hilti dd 500 diamond core drilling rig

DD 500-CA Diamond core drilling rig

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Benefits and applications

  • Powerful high-frequency motor with electronic speed change for optimum power distribution over the entire diameter range
  • Compatible with the automatic feed unit DD AF-CA which makes drilling as efficient and fully automatic as possible
  • Metal Passing function increases torque and increases drilling through rebar
  • IP 55 moisture protection means you can drill in harsh environments
  • LED pressure indicators optimize the operation of the machine and increase the lifetime of the diamond drill bit
  • Drilling of through holes and penetrations
  • Aperture cutting
  • Deep Hole Drilling
  • Batch drilling for installing cable ducts
  • Large openings for the installation of drainage pipes, etc. д.

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Please note: quantities are automatically rounded according to package multiples.

Please note: quantities are automatically rounded up according to the multiplicity of the package.

Hilti = registered trademark of Hilti Corporation, 9494 Schaan, Principality of Liechtenstein 2009-2016, Right to technical and program changes reserved, S.E. O.

Hilti provides cutting-edge technology for construction professionals around the world. Hilti offers products, systems, services, innovative and profitable business solutions to customers in the construction industry.

Hilti diamond core drill bits

The catalog presents a range of diamond drill bits for drilling, diamond drilling systems, in all materials and structures, such as concrete, drywall, granite, tile, marble, brick, porcelain, reinforced concrete, etc. Hilti diamond crowns can work both dry and wet.

HILTI diamond drill bits have several quick shanks, BL and PS, and according to some information, bits with PS shank work faster, but they also have higher wear than counterparts with the other shank. As a rule, there is no data about the exact percentage of work, when working with a crown there are many factors that affect speed and their life. The whole range of crowns has a laser welding of the segments. In case of segment wear, the crown can be rebuilt. Unlike many other companies, Hilti often rebuild diamond drill bits for free, by welding a new replacement segment. It is not necessary to buy a new bit, you can only take replacement segments

Diamond drill bit diameters can be from 8 mm to 600 mm. It is possible to buy the diamond tip separately or as a complete set with a shank and indexable segments. In the description of each item read the specifications.

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Husqvarna diamond drill bit Hilti U (1 1/4.

Diamond Hit F 82 DH82 diamond drill bit

Bosch diamond bit 1 1/4 F62x450 mm (560)

Diamond core cutter for granite HAWERA F00Y265187

Diamond core MESSER SP 032/R-1/H10/400/2

Diamond core cutter PRACTICE Pro 031-181

Diamond core for concrete MESSER d35х300mm, shank.

Diamond core bit for dry drilling reinforced concrete.

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Diamond tip for porcelain tiles complete ELITECH 1820.

Diamond core DeWALT 1 1/4″ F 72mm DT9763

Diamond drill bit Diam Almaz G d 132 mm (laser welded.

Diamond Hit, 72mm (for dust extraction system).

Diamond core hammerless 68 mm SDS-plus FI.

MESSER 06-10-035 diamond core cutter for drilling reinforced concrete.

hilti, diamond, core, drilling

Diamond core cutters for wet drilling, d18-25 mm.

Diamond. Hammer Flex tubular drill bit 226-008 DHS 25.065/.

Diamond core PRAKTIKA Pro 031-198

Diamond core for concrete KEOS DC068.70

Diamond drill bit for wet drilling Bosc.

Diamond drill bit Diam Almaz S d 350 mm

Husqvarna 5820783-01 Husqvarna diamond drill bit, pcs

Diamond tip for porcelain tiles TRIO-DIAMOND GCB753

Adapter for diamond drill bits R 1/2″ 1 1/4.

Diamond core cutter for dry drilling reinforced concrete Diam.

Diamond drill bit Distar Sds Sss-w 255677 72mm

Hammer Tubular Diamond Bits Flex 226-010 DHS 35.0.

Alm. Hammer Flex 226-006 DHS 18,060/.

Diamond core drill bit 122450-101 1/4 UNC Concrete, for drilling.

Diamond core (1 piece) MILWAUKEE DCHX 68 x 130 mm

Diamond core drill bit set Praktika 5 pcs 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 mm.

Diamond core cutter “Messer”, for drilling reinforced concrete.

Hammer Diamond Bits Flex 226-011 DHS 45,0.

Diamond crown for concrete Archimedes, 75 mm

Diamond core cutter for granite work with water supply M.

Diamond core for concrete KEOS DC082.70

Alm. Hammer Flex tubular drill bit 226-012 DHS 53,065/.

Diamond core drill bit Husqvarna TACTI-DRILL D20 200450mm G1.

Diamond drill bit MESSER SP 042/R01-4/H10/450/1

Hilti DD-BL H4S diamond core bits. Suitable for use with the Hilti DD 200 G02, Hilti DD 350-CA, Hilti DD 500-CA diamond core drilling rig

Hilti compact diamond drill rigs

Many different manufacturers’ drilling rigs are in widespread use all over the world. They can perform a wide range of tasks: for drilling for water, for installing piles, for planting trees, for oil or gas extraction, for field development. But what if you need to drill a shallow hole in a concrete floor or wall?? Hilti diamond drilling rigs are perfect for this.

Description Instructions for use Hilti DD 500

The diamond core drilling rig DD 350 or DD 500 with DD HD-30 is for wet drilling of mineral materials with diamond core bits using a drilling rig (no manual drilling allowed).The use of a base frame is mandatory when carrying out work.Ensure that the base is firmly anchored to the workpiece with anchors, vacuum plate or quick-release rod.Do not make any modifications to the tool, its base or accessories. Use only genuine Hilti accessories and tools to avoid personal injury or tool damage.

Observe the notes on operation, care and maintenance in these operating instructions. Observe the operating and safety instructions for the accessories.Do not use any impact tools (hammer, etc.) when adjusting the base plate.).The tool, its base, accessories and tool bits may present hazards when used incorrectly by untrained personnel or when used not as directed.The tool may only be connected to the power supply if it is carried by insulated wire with suitable characteristics.

DD 350 packageAction with drainage systemAction without drainage system

Drill bits∅ 50-250 mm

Direction of drillingIn all directionsIn all directions

The tools are IP55 rated and are therefore protected against sprayed water. This makes it possible to drill in all directions without the need for a vacuum cleaner.

The tool may only be used with a suitable cooling water supply (min. 0.5 l/min at max. water temperature 30 °C).

When using a guide extension ≥ 2 m an additional support, e.g. with clamping spindle (article no. 305940) must be installed.

Do not use a quick-release rods for work in the ceiling.Horizontal drilling with vacuum attachment (accessory) may only be carried out with the optional attachment devices of the core drill rig.Drilling of materials hazardous to health (e.g. asbestos) is prohibited.

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Diamond core drilling machine DD 350 or DD 500D Operator’s Manual

DD 500D InstallationsDrainage system Installations without drainage system

Drill bits∅ 82-250 mm

Direction of drillingIn all directionsIn all directions

Review: Hilti DD 150 diamond drill rig. Expensive, but well worth the money.

I’ve been using this rig for over 4 years. I drilled more than 3000 holes in this time. Purchased in a HILTI store. I bought the rig without mileage new. Caught under the action, one year warranty repair as a gift. The offer was attractive but it didn’t work. I’ve been using my rig for the first two years, averaging 2 or 3 holes a day, and nothing has happened to it, it worked fine and without problems.

I should have had it serviced but I didn’t. In third year the gland started leaking gave it to HILTI and they changed something there, put some grease on it, everything went working like it should. But after a couple of weeks, the leak resumed. Since there was a lot of work and it was unacceptable to wait 3-5 days for the repair of the unit, I decided to continue working this way (and the leak was insignificant). After a while more and more water and decided to go to a private repair shop, the repair lasted 1 day, everything works perfectly for several months. And the cost of a private master was about 5 times less.

For this model, there is a very nice and sturdy drawer.

Inside the box, there are compartments for each item. Which eliminates the movement of the equipment when transporting it inside.

The cable has overheat and short circuit protection.

hilti, diamond, core, drilling

The power cable is a little over 5 meters long.

This model has a handle for easy work without a frame. Also in the handle is built in a fitting to regulate the water supply with an indication of flow, which allows it to be dosed.

Thanks to its technology of fastening diamond crowns, the process of installing / removing the crown takes 5-10 seconds. Without any keys.

Fixing the drill rig on the base also takes a small amount of time. 10-15 seconds. Thanks to HILTI technology

Start-up mechanism allows to gain speed very smoothly and if necessary to fix it at any stage.

The main difference of this model is that you can connect a vacuum cleaner to it.There’s a special connector for that.

There is also a load indication so that the rig is not overloaded during difficult drilling operations. And the brush wear indicator.

Hilti DD 500 előtoló motorral

I have worked with other rigs from different manufacturers before and understand one thing, that now I will never take other rigs in my hands for drilling. In case of drill jamming a special clutch is triggered here, that helps to keep the diamond drill operator healthy. The price of course exorbitant for many, but it is worth it.

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Please note: quantities are automatically rounded up to fit the multiplicity of the packaging.

Please note: quantities are automatically rounded up according to package multiplicity.

Hilti = Registered trademark of Hilti Corporation, 9494 Shaan, Principality of Liechtenstein© 2009-2016, Right to technical and program changes reserved, S.E. O.

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Throughout the world Hilti provides cutting-edge technology for construction professionals. Hilti offers products, systems, services, innovative and profitable business solutions to customers in the construction industry.

Hilti dd 500 diamond core drilling rig

The Hilti DD 500-CA diamond drill rig consists of the Hilti DD-HD 30 motor unit and base frame

  • Nomin. power input. 5,500 watts
  • Nominal voltage. 400 В
  • Rated current. 13 А
  • Protection class. Double insulation (class II); grounding (class I)
  • Interference immunity. According to EN 55014-2
  • Radio and TV interference suppression. Available at
  • For use with. H line crowns
  • Noise level (power) EN 60745. 110 dB (A)
  • Noise level (pressure) EN 60745. 97 dB (A)
  • dimensions (DxHxV). 608 x 192 x 216 mm
  • Weight according to EPTA 01/2003. 16.6 kg
  • System weight. 34.5 kg
  • Chuck type. BL
  • Max.drilling depth. 600 mm
  • Number of speeds. 10
  • 1st drilling speed without load. 531 rpm
  • 10 rotation speed without load. 265 rpm
  • Max. torque, 1st speed. 39 Nm
  • Max.torque at 10th gradient. 174 Nm
  • Drilling range in wet mode. 82 mm. 600 mm
  • Opt.drilling range. 122 mm. 500 mm
  • Opt.diap.drilling range in wet mode. 122 mm. 500 mm
  • Max.possible capacity- 600 mm
  • Period No. of costs. 1 year

Application Hilti DD 500-CA:

Hilti dd 500 diamond core drilling rig

Hilti DD 200 G02 diamond core drilling rig consisting of Hilti DD-HD 30 motor unit and base plate.

  • Power Consumption 3200 W
  • Drilling range wet drilling from the base: 35-500 mm
  • Max. drilling depth 500 mm
  • Number of speeds 3
  • Max. torque, 1st gear 129 Nm
  • Max torque. torque, 2nd gear 54 Nm
  • Max. Torsion. torque, 3rd gear 29 Nm
  • System weight 36 kg
  • Wet or dry mode Wet mode
  • Bed anchor Anchor and vacuum (optional)
  • Plate height 1100 mm
  • Drilling at an angle Yes
  • Max. 45° angle
  • Base plate. size (L x W)417 x 270 mm
  • Spacer lock Yes (optional)
  • Rack extension Yes (optional)
  • Water extraction system Yes (optional)
  • Protection class class I
  • Service Indicator Yes
  • Max. Bits size (without bit) 500 mm
  • Chuck type BL
  • Max. water pressure 6 bar

Application Hilti DD 200 G02:

  • Powerful air-cooled diamond drill rig with 3-speed gearbox and convenient features
  • BL quick-change chuck system makes it possible to change teeth without using a wrench (optional)
  • Robust and durable design
  • LED pressure indicator allows even inexperienced operators to achieve an optimum balance between drilling speed and maximum drill bit life
  • Service indication light indicates the need for service, thus reducing downtime and helping to avoid costly repairs
  • Holes for various channels, pipes and cables
  • Ventilation holes
  • Batch drilling for manufacturing of openings
  • Drilling in ceilings, walls and floors without impact or vibration
  • Corner holes for cutting with wall saws

Important. Use the Hilti DD 200 only for drilling holes with a maximum diameter of 250 mm, otherwise serious damage to the equipment may occur at a cost comparable to that of new equipment. For larger diameters use Hilti DD350, DD500

Hilti diamond drilling machines

Diamond drilling. important part of construction and geology. The process takes quite some time and requires the appropriate technique. As time goes by, there are more and more manufacturers of diamond drilling equipment, and one of them is Hilti.

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