

Its purpose. to perform arable work on small and medium-sized plots of land, cultivate the land with harrow, cultivator, milling machine. Also power tillers can process potatoes and beets, mow grass, transport cargo (using trailer).

It is also possible to use additional attachments to broaden the list of tasks performed by this powerful, indispensable in many cases unit: a cart trailer for cargo transportation weighing up to half a ton, milling machines, harrows, etc. д.

There are gasoline and diesel varieties of power tillers. Mostly diesel units are more powerful than their gasoline counterparts. In the price category, gasoline-powered devices win. they are cheaper. But the choice depends a lot on the size of the land and how often you use this technique, because diesel fuel is more accessible than gasoline.

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Motorized devices come in two- and four-wheel configurations. Not all units have a reverse function.

How much pressure should a power tiller tire have??

To measure the pressure in the pneumatic wheels of a power tiller and other garden equipment, buy a pressure gauge. You can use pumps with a built-in unit, but they are usually of low accuracy. Therefore, if you use the same instrument to measure the pressure in small wheeled equipment and in tires, it is better to buy a quality pressure gauge separately.

Tire pressure is measured in Atmospheres, Bar, Psi and Kilopascal. Atmosphere is almost equal to Bar, so in practice these units are interchangeable. 1 atm. = 1 kgf/cm. kv. = 1.02 bar. 1 psi = 1 pound/inch sq. ft. Units are converted from one to the other using formulas:

Practice shows that 1.8-2.2 atm can be considered the best values for plowing., for driving with a trailer 1.5 to 1.8 atm.

Calculation: (3.5 / 475kg) multiplied by the Economy load (for VAZ = 350kg.) (for specific AUTO) 2.6 kgf/cm2 = working pressure (rear wheel). It is necessary to take into account axle weighing (for VAZ-2101): (47% 53%), from it follows that pressure in front wheel will be: (350 kg/cm2 ).

Undercarriage system. wheel arrangement 2×2. Wheels of power tiller with pneumatic tires 7.50-12. Tire pressure, depending on load 0.08. 0.12 MPa. Fuel control. cable operated lever.

many, atmospheres, pump, power, tiller

What is the tire pressure in the Mzsa trailer tires??

Technical characteristics of MZSA trailers

Model 817701 817710
Tire pressure, MPa (kgf/cm) 0.17-0.21(1.7-2.1) 0.21-0.23 (2.1-2.3)
– diagonal
– radial
technically permissible maximum load on coupling device, kg 40 40

Standard (for European manufacturers) pressure for tubeless tire 16.9-28 2.6 atmosphere.

Model Modifications Recommended tire pressure
MTZ 80 all (all) 2.5
MTZ 80.1 all (all) 2.5
MTZ 80L all (all) 2.5
MTZ 82 all 2.5

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