How do you know the date of manufacture of a Bosch battery?

Explanation of the marking

In order to find out the year of manufacture of the battery, and the specific date of manufacture, it is worth using a special table. The marking is applied to the upper part of the cover in the form of 9 numbers. The required numbers are 4 through 6. The first of them reflects the last digit of the year of manufacture, whereas the two outermost ones represent the code of the month.

It is the designation of months and is contained in the table. For AGM batteries the marking is slightly different. It is located on the back of the case in the lower row of digits. The first two are the year, the second pair allows you to determine the week, the last one marks the day of the week.

The date of manufacture of the Bosch battery

Date of manufacture of the battery is very important information because each battery has a storage string. But unfortunately not everyone knows where to look for it, or how to decipher it, and some car owners do not pay attention to it. In this case, consider the marking of the date of manufacture (year/month) of the battery Bosch, because it is one of the most popular batteries. Those batteries that were produced in the past were of higher quality, but now reviews of Bosch batteries are less optimistic.

And so, how to determine the date of manufacture of the battery firm Bosch. It’s actually very simple, if you have the date decryption table.

For example, let’s take the Bosch SILVER 4 battery, a 12-volt 74 amp battery with a starting current of 680.

Bosch batteries always have a special number embossed on the top cover at the factory, which encrypts all the information about the battery. This code consists of 24 characters, the fourth position represents the year, the fifth through sixth the month.

We are interested only in the year and month of manufacture, which means only three digits encoding it. On this battery, the number is written on the front on the bottom left and squeezed off on the very top cover. On Bosch batteries, the date of manufacture is duplicated in the central part of the front label, in addition to the basic marking about the type, capacity, country of manufacturer, the battery’s purpose, it contains three digits, telling the year and month of manufacture. It is designated as C0C 559 292 1S05, and in the second line 536 242. This number can also be applied in other places on the top cover, for example on the back.

In order to decipher the date of manufacture of Bosch, we need only three digits of this number, namely the fourth, fifth and sixth. Here we have them marked as 559. When we know these three digits, we need a table to decipher the date of manufacture. Since the two letters with a number in between will only show the country where the battery was made, the assembly line number and shipping specifics. The full deciphering looks like this:

The first letter is the territorial location of the factory. Can be:

C. Ceska Lipa (Czech Republic). We have just about everything from there;

C. made at partner’s factory (Boshov batteries are all made by a partner).

This table shows the years of battery production on the left side from top to bottom, and also the months of battery production on the top line from left to right.

This table applies to Bosch batteries that have been manufactured since 2014! Because there was previously a different standard of labeling, the battery date took the fourth through eighth place in the code, with the last digit of the year immediately followed by the exact month and date. Now it’s just three numbers. And if you find the number 559 in the table, you can definitely tell that this battery was produced in November 2015. But if you do not have such a table at hand, then everything is also quite simple, the main thing to remember how to encrypt the date of manufacture. Know that the 4th digit is the year of manufacture (the last digit of the year, for example if it is 8, it means the battery is fresh, released in 2018.), and the 5th and 6th are the production month code. With the month also has its own principle: 17-January, 18-February, 19-March, 20-April, 53-May, 54-June, 55-July, 56-August, 57-September, 58-October, 59-November, 60-December.

Exactly the same as in the batteries of the company Vart, because in fact it is the same battery, since Bosch does not own factories that produce batteries, and orders the production at the factories of Varta. For example, the Bosch S4 battery in your car is a Varta Blue Dynamic with a different label.

How to determine the date of manufacture of the Battery

The code consists of two groups of digits: the first group has four digits, the second group has six digits, for example 1234 567890.Marking scheme:1 production line number2, 3, 4 individual lot code5 last digit of the year6 half year7 sequential number of month in half year:First half year: 1st January, 2nd February, 3rd March, 4th April, 5th May, 6th June Second half year: 1st July, 2nd August, 3rd September, 4th October, 5th November, 6th December8,9th day (number of month)0 brigade number (2 digits are possible)

Marking Example: 2260 311231Battery was produced on the production line. 260 individual batch code. Date of manufacture: 2013, 1st half-year, 1st month, 23rd date (January 23, 2013). Brigade

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The heavy battery group is labeled slightly differently.An example of the marking of a heavy group of batteries: 14010243Battery has a capacity of 140 Ah, produced in 2010, the 2nd half of the year, the 4th month of the second half (October), the brigade

In connection with the transfer of production to the Kursk plant, since 2015 the system of marking has been changed: Example: 0713 1 253460713-date of battery production, where 07-month, 13-year1-shift number25346-order number of the battery manufactured.Serial number is zeroed at the beginning of each month

The marking code is applied to the battery case on the opposite side of the central label using laser peorization. The six digits on the back of the battery stand for MM.YYYYY.Marking Example: 102011Date of manufacture October 2011.

Example of marking of a heavy group of storage batteries: 1112Batteries produced in the 11th month of 2012.

OOO AkTech Battery Technologies Company, Irkutsk, Russia

The marking code is on the top cover. Aktech batteries are marked according to the MM principle.YYYY.Marking Example: 0511Date of manufacture May 2011.


Since August 2011 the production date is printed on Tubor batteries by means of a printer and a special alphanumeric combination. Placement on the cover of the battery, in the center.

The code contains 5 symbols: 123451 day of the week2, 3. sequential number of the week of the year (from 01 to 53)4 year (Latin letter): 2011 (H), 2012 (V), 2013 (N), 2014 (Z), 2015 (P), 2016 (A), 2017 (S), 2018 (T), 2019 (X), 2020 (L).5 shift number.Marking Example: 208H1Branding:2 Tuesday08 Eighth weekH 20111 First shift.AKB was issued on February 22, 2011 in the first shift.Marking before August 2011.: TITAN, TITAN ARCTIC1, 2nd digit number3, 4th digit month5, 6th digit year7 7th digit factory line

The marking code is located on the top cover in the production code. The code consists of 24 characters, the fourth position stands for the year, the fifth-sixth for the month.

Marking Example: G2C1050520991 536528 82E 09Deciphering:1 2011 year05 May.Date of manufacture May 2011.On Bosch batteries, the date of manufacture is duplicated in the central part of the front label, it contains three digits, indicating the year and month of manufacture. For example, 105 of May 2011.In addition, the date of manufacture of a Varta battery can be determined from the colored mug on the battery label or lid. The color of the mug corresponds to a specific quarter: I.2011 green, II.2011 red, III.2011 pink, IV.2011 white, I.2012 grey, II.2012 orange, III.2012 yellow, IV.2012 blue, I.2013 green, II.2013 red, III.2013 pink, IV.2013 white and t.д.

The full decoding of the code: The first letter is the territorial location of the plant Varta and Bosch:H Germany (Hanover),C Czech Republic (Cheska Lipa),S Sweden (Hultsfred),A Austria (Vienna),F or R France (Rouen),E or G Spain (Guardamar Burgos);Then the number is the conveyor number. Second letter of shipment features:V for retail, E for factory pickup, C made to order by a partner.This is followed by the last digit of the year (year of manufacture), the third and fourth digits of the month: 01-January, 02-February, 03-March, 04-April, 05-May, 06-June, 07-July, 08-August, 09-September, 10-October, 11-November, 12-December, the fifth and sixth digits day of the month, the seventh figure shift number.

Starting in 2014, Varta and Bosch began using a new battery manufacturing date coding.In the long code it is the 4th,5th,6th digit.The 4th digit. the year of issue, the 5th and the 6th digits. the month of issue: 17-January, 18-February, 19-March, 20-April, 53-May, 54-June, 55-July, 56-August, 57-September, 58-October, 59-November, 60-December.

Some sources claim that in the 9-digit code, too, the first letter, is the place of manufacture, and the second features the shipment, just like in the 24-digit.First digit is the assembly line number.The second letter is the geographic location of the Varta plant: H Germany (Hannover)S Czech Republic (Cheska Lipa)S Sweden (Haltsfred)A Austria (Vienna)F or R France (Rouen)E or G Spain (Guardamar Burgos)The second digit is the last digit of the year numbering (production year).Third and fourth digits serial number of the month.Fifth and sixth digits the day of the month.Seventh digit shift number.There was also a date stamping option: 2 2002, 1 2001, 0 2000 t.д.81 January, 82 February, 90-October, 91 November, 92 December;1 31 days of the month.

The date of manufacture is laser etched on the top of the battery case. The code consists of six digits, the first of which is the line number, the second the year, the third, the fourth the month, the fifth, the sixth the number.

Example marking: 410819Battery produced on the second line on August 19, 2011.


The production code is located on the label at the top (on the lid). over, the Panasonic batteries have the code printed in paint, while the Furukawa Battery is stamped. They are marked according to the principle of HF.MM.YY

Marking Example: 181011Battery produced on October 18, 2011.

On Topla batteries, the code is printed on the top of the case using a laser. Of the fourteen characters, the third, fourth indicates a year and the fifth, sixth week.Marking Example: F1110600941864Battery manufactured in the sixth week of 2011 (t.е. in February).

Topla four-digit marking:1, 2nd digit year3, 4th digit week

Moratti Tab:Code F2 1222, in this code 12 year, 22 week.

Shin-Cobe C 01.01.2016 Shin-Kobe Electric Machinery Co. was taken over by Hitachi Chemical Co.

Marking Example: 170408TProbably the same coding system as Panasonic: DDMMGH are numbers. The last digit of the code (letter) is unknown.

The date of manufacture is deciphered by the first 4 letters of the English alphabet engraved on the battery cover.Marking scheme: As ordinal number of each letter in the English alphabet. alphabet: 1st and 2nd letters stand for the week of the year; 3rd and 4th letters for the last two digits of the year. The sequential numbering of the letters goes from 0, t.е.A-0, B-1, C-2, D-3, E-4, F-5, G-6, H-7, I-8, J-9, K-10, L-11, M-12Marking Example: DEBCMarking spelling: 34 weeks. 12 year.

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The place of the marking is the back of the battery.Example: 29T6211 0 week 29 (beginning of July) 2011 (T62 and 0 service information).

ATLAS,BOST,NUMAX Pakistan, part of the Japanese GS Yuasa group.

Explanation of the code (first 2 characters of the marking on the lid (under the handle).The first character is the last digit of the year. The second character (month) is a letter of the Latin alphabet, the serial number of the month: A January, B February, C March, D April, E May, F June, G July, H August, J September, K October, L November, M December, the letter I is missing in the marking.Marking Example: 2KJD24Code Explanation: 2 2012, K October.

BAREN, FIAMM Batteries are manufactured by Fiamm. All batteries are made in Italy, there is also a factory in Austria. On Fiamm batteries, the date of manufacture information is also present on the label at the top.

1 number the year of production, 2 and 3 number the week, 4 number the day in the week, 5 number the work shift.

EXIDE,CENTRA EXIDE Technologies (USA) owns the brands Absolute, American, BIG, Centra (Poland, Poznan), Champion, Chloride Motive Power, Deta, Emisa, Exide, Fulmen, Hagen, Luac Power, Marathon, Marshal, Exide Select Orbital, PAK, PCA, Prestolite, Saem, Sonnark, Sonnenchein, Sprinter, Trailblaizer, Tudor, York.

The code is located on the case. First number the year of manufacture, second letter the month (A-January, B-February, C-March, D-April, E-May, etc.).д.).

In the new numbering system: two two-digit numbers separated by a line (in two lines) are stamped on top of the minus terminal: 44/15 “44”, below the horizontal separating strip, under it is “15. This means the 44th week of 2015.Also:

TUDOR Portugal, Exide trademark, produced on Exide Zubr equipment in Belarus.

Alphanumeric code with two letters year: V 2008 year, W 2009, X 2010, Y 2011, Z 2012, A 2013, B 2014, etc.д.; Fifth letter the month of manufacture: A to L (A-January, B-February, C-March, D-April, E-May, F-June, G-July, H-August, I(skipped)-September, J-October, K-November, L-December).Example: OY24HPX66J date of manufacture August 2011.

Six-digit code: 1st digit line, 2nd,3rd digit week, 4th digit day of week, 5th digit year of manufacture, 6th digit type of battery.

Code structure:1. Letter Plant (K-plant in g.Kenju)2. Line number (A 1st line, B 2nd line etc.д.)3 и 4. Letter and number. Number of the month of issue: W=0, X=10, Y=20, Z=30,-these are tens and the digit is one.5. Letters I T. Month of manufacture: I-January, J-February, L-April, M-May, N-June, O-July, P-August, Q-September, R-October, S-November, T-December.6. Year of manufacture (last digit of the year 0 9)7. H- night shift (day shift is not indicated)Example: Solite marking: KCW3LOHK Plant in G.Gyeongju, C 3 line, W3- month number 23, L April, 0 2010, H-night shift.As of November 2015, apparently the night shift is no longer indicated:The penultimate letter means the month of production :I T month of production ( I-January, J-February, K-March, L-April, M-May, N-June, O-July, P-August, Q-September, R-October, S-November, T-December).The last digit of the year of manufacture4 20145- 2015There are markings that do not contain the first letter “K.

The first, second and third digits are the day of the year. The fourth and fifth digits are the last digits of the year.Example: 210/12 210 day (end of July) 2012.

SZNAJDER,ZAP The Sznajder brand batteries are manufactured at the Polish ZAP SZNAJDER BATTERIEN S.A.

The code is located on the front side of the battery cover on the label side. Marking is applied by hot stamping method and digital type marking consisting of 10 (ten) digits.1,2,3,4 digits factory internal code of the battery (ampere/hours and battery block body). For example: 0555 is a 55Ah battery in the L1 block; 0563 is a 62Ah battery in the L1 block; 0572 is a 75Ah battery in the L2 block.5 digit grid type.For example: 5 SCX grid (SBX etc.д.).6 number of the shift that assembled the battery. For example: 1 first shift, 2 second shift, 3 third shift.7, 8, 9 digits a day a year. For example: 280 October 7From the 10th digit, subtract one and determine the year in which the battery was manufactured. For example: 1 means the battery was manufactured in 2010 or 0 means the battery was manufactured in 2009.The last four digits indicate the date on which the battery leaves the assembly line (battery pack and plates in it). Subsequent technological cycles of bringing the battery to complete readiness for realization are recorded by the plant separately.

The code is on the cover. The third digit year, the fourth letter month (A-January, B-February, C-March.D-April, E-May, etc.д.).

The first and second digit of the week (01-53) and the third and fourth digit of the year.

DELPHI FREEDOM Delphi Automotive Systems, Poland

EN I Battery Basics: What makes the Bosch battery right for me?

Place of marking upper part of case on the side of indicator in the far corner from it.Example: 16 2GF, where 16 day of the month, 4 last digit of the year (2012), G month (July), F country of manufacture (France).(January, February, Smart, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, December)


Marking location near the positive terminal. Example: 17 10 12 (October 17, 2012).

ISTA STANDART LLC DOZ “Energoavtomatika”, Ukraine

Marking place top cover, above the label.Example: 2144, where 2 is the production number, 4 is the last digit of the year (2011), 44 is the week number (November).For batteries manufactured by ISTA-Center the marking is different, for example 131224, where 1 production number, 3 brigade number, 12 production year, 24 week number (early June).

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MEDALIST,DELKOR US-Korean joint venture: Delkor plant a subsidiary of Johnson Controls (USA) in South Korea, Turkey.Korea.

Marking location on the side of the case. Example: 12.2011: month 12 (December), 2011.

PAZ,SELENIUS ZAO “Podolsk Battery Plant” (PAZ), Russia

The place of the marking longitudinal side of the cover.Example: OTK040112, where OTK04 stamp and control number, 0112 month and year (January 2012).

TYMEN BATTERY Tyumen Battery Plant, Russia

know, date, manufacture, bosch, battery

Marking place marking long side of the cover.Example: 12 11 09 5, where 12 month (December), 11 last digits of the year (2011), 09 day, 5 brigade number.


The release date is on the top of the cover. 6 digits and letter:1,2 month; 3,4 year; 5,6 day; the letter shift cipher.Example: 07 14 15 M will read as July 15, 2014.

AMUR Komsomolsk-on-Amur Battery Plant, Russia.

Marking location on the plus terminal. Example: 02 12, where 02 month (February), 12 year (2012).

Location of the marking upper cover of the housing. Example: 0112 January 2012.

Zubr OOO JV Polesskye Accumulators, Belarus.

Marking location upper left corner of battery cover.Example: 2G03E1. 2 2012, G month (July), 03 date, E line of assembly, 1 capacity code (55 Ah).(January, February, Smart, D April, May, F June, July, H August, September, October, L November, M December)

KATOD JV UzExide controlled by NPO Katod LLC.

Place of marking on the side of the enclosure. Batteries are delivered from the factory in a dry (not filled) condition and are filled at the St. Petersburg NPO Katod production facility. Example marking “Charged December, 2011”.


The place of the marking on the cover on the top opposite the pole terminals. The battery arrives in Russia dry-charged the fill date is indicated on the side of the label.Example: (marking of manufacturing date, not casting date!) B2D01, where: B production line number, 2 2012 year, D month (A January, B February, C March, D April, E May, F June, G July, H August, I September, J October, K November, L December), 01 service information.Example: (fill date marking) filled, charged 07.12.

PILOT,PILOT SILVER,ELECTROYSTOK OOO “Elektroistochnik”, Russia, Saratov

Marking place upper cover of the case. Example: ZALITA 0512 (May 2012).

BARS,UNIKUM Kazakhstan Technologies, Kazakhstan

Marking place on the lid: 1 2 3 4 5 61.2,3 day of the year4 brigade number5,6 year


Marking place on the cover: 1,2 last digits of the year, 3,4 week of the year, 5,6 service information. Example: 115022 2011, week 50 (end of December).

TITAN Bi-force Crimean Battery Plant “Ukrprominvest”

A special six-digit code is put on the lid of all AB produced at the Crimean Accumulator Plant Ukrprominvest, for example: 120520, where 12 year of issue (2012); 05 month of issue (May); 20 week on which the battery is issued.

Two types of coding are used on batteries:1). On the front left 9 digits. Example markings: of 6550235461-Alloy type, 2-Number of positive plates in the battery design, 3-Number of negative plates in the battery design, 4-Needs a frosted glass separator. 1 if present, 0 if absent (applies only to the heavy group)5-Day of the week (2nd Tuesday), 6,7-Calendar Week, 8-Year, 9-Brigade Number.2). On the back of the cover (The code is a 6-digit code, located on the right 290842, showing the date the battery was charged). 1,2-Number, 3,4-Month, 5-Year, 6-Serial Number.The combination of the two codes gives a unique battery serial number located on the back of the cover on the left.

On the case on the plastic on the side, the year and day of manufacture are stamped (the first digit the year, the other three the day of manufacture).For example, 3117, which means 117th day of 2013.

Marking Example:K T 4 F 251 2 3 4 51 Manufacturer’s plant code (K : Kwang-ju, C : Chang-won)2 Production line code (A, B, CZ)3 Production year code (2008)4 Production month code (A; January, B; February, C; March L; December)5 Production date code (01,02.0331)

The code consists of two groups of digits: the first group has four digits, the second group has six digits.The light group of batteries is produced at two plants: “Vesta-Industrial” and “Vesta-Dnepr. Code of “Vesta-Industrial” marking is larger and has a larger embossing.Vesta-Dnepr”: 1-Brigade number, 2-Line number, 3, 4-Battery capacity, 5, 6-Year, 7-Half-year (1 or 2), 8-Month number in half-year (16), 9, 10-Day (day of month).For batteries with a nominal capacity of 100 Ah, the line number is not indicated, the number on this item is used to indicate the capacity. Example: 1100 102301ZAO Vesta-Industrial. Marking code consists of two groups of digits: the first group has four digits, the second group has six digits: 1-Number of production line, 2, 3, 4-Nominal capacity of batteries, 5-Last digit of the year of battery production, 6-Half-year (1 or 2), 7-Breaking month number in half-year (1-6), 8, 9-Day (day of month), 10-Number of manufacturer’s brigade.Heavy group of batteries manufactured by CJSC “Vesta-Dnepr” and CJSC “Vesta-Industrial. The marking code consists of 8 digits: 1, 2, 3-battery capacity, 4, 5-year number, 6-half-year (1 or 2), 7-month number in half-year (16), 8-crew number.

Tokler Platinum, Tokler Asia, Feon Asia South Korea, produced in Ukraine by Megatex Ltd

The production code is printed on the top of the cover.Code composed of six digits: 1,2 year of production, 3. Letter month of manufacture: A January, B February, C March, D April, E May, F June, G July, H August, J September, K October, L November, M December, 4. Letter manufacturer’s code, 5,6. Figures production day.Marking Example: 11LR23Deciphering: 11 year of production 2011; L November; R manufacturer’s code; 23 day

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