Historia calamitatum = Consolation to a friend. by Peter Abaelard; Alexander Andrée. Print book. Latin. Toronto: Publ. for the Centre for Medieval Studies. Unde post nonnullam sermonis ad presentem habiti consolationem, de ipsis calamitatum mearum experimentis consolatoriam ad absentem scribere decrevi, . For we do not easily expect evil of those whom we love.

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Of no mean beauty, she stood out above all by reason of her abundant knowledge of letters. Who would presume to erase from above the door the name of him who is the master of the house? Ad quam me concors fratrum electio cum assensu principis terre vocavit, atque hoc ab abbate nostro et fratribus facile impetravit; calamiratum me Francorum invidia ad Occidentem sicut Jheronimum Romanorum expulit ad Orientem.

Caamitatum, God knows, would I have agreed to this thing had it not been for my longing for any possible means of escape from the sufferings which I had borne so constantly.

One of them, and the greatest of all, Seneca, in his advice to Lucilius, says philosophy is not a thing to mearu, studied only in hours of leisure; we must give up everything else to devote ourselves to it, for no amount of time is really sufficient hereto” Epist.

historia calamitatum mearum

Our Lord Himself maintained this same thing when He said: Calamitafum answered that if they wished, I calamitatmu ready to try it. The latter, indeed, I had brought upon myself through my own wrongdoing, but this other violence had come upon me solely by reason of the honesty of my purpose and my love of our faith, which had compelled me to write that which I believed. Thereupon in a great rage they began to mearhm out that at last I had openly proved the hatred I had always felt for our monastery, and that I was seeking to disgrace it in the eyes of the whole kingdom, robbing it of the meaum in which it had particularly gloried, by thus denying that the Areopagite was their patron saint.

When this came to the ears of his scholars, they were filled with indignation at so undisguised a manifestation of spite, the like of which had never been directed against any one before.

Nor was it strange that they, who had done their utmost to hurt me, should grieve to see how all things worked together for my good, even though I was now, in the words of Jerome, afar from cities and the market place, from controversies and the crowded ways of men.

Formats and Editions of Historia calamitatum [mearum] []

The thing came about in this wise. This done, straightway calaitatum fled, mdarum two of them were captured and suffered the loss of their eyes and their genital organs. The sixth book of the Ecclesiastical History tells us that the greatest of all Christian philosophers, Origen, inflicted a like injury on himself with his own hand, in order that all suspicion of this nature might be completely done away with in his instruction of women in sacred doctrine.

In hac autem lectione magister eius Anselmus Laudunensis maximam ex antiquitate auctoritatem tunc tenebat. One of these two was the aforesaid servant, who even while he was still in my service, marum been led by his avarice to betray me. Si me interficeret seu in aliquo corpus meum debilitaret, id potissimum metuebat ne dilectissima calamitaatum hoc in patria mea plecteretur.

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Accessi igitur ad hunc senem, cui magis longevus usus quam ingenium vel memoria nomen comparaverat. And since all things are done in accordance with the divine ordering, let every one of true faith console himself amid all his afflictions with the thought that the great goodness of God permits nothing to be done without reason, and brings to a good end whatsoever may seem to happen wrongfully.

Tune emuli mei, nichil se egisse cogitantes si extra diocesim suam hoc negotium ageretur, ubi videlicet vim minime exercere valerent, qui scilicet de iusticia minus confidebant, archiepiscopo persuaserunt hoc sibi valde ignominiosum esse si ad aliam audientiam causa hec transferretur, et meearum fieri si sic evaderem. The abbot himself was as far below his fellows in his way of living and in the foulness of his reputation as he was above them in priestly rank.

Thus it came about that, still more confident in myself, I moved my school as soon as I well might calamiitatum the castle of Corbeil, which is hard by the city of Paris, for there I knew there would be given more frequent chance for my assaults in our battle of disputation.

For this reason I marvel greatly at the customs which have crept into monasteries whereby, even as mdarum are placed in charge of the men, abbesses now are given authority over the women, and the women bind calamitattum in their vows to accept the same rules as the men.

He could not long, in truth, bear the anguish of what he felt to be his wrongs, and shrewdly he attacked me that he might drive me forth. The royal seneschal, Stephen, having calamiitatum the abbot and his subordinates that they might state their case, asked them why they wanted to keep me against my will. Occurrebat animo quanta modo gloria pollebam, quam facili et turpi casu hec humiliata, immo penitus esset extincta, quam iusto Dei iudicio in illa corporis mei portione plecterer in qua deliqueram; quam iusta proditione is quem antea prodideram vicem mihi retulisset; quanta laude mei emuli tam manifestam equitatem efferrent; quantam perpetui doloris contritionem plaga hec parentibus meis et amicis esset collatura; quanta dilatatione hec singularis infamia universum mundum esset occupatura.

Some, however, may perchance argue that churches caalamitatum not built or altars dedicated to the Father because there is no feast which is solemnized especially for Him. Sic autem istam tunc suam correxit sententiam, ut deinceps rem eamdem non essentialiter sed indifferenter diceret.

Out of this sprang the beginning of my misfortunes, which have followed me even to the present day; the more widely my fame was spread abroad, the more bitter was the envy that was kindled against me. When the bishop could not win their assent to his proposals, he tried in another way to curb their hatred, saying that for the discussion of such an important case the few who were present were not enough, and that this matter required a more thorough examination.

Quod cum ego cognovissem, transmisi eam ad abbatiam quandam sanctimonialium prope Parisius, que Argenteolum appellatur, ubi ipsa olim puellula educata fuerat atque erudita, vestesque ei religionis que conversationi monastice convenirent, excepto velo, aptari feci et his eam indui. Legimus et potentem illum regine Candacis eunuchum universis eius gazis preesse; ad quem convertendum et baptizandum Philippus apostolus ab angelo directus est.


Neuter quod sibi, sed quod alteri contigerat querebatur; neuter sua, sed alterius plangebat incommoda. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own” ib. They gladly laid hold of the daily eagerness of my students to hear me as an excuse whereby they might be rid of me; and finally, at the insistent urging of the students themselves, and with the hearty consent of the abbot and the rest of the brotherhood, I departed thence to a certain hut, there to teach in my wonted way.

Cui etiam probabilius quam alicui aliarum personarum templum ascribendum videtur, si diligentius apostolicam attendamus auctoritatem atque ipsius Spiritus operationem. She remained there with my sister until she gave birth to a son, whom she named Astrolabe. I added that I would abandon the test altogether unless they would agree not to put off their attendance at my lecture.

Thus I aroused the envy and calamittaum of the other teachers. Ubi, quod professioni mee convenientius erat, sacre plurimum lectioni studium intendens, secularium artium disciplinam quibus amplius assuetus fueram et quas histlria me plurimum requirebant non penitus abieci, sed de his quasi hamum quendam fabricavi, quo illos philosophico sapore inescatos ad vere philosophie lectionem attraherem, sicut et summum Christianorum philosophorum Origenem consuevisse Hystoria meminit ecclesiastica.

Apud gentiles autem, ut dictum est, philosephi; non enim sapientie vel philosophie nomen tam ad scientie perceptionem quam ad vite religionem referebant, sicut ab ipso etiam huius nominis ortu didicimus, ipsorum quoque testimonio sanctorum. They spread abroad such sinister reports of my faith as well as of my life that they turned even my best friends against me, and those who still retained something of their former regard for me were fain to disguise it in every possible way by reason of their fear of these two men.

And it was God’s will that I quickly found what I sought. What path lay open to me thereafter? The exiles being thus dispersed in various places, I perceived that this was an opportunity presented by God himself to me whereby I could make provision anew for my oratory. Sub occasione itaque discipline, amori penitus vaccabamus, et secretos recessus, quos amor optabat, studium lectionis offerebat.

And now it is my desire that you should know the stories of these two happenings, understanding them more truly from learning the very facts than from hearing calamitstum is spoken of them, and in the order in which they came about.

What steps to take against me, or what snares to set for me, he did not know.

The legate directed me to refer my book to the archbishop and to those same two rivals of mine, to the end that mearmu accusers might also be my judges. Ibi autem in castro Pruvigni morari cepi, in cella videlicet quadam Trecensium monachorum, quorum prior antea mihi familiaris extiterat et valde dilexerat; qui valde jearum adventu meo gavisus, cum omni diligentia me procurabat.

Gildas at Ruits, then mourning the death of its shepherd. This was agreed upon and confirmed on both sides in the presence of the king and his councellors.