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Top 11 best power tillers 2022

A single-axle tractor is an essential tool in any countryside household. Modern devices are amazingly versatile and can easily and quickly cope with half of the difficult jobs. from plowing to cultivate and shredding debris. It is not surprising that more and more dacha owners and villagers decide to buy such machines. However, in order not to make a mistake and not to get confused (and it is very easy to do because of the rich assortment) you should be well versed in this subject. Well, for those who do not want to spend extra time studying the market, we will be happy to offer a rating of the best power trimmers from among those presented in today’s market.

Single Axle Semi Hotshot Trucking

  • How to choose a single axle tractor. expert recommendations
  • Light class power tillers. best models
  • 1. MKM-3 PRO
  • 2. PATRIOT Victory
  • 3. PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel)
  • 4. Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432
  • Medium class power tillers. the best models
  • 1. ELITECH KB 506
  • 2. PATRIOT Ural
  • 3. Champion BC1193
  • 4. Neva MB-23B-10.0
  • Heavy duty class. the best models
  • 1. Huter GMC-9.0
  • 2. Champion DC1193E
  • 3. Aurora COUNTRY 1400
  • Which single axle tractor is better to buy

How we made the rating of the best motor blocks

First of all, let us note that we do not pursue advertising purposes. All units offered for your consideration were selected impartially, on the principle of “as for me”. Selection criteria:

  • We took into account the opinion of vehicle owners in the first place. We felt that this is the most correct way to get the answer to the question, “What is a good single-axle tractor, and near which it is better to pass by in the store?”. Practitioners have more faith than salesmen and advertisers. But here there is another side of the medal. according to the reviews of the owners, only fairly common and popular gasoline and diesel motor blocks had a chance to get into the rating of the best, while quality novelties could remain unnoticed. How we did it? See. following point.
  • The study of technical characteristics allowed us to identify monoblocs that are already available on the agricultural equipment market in Russia, but which are still little used by citizens. In such cases, we monitored similar products of the company, for which there are already reviews and extrapolated the result to the described model. Т.е., practically evaluated the reputation that the company had earned before. In addition, the reviews on foreign sites were analyzed.
  • Functionality and price. the assessment of this duo of parameters allowed to exclude from the top motor blocks, which “do not fit” into the modern Russian realities, namely models with a cost, comparable to the price of a new car, but with a quite usual functional set.
  • Availability. there is no point in describing a single-axle tractor, which is impossible to buy in our country. There are foreign catalogs for such products.

For ease of classification, power tillers can be divided into the following groups:

  • Light motor blocks have motors rated at no more than 4-5 horsepower, most often the motor gear and at the same time the clutch is V-belt drive. The main purpose. work with milling machines, additional attachment is connected by a second belt, if the drive pulley has several grooves. They won’t withstand a big load in the form of a plough, even with weighting agents, and will overheat on heavy soils. Such a single-axle tractor is a good choice for a small farm, where you need equipment more serious than a cultivator, but heavy work in large volumes is not expected.
  • Medium motoblocs are already more powerful and heavier. In this class you can find not only models with multistage transmission and reverse, but also diesel models, which, although more expensive, but with frequent use more profitable on fuel consumption. The power transmission is often direct. and this provides an opportunity to connect an active attachment to the PTO.
  • Heavy power tillers fully justify its name. their weight exceeds 150 kilograms (or may be more than 3 centners, as with Profi PR 1040E and its peers), so they can pull a plow, carry a loaded wagon without additional weighting. and motors rated at 10-13 liters.с. cope perfectly with this load. Given the size and weight of these machines, the transmission appears differential. to turn such equipment on one wheel, as lightweight motor blocks, will not work. You can often find a reduced gear in the gearbox.
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The best (according to experts and buyers) models of power tillers in 2022 in our rating.

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How the rating was made

Choosing the best power tillers for our rating, we evaluated the models according to several criteria, each of which had a certain priority.

Let us dwell on our approach, so it will be clear, what can be based on this list.

Single axle day cabs pros and cons

  • Feedback from owners of equipment. First of all, the choice was influenced by the assessments and opinions of those who had already tested the device in practice. This is a reliable way, but new models on the market are still out of sight of buyers, so we did not limit ourselves to this way.
  • Technical Specifications. The study of machine parameters allowed to identify promising new products that have not yet managed to gain popularity. We only considered the products of manufacturers that had previously earned the recognition of users.
  • Ratio of functionality to cost. The criterion was used to sift out expensive models with standard features as impractical. This made our rating useful for a wide range of buyers.
  • Availability. All of the motor blocks included in the rating can be purchased in Russia.

Parameters that optimize performance

In order to make a single-axle tractor as functional as possible, it is equipped with various systems and devices. Of course, such improvements cannot be an end in itself. it is better to have a simple but reliable single axle tractor with one gear and no reverse than a machine stuffed with functions, but which cannot be taken to the service center under warranty.

Number of speeds

Simple units have only one speed at all. it’s cheaper, simpler and weighs less. advanced tractors may have 2 to 4 speeds. It’s especially handy when driving with a trailer. Also all heavy-duty and many medium-duty machines have reversing, that is, reversing.


This element allows the transmission of engine torque to trailed and attached equipment plows, potato harvesters, seeders, threshers, woodcutters, snowplows and many others. In addition to the PTO itself, which looks like a rod with a bore and key or other docking device, the transmission to the attachments can be belt-driven. usually used for the kind of equipment that is attached to the front of the power tiller.

DENZEL DPT-170 single axle tractor 56401

This single axle tractor is cheaper than other top lightweight models in the ranking. But not inferior to them in reliability.

  • Economical 7-horsepower motor for crop harvesting;
  • Attachments are connected by a pulley, which protects the unit from breakage in case the tool gets stuck in the soil;
  • 2 forward and 1 reverse gear with easy shifting. The best option for soil cultivation in a small area
  • Cultivation width of 85 cm allows you to cultivate ridges without harming adjacent plantings;
  • Weighing 53 kg, the machine can be transported in a small truck, if necessary;
  • Hardened metal cutters included (18 pcs.).

Aurora GARDENER 750 single axle tractor

One of the best single-axle tractors in the ranking of lightweight models with a gearbox and a working width of 105 cm.

  • Powerful 6.5 l. с. optimal for soil cultivation operations on small plots of land;
  • Gasoline four-stroke engine is easy to maintain;
  • Belt type clutch facilitates easy transfer of torque from the motor to the wheels;
  • Compact dimensions allow storing the unit in a garage or outbuilding;
  • The set includes 24 heavy-duty burrs for tillage;
  • For greater stability, the manufacturer has equipped the unit with a front wheel;
  • Low vibration level.

Caiman VARIO 60S single axle tractor

The most expensive single-axle tractor in the lightweight category. Powered by Subaru EP 17 OHC.

  • Cultivation depth. 32 cm is optimal for loosening thick topsoil;
  • The handle is height-adjustable and folds down for easy storage and transport in the truck;
  • Belt clutch means less noise emission;
  • The area of 2.5 km² is suitable for cultivation of the soil on a summer cottage plot;
  • The gasoline engine starts in cold weather and creates a small level of vibration;
  • The manufacturer indicates the possibility of using the walking tractor for plowing virgin land;
  • One rear gear for easy movement over small areas.
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Light class power tillers. the best models

If the amount of work in your dacha is not great. you only need to plow a few acres once a year. then it makes sense to give preference to lightweight power tillers. They cannot boast of high power, and functionality is limited in most cases. But their price can pleasantly surprise even the most economical buyer. And the low weight greatly facilitates loading and working with a power tiller.


The second generation of the walking tractor is presented on the market in three modifications, which differ in the width of the attached implements and the range of installed engines. Stable demand and high popularity of the model is due to innovative solutions in its design, due to which the highest performance characteristics are achieved. In addition, the manufacturer has paid special attention to the comfort of this multifunctional machine, making it easy to operate and servicing it to a minimum.

The technical part of the motor block, including motors and controls of renowned Japanese, European and American manufacturers meets all world standards and corresponds to the Russian state standard. MOBIL K STRONG TRASMISSION 2000 in-house developed transmission provides independent movement of the power tiller at the optimum speed for the most efficient tillage. Extended functionality with a drawbar and torque divider pulley to the active implement.

  • Smooth, effortless gear shifting;
  • Variety of attachments available;
  • Reduced vibration;
  • Cast aluminum gear housing;
  • Low vibration level even at high rpm;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Easy start.


Looking for a lightweight, inexpensive yet good single-axle tractor? Take a closer look at this model. Judging by the reviews, most users have no regrets about the acquisition of this machine. On the one hand, the unit is quite powerful. the 198 cu.m./hp engine provides 7 horsepower. For plowing a small area this is more than enough. The machine weighs only 78 kilograms, so it can be transported easily.

The model has a reverse function that allows you to start the engine in reverse. very useful if something gets wound up on the moving parts.

The 3.6 liter fuel tank has enough capacity to work on a fairly large area without refueling. The machine has a working width of 100 cm, so it is possible to work a large area with just a few passes. 8-inch pneumatic wheels give you good traction on any terrain.

PATRIOT Kaluga (steering wheel)

Buyers looking for lightweight, but powerful equipment will surely like the PATRIOT Kaluga single axle tractor. In terms of price and quality the singleaxle tractor is a good compromise. It weighs only 73.6 kg, which does not prevent him to have a high power. as much as 7 horsepower. Three gears, two forward and one reverse, make it easy to select the one that is best suited to the job at hand.

The fuel tank holds up to 3.6 liters of fuel, so stops for refuelling are quite rare. a pleasant win that saves time when working with the tiller. And the width of tillage is quite large here. 85 centimeters. You can plow quite a wide swath in one pass, which means you don’t have to waste extra time. No wonder that the model gets pretty good feedback from its owners.

Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT MBK0018432

Perhaps the best power tiller in terms of reliability and quality in the lightweight class is this one. It is really comfortable to work with. primarily due to the power of 7.07 horsepower. You can easily and quickly traverse the site, digging up to 34 cm in depth. True, the width of the cultivated strip is not as large as many users would like. only 73 cm. So for large plots the single axle tractor is not the best choice. However, it’s foolish to have different requirements for a light class power tiller.

Mobil K MKM-3 COMFORT can reach speeds up to 8.3 kilometers per hour when moving forward and up to 2.6. when moving backward.

Surprisingly, with such advantages, the unit weight is quite small. only 67 kg, which is a pleasant surprise to users who often have to load it into the car and unload it back. So, there is no doubt. this is one of the best motorcycles of the light class.

  • High-quality assembly;
  • Low fuel consumption;
  • Deep tillage of the soil;
  • excellent ergonomics;
  • it is easy to buy accessories and attachments;
  • excellent maneuverability;
  • easy to start.
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Zubr MTB-300

Inexpensive gasoline single-axle tractor with 7L four-stroke engine.с. It has a low weight, which makes it easy for the user to control. However, it does not affect the performance and quality of travel on loose or very hard terrain at all. Steel, hardened, self-sharpening cutters work great in the ground.

The tractor is equipped with cast-iron gears, large wheels with deep treads, providing an excellent traction with the ground. Handles can be folded, adjusted in different positions, making it easy to operate and more efficient. Behind the wheels, there is another transport wheel, built for easy storage, transportation and use.

To quickly buy a quality single axle tractor, we recommend referring to the list of trusted manufacturers:

But they perform different tasks can be so different that it is worth reading the rating of the best power tillers from these companies to see their purpose and features. If you want to understand everything yourself and pick up each parameter separately, the material below is just for it.

What is the maximum speed of a power tiller??

Speed. The range of speeds of a power tiller depends on the number of gears. The working speed is usually in the range of 2-4 km / h. The maximum for 2-3-speed models is 10-15 km / h, the 6-speed, when driving with a trailer, can reach more than 30 km / h.

In order to increase the speed of motoblock units usually use one of the following two methods:

Equipment for the Neva

On today’s market there is a wide range of attachments for the power tiller Neva. It can be designed especially for this model of the machine, or universal. There is always such an option as use of self-made attachments for a power tiller. In this case, having independently developed a drawing of attachments (if the craftsman has sufficient skill), it is possible to make the inventory that best meets the specific requirements.

The Neva power tiller comes with a pair of tillers, and the rest of the attachments are purchased separately.

Using for planting potatoes is very useful attachment potato planting machine, you can finish planting work much faster, thereby freeing up a lot of time for more interesting things.

Such an attachment for a Neva power tiller, such as an arrow, will help in caring for root crops, allowing all the work to be done with maximum quality. It can be designed as a single or double row. Such attachments can also be homemade.

The weeder also makes life easier for the vegetable grower. With this attachment there is no need to manually remove weeds between the rows of cultivated plants. After a couple of seasons of work with a power tiller with this attachment the growth of weeds is significantly reduced.

The Neva MB 2 power tiller can also be combined with such attachments as a potato weeder. With its help it is possible to harvest most of the root crops, without damaging them as with a shovel. If you watch a video about the work of the Neva power tiller and its attachments, you can see the process of harvesting root crops.

Tillers are also part of the power tiller attachment. They improve the machine’s flotation and give it extra power when working in soft, sticky soil. This attachment to the single-axle tractor Neva is more than reasonably priced, and it is better not to refuse to buy it.

The necessary attachments for the Neva MB power tiller will also be a cart for transporting goods. In this case, in addition to helping in vegetable works, the machine becomes a means of transport. If desired, using the drawing of the attached equipment for power tillers, you can make a cart with your own hands.

Singleaxle tractor Neva 2 is also compatible with other attachments. lawn mower. Using it, you can not only prepare the grass for drying hay, but also clean up the lawn.

Using the attached equipment on the single-axle tractor Neva, it becomes a very versatile device. To reduce costs, you can find drawings of attachments and make them yourself. If you don’t feel like making it you can buy a second hand tool.

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