How do I know the date of manufacture of a Bosch battery?

The Bosch S3, S4, S5, S6 car battery issue date

The Bosch battery has a VIN code stamped with a needle on the lid. There are some variants of this code: 13 digits and letters in a row or groups of 9 and 4 digits.

First mark (letter). is the name of the manufacturer:

H Hannover, Germany Hannover, GermanyC Ceska Lipa, Czech RepublicCeska Lipa, Czech RepublicE Burgos, Spain Burgos, SpainG Guardamar, SpainF Rouen, France Rouen, FranceSarreguemines, France Sarreguemines, FranceZ Zwickau, Germany Zwickau, Germany

Third Mark (letter). The type of order to which this battery is to be delivered: to a car factory, to a wholesaler, to a car manufacturer, or to a retailer. Batteries sold through retailers do not have access to banks. This is how the manufacturer protects his products from damage when sold through non-specialized retail chains.

You should also be aware that Bosch does not own any battery manufacturing plants. “The corporation orders its products from the most famous battery manufacturer in the world. Varta. For example, the Bosch S4 battery in your car is a Varta Blue Dynamic battery with a different label. Interesting fact: The number (3,4,5,6) in the name of the battery Bosch, after the letter S means both the name of the model line and at the same time the estimated life of the battery. Bosch batteries are usually manufactured by a factory in the Czech Republic, (the letter of the code. “С”).

The date of manufacture of the battery is encoded in the digits, which occupy the fourth through eighth positions in the code:

The last digit of the year of manufacture, the month (indicated by two digits), the day (also two digits)

For example: the code G2C2082410474 contains the date of manufacture: 2-08-24, year 2012, month 08 (August), month 24.

This was the case before 2014. If the fourth digit in the code is 4, 5, 6, 7, etc.д., You should use the table below.

Note! Varta and Bosch began using a new battery manufacturing date coding in 2014. In the long code it is 4-6 digits. 4. year of manufacture, 5-6 coded month of manufacture:

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Hello. Please help me figure out the year of the battery Bosch S5 Silver Plus 0 092 S50 060 63 Ah. Marking is G3C1772230974 536038 213A 13. Am I correct in assuming that the issue date is September 2021? Please help me very much.

Bosch s3 006 480A 56Ah how do you understand this AG7A 8076

Help how to understand this AG7A 8076 Bosch

Hello What year is the CAC720021 1092 536569

Good day I bought a s4029 with the marking G4C1380131015 536569 334C 14 help it is 21 years old then 38 is not in the table

Hello Hello I bought a s4029 with the marking G4C1380131015 536569 334C 14 help 21 year then 38 is not in the table

Hello Hello I bought a s4029 marked G4C1380131015 536569 334C 14

How do I know if it is 2009 or 2019??

CAC4592710245 536367 Good afternoon! Can you please tell us the year and month of issue?

Funny how this article is written. People have a lot of questions. or lazy and rcjp

Good day. Please tell me if I’ve decoded it correctly? C8C859261. 2018 year. November 26th.thanks

The battery is engraved FGJ 536571 D C5C9593811295 is it branded and what year is it

Please help please can’t figure out what year the battery is 512014010A514

Thank you for the accessible and useful information!

Tell me the year of manufacture C7C 1110222270 825527

P.S.Or rather, these figures are for January 2028, apparently they should be read as January 2018. I guessed right?

For example this code: C3C837272 8135 536237 GCUB. There is no number 837 in the table. That’s what? Fake?

What year is the battery H9C656011 0385 554968

Help in deciphering the battery. Bosch s 3. Here is the code. CAC386181 1369 536209

C3C837272 8135 536237 GCUB Bosch Help.clue.what year.

Could you please tell me the date of issue of battery hob990113 0706? Thank you in advance

What is the date of manufacture of battery Bosch E6E860112.

Bosch S4 001 C2C717841 1786 Can you give me the date please

GlC0101220751 53657 is the correct reading of October 2000? Thanks in advance for the reply

Afternoon! Thank you for the helpful information! I have a question:Bosch 52Ah battery (4-6 digits) I have “713”,it is not in the table,does this mean that the battery is not original? Thank you.

G1C9582020579 Help with the year and month!)

Hello, I ordered a battery in an online store came this code Bosch Z4A1100110183 and apparently used. Please help me to decipher

Good afternoon ! Help me figure out the year cac857272 0212

Afternoon! C7C 1 09 29 13182. 2011- year 09 month 29 day

C7C1092913182 what year of manufacture, Bog Silver battery, 4s 60A

On the Bosch 45 ah battery written in two rows 610 914 (114) RA And on the second row 0 092 S40 210 What year? Thank you.

Thank you in advance! Help me figure out B 26 A 08 811 03D

Can you tell me how to determine the date of manufacture here: csc570910845

Afternoon ! Help make sense of the year. found two numbers533776IN b 533725IN

Bosch battery manufacturing date

Bosch is one of the leaders in automotive battery manufacturing. The shelf life of their batteries is about 3 years (in comparison, other manufacturers have a range of 1 to 2.5). Therefore, when buying, the date of manufacture of the Bosch battery is important, which you can determine by paying attention to the outer marking.

Bosch battery.

How can I find out the production date of a battery that was manufactured after 2014?

Since that time, Bosch battery manufacturers have changed the rules for marking the date of manufacture:

1 mark. Manufacturing Features.

2 sign. Conveyor belt number.

3 marking. The letter denoting the name of the factory where the battery was manufactured (same as before 2014.).

4, 5 and 6 digits. date of manufacture, is deciphered based on the data in the table:

Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sen Oct Noah Dec
2007 781 782 783 784 785 786 787 788 789 790 791 792
2008 881 882 883 884 885 886 887 888 889 890 891 892
2009 981 982 983 984 985 986 987 988 989 990 991 992
2010 001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012
2011 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112
2012 201 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212
2013 301 302 303 304 305 306 307 308 309 310 311 312
2014 417 418 419 420 453 454 455 456 457 458 459 460
2015 517 518 519 520 553 554 555 556 557 558 559 560
2016 617 618 619 620 653 654 655 656 657 658 659 660
2017 717 718 719 720 753 754 755 756 757 758 759 760
2018 817 818 819 820 853 854 855 856 857 858 859 860
2019 917 918 919 920 953 954 955 956 957 958 959 960
2020 037 038 039 040 073 074 075 076 077 078 079 080
2021 137 138 139 140 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180
2022 237 238 239 240 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280
2023 337 338 339 340 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380
2024 437 438 439 440 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480
2025 537 538 539 540 573 574 575 576 577 578 579 580
2026 637 638 639 640 673 674 675 676 677 678 679 680
2027 737 738 739 740 773 774 775 776 777 778 779 780
2028 837 838 839 840 873 874 875 876 877 878 879 880
2029 937 938 939 940 973 974 975 976 977 978 979 980

The table has a search and horizontal scrolling.

It turns out that the procedure for deciphering the designation from 2014 became even more complicated, because now you additionally need to know the month code of the product. Checking this data by constantly checking it against two tables will require the motorist to be extra attentive.

If you have problems with decoding, you can send it to us in Комментарии и мнения владельцев and we will help you decode.

How to determine the date of manufacture of the battery?

The Eurostart battery coding has two groups of numbers, one is a four-digit number and the other is a. 6-digit number, for example: 3597 514226.

The model of the marking of the date of manufacture of the battery:

First half of the year: 1. Jan, 2. Feb, 3. mar, 4. apn, 5. May, 6. Jun

Second half of the year: 1. July, 2. aug, 3. Sep, 4. Oct, 5. Noah, 6. Dec

AKB produced on line number 3, personal batch code. 376. Year of manufacture: 2014, second half of the year, month number 4, October 26, 7th brig.

Heavy batteries have a different designation.

for example heavy batteries are marked like this: 13512254

Battery with a capacity of 135 Ah, made in 2012, second half of the year, month number 5 (November), brigade number. 4

Due to relocation of the plant to Kursk, there were changes in marking in 2015: 1117 6 74621

date of manufacture of the battery, 11. November, 17. 2017.

production number of the battery.


The code consists of 8 characters: 5 characters, 1 space, 3 characters For example, AAAAAAAA The date of production is encoded in the last 3 characters of the code. The 1st character in the group of the last three characters means the year of manufacture (2020 = 0), and the next 2 characters mean the month:
month/year January February March April May June July August September October November December
2021 137 138 139 140 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 180
2022 237 238 239 240 273 274 275 276 277 278 279 280
2023 337 338 339 340 373 374 375 376 377 378 379 380
2024 437 438 439 440 473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480
2025 537 538 539 540 573 574 575 576 577 578 579 580
2026 637 638 639 640 673 674 675 676 677 678 679 680
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Place of code application. on top of the Forse battery cover, either in the center or on the right side.The code consists of two sets of digits: the first part is a 4-digit code and the second part is a 6-digit code. The date of manufacture of these batteries is deciphered from the second, namely the six-digit code. The first digit (“8” in our case in the picture) is the last digit of the year, 7. 2017, 8. 2018, etc.д. The second digit represents the half year (first or second). The third digit represents the month of the half year.


On the top of the Ista battery under the sticker is the cipher of this battery.

Sample: 8751, 8. factory number, 7. year number (2017), 51. week (December).

For batteries released at “ISTA. Center”, cipher is different, sample: 241751, where 2 is factory number, 4 is shift number, 17 is year number, 51 is week (second decade of December).


On the side of the MAFF battery is a decoder label, where the first mark is the month of manufacture, the second the year of manufacture.


The code is applied to the minus terminal of the Moll battery: 1st and 2nd digit is the week number (01. 53), the 3rd and 4th digit is the year of manufacture.


A nine-digit code is stamped on the MONBAT battery cover. 6th-7th digits. week of manufacture, 8th. year. For example 356780181. 1st week 2018.


On the box of Optima batteries, on the side, the year and day of manufacture are melted down (1 digit. year, the last 3. day of manufacture).

For example, 7228, this represents the 228th day of 2017.


The production code of the Panasonic battery is located on the label at the top (on the lid). over, on Panasonic batteries, the code is painted in YY format.MM.DD,

Marking Example: 070616A Deciphering: Battery produced June 7, 2016.


10-digit code on the edge of the Sznajder battery cover: the three penultimate digits are the day of the year, the last digit minus 1 is the year.


TAB battery issue date decoding: On the top of the lid there are 2 codes embossed with 7 symbols, the year (3-4 symbols) and the week of manufacture (5-6 symbols) are written on the right one.


Tenax battery markings are located at the top of the cover in the factory code. This code has 24 digits, the fourth digit represents the year, the month number is in the fifth and/or sixth position.

Example code: F3V7114781638 956739 45R 45

On Bosch batteries, the manufacturing date code is repeated on the front label in the center of the battery. This contains a three-digit number that tells you the date of manufacture. For example 711. November 2017.

To fully decipher the entire marking, you will need the following information:

The first letter. The geographic location of the Bosch and Varta factories

The number after it. is the conveyor belt number.

V. for retail sales, E. Components to the enterprise, C. by partnership agreement.

The next digit is the year of manufacture, the next two digits are the month (01, 02, etc.).д.)

5 and 6 digits. the day the battery was produced, the last digit is the shift number.

In 2014, Bosch and Varta adopted a new standard for battery marking.

The first digit in this combination is the year of manufacture, the next two. month (17. 20 january. April, 53. 60 May. December).


Topla battery date decoding: There are 2 7 character codes embossed on top of the lid, with the year (3-4 characters) and week of production (5-6 characters) encoded on the right.


The code is located on the Tudor battery.

The first digit represents the year of manufacture, the second letter the month (A. January-February, In. March-April, C. May-June, D. July-August, etc.д.).


The battery marking is located near the plus terminal. Sample: 25 05 16 (May 25, 2016).


The marking is located on the top of the lid in the factory code. This code contains 24 characters, the fourth digit represents the year, the month number is in the fifth and/or sixth position. Example code: F3V7114781638 956739 45R 45

Explanation: 7. 2017 11. November Production date. November 2017 On Varta batteries, the production date code is repeated on the front label in the center of the battery. It contains a three-digit number that contains information about the release date of.

e.g. 711. November 2017. In order to decipher the complete marking you will need the following information:

First letter. the geographical location of the Bosch and Varta H. Germany, C. Czech Republic, S. Sweden, A. Austria, F or R. France, E or G. Spain Digit after it. this is the conveyor belt number.

Next letter. loading destination: V. for retail sales, E. factory components, C. partnership agreement.

Next is the digit denoting the year of manufacture, the next two digits are the month (01, 02, etc.д.) 5 and 6 digits. the day on which the battery was manufactured, the last digit is the shift number.

In 2014, Bosch and Varta adopted a new standard for battery marking. In the big code, these are the 4. 6 positions. The first digit in this combination is the year of manufacture, the next two. month (17. 20 January. April, 53. 60 May. December).

How to quickly determine the date on a battery in a warehouse

Starter batteries that are kept in storage for a long time gradually lose their charge. Therefore, it is necessary to keep track of the receipt-discharge process at all times. Only continuous monitoring can ensure that the customer receives a properly charged battery.

How to find the Age of Car Battery and avoid breakdown?

Warehouse workers cannot separately inspect each item that is stored on the racks before issuing. They must be able to navigate quickly to keep the warehouse running smoothly.

The American company EXIDE Technologies offers an original way to manage inventory control. It can be transferred in two words: first in (First in) first out (First out). Newly received goods are placed against the back wall of the rack. This means that previously delivered batteries are given priority. Stale products are excluded.

In order to immediately identify the date of shipment from the EXIDE factory, the batteries are supplied with labels that are peculiar freshness indicators. The label is circular in shape and affixed to the cover. It contains only 2 characters in large print.

The first number is the trailing digit of the year of manufacture. The second letter indicates the period of 2 months:

If the label says 8E, it means that this battery was shipped by EXIDE in September-October 2018. These labels make it easy to sort the goods by date of shipment from the factory.

How to know the date of manufacture of a Bosch battery

A car battery is subject to self-discharge if stored for a long time. Lead-acid batteries, when discharged, are subject to degradation. To be precise, it is the lead plates inside the battery that are breaking down. It turns out that the battery has not worked a day, and after a year or two, it has less than the manufacturer’s stated capacity. This can be avoided if the battery is periodically checked and charged. But in warehouses, where hundreds or even thousands of batteries, no one does it. Because of this the end user wants to know the date of manufacture of the battery.

How to know the date of manufacture of a Bosch battery

A very important factor when buying a car battery is the date of manufacture. In this article we will touch on some of the most popular brands. Let’s start with the Ukrainian manufacturers.

WESTA plant (Moscow, Russia). Dnepr). Here are some popular brands of this factory: WESTA, FORSE, KLEMA, VEGA, INTER, SANFOX, MUSTANG. On the body of the battery westa there are 2 dates. The first one is stamped on the bottom of the case. It defines the date of manufacture of the body (plastic molding) and is made in the form of a clock (month and year). The second date at the top right indicates the date the battery was filled (that’s what’s needed). For example, 3260 922233. Let’s analyze. The first digit 3. production line number; the second digit 2. line number; 3,4 digits. capacity in Ah, in our case 60Ah (if the capacity is 100, it will be 00); the fifth digit. the last digit of the year; the sixth (sometimes 1 or 2). half year ; sixth digit. number of month in half year (from 1 to 6); sixth and seventh. day/number of month; eighth. number of brigade. Total, we have a battery of 60 Ah, filled 2019/09/22 (9. year, 2.3. second half of the year and the third month, the 22nd day). It is important to note that the old batteries had the brigade number separately, so the year was signified by both the fifth and sixth digits. For example, 3260 102223 (2010/08/23). The photo also shows an example of VEGA LE 100Ah/850A with the date 2100 02312 0 (2020/09/12).

The factory ISTA (r. Dnepr). marking a little easier. Popular brands: ISTA STANDART, ISTA 7-series, FORSE ORIGINAL, VOLTA, OBERON. Also, as with Westa, there is a clock at the bottom. But the only difference is that it only indicates the year of manufacture. For batteries of the plant LLC “DOZ” Energoavtomatika” at the left terminal, usually at the top under the handle, there is a marking of the following type: 2 029 234531. We need the third digit. the year of manufacture, the fourth and fifth. the week of the year (from 01 to 52). Total, the battery was manufactured between July 13 and July 19, 2020.

For PrJSC “ISTA-Center” marking type E.g. 12 14 08 means the year 2014 the 8th week.

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Let’s move on to imports. The following information concerns batteries of the brands Bosch, VARTA, ENERGIZER, AFA, GIGAWATT, BERGA (they are all from Jonhsons Controls). At the bottom of the bottom there is a clock indicating the year and month of casting the case. On the top cover there is a date engraving (as a rule only AGM and EFB premium batteries have good quality laser engraving). For example, G2C 757 1610638 (September 2019). On the lid there are other markings next to it, we need this one. The 4.5 and 6 digits indicate the month and year code. You can check it in the table.

Next group. Turkish brand MUTLU, also known as POVVER. Here it’s simple! Looking for a combination of six digits on the top cover. For example, 100823 (the second digit is the year 2020, digits 3 and 4 stand for the month, 5 for the year 2020).6. day). It turns out 2020/08/23.

Another Turkish brand INCI AKU. It is also called EAS, BLIZZARO, HUGEL. Production belongs to the well known Japanese concern GS YUASA. Unlike other brands of batteries, the date is not stamped on the body, but printed on the label. The marking has 4 digits. Three numbers stand for the serial number of the day of the year, and the fourth is the digit of the year. For example, 2499 is day 249 of 2019 ( August 2019) or 0620 (day 62 of 2020).

Spanish brand EXIDE (TUDOR, CENTRA, DETA). There are two dates. The first one on the case from the top right is the case casting date. Where the first number means the year, the second letter the month (in the Latin alphabet). For example, 0H D25C3 (August 2020) or 9A C25C2 (January 2019). Sometimes a round sticker with the date is glued on the case. In this case the letter goes for 2 months. For example, 7A (January-February 2017 or 8E (September-October 2018). Meaning of the letters: A. January, B. February, C. March, D. April, E. May, F. June, G. July, H. August, J. September, K. October, L. November, M. December

South Korean batteries have a similar marking to EXIDE. Brands that are most common in Ukraine: ROCKET, MEDALIST, NUMAX, ATLASBX, HANKOOK, GLOBAL. The number indicates the year, the letter the month. For example, 7A 27BK (January 2017) or 3K KD08 (October 2013). Such batteries as SOLITE and DELKOR go only from the conveyor to the cars, so their date coincides up to several months with the car production.

Italian FIAMM and START batteries are engraved in the upper right corner. The first number indicates the year, the second and the third week. An example can be seen in the photo. Laser marking 025 421 (week 25 of 2020) and 451 411 (week 51 of 2014). Let us only remind you that there are 52 weeks in a year.

Similar marking has Slovene batteries of TAB plant. This plant produces the following brands of batteries: TAB, VESNA, VOLTHOR, TOPLA, MORATTI and POLAR. For example, F2 1948 ( week 48 of 2019)

Recently, batteries from Kazakhstan plant KAINAR (Crona, I-STAR) have secured their position on Ukrainian market. W-STAR, KAINAR Standart, Vozhak). Date is encrypted in the engraving on the top cover. Fifth and sixth digit. Year, Letter. month (one letter for two months). For example, 263320C (May-June 2020)

Chinese moto battery brand Outdo Huawei simply paint the printed date on the case. As in the photo below. For example FD191205. December 5, 2019.

And lastly. Up to one year for imported batteries and up to six months for Ukrainian batteries is considered a normal production date! Provided that the battery was stored in charged condition.

Batteries for cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, yachts and other equipment with delivery in Kiev

How to know the date of manufacture of the battery?

A battery is not meat or loaf, but it, too, has a shelf life.к. Inside this small but heavy box, chemical reactions and processes are going on unceasingly.

Therefore, when buying a starter battery (battery) you need to pay attention to its production date. Overdue battery, like in the case of meat and loaf is a waste of time and money. The “lying” “not fresh” battery can “run out” at any minute. And, for lead-acid batteries made by traditional technology with the addition of antimony, the shelf life should not exceed 6-10 months. If the battery has silver-alloyed plates. 12-15 months. And in case of calcium batteries their self-discharge is minimized, but all the same within a year or two such batteries nearly come to naught. But it is not advisable to accept these periods of storage as a constant. In many ways, the shelf life (without periodic recharging) depends on the conditions in which the battery is stored.

As a general result the consumer characteristics of a battery after 2-3 years of storage deteriorate so much that it is simply not recommended to buy a battery that has been stored for this or a longer period of time. Of course, there are exceptions, for example, Bosch AGM batteries practically do not lose their charge even after 3 years.

In other words, to take the “lying” goods is not recommended, and also, when buying a battery of any freshness before installing it on the car is highly recommended!

All the necessary information will be given by the marking of the batteries. There are no unified standards for battery marking by date of manufacture, it is placed differently on different batteries. Most manufacturers indicate the date of manufacture of the battery in the form of a set of letters and numbers, and sometimes in the form of a color marking.

The date of manufacture can be indicated on the front label, embossed on the lid, or placed on a separate label on the side wall. No standards here.

The most common ways to encrypt information:

Forse, FB, FireBall, Uno, Dominator, Kursk battery

The marking code is applied to the battery cover and includes:

the date of manufacture of the batteries

Battery information and manufacturing conditions.

The code consists of two groups of digits: the first group has four digits, the second group has six digits, for example: 1234 567890.

sequential number of month in the semester: First semester: 1-January, 2-February, 3-March, 4-April, 5-May, 6-June Second semester: 1-July, 2-August, 3-September, 4-October, 5-November, 6-December

Deciphering: The battery was produced on the production line. 260 individual batch code. Date of manufacture: 2013, 1st half of the year, 1st month, 21st day (January 21, 2013). Brigade

The heavy group of batteries is labeled slightly differently. An example of a heavy battery group marking: 14010243

Deciphering: The battery has a capacity of 140 Ah, produced in 2010, 2nd half year, 4th month of 2nd half year (October), by the crew

Batteries Tyumen Bear, Tyumen Batbear, Arctic Batbear, Yamal

The marking code is applied to the battery case on the opposite side from the central label using laser peotting. Six figures on the back of the battery decipher MM.YYYY.

Transcript: Date of manufacture October 2011.

Example for a heavy battery group marking: 1112 Deciphering: Issued in Month 11, 2012.

The marking code is printed on the top cover. Akteh batteries are marked according to MM principle.YYYY.

Deciphering: Date of manufacture May 2011.

Cobat, Titan (Standard, Euro Silver, Arctic Silver, Asia Silver, Vaiper)

From August 2011. The date of manufacture is printed on TUBOR batteries by means of a printer and a special combination of letters and numbers. Placement. on the cover of the battery, centered.

2, 3. sequential number of a week in a year (from 01 to 53)

year (Latin letter): 2011 (H), 2012 (V), 2013 (N), 2014 (Z), 2015 (P), 2016 (A), 2017 (S), 2018 (T), 2019 (X), 2020 (L).

Deciphering: 2 Tuesday 08 Eighth week H 2011 1st shift. Battery was produced on February 22, 2011 in the first shift.

TUBOR factory batteries are now available for sale in both the former labeling and the new labeling shown above. Former marking: Place of marking. top cover of the case. Example: 2112042 December 21, 2004, “2”. service information.

According to the requirements of the technical regulations on the safety of wheeled vehicles, information about the date of manufacture is not required to be printed on batteries. Since the beginning of 2014, the date of manufacture is not applied to batteries. The serial number gives the information needed for production only. An indication of the quality of the battery is not the date of manufacture but the open circuit voltage, it must be at least 12.5V.

Your Bosch Company

But nevertheless, it will not be superfluous for us to understand the marking.

The marking code is located on the top cover in the production code.

The code consists of 24 characters, with the fourth position representing the year and the fifth through sixth positions the month.

An example of the marking: G2C1050520991 536528 82E 09

Deciphering: 1. 2011 05. May. The date of manufacture is May 2011.

On Bosch batteries, the date of manufacture is duplicated in the center of the front label and includes three digits indicating the year and month of manufacture.

For example, 105. May 2011. In addition, the VARTA battery manufacturing date can be found on the colored mug on the battery label or lid.

The color of the circle corresponds to a certain quarter: I.2011 green, II.2011 red, III.2011 pink, IV.2011 white, I.2012 grey, II.2012 orange, III.2012 yellow, IV.2012 blue, I.2013 green, II.2013 red, III.2013 pink, IV.2013 white and t.д.

Full deciphering of the entire code: The first letter is the territorial location of the Varta and Bosch plants: H Germany (Hanover), S Czech Republic (Česká Lípa), S Sweden (Haltsfred), A Austria (Vienna), F or R France (Rouen), E or G Spain (Guardamar Burgos); The next number is the assembly line number. The second letter is the shipping feature: V for retail, E for factory assembly.

Next comes the last digit of the year (year of manufacture), the third and fourth digits. serial number of the month: 01-January, 02-February, 03-March, 04-April, 05-May, 06-June, 07-July, 08-August, 09-September, 10-October, 11-November, 12-December; fifth and sixth digits. day of the month, the seventh digit. shift number.

Since 2014, VARTA and Bosch have used a new battery manufacturing date coding.

In the long code it is 4,5,6 digits. Fourth digit. year of issue, fifth and sixth month code: 17-January, 18-February, 19-March, 20-April, 53-May, 54-June, 55-July, 56-August, 57-September, 58-October, 59-November, 60-December.

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The date of manufacture is printed on the top of the battery by laser peorization.

The code consists of six digits, the first of which is the line number, the second is the year, the third, the fourth is the month, the fifth, the sixth is the number.

Deciphering: Battery manufactured on the second line on August 19, 2011.

Panasonic, Furukawa Battery (SuperNova)

The manufacturing code is located on the label at the top (on the lid). over, on Panasonic batteries, the code is printed in paint, but on Furukawa Battery, it is stamped out.

Deciphering: Battery manufactured on October 18, 2011.

On Topla batteries, the code is printed on the top of the case using a laser.

Of the fourteen characters, the third and fourth represent a year and the fifth and sixth represent a week.

Deciphering the markings: The battery was manufactured in the sixth week of 2011 (t.е. in February).

The date of issue is deciphered by the first 4 letters of the English alphabet engraved on the battery cover

Marking Example: DEBC DEBC stands for the sequential number of each letter in the English. alphabet: 1st and 2nd letters indicate week of year, 3rd and 4th letters last 2 digits of year, ordinal count goes from 0, t.е. A-0, B-1, C-2, D-3, E-4, F-5, G-6, H-7, I-8, J-9, K-10, L-11, M-12, etc.д. The DEBC marking is 34 nd. 12 year.

Code decoding (first two characters in the marking on the cover (under the handle): KJD24 2 last digit of the year (2012) K sequential letter of the Latin alphabet (October): A January, B February, C March, D April, E May, F June, G July, H August, J September, K October, L November, M December. There is no “I” in the marking.

Exide, Centra EXIDE Technologies (USA)

owned brands Absolute, American, BIG, Centra (Poland, Poznan), Champion, Chloride Motive Power, Deta, Emisa, Exide, Fulmen, Hagen, Luac Power, Marathon, Marshal, Exide Select Orbital, PAK, PCA, Prestolite, Saem, Sonnark, Sonnenchein, Sprinter, Trailblaizer, Tudor, York.

The code is located on the case. First number. year of issue, second letter. month (A-January, B-February, C-March, D-April, E-May, etc.).д.).

Portugal, brand owned by EXIDE

Alphanumeric code where Second letter year: V 2008 year, W 2009, X 2010, Y 2011, Z 2012, A 2013, B 2014, etc.д.The fifth letter the month of manufacture: A to L (A-January, B-February, C-March, D-April, E-May, F-June, G-July, H-August, I(skipped)-September, J-October, K-November, L-December).

Example: OY24HPX66J date of manufacture August 2011. STECO Six-digit code: 1st digit line, 2nd,3rd digit week, 4th digit day of the week, 5th digit year of manufacture, 6th digit battery type.

The marking on the battery cover: First, second and third digit is the day of the year. Fourth and fifth digits last digits of the year.

Example: 210/12 210 day (end of July) 2012.

Code on the flange of the cap: The three penultimate digits indicate the day of the year, the last digit minus 1 indicates the year.

The code is on the cover. The third digit represents the year, the fourth letter the month (A-January, B-February, C-March.D-April, E-May, etc.д.).

Marking on the minus terminal: First and second digit. week (01-53), third and fourth. year.

Delphi Freedom Delphi Automotive Systems, Poland

Marking place. top of the case on the side of the indicator in the far corner from the indicator. Example: 16 2GF, where 16. day of the month, 4. last digit of the year (2012), G. month (July), F. country of manufacturer (France). (A-January, B-February, C-March, D-April, E-May, F-June, G-July, H-August, I-September, J-October, K-November, L-December)

Inci Aku Exmet, Ultra Hugel Inci Exide Turkey

Marking place. near the plus terminal. Example: 17 10 12 (October 17, 2012).

Ista Standart OOO DOZ “Energoavtomatika”, Ukraine

Marking place. top cover, above the label. Example: 2144, where 2 is the production number, 4 is the last digit of the year (2011), 44 is the week number (November).

For batteries manufactured by ISTA-Center CJSC, the marking is different, for example: 131224, where 1. production number, 3. number of brigade, 12. year of issue, 24. number of week (beginning of June).

Medalist Delkor (US-Korean joint venture)

Marking place. on the side of the case.

Example: 12.2011: 12. month (December), 2011. year.

Power Bull Plus, Power Bull Banner, Banner Batterien Austria

Marking place. back wall of the battery. Example: 29T6211 0. week 29 (beginning of July) 2011 (T62 and 0. service information).

PAZ, Selenius ZAO Podolsk Battery Plant (PAZ)

Location of marking. longitudinal side of the cover. Example: OTK040112, where OTK04 is the stamp and control number and 0112 is the month and year of issue (January 2012).

Tyumen Battery OAO Tyumen Battery Plant, Russia

Location of the marking. the longitudinal side of the cover. Example: 12 11 09 5, where 12 is the month (December), 11 is the last digits of the year (2011), 09 is the day, 5 is the crew number.

Marking place. top cover, between the terminals.

Example: 0912 16C, where 09 month (September), 12 last digits of the year, 16 day of the month, C change.

Amur JSC “Komsomolsk-on-Amur Battery Plant”

Location of marking. at the plus terminal. Example: 02 12, where 02. month (February), 12. year (2012).

ZiD OJSC “Zavod im. В.А. Deghtyarev”

Marking place. top cover of the case. Example: 0112. January 2012.

Zubr JV Polesskie Accumulators Ltd

Marking place. upper left corner of battery cover.

Example: 2G03E1. 2. 2012, G. month (July), 03. number, E. assembly line, 1. capacity code (55 Ah). (A-January, B-February, C-March, D-April, E-May, F-June, G-July, H-August, J-September, K-October, L-November, M-December)

UzExide JV cathode under the control of NPO Cathode Ltd

The place of marking. on the side of the case. Batteries come from the factory in a dry (not poured) form, and are poured in St. Petersburg at the production facility of NPO Katod.

Example of marking. “Pour charged December, 2011”.

Power International Bronze Dong Ah Tire Rubber Co., Ltd, Korea

Location of marking. on the top cover opposite the pole terminals.

The battery comes to Russia dry loaded. the date of filling is written on the side of the label.

Example: (marking of the date of manufacturing, not the date of filling!)

B2D01, where: B. production line number, 2. 2012, D. month (A. January, B. February, C. March, D. April, E. May, F. June, G. July, H. August, I. September, J. October, K. November, L. December), 01. service information.

Example: (fill date marking) “filled, charged 07.12”.

Pilot, Pilot Silver, Elektroistochnik OOO, Saratov, Russia

The place of marking. the upper cover of the casing.

BARS Kanar Technologies Kazakhstan Place of marking on the cover: 1 2 3 4 5 6 1,2,3 day of the year 4 brigade number 5,6 year

Gillette Magico, Extra Start, Graisburg, Golden Horse, Asian Horse, Black Horse, Power Horse, White Horse

SOMBOR battery factory (Serbia)

Marking place on the cover: 1,2 last digits of the year, 3,4 week of the year, 5,6 service information. Example: 115022 2011, week 50 (end of December).

TITAN Bi-Force Crimean Battery Plant “Ukrprominvest”

A special six-digit code is printed on the cover of all batteries produced by the Crimean Battery Factory “Ukrprominvest”, for example: 120520, where 12. year of issue (2012); 05. month of issue (May); 20. week in which the battery is issued.

On the case on the plastic side the year and day of production are stamped (the first digit of the year, the other three day of production). For example, 3117, which means day 117 of 2013.

As an example of the answer from the representative office of Johnson Controls Autobatterie GmbH, regarding the timing of the introduction of batteries Varta:

The code on the battery case of many manufacturers includes the batch number, country, plant and city of manufacture, conveyor number, date of manufacture from the day, month and year, etc. important information. It is applied primarily for internal use, so that it is easy to distinguish the batch number and, in case of defects, it can be quickly removed from the tape. The code is also important for the store personnel, especially when they receive a complaint and need to conduct an independent examination of the technical condition of the device. The marking can also be very useful for the customer if he needs to know the date of manufacture and how long the device has been sitting idle in the warehouse. It often happens that the storage conditions in the warehouse are far from ideal and that the date of manufacture is the last thing they pay attention to. Getting the battery to the store was not without adventure. In other words, before being in its rightful place under the hood, a battery can go through a lot of troubles, so the less time has passed since the date of manufacture, the better for the condition of the battery.

Different batteries have their own periods of non-use, but downtime from production for older maintained antimony and low-antimony batteries is only six months. advanced maintenance-free batteries with calcium added to the plates can be stored without recharging for a year. A calcium battery with silver-alloyed plates can last 12-18 months from the date of manufacture. But even during this time there will be many chemical processes going on inside the battery which will affect the condition and performance. This period is only recommended and it’s better to get a newer device. Even the best AGM batteries will not retain their full performance for longer than two or three years and will run out forever.

To find out the date of manufacture of the battery, it is important to decipher the code of letters and numbers, which is drawn on the upper section of the box with a laser, or can be indicated on a label or on a special sticker. Every manufacturer has its own principle of encrypting the number, there is no single way, because even within one company the code can vary.

Please note: if there is no manufacturing data on the battery at all or the date of manufacture is hard to read please refrain from buying such a device. Most likely it is a counterfeit which will not last long.

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